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Goetia, Russian Sybil, and Enochian Seal of Truth Mandulas Commentary

1/6/1431 TheRussianSybil's Demons NumericGestures Aces Goetia 1Bael 19Sallos 37P

henex 55Orobos left:
There are enemies who invite you to false worship. Defeat them by pursuing the
essential thoughts. There are enemies who invite you to misuse lust. Defeat th
em by being aware or your essential emotions and sublimenting them. Also, put y
our spiritual self first. There are enemies of expression who invite you toward
s wasting your time with entertainment. Defeat them by knowing the sciential tr
adition and working on using a sapiential tradition. There are enemies who call
you through cycles. Defeat them by knowing enough about these times to learn f
rom experience of yourself and others.
1/6/1431 TheRussianSybil's Demons NumericGestures Aces Goetia 1Bael19Sallos37Phe
nex55Orobos right:
The Greeks spoke of a daimon, and antipersonal self. This is the innermost self
beyond reflections. By remembering the seven fold names of God on the Sigillum
Dei Aemeth; My innermost thoughts are my higher mind. My innermost emotions ar
e aligned with my higher spirit. My basic materials ore a higher body. My inn
er drive is a higher will, my true will. I make gestures of the realms and aspe
cts of the self to address the outside world. I seek protection and benefit.
I should strive to influence by showing signs of God to others.
4/6/1431 TheRussianSybil's Masters Apprentices 9Worlds Goetia 10Buer 28Bathin 4
6Bifrons 64Haures:
In the worlds of thoughts, forms, feelings, will, creation, soul, afterlife, men
, and space; We must be masters of our weapons. We place our swords/forks in th
e South, coins/spoons in the West, lamps/cups in the North, and spades/knives in
the East we are ready to face issues outside our current experience. We are ap
prentices of God's prophets and messengers.
10) They taught us how to master our emotions. They showed how to make philosop
hy & science religious. Our best friends will help us in that process.
28) They taught us what physical matters are really important and how to aquire
a proper respect from people. They taught us how to adjust, while being determi
ned to do what is right.
46) They taught us to have the upmost honesty and to learn. We are to be wise i
n what works now. We are not to rely on the spiritually dead and dying for advi
ce or to pray to an beside God.
64) They taught us to improve our thoughts and the processes thereof. From thou
ghts come words. From words come actions. We have to know how vice can creep u
p. We can not justify baseless speculations.
5/6/1431 TheRussianSybil'sZodiac A-C Goetia 72Andromalius 54Murmur 18Bathin 36St
72) Evil finds evil and justifies victimizing the guilty.
54) The non-submitters change the nature of things and may even deny the roles o
f something so basic as death.
36) People make up properties of things based on feelings alone, but have no kno
wledge. Don't trust a story or explaination, just because it is creative.
18) Escapism is not a proper approach to any part of life.
We must support and preserve our natures from the outside in. Being born on May
9th, 1982; I am an Aries. I will build on those principles and move through th
e round counter-clockwise with Taurus, Gemini, Cancer, Leo, Virgo, Libra, Scorpi
o, Sagittarius, Capricorn, Aquaries, and Pisces. Then one can tackle the planet
ary and elemental principles.

