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1) Graduate Coursework Application Fee Form
2) Objective of Pursuing the Course

Level 1). are accepted only from applicants in Singapore.  Payment by NETS Personal payment in Nets will only be accepted at the NUS Cashier’s Counter of the Student Service Centre (located at Yusof Ishak House.31 $37.30pm on Mondays to Thursdays.  Payment by Credit Card Payment by credit card is accepted only for Online applications. PLEASE COMPLETE ALL SECTIONS BELOW: Name of Applicant : _____________________________________________________ NRIC/Passport No : _____________________________________________________ Name of Bank and Cheque / Bank Draft / Postal Order No: _________________________ Course of Study : Master of Science in (Chem Eng / Civil Eng / Elect Eng / Env Eng / Geotec Eng / Hydraulic Engrg & Water Resources Mgt (Single Degree/Double Degree) / Ind & Sys Eng / IP Mgt / Mgt of Tech / Mat Sci & Eng / Mech Eng / Offshore Technology / Safety. excluding bank charges which are borne by applicant). Application(s) without any form of payment attached will not be processed.62 (to be credited into A/C 50/530132/C-261-000-005-001/O7) TO BE COMPLETED BY APPLICANT .Faculty of Engineering Graduate Studies Office GRADUATE APPLICATION FEE (Coursework) FOR AUGUST INTAKE.38 + GST $2. : _________________________________________ Telephone No. and from 9am to 5.69 + GST $1. Personal cheques. Please proceed to make your payments before submitting your application to the Graduate Studies Office. If making payment by credit card. and is closed on weekends and Public Holidays. : _________________________________________ Course of Study : _________________________________________ Office of Financial Services Amount Received (inclusive of GST) : $18.50 per programme for Online application and US$37 per programme for Paper-based application. SESSION 2014-2015 CLOSING DATE : 19 FEBRUARY 2014 INSTRUCTIONS Application fee(s) are non-refundable and is required for EACH programme you apply. address and contact telephone numbers (office & home) written on the reverse side. please attach your credit card transaction receipt to this form. International applicants are requested to send bank draft and not personal cheques for the application fees (may be issued in US$18.Health & Env Tech / Sys Design & Mgt / Transp Sys & Mgt)* (* circle accordingly) GRADUATE STUDIES OFFICE. Application Fee Online application: S$20 per programme Paper-based application: S$40 per programme  Payment by Post All payment by post must be made by cheque or postal order or bank draft made out to ‘National University of Singapore’. Cheques and bank drafts should have the Sender’s name. FACULTY OF ENGINEERING Name : __________________________________ NRIC/Passport No. crossed.00pm on Fridays. The Cashier’s Counter operates from 9am to 5. Please note that description for payment should be written as – Dollars “Twenty only” or “Forty only”.

Instructions to Applicant : Please download and fill out this form. Do arrange this form immediately after your printed “Summary” form from your online application. etc) which will help you in your application.) OTHER RELEVANT INFORMATION You may wish to indicate any other relevant information (eg: Membership of Professional Organisations. please print 1 copy to submit with your “Summary” form printed from your online application and other supporting documents. OBJECTIVE OF PURSUING THIS COURSE State why you wish to pursue this Course and how you would use the knowledge you gain from it in practice. Thereafter. (Use a separate sheet if necessary. Thank you. Scholarships/Prizes/Awards. .