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Problems and Solutions in WEBI reports
1. I have one date object which is Evaluation Date and i created two conditions Begin date and End
date on that object which takes user input,Now i want to display both begin date and End date on
the report title how can i do that can you tell me the syntax for that

Sol: Use the UserReponse() function to get the value entered by a user in a report prompt
2. Please advice,if it is possible to make link from the column values to the image. i have Webi report
with column RefID and each ID has a image associated with that. Is it feasible. Currently i'm
keping all the images on my local folder.

Sol: I think you can. Create a variable to define the Image name based on the RefID. Put this
variable in the cell which should contain the image. Change the property of the cell 'Read cell
content as' to Image URL.

3. Right now I am getting the BO user id through CurrentUser() function. But I want to display the
user first name and user last name.
Kindly help me to get the first and last name of BO login details.

Sol: I havent seen a way to do this. But if you get the name, here is the formula to
seperate first name and last name Code:

First Name =Substr([Name];1;Pos([Name];" ")­1)
Last Name = Substr([Name];Pos([Name];" ")­1;Length([Name])­Length([First Name])­

Hope you get the earlier problem solved.

4. I have filleter condintion on table
SysDeployPlanFinish.........universe object
PDS Date.... I created variable (user suppose to select date or enter)
PDE Date...... I created variable (user suppose to select date or enter)
[SysDeployPlanFinish] between [PriorDeployStartDate] and [PriorDeployEndDate]
I tried as below
If[SDPF]between[PDSD] and [PDED] then "Y" Else "N"

Sol: After you enter the dates in the prompt for Start Date and End Date.
You need to create variables to capture those dates using the UserResponse function in
the reports and then use those variables in the If statement you have. Code:
V_PDSD = Todate(Userresponse("user suppose to select Start date or enter:");"")
V_PDSE = Todate(Userresponse("user suppose to select End date or enter:");"")

Finally Code:
If([SDPF] Between ([V_PDSD];[V_PDED])) then "Y" Else "N" 


I have this situation... Hopefully someone can help.
My scope of analysis is set to 4

In my report I have 3 columns
1st column - level1
2nd column = if drillfilter([Level1]) = "" then [Level2] else if drillfilters([Level2) = "" then [Level3]
else if drillfilters([Level3) = "" then [Level4]
3 Measure object.
My problem
I drill on column 1, the second column changes and displays level2 info, Again drill on col 1 gives
level3 info in col2 and so on..
But when I drill up then last level info remains while the col1 drills up to Level1.

Sol: Create this variable and put it in a blank cell.
=Concatenation("Level ";If(DrillFilters([State]))="" Then 1 Else Length(DrillFilters())Length(Replace(DrillFilters();"-";""))+2)
What this does is, this counts the number of "-" (hyphens) in the text of the function returned by
the drill filters function. If the the Drillfilters functions returns blank, means, you haven't drilled
on anything, so the level is 1, and if drillfilter is not blank and no hyphens in the drill filters results
then the level is 2 and then if the number of hyphens is 1 then level is 3.


I have a Webi Report in Bo Xi R3 , which has current QTD, Previous QTD and Variance .
For the variance column currently i have a numerical data , now i got a new requirement for which
i need to give a condition as
if Variance > 100 -- Favourable
if Variance <0 -- Unfavourable ( ie -ve values )
the variance which are <100 (i.e Var=20, 30..) should be displayed as it is.
i tried using alerters but didnt work as expected

Sol: Either convert numbers to strings using FormatNumber() function or use an alerter to display in a
cell a text instead of a number - all that based on a condition

I have the following objects in a table:
Customer id, First name, Surname
That are sectioned by State.
What I am trying to do is to show only the customers with equal surnames. So if there are sur
names with two or more Customer Id's, I want to show them (and only them).
Imagine the following values:
C_ID - First name - Surname
1 - John - Doe
2 - Bob - Marley
3 - Rita - Marley
4 - Bob - Low
It should only show:
2 - Bob - Marley
3 - Rita - Marley
I tried to solve this by counting and then filtering, but I can't get the count right. =count([sur
name]) gives 1 for each row.

Sol: I had to include the section object in the in() function. So:
=(Count([Customer id]) In([Surname];[State])) works fine. Thanks!

