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Practicum Reflection

I was placed to a single sex school which is in Pulau Tikus for my practicum. The
school was Sekolah Kebangsaan Francis Light. Overall, the time that was spent with
the students was more than inspiring but truly wonderful. There were a lot of things that
I have learned and gained from this practicum. It had also provided me with many
valuable experiences that I never get before. Based on the knowledge and experiences
gained throughout the practicum, I believe that teaching in reality is much more
demanding compared to what I learned in the class.
First of all, I learned that a teacher becomes a practitioner when he involves in
the lesson delivery and assessment for the students. In another word, it includes
presenting and explaining, questioning, listening, monitoring, giving feedback, and
demonstrating (Fuller, 2011). In order to do all these things, I need to have good
pedagogical knowledge and also develop some skills especially to monitor the students
behaviour, to exhibit caring and respect as well as to create positive learning
A good classroom practitioner must have appropriate disposition to uphold
learning for all students (Fuller, 2011). Hence, I must be warmth and caring towards the
students. This is important in order for me to develop good relationship with the
students. Furthermore, I also need to show good role model to the students. Being a
good model to the students will help in developing their ethics and spiritual. The
Malaysian National Philosophy of Education emphasizes on the holistic development of
all children in term of intellectuality, spiritually, emotionally, and physically (Choong,
2008). From the philosophy, we learn that the Malaysian government is also taking
serious consideration in developing individuals who are willing to take the risks and
challenges, some ones who can resolve the problems peacefully, and also the
generations that can gainfully contribute to the betterment of the country and nation
(Ministry of Education, 2012). I must ensure that they are not being too nice as it can

cause the students to lose the respect towards the teacher. I have to be firm with the
students if they are misbehaving in the classroom and acknowledge the students who
are acting well during the lesson. This action could help the students to differentiate
between acceptable and unacceptable behaviour in the classroom which in the long
term will help them to become the students with good moral, ethics and spiritual
Move on to my supervisor and my mentor teacher, they both have help me lot in
this practicum. Both of them, always give a lot in guidance whether on how control the
classroom or throughout my lesson plan. As for my supervisor, she always keeps telling
me on how to manage my pupils whether through my action with pupils or through my
lesson plan. She always advise me to keep my lesson with fun activity and suitable for
all level of my pupils. Then, my mentor teacher always guides me to use lot more
games and activities in group with my pupils. He always comes out to me with more fun
and enjoyable language game for me to do with my students.
In conclusion, there are a lot that I have learnt from this practicum session.
Besides, I also have learned many things from my supervisor and my mentor teacher. I
really hope that I could use this experienced in the future.