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October 26, 2009

Mr. Eric Harari

1329 Alton Road.
Miami Beach. FL


Re: Short Term Rentals

Dear Mr. Harari:
This letter is to confirm that the following properties were being rented on short term basis prior
to the enactment of Ordinance No. 1255, adopted on June 10, 2008 and are, therefore,
grandfathered in as short term rentals.

2015 Keystone Boulevard, North Miami, FL 33181

1920 N .E. 119tb Road, North Miami, FL 33181
12459 Keystone Boulevard, North Miami, FL 33181
12780 Maple Road, North Miami, FL 33181
2120 Hibiscus Circle, North Miami. FL 33181
12610 Cyprus Road, North Miami, FL 33181

The properties will retain their "grandfather' status as long

period of 180 clays or there is no expansion of the property,
use." A copy of this letter shall serve as proof of the status
relates to the City's short term rental ordinance and a copy

as the use is not abandoned for a

just as any other "nonconforming
of the above listed properties as it
shall be maintained in the City's


City Manager

V. Lyrin Whitfield, City Attorney

Alan Graham, Code Enforcement Manager

770 NE125Street j North Miami I Florida I 331B1 305.895.9888

Fax: 305.893.1367