How can i keep all 72 rows in same page? Sol: You need to change the page set up.67 hrs. There is a value_1 column (varchar2) in table 1 (has numeric values except for a few rows which has some alpha numeric) value_2 column (varchar2) in table 2 (has numeric values except for a few rows which has some alpha numeric) . 11.[Account])) In ([Date]) Now when I use the same formula in a standalone cell. I could clearly say that those are numericals and I can even extract the differences between those values in SQL navigator but here it is not happening so. if I use "tonumber" function.9. but you can try it.. I have to split this value in to days:hours:min. Account.­Abs([Amt]). all the rows are being converted to number except for those three rows.Else [Object]) Not sure it will work or not. Plz help me with this logic. I have a table in one tab and the formula used is Code: =Sum(If(Match([Sell]. .if we covert this.Abs([Amt])) ForEach ([Trade Id]. Could someone please guide me what could be the issue and how to resolve it . Difference. it is giving me #MULTIVAUE Error. For ex: the value is 91.. like wise i have 20 sections. It has numeric data itself.? Sol: Please create a measure value instead of creating the seperate calculation for each tab.0)*24))­ Truncate(([NumberObject] ­ (Truncate(([NumberObject]/24)..0)+" Hours :  "+Truncate(((((60/100)*(([NumberObject] ­ (Truncate(([NumberObject]/24). I have to convert the total number of minutes in days:hours:mins. I used the "tonumber" function at report level and was able to get the desired difference between the two columns.0)+" Days : "+Truncate(([NumberObject] ­  (Truncate(([NumberObject]/24). I have 72 rows in for each section in my report. Also ensure the objects (Amt.e 3Days:19Hrs:40Min 91.0))))*100). I get #ERROR as the row value. I am finding it difficult to incorporate the logic to get this. Seems strange but can anyone help me out in this I have observed that.. Trade Id. Data) are availble properly. But for 3 rows."B"). I have a requirement. Sol: Can you try to use some flag like IsString or IsNumber in your If() likeCode: =If(IsNumber([Object]).0)*24)). Sol: Try thisCode: =Truncate(([NumberObject]/24). 10. i. we will get database The requirement is to get the difference between the two columns for those that have numeric values and leave as is if the rows have alpha numeric strings. Basically. One of the objects is returning the values in Hours.0)*24)). I went to sql navigator and checked if I can get the difference for those 3 rows and I got it there but here at WEBI I am unable to see it. I guess.0)+"  Mins " 12.67 *60 = 5500 Min -.

the source query universe also changes. I have been looking into using the Previous function but it needs the context so doesn't work for me. Sol: You could try creating an object in your Universe that fails at certain times of the day? If CurrentTime between 9pm and 11am then MyNumber / 0 else MyNumber. But when i export it to Excel. Is that possible at all or does the duplicate query also systematically duplicates the universe in both the source and target queries? Sol: If you are duplicating and changing the universe. Universe not found. T3 & T4. and because it fails it won't be sent out. But the user wants the column header to be displayed at T1.13. Much easier. 2. I have BO XI R2 so don't have the RelativeValue function. . Try creating a new Webi report and see if the universe shows up in the list of universes available to you. everyday. I would like to display all the values at once in one cell instead of displaying a row for each. Sol: I fixed this one by using the SQL mode WebI. 3. 4. Personally I'd just create 8 schedules. I am creating a WEBI report where i am taking a count([clm_nbr]) and populating it into a cell. one at 1 etc. The divide by zero error will cause your report to fail. Sol: Try if(isnull(count([clm_nbr]) ). T2. Is there a way I can schedule a webi report. But whenthe count is greater than 0 i am getting the count displayed but when the count is equal to 0 it is not getting populated in the report. i am getting the error listed below when trying to add objects to an exisisting report. (Error: WIS 00501) Sol: That error usually results from not having access to the universe. 18. Dimension Values are 1.. See your Business Objects administrator. Sol: Concatenate T with the object and use this newly created dimension in crosstab. And see if it is working or not. I am using the Web Intelligence on XI R2.8PM on Day-1 & 12PM .count([clm_nbr]) 15. I tried to change the background color and overlay a text box. I tried the to format number option and changed the option to "Number" but still it is not working.. 17. ex: that runs every hour from 12AM to 8PM. better you try to Add New data provider for your new query. I want to display customized Headers. Have then run every day. When I duplicate a query and change the universe on the target one. The just schedule the report to run every hour. 14. Hello. it doesnt display them. Thanks in advance. One at 12. 16. Our requirement is that the report has to run 12PM . We are using Linked universes.0. it will get changed for all universes.8PM on Day-2 and it goes on. I am trying to duplicate the query to keep the objects but would like to have a different universe on the source and the target query. Include that in your report. I have a dimension object which has multiple values per customer. I used the wm_concat oracle function against the dimension i needed to aggregated and then created a set of variables at the report level to display it properly. I understand this could be caused by linking universes but what should i check for to resolve this error? what are the steps.

