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posted by Star

Hi friends.Just for sharing an experience of medical treatment.:There are many p

eople in Kuwait, suffering from Asthma/Breathing difficulties/Wheezing.All nebul
izers or Salbutamol Inhalers are only for instant/quick relief. If you need a pe
rmanent solution for this problem , you have to start with a preventive medicati
on.I was suffering from breathing difficulties and a private doctor prescribed m
e this preventive inhaler.Now for last 2 years I am breathing perfectly fine. Ne
xt time when you consult your doctor ask about preventive inhalers.I am not a do
ctor, so can not give name of medicine.I am not canvasing for any particular doc
tor, and so can not give the name of doctor.Please discuss with your private doc
tor.I know the difficulties of an Asthma patient. That's the only reason for sha
ring this.I am getting the medicine from India,prescribed by the doctor here. Th
e same medicine here costing nearly 5 times than in India.

Posted by : Srivi .
On 5/12/2008 Anyway, you come out for discussion, to help someone having Asthma
. Then what is the use of hiding the medicine ? Doctor name ? No use of this top
ic, as everyone knows.
You are breathing perfectly, why cann't others ?
You know the difficulties of a patient. Let others can also try ur medicine. If
it is really, helpful, we can use. Otherwise, throw out.
There is nothing secret or confidential, in life saving drugs. It is not a harmf
ul drug.
If i ask my personal doctor for asthma preventive inhaler, he will definitely pr
escribe, PANADOL 123 colors. Even my doctor, dont know your preventive inhaler,
which is good.
God bless you, if you help someone.
Posted by : myfriend
On 5/13/2008 You have written big paragraph but useless.
what is point of posting if you can not name medicine etc.
Nobody is going to blame you !
Posted by : Aksha
On 5/13/2008 Theres no use if u cant give the name. cos like srivi said the egy
ptian doctors know only one medicine's name "banadol".
if u want to help then give the name. obviously the ppl who will use will consul
t their doctor/pharmacist before using it.
Posted by : Star
On 5/13/2008 Srivi &friends. I am not hiding the medicine.But do not want to na
me the medicine and some one use it and later come with a complaint, that I used
that medicine and now I have this problem and that problem.I mentioned "private
doctor".If you go to the clinic egyptian doctor they may not know it.Go to any
well known private doctor and ask him about preventive inhalers. He will prescri
be you. By saying this it does not mean these medicines have any bad effects.But
this is a general concept about medicine.If some one say about a medicine, peop

le will have doubt.If doctor prescribes, people beilieve.Now the reason for disc
ussing it:I was having this problem for last 7 years and consulted many well kno
wn doctors.But everyone gives the common nebulization.The last doctor and the la
st but one doctor only mentioned about the preventive inhaler.That's all.
Posted by : Srivi .
On 5/13/2008 OK. Thank you. Keep the medicine with you.
As we everybody knows, how to consult a doctor. Useless topic.
Posted by : Pete
On 5/13/2008 Srivi, you are no one to decide a discussion, usefull or useless.S
top thinking you are great and you are the final one to decide.OK.?
Posted by : ND
On 5/13/2008 You spent 7 yrs and seen many docs till you found those 2 who pres
cribed the cure. Seems to me you want others with simlar ailments to register wi
th every pvt clinic in Kuwait till they find those 2.
Expensive suggestion. What was your point anyway?
Posted by : Star
On 5/13/2008 First of all, the one out of those 2 doctors,is in India.When I wa
s in India,a doctor told me that I must start with Preventive inhalers.Then the
final doctor ,here.
My point was not to register with private doctors in Kuwait.Anyone with same pro
blem, can also consult with a doctor when you go to India.
Many people who suffer from this problem, are not aware of these medicines, as I
was for many years.That is the only reason for sharing this.

Posted by : ma
On 5/13/2008 Tube light "Star",again he didnt mention the name of medicine lol
Posted by : Srivi .
On 5/13/2008 Hi pete,
Not only useless topic. The person, who posted also a useless fellow, to type th
is much.
Posted by : info
On 5/14/2008 Dear Star,
Please note you can give medicine name and doctors name with a disclaimer.You ar
e writing like a politician and lawyer together.In this forum,there are several
names of doctor's ,hospital,charecters,medicines getting discussed daily.(withou
t using even disclaimers).You are not a public figure like sharukh khan/Or Amita
b Bachchan that people blindly follow you.Also you are writing through a nick na
me.You suffered a lot and you are giving half info ,just frustrated the suffered
person further.
I wish your inhaler just does not work for a day or two to remind you the diffic

ulties again!!!!
Posted by : sala sakoon
On 5/14/2008
--- go through those links...and u get some idea...
Posted by : Star
On 5/16/2008 Dear all, I already explained why I didn't want to name the medici
ne.If anyone is still interested to know, the Inhaler made by Cipla contains Sal
meterol and Fluticasone, is a preventive inhaler. It comes in brand name "Serofl
o", 125mcg,250mcg. This is a world wide recognised medicine known for safe and p
ermanent treatment for Allergic Asthma. This costs around 300rs in India and equ
ivalent available here costs around 10KD.(one inhaler can be used for 120 puffs.
Consult a doctor before using it, to know the dosage.Because additional medicati
on may be required along with, depending the condition of the patient.
People reacted very badly,even after my repeated explanation.My intensions were
only to mention that there is some preventive and effective medicines are availa
ble for this ailment. Thank you all.