7-6-1431 TheRussianSybil'sFiances Goetia50Furcas 16Zepar 17Botis 25Glasya-Laboli

s 31Foras 34Furfur 52Alloces-Alocas 61Zagan 56Gremory 62 Valac-Volac-Valak-ValuUatuc 70Seere:
From the inside out:
50) From within may be an enemy of high finance and purification.
One needs a partner of like goals and temperment.
One needs a partner of like thought.
One needs a partner of like spirit and feeling.
One needs a partner of like means.
Help me in knowing the symbols and numbers for God's Heptagonal Names.
Help me in decoding the signs that refer to God and his names.
They shall be a means for God to sheild me from the evil within and without.
16) An enemy that calls for a sterile love
17) Reconciler for ill purposes
25) An enemy who brings violence and works in secret
31) An enemy with a false sense of ethics; who wants others to remain in anonymi
34) An enemy who calls to uncontrolled love and causes delusions of tempests
52) An enemy who discources harshly on the sciences and mythological interpretat
56) An enemy who invites to shallow love from all ages and speaks ill of time
61) An enemy who transmutes
62) An enemy who invites to childish treasure hunts and danger seeking
70) An enemy who gives what is not good or transports in an inappropriate way
8-6-1431 TheRussianSybil'sKings Goetia33Gaap 22Ipos 15Eligos 69Decarbia 58Amy-Av
nas 51Balam:
From the outside in:
69) Deliver me fromlse spirituality, false visions, and the bad sides of bird li
ke behavior.
58) Deliver me from taking refuge in other than you (God is the only one adresse
d in invocations.) first and seeking their hidden knowledge.
51) Deliver me m the harm I don't perceive and from what is unclear.
33) Deliver me from ignorance and insensibility.
22) Deliver me from the misuse of witt and bravery.
15) Deliever me from glorification of war & becoming a sociopath.
Then is the
Rule the North and mystery.
Rule the West and the worldly.
Rule the South and unpredictability.
Rule the East and intellectualism.
We refer to the metaphorically named roles we should take on.
7 "Daughters of Light"
7 "Sons of Light"
7 "Daughters of Daughters of Light"
7 "Sons of Sons of Light"
We refer cosmologically to the Planetary Angels mentioned on the Enochian Seal o
f God's Truth. The planetary attributes are Saturn, Jupiter, Mars, Sun, Venus,
Merury, and Moon.
The elemental pentagram shows the line one starts tracing when you draw the pent
agram of that element. Red is Fire. Orange is Spirit Active. Yellow is Air. G
reen is Earth. Blue is Water. Purple is Spirit Passive. The bottom right point
is the symbolic point of Fire. The bottom left point is the symbolic point of
Earth. The right point is the symbolic point of Water. The left point is the s
ymbolic point of Air. The top point is the symbolic point of Spirit. Between t
he bottom points is the symbolic Invoking on the left and symbolic Evoking on th
e right. To move away from the point represents evoke and towards represents in

voke, except with Spirit Active & Passive.

9-6-1431 TheRussianSybil'sPowers Goetia3Vassago 21Marax 39Malphas 57Ose-Voso:
From the inside out:
Grant me powerful will power.
Make me materially powerful.
Grant me powerful feelings.
Make me mentally powerful.
Grant me the planetary realizations in symbols of the "Sons of Light" and the "
Daughters of Light."
Allow me to pass through the 32 steps on the way to enlightenment. Make me real
ize the sets of 32 within me. Allow me to take up such a cross for myself when
it will be of benefit to me.
Make the signs of The Supreme God and the names, thereof be known through me.
9-6-1431 TheRussianSybil'sPowers Goetia3Vassago 21Marax 39Malphas 57Ose-Voso:
3) Keep me from falling for false prophets.
21) Keep me from falling for hurtful applications and bad company.
39) Make me one who turns to God first for power and to attract crowds.
57) Save me from dellusion and let me learn valuable secrets.
10-6-1431 TheRussianSybil'sServants Goetia12Sitri 30Forneus 48Haagenti 66Cimeies
From bottom right counter clockwise and in:
12) Beauty is more than just deep. Nudity is not to be shared inappropriately.
There is more to heterosexual love than just lust.
30) Be careful with speach. Loose talking is one of the poisins of the heart.
Argue with them in the best and most courteous of manners; when you must use arg
48) Be satisfied with what you have. Try to learn and attain more in only the r
ighteous ways with the proper consciousness.
66) Be in touch with your roots. Be in touch with the roots of humanity. Be in
touch with the spiritual beginnings of the creatures trusted with limited free
will and you will become wise in many things.
Sigillum Dei Aemeth Seven names of the Planetary Angels Beneath the Bars of the
Outer Heptagon from the seven fold table of


A I21/8 E
M E8
S E30
30 A
L A O I21/8 V N
A 21/8

32 Crosses in a peculiar pattern.

"Daughters Of Light" clad in green silk.
Russian Sybill Servant with Earth, Fire, Air, And Water.
10-6-1431 TheRussianSybil'sServants Goetia12Sitri 30Forneus 48Haagenti 66Cimeies
-Kimaris-Cimejes left:
From upper portion of the center counter clockwise and out:
I strive to completely submit my will to God and encourage others to do the same
I should render devotional service with not only my property, but my person as w