1 with Oracle. I have to make a line chart. Example: Cell1 is a Currency format. I have data like this.. but not the default -> Currency. Sol: Assuming the text of the prompt is "Please enter Yes or No". Sol: Scheduling is possible only in CMC and Infoview. I use format painter to copy Cell1 to Cell2. My need is to display text depending on user's choice."b") Then[Metric]/10 Else [Metric] 21. Is it possible to change this name by Admin Sol: You need to use the sdk for this . but the values for B and D are high. however. Is there a way of scheduling reports using Webi rich client. Hi guys. is it possible or is there any workaround for it.. Sol: You mean you wish to implicitly make the values smaller? Try: Code: =If [Dimension]InList("a". What is correct syntax for doing that? Give me please some example.. Cell2 is a default format. Code:            01     02   03   04    (month)  a          85    65   45   85  b         200   400 500  600  c         45     25    65   20  d         300   500  700  900  This is crosstab report. You can. Since we are re-using these templates for report development.. it only changes the colour and font..19. ."Text1". I'm trying to use UserReponce in report header (InfoView). in all the reports 'Author (Created By)' is coming as the user who has created the template. you would use the following: =If(UserResponse("Please enter Yes or No")="Yes"."Text2") Code: =(If([the_question])="Yes" Then "text1" Else "text2") 22. We have some Report templates developed by a user. select multiple cells at once and set a format to all of them.. 23. OR you can try to delete the author! BUT take care about his personal/inbox documents 20. would like to know whether does the format painter on the Webi able to copy another field/cell 's number format. How can i divide the values for only row B and D. I just got it in my computer and don't know how to do it. Is this a limitation of Webi? Am I able to change the settings some where? Sol: You cannot paint number formats. I am using BO 3. else text2 is displayed. If user's choice is 'Yes' then text1 is displayed.

type of data does it holds and what type of reports can i build.does anyone know how to get the last working day of the current month at report level with a variable?? Sol: Create following variables Code: Currentdate = currentdate() Code: Last Day of Month = LastDayofMonth([Currentdate]) Code: Last DayName of Month =Dayname(LastDayofMonth()) Finally create a variable as Code: Last Working Day of Month = If([Last DayName of Month]="Sunday")  Then  Relativedate(LastDayofMonth().. go to applications. and the total number of users might be several hundred. I have a situation where I want to isolate only those rows of data which have a MIN date. One of the application listed will be Infoview.I NEED axes and legends to be displayed so that that space will not be blank so that user can understand there is no data for the particular bar chart/month. Activity Universe 3. 25. I am a BO Report developer but i dont know know what type of data does Audit tables will holds.. I have a prompts for the start data and end date for the report. Is it possible to Configure infoview preferences for hundreds of users at one time? Anybody could give me tips about how to handle this easily? Sol: In CMC. BO Admin should give you access to the following 1.. In manage. that is the BO or Designer connection used by Activity Universe 27. Auditing Connection. Also you can consider a union query that brings back at least one (zero) row so that some data will appear.­2) Elseif([Last DayName of Month]="Saturday") Then Relativedate(LastDayofMonth(). 26. Sol: Check to see that the "show when empty" box is checked. Currently I have to mannually configure infoview preferences one by one . I have searched the forums and can't find it.. Grant rights from here to user groups. how and where can i find audit tables and what connection can i use Sol: If you want to be able to see the Auditor folders and reports. Here my users are asking me can you give some detial informaiton and couple of reports on audit tables. for example: .­1) Else LastDayofMonth() Hope that makes sense and helps. When i select some data and if no data is prsent for it then the chart also doesn't show up. Adm-Auditor folder in Public Folders 2.. 28.24. I am having bar chart in a webi report. but i dont know how can design univers ( means tables and all)..

