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31 October 2011 MEMORANDUM FOR LT COL FROM: Major Richard L. Rynearson SUBJECT: Response to Letter of Reprimand (LOR) 1. [offer the following statement in response to the reprimand you gave me five days ago. Lask that you consider this response before making final determination on the disposition of this document and that it be filed with the original LOR and all copies made LAW Air Force Instructions. 2. 1 whole-heartedly agree with your assertion that I have no authority to decide unilaterally whether or not to obey a lawful order. I further agree with you that that as 2 field grade officer, I have the duty, both fegal and moral, 0 exceute the law fil orders given to me by superior officers. 3. Ldisagree, however, with your assertion that I refused to obey a lawful order. As T have indicated {in previous discussions, I maintain that the specific portion of the order is not lawful. As such, I ‘cannot obey it as T have a duty to not obey any order which is unlawful. Tunderstand that I make this decision at my own peril if the order is determined by'a competent authority xo be lawful; however, { ‘maintain my innocence in this matter. Additionally, Ihave not been provided any documentation or evidence by any individual to dispute my position on this matter. 4, Previously, Iwas allowed to fly the majority of lawful missions, which do not engage in what I deem illegal activity. Unfortunately, you have removed this arrangement. As a result, [ am now placed in @ position to be regularly tasked with unlawful conduct, despite making it clear that I hold. those actions to be unlawful and that I cannot comply. 5, Because of the position I have been placed in, Iam forced to tender my resignation. I will be providing you with an AF Form 780 in an attempt to address this matter. After eighteen years as an Air Force dependent and more than fifteen years as an Air Foree officer, it saddens me greatly that there is no resolution to this situation short of my resignation. i have determined, however, that itis the only solution thet I can offer you to satisfy both of our concerns. Sincerely Dit 2. Qpoance DE . RICHARD L. RYNEARSON, Maj, USAF OFFICER SEPARATION ACTIONS 0 tire se PF leans on rnsend vay Aa Soler cortnsshon Bot #22 ot aden érnaeeny AyORATY, 108.6, 0019 Secretar i he Ae Fore: 20: 097. PANEIPAL PURPOSES; To prove socerc aobes apa poi abot tesco darn ROUTINE USES: Nore DISCLOSURE 1 VOLYRTARY: Aatrmatg can pete po re soon canbe kan ap al rer esecestng a hs apaiaua ermine. TO (it Cormands or Comaarabe Level Cammancer} THRU Gaeacon Secon) Ls Cot 7_ SoMPLETE 6 THE GFFICER APPLYNG FOR SEPARATION ANOIOR PE {TRAE an, Fen ae ie ood Tose Rynearson. Richard, L Ont [cc acrowneauestio Grease i Ung maiaon) 3 Treuesta soarten under SFI3E OT sxagaey 2507 eo cass, SE Greeny ender my sgraon [i eiienepas ier Tia) Tago wsccet «USAF Acsene Conaicson (a) sont ines er ace 27 E[_escuadt an euiar OSE Be otewwe cr rie of rede rowececap Hort oo = [7] Wut ater 008 oe wero Fateh eb rescvs reese BOS reek | & [CT fiw: sar 00S 9 be eee ok oid of eeu asi 05. bsed ot Pregrane apencent media] ex (ae aneniin suse ‘ardatg (eccurrtaic atachecl Extent nol eseeed SD oa Tir seteTal sont or wcunning ecoynetncas ideGumatialonaashed) Evanson wil ot eored 90 One I il i a Lop Feaquet viral or my rogpetecinooved SOS faneanentain agche, [5 REASON FOR ACTION REQUESTED: See attached documentation “SUORTING COGENT ATION es T Dare TO] SIGMATURE Wren cres. oe: ine apkeaban UP wan VO eae ds} 2oinion ake fa i, apr COORDINATION 15” Tra FOULING NFORUATON HAS BEEN VERFIED, RG Sa “eT GFPEE SARL | Rae GRABE FCSTIONTTUE. PHERE OS Ta p Ti COUNSELING BY IMMEDIATE SUPERVISORICOUMANOER.