My emotions are for serving God. I am not a slave to my feelings.
I can realign my thoughts to match with the reality and God consciousness.
Attached to the places of worship and leaders of the community are the pious wom
en referred to as Daughters of Light."
You have left your mark for us 32 times. It is only left for us to accept and l
ive enlightened lives.
We know of what we don't know, through what we know and believe.
30) Don't fear the monsterous thoughts or the apparations of demons and they won
't hurt you.
12) Don't let power and beauty deceive you.
48) Don't hold back your strength. Don't let might run unconrolled either.
66) Be peacefull and patient.
13-5-1431 Sigillum Dei Aemeth 40 Character Bar Code:
From the top center left and clockwise is how the transliteration reads (as oppo
sed to counter clockwise in Enochian). A number above or before a letter means
clockwise (counter-clockwise when in Enochian characters) to the next letter in
the god name. A number below or behind a letter means counter-clockwise (clockw
ise to the next letter in the Enochian version). I use the sign # to point out
the starting point of the seven names of God. The letters by themselves are the
last letters in a name of God. The n by itself is the last letter in Innon and
Horlwn. 4T# 9G# 7n t9 22h n 6m 22o 20a 14n 6a h 18o 26l l30 n l8 7G# 13r H12#
og y15 t11 o8 e21 10b 11A 15Y# 8a r16 n 6A# o10 5G# h14 o17 s a5 a24 6w.
13-5-1431 Sigillum Dei Aemeth 40 White Creatures:
From the top center right and counter-clockwise it reads T G n t h n m o a n a h
o l l n l G r H og y t o e b A Y a r n A o G h o s a a w.
13-5-1431 Sigillum Dei Aemeth Lower Center with Trump Alphabet:
The bottom edge has the name YHWH (God Is Established) for the East, ADWNY (Comm
unity [of creation] Leader) for the South, AHYH (The Being that must have Being)
for the West, and YYAY (Controlling the Spirits) for the North.
13-5-1431 Sigillum Dei Aemeth Lower Left Corner with Trump Alphabet:
Moon=G and Boot
Mars=P/F and Mouth
Sun=R and head
Jupiter=K and palm of hand
Venus=D and door
Mercury=B and home
Saturn=T and mark
13-5-1431 Sigillum Dei Aemeth Lower Right Corner with Trump Alphabet:
A=Air and bull
M=Water and wave
Sh=Fire and teeth
T=Earth & Spirit and mark
Gh=Soul/Spirit/Unseen; which is a twisted rope
30-5-1431 TheRussianSybil'sNumericSymbols Goetia 9Paimon 28Berith 45Vine 63Andra
s 73Halahel
45) From the outer darkness to the inner parts of our souls, we are here to iden
tify and defeat evil. Right before the seasonal points the church has invented h

