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COUNTY ON 22nd MAY, 2015
Distinguished Guests,
Ladies and Gentlemen,
Thank you for warmly receiving us and for gracing this important
Today, as I hand over the 27 th Beyond Zero mobile clinic to your
county, we mark another milestone in our journey to improving
the health of our mothers and children.
As you are all aware, this is an extremely demanding journey; a
cause that deserves our undivided attention. It is, therefore,
befitting for me to thank all those who have steadfastly walked
with us in this arduous journey for their support in prayers, cash
and kind.
I welcome those who have not done so to join the march towards
reducing maternal deaths to Zero.
Your county is beautiful and well-endowed. You have guarded and
maintained your rich culture. This is something to cherish and be
proud of. Congratulations.
You are also truly blessed to have a major transit highway passing
through your county. This has made Bungoma a major gateway to
the landlocked countries of East Africa.
Though a blessing, some activities along this highway have fueled
the spread of HIV/AIDS in the county.

Likewise, women and girls are particularly faced with challenges

that increase their vulnerability due to lack of economic
empowerment. Men in this patriarchal society need to actively
protect their women and the girl child.
Fellow Kenyans,
Time has come for all of us to stand up against negative cultural
practices which undermine the goals that we are all committed to
including gender equality and women empowerment. Vices like
early marriages, teenage pregnancies, defilement of young girls
and high school dropout rates have no place in our modern
As a country, we need to safeguard the lives of our innocent
children. We must ensure that they grow into productive citizens
by giving them quality education.
The Highway has also led to the loss of lives of quite a number of
Kenyans through accidents caused by reckless driving. This has
put intense pressure on the medical facilities in your county, with
many of the serious cases being referred to Eldoret and even
In this respect, there is need to upgrade the current medical
facilities in the county. This will make a huge difference in saving
the lives of accident victims.
As we deliver this mobile clinic today, I urge mothers who find it
difficult to access healthcare to take full advantage of the
services that will be provided by this clinic.
This clinic will come to your doorstep and you will be able to
deliver safely and in one of the best environments possible. I have
said it before and I will repeat it today: we should not allow any
mother to die while giving life.

Before I conclude, I would also like to urge all Kenyans to guard

against preventable diseases that are increasingly becoming a
threat to our lives.
Let us all observe personal and environmental hygiene to prevent
the spread of cholera. Equally, let us also embrace active
lifestyles and go back to eating our traditional foods to keep
cancer, diabetes and high blood pressure at bay.
Finally, ladies and gentlemen, join me now in handing over this
27th fully kitted mobile clinic kindly donated by Tullow Oil to
Governor Ken Lusaka, on behalf of the people of this great county.
Thank you and God Bless you.