-Roauived fer all separations ram coursed he efierrpasti ne ting tna Br separation Ow rezone fr sepaafen We Benet ADPIESOC Bile ee ciSmAr Proceso cpetunin epee hoo Ga eros ene mes TORE] ©. BnEDITz SDPERMGOCOUANGERS Nake: GRADE UWT PRONE (GSN) 17. BPEASGRIECAOHNDERS DONATORE 2 aaa — on [wie | [actin ee eon mo [TT eet} Tusser invengaved or crarges. en See Tierenas |_| Thavenesnat | | been syébort of recgn! misconevet an ui ofted. 18, DATE [18 ThiveSiATE CO}MaNOER'S ANE GRADE, UNIT PHONE (DSR) Ti? MVEDIATE CONIMANDERTS SIGNATURE - | 1 i OR EAA EAC ShmANGER'S TEL OMIENDATONENSONSEMENT APPROVE in prone | Dero pm aRen name BEE i COMMAS Ni ASE Ga RONEGO [is CoaeeoERs soNATAE HPF SYSTEM UPDATE, 2i_ CLEARED FORINRUT TOBE VES | | NO” || Gave ueDRTED, ‘AF IMT 760, 20010401, V1 PREWOUS EDITIONS ARE OBSOLETE __ _ 31 October 2011 MEMORANDUM FOR RECORD FROM: Major Richard L, Rynearson SUBJECT: Supporting Documentation for AF 780 1. Thunve been ordered to use lethal force against certain persons, in certain circumstances, in clear violation of the ‘Fifth Amendment to the U.S. Constitotion, Tcaanet with good eonscience perform the actions that are crdered of ‘me. Thave no choice but to tender my resignation. 2. Lam neta conscientious objector. Ihave vigoreusly temninated many of our enemies, {have been shot st and T hhave saved American lives, Ihave done things ix combat I personally considered to be immoral, but i ther ‘without hesitation, a8 ] understood them to be legal. Waris not prety, but what Lam being ordered to do now, ina classified setting; sso clearly illegal that [believe the words of Judge Quinn are appropriate, “Whether Lieutenant Calley was the most ignorant person in the United States Army in Vietnam, o the most itelligent, he must be presumed to know that he could nct kil the people involved here.” ln my view, the legality ofthe acts Tam ‘ordered todo, eclipses even those of Lt Calley. While I may be the only person to resign over these actions, there are nomerous cers who also consider them: fo be uniawfil 3. This is essentially a legal question, and it hes not been argued on its merits in edurt. No proper authority bas ruled on the legality ofthe order. Lam no lawyer. Nonetheless, I am bound tothe Constitution and not to any of the ‘nuitiude of differing non-judicial lawyerly opinions on what it says or means. As former Chief Justice Joseph Story states in his Commentaries on the Constitution, Tae officers ofeach of these deparaments are equally bound by thir oaths of ofice to support the constitution ofthe United States, and ae therefore conscientiously bound to abstain Som ail acts, which are inconsistent with it. Whenever, therefore, they are required to act in a case, not hitherto settled by any proper authority, these functionaries mos in the Sirs instance, decide, each for himself, ‘whether, consistently wath the constitution, the act cat te done.” [am equally bound by my oath and have. determined that these acts canot be done. 4. I voluatored for my current assignment. Even today it remains my first choice. Ihave attempted to make rangement o allow me fo continue to provide vitally needed airpower without conducting vnlawl operations. ‘Amangements were made and worked well for several months, but were later undone, leaving me with a legal and ‘moral diem that continues to torment my conscience, I therefore have no option but to resign and request ‘separation a soon as possible. 5. My rleaso i in the financial interest of the Air Force. The service has significant manning concerns and is separating a great many officers who wish to stay and serve. The loss of my potential retirement benefits, after more than fifteen years of service, isthe service's nancial gui, 1's with tremendous and sincere sadness that [ask the ‘Air Force to please accept my resignation Sincerely QASL Qpnne— ze RICHARD L. RYNEARSON, Major, USAF

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