olidays tonot only compete with, but distract from the acknowledgement and celeb
ration of these transition points. Satanism and witchcraft in general is basica
lly a reaction to Christianity. Thereby instead of celebrating the holidays of
the Druids and other groups with traditional seasonal holiday; they practiced so
-called occult and forbidden rites as a blasphemy of what they considered sacred
. We should be opposed to the idea of counter-religions. Then around November
7th, the dark quarter starts. In Russia, the Dark Quarter represented by Fire,
knowledge, savings, efforts, passions, creative activity, spiritual enlightenmen
t, fear, encounter, environmental probems.
Cup (Fire & North) is also luminous, notions, damage, inner world, lack of desir
e, show, suffering of the soul, struggle, acquintance, and relationships with re
63) Right before the Warming Quarter starts around February 4th, things may get
really bad. The evil in panic from lack rears its head. While we grow in abili
ty and assets, our evil side may develop as well. We must not leave alone wicke
dness just because it has decreased. We must erradicate it before it does us.
The journey of spring is referred to with Air, obstinacy, destruction, dissappoi
ntment, anger, sexual desires, spiritual decay, serious illness, solitutde, and
Spade (East & Air) is also illusory, misunderstanding, collapsing of hopes, mela
ncholy, revenge, intimate encounterm unfaithfulness, death, separation, and addi
9) The Bright Quarter starts around May 5th. In Northern Lands it tends to be t
he most social time of the year. We really have to face the evils of music, fe
stivities, and other social matters. Mazdayasnism is having your celebrations a
nd songs for God's sake. Thereby comes the true honor. Summer is reffered to w
ith Water, vacilating, concretness, boredom, prudence, inactivity, spiritual pau
se, successful undertaking, pleasant encounter, and travel.
Sword (Water & South) is also changing, dreams, possibility, peace, hidden threa
t, senseless trip, business, rumors, celebration, and new horizons.
28) The Cooling Quarter brings some relief in North Africa. What was, is and wi
ll be is clear enough as far as what we need to know. It still can seem subtle,
though. Whether you gained in strength or will be soon, resist the urge to do
anything out of glory seeking. You should trust your own intentions and help ot
hers to trust them too. Fall is reffered to as Earth, understanding, news, mutu
al feelings, willpower, successful creative activity, adjustment, intense emotio
n, friends, and social achievement.
Coins (Earth & West) is also fertile, successfulplans, profit, satisfaction, cha
nce, positive destiny, peace offering, vanity, marriage, and birth.
The 40 character bar code found on 40 white creatures is counter-clockwise in En
ochian, but clockwise in transliteration.
73) Inside virtually all of us is a mixture of good and evil. We must strive t
o turn all our evil and ignorance towards knowledge and righteousness.
21-5-1431 Sigillum Dei Aemeth Daughters Sons DaughtersOfDaughters SonsOfSons Inn
The attributes of the "Daughters of Light", "Sons of Light", "Daughters of Daugh
ters", "Sons of Sons", Pentagram Planetary Angels, and the Crucifix are color co
ded and with exception of the last, are symbolized. Black is Saturn. Blue is J
upiter. Red is Mars. Yellow is Sun. Green is Venus. Purple is Mercury. Whit
e or Silver is Moon. Earth is green. Fire is red. Water is blue. Air is ye
llow. Spirit active is orange. Spirit passive is purple.
From the outside in:
The "Daughters of Light" are E (L), Me, Ese, Iana, Akele, Azdobn, and Stimcul.
They are the young women in green silk.
The "Sons of Light" are I, Ih, Ilr, Dmal, Heeoa, Beigia, and Stimcul. They are
the men carrying different metal balls. These spheres were gold, silver, copper
, tin, iron, quicksilver, and the last was lead.

The "Daughters of Daughters" are S, Ab, Ath, Izad, Ekiei, Madimi, and Esemeli.
Those little wenches were dressed in white with tablets of ivory having those se
ven titles on them.
The "Sons of Sons" are E, An, Ave, Liba, Rocle, Hagonel, and Ilemese. They are
little children like boys dressed in purple silk with lengthy and pointed sleeve
s & hats like priests or scholars. They held triangular green tablets with the
aforementioned titles.
The Planetary Angels are Zabathiel (Saturn), Zedekieil (Jupiter), Madimiel (Mars
), Semeliel (Sun), Nogahel (Venus), Corabiel (Mercury), and Levanael (Moon).
20-5-1431 Sigillum Dei Aemeth SigilsOfDivineNames&32Crosses CodesofDaughters&Son
Help me understand how to use your names and signs.
Yea! These signs of your names!
Help me to understand the truth behind this tale of fourteen beings and their me
Yea! The meaning and usage of such curiousities!
Help me to be marked by the mystery that comes from you unadulterated and what e
ver portions survive as such.
Yea! The pure sciential and sapiential traditions of the religio!
20-5-1431 Sigillum Dei Aemeth SigilsOfDivineNames 32Crosses PlanetaryAngels Daug
The seven Planetary Angels beneath the Bars of the Outer Heptagon read SAAI21/8E
he dots are below, below, below, above, below, and below the numbers listed here
Like with the first table formed with the rows found counter-clockwise from the
top and placed top to bottom in a seven by seven square; we may do this with the
se seven name and thereby derive the parts of the Sigillum Dei Aemeth (The Seal
of Divine Truth) closer to the center of the disk.


