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Jeffrey Kenneth Lockhart

8545 Mud Creek Road, Indianapolis, Indiana 46256

Home: (317) 594-9353 / Cell: (317) 696-4357

Expertise in Commercial Banking (Commercial Real Estate, C&I and

Private Banking); leader in New Business Development

Experienced Commercial Banker, with an accounting background, having significant
expertise in commercial real estate finance and analysis, with additional recent experience
in small to medium sized commercial and industrial (C&I) loan production, owner occupied
real estate, and private banking customers. Ideal opportunity would broaden my
experiences, allowing me to use my commercial real estate banking back-ground to assist
your Company with its site selection management.
 Recognized Leader in New Loan Generation  Recognized Leader in New Business Development
 Recognized Leader in Fee Income Generation  Ability to lead or be a participant in both participations and
 Balance Between Client Needs and Lending Limits Co-lending relationships
 Significant experience in Land Acquisition  Work well in both small and larger bank environment
financing; as well, reviewing leases.


Merchants Bank of Indiana (FKA Symphony Bank) (8/08 – 12/09)

Senior Vice President; Business Development (1.25 years)
General Commercial Banking:
• Commercial Real Estate lending (Investment & Owner Occupied); conventional and
SBA structured financing.
• Commercial and Industrial lending to smaller - medium sized asset based borrowers,
providing variable rate operating lines of credit (borrowing base and loan covenant
driven); as well as, fixed rate term loan financing for equipment, etc.. Conventional
and SBA structured financing, generating strong fee income.
• Selling of commercial Cash Management Services; generation of new commercial
• Providing Private Banking Services (first and second home mortgage underwriting for
construction and permanent residential loan financing; as well, new vehicle and stock
portfolio based loans, and generation of personal deposits).
• Work out of commercial real estate loans (residential land and commercial retail).
• Developed trusted relationships, creative analysis and restructuring for clients
enabling full compliance and current payment status of credits.
• Brokered a positive working environment for a company to work the bank in its
foreclosure of the property.

Fifth Third Bank - Central Indiana (3/01 - 3/08)

Vice President; Relationship Manager / Team Leader (7 years)
General Commercial Banking:
• Excellent credit skills; a strong ability to discern desirable commercial borrowers.
• Excellent ability to analyze and compute viability of commercial and individual
financial statements.
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Jeffrey Kenneth Lockhart

• Balanced development of new commercial borrowers, while monitoring a large

existing portfolio of customers. Portfolio exceeded $200,000,000 in commitments;
averaging $120,000,000 in outstanding balances.
• Leader of bank in referral income nearly every quarter; exceeding goals by up to
150% through cross selling other commercial banking products
• Exceeded goal requirements by up to 125% in new loan and deposit production.
Achieved significant individual production requirements each year through strong
business development skills.
• Finished in Top 5 of new business development most quarters.
• Historical portfolio stability with very relatively few past due/problem loans.
• Read and analyze commercial real estate leases.

Commercial Real Estate Banking:

• Successful experience in structuring land acquisition and development, residential
construction, commercial construction, borrowing base working capital, and various
other credit facilities for a large number of commercial borrowers.
• Responsible for maintaining a commercial lending relationship with all sizes of
commercial real estate borrowers; including large public real estate Real Estate
Investment Trusts (REITs) and homebuilders,(Duke Realty, Simon Properties, Kite
Realty, and Beazer Homes), as well as many medium sized, locally-situated real
estate developers, (Pedcor Investments, Centre Properties, and Buckingham
Companies). Also, have managed several local home builders, regional commercial
and residential land and income property developers.
• Experienced in working with SWAPs and various forms of derivatives to hedge
interest rate risk for loans.
• Experienced in the underwriting and placement of permanent financing for all
categories of commercial real estate projects including: Commercial banks, Conduits,
Fannie Mae, and Insurance Company investors.
• Significant experience in lending to REITs and other large public and private real
estate companies through multi-bank loan structures (both leading and participating
in loan participations), and co-lending relationships.
• Significant experience in working with attorneys and title companies in the loan
documentation, commercial real estate leases, and closing process of commercial
real estate as well as non-real estate transactions.
• Experience in real estate work-outs, including dealing with borrowers in bankruptcy
liquidation and reorganization.

KeyBank National Association (2/97 - 3/01)

Vice President; Relationship Manager (4 years)
• Developed and managed $100,000,000 portfolio consisting primarily of commercial
income property real estate, with primarily new local and regional clients.
• Covered a National market place; originating with local borrowers successful loans in
California, Las Vegas, and Charlotte, NC. As well, was involved in a local public home
builders revolving line of credit that built homes in, Midwest and Southeastern states;
this builder was eventually acquired by a National Homebuilder with offices across
the US. The Bank continued successful involvement in these relationships.
• Worked-out, and consolidated to Indianapolis, a real estate portfolio from an affiliate
in Northern Indiana.
• Strong portfolio performance with no delinquencies outstanding as March 2001. Very
profitable pricing and strong fee income generation.
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Jeffrey Kenneth Lockhart

First Chicago NBD Bank, N.A. F/K/A Indiana National Bank (INB)
(7/86 - 2/97)
Senior Credit Analyst to Vice President - Relationship Manager (11 years)
Vice President (2 years); Second Vice President (2 years); Assistant Vice
President (2 years); Corporate Services Officer (2 years); Senior Commercial Real
Estate Analyst (3 years).
• Developed and managed a large commercial and residential real estate portfolio
through two mergers; with continued growth of quality commercial relationships.
• Strong portfolio performance with no delinquencies outstanding as of February 1997.
Very profitable pricing and strong fee income generation.

Laventhol & Horwath (8/84 - 7/86)

Staff to Senior Accountant (2 years)
• Experience and involvement in structuring real estate tax shelters for syndication.
• Senior accountant; client responsibilities including new business development and
project supervision.
• Other responsibilities included supervision of staff, and various client services.
• Experience in the accounting for, and auditing of, various types of commercial
• Passed two parts of the CPA exam prior to leaving public accounting.


• Enterprise Housing, Inc. (EHI); serving as Vice President and Treasurer and on the
Board of Directors from 1991 - 2006. EHI is a not-for-profit organization formed in
1990 to acquire, own and operate multi-family residential real estate for the elderly,
mentally ill, and low-income families.
• Indiana Benefit Life Insurance Company (IBL); Board of Directors 1995 - 2006. A for-
profit, credit life re-insurance Corporation formed in 1983.
• The Friends of the NRA (FNRA); Indianapolis Chairman Years 2000 - 2005.
Fundraising responsibilities benefiting Boy Scouts, 4-H, various high school teams; as
well, other organizations promoting the shooting sports, firearms safety and training.
• Head coaching little league sports (baseball, softball and basketball) for a local
community sports league for past 16 years, and several seasons leading a
competitive travel baseball team.
• Anderson University Alumni Counsel; 2003 - 2009.

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Jeffrey Kenneth Lockhart


Bachelor of Arts - June 1984

Anderson University – Anderson, Indiana
Accounting-Management (majors) / Economics (minor)
 Varsity Baseball (four years)
 Participated in NAIA college World Series in June 1984

American Bankers Association School of Real Estate –

University of Wisconsin - Madison, Wisconsin
Undergraduate and graduate level courses completed 1990 and 1991


To be provided upon request.

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