A I21/8. E
O I21/8. V
A 21/8.

The first example is "Daughters of Daughters" with the small blue tablets on the
ir foreheads with El, Me, Ese, Yana, Akele, Azdobn, and Stymvl.
Thirty-two crosses are found on the tablet. The pattern is of unknown meaning.
It works, though.
18-5-1431 Sigillum Dei Aemeth SigilsOfDivineNames&GodNamesOfOuterHeptagon:
The Sigils of the Divine names run clockwise, as oppossed to counter clockwise.
They form a Supreme God Name which is Galxeihog (Gal-eksee/ekhsee-yahowg).
The sign for Galas is thought to be a Saturnal name of God and is above the row
e e l l M G *(cross).
The symbol of Gethog, which is associated with Jupiter, by some, is over the Out
er Heptagon of the Planetary Angels row with i i e e l l l.
The sigil of Thaoth, which is associated with Mars, is over the Outer Heptagon o
f the Planetary Angels row with k k a a e e e.

The graven sign for Horlwn, which is thought to be the God name of metaphorical
Sun, is over the Outer Heptagon of the Planetary Angels row with h d m h i a i.
The sigil of Innon, which is thought to be God's Venusian name, is over the Oute
r Heptagon of the Planetary Angels row with p a u p n h r.
The symbol of Aaoth, which has Mercurial associations, is over the Outer Heptago
n of the Planetary Angels row with a Z C a a c b.
The sign of Galethog, which may be the Lunar name of God, is over the Outer Hept
agon of the Planetary Angels row with Z l l R H i a.
Their seals have the numbers 5, 24, 30, 21, 9, and 14. The last has none. Ther
efor, we can read the squares s counter-clockwise to 9G, 7G, 22o, 4T, o8, and t1
1 (seG-Gow-Tow).
We find reading s counter-clockwise 5, 9G clockwise 24, 7G counter-clockwise 30,
22o clockwise 21, 11A counter-clockwise 9, o17 clockwise 14, and finally counte
r-clockwise to y15 forming sGGoAoy (seG-Gow-ah-oi).
18-5-1431 Sigillum Dei Aemeth Sigils&DivineNamesOfOuterHeptagon code:
Here we have the planetary attributes to the names of God and the planetary ange
ls. The characters clockwise for the planetary angels are off the first seven b
y seven table:
Which form the names of Zaphkiel (Saturn), Cumael (Mars), Haniel (Venus), Gabri
el (Luna), Zadkiel (Jupiter), Raphael (Sun), and Michael (Angel of Mercury) when
read as columns instead of rows. Read that way we built up their sigils by con
necting the letters together of these names. After the first letters, we add he
ight as we add letters to give this a three demensional feel.
13-5-1431 Sigillum Dei Aemeth Upper Center with Trump Alphabet:
From the inside out we have represented the Pentagran Planetary Angels, the Sons
of Sons of Light, the Daughters of Daughters of Light, the Sons of Light, the D
aughters of Light, the Planetary Angels Beneth the Bars of the Outer Heptagon, t
he Seven God Names of the Outer Heptagon, and the Sigils of the Divine Names. T
he idea of the Seal of the Prophets from the Bible was represented as actual sea
ls. The prechristian understanding was of a prophet and messenger of god who wo
uld put the seal on the truth that was to be presented to the world-an internati
onal prophet with a message for all that survives.
13-5-1431 Sigillum Dei Aemeth Upper Left Corner with Trump Alphabet:
Aquaries=H and man jumping for joy
Pisces=Q and horizon
Aries=Tz and man laying on his side
Taurus=W and peg
Gemini=Z and mattock
Cancer=Ch and divided chambers
Leo=Th and basket
Virgo=Y and arm
Libra=L and croocked staff
Scorpio=N and seed
Sagittarius=S and thorn
Capricorn=Ae and eye

13-5-1431 Sigillum Dei Aemeth Upper Right Corner with Trump Alphabet:
The outer perimeter bar code made up of the letters and numbers held by the four
ty White Creatures or angels is missing from this painting. The madness of the
absinth presented its beauty in the print. The inperciseness of the painting an
d the missing parts can represent understanding reached in drug use verses pure
mystical experiences.