that means we have a particular order. The concatenated field has been custom sorted. 2008 A.? Sol: Create these 2 variables Code: MinDate =Min([Date]) In Block  Flag = If([Date]=[MinDate]) Then 1 Else 0 After creating these 2 variables. Try to decrease the column widths to fit as many columns as possible. Matter Name Date Indiv. go to Page Layout and decrease the Left Margin and Right Margin to make some more space to fit in more columns. I can accomidate only 40 columns in a report in single page. 29. I need to show the last column header of the cross tab in a free-standing cell. If i want create more than 50 columns in single page how can i do this? Sol: In a Webi report you can have 256 columns in a table. add the MinDate as a column to the table and then add report filter Show/Gide filter pane which is on the top left. The field goes as a header in a cross-tab. Matter Name Date Indiv. In the Properties of the Page. Name 4 Johnson 1/2/11 Jackson 4 Johnson 3/12/11 Lee 4 Johnson 4/2/11 Jackson I wish to apply a variable which will only show me the row with the date 1/2/11. so try to use Legal in Paper & Landscape as the Page Orientation. Is it possible to use the Data Tracking feature to show the actual numeric change in value rather than using the color coded reference? For example: Reference data = $100 Refreshed data = $500 Data tracking would show +$400 Sol: Try to create a formula using RefValue() function..]) Any Idea.Matter No. I have a concatenated field of year + attribute (e. Any ideas folks? Sol: Create a variable for the free standing cell Code: =Last([Year+Attribute]) 30. 2010 B etc). Name 4 Johnson Multivalue Jackson 4 Johnson Multivalue Lee My variable is: [Date] Where ([Date]=[Min Date]) In ([Matter No. I think the largest paper is Legal. 2009 B. I tryed with landscape and A0 size. 3. next to Fx icon and Variable Editor icon and put a filter on Flag as Flag=1. when I use the variable found here. 2010 A. but the number of columns being printed in a page will depend on the width & orientation of papers you use. which may shrink or expand according to prompt selected. 31.g. Something like Code: . However. 2. I get: Matter No. 1. Tried a few things unsuccessfully.

For example <10 years. Report level : If u say in a report you can do it by going to properties tab under which you have display tab in which we have an option that says avoid duplicate rows check it.same time it gives error #error.under data u have an option that says remove duplicate rows. Now when table's width changes dynamically. Can any one help me how to do it . 20-30 years.. how to align the title exactly at center. you'll see a tab for Input Control. Properties. I do have Table contains Theree column Country. have query properties on your right . I need to create a report about customer data and then section it by age groups..=RefValue([Measure])­[Mreasure] 32.. Sol: Its not possible to change the Chart depending on you selecting a Country in the Table. Also. 10-20 years. Some of the table header cells are merged (in the report header). The column header is blank for the newly dragged column. create an input control on Country with a Drop Down list or Check box and then while defining the Dependencies..?I tried working with relative position. To create an Input control: In the Tabs to your left where you have tabs for Data. Column Header cells for DEPT and CATEGORY are merged. Is there any other way to remove duplicates in the report? Sol: query level :In the edit query mode.1 sp2. But a work around is. I am using BO 3. select both blocks Table and Chart. Product and Prod Category objects. but with it only top and left margin will be fixed..Of Products Sold..I want to fix right margin as well. etc In the database there is only the date of birth. Now what I want is when ever I click on Country name in the Table then Chart should should show respective country data. Now my problem is table's width changes dynamically since all regions doesnt have all months data and only the columns having data should be shown.. u can doubleclick the colum and write colum name 36. We have a vertical table with appox 20 columns. I heard that this is possible by using INPUT CONTROLS option in Webi.#multivalues on the time u can put second colum is detail objects it will slove . there are 5-6 breaks applied on the table. so I guess my first task is to find the current age .. Sol: Insert another row above the column names and merge all the columns of that row and type the table name in that merged column.Only the table header is displayed on the report.. The issue is that when we drag a column (say <OBJECT>) to the report we don't get the column header as NameOf(<OBJECT>). 35. Could anybody suggest on this? Sol: You can merge the colum it same data type and asem colum is thier . Please guide me regarding dis. This is a showstopper for us as blank column header doesn't make any sense for ad-hoc users. I do have Chart below the Table contains Coutry and No.. COLUMN1 and COLUMN2 are newly dragged to the report. 33. Please refer to the attached screenshot. My webi report displays data across months(in columns) based on region in horizontal table format. However the beakheader are disabled. and table is given a title which should be exactly at the center as per table's width. Can someone please suggest as how we remove duplicates in a webi report? I don't want to use breaks to remove them. Click on New and select Country and check Table and Chart as dependencies and Click OK. Maps.. change the background colour and remove the borders and do the formatting stuff if needed. 34.....

Is there any solution to fix it up. go to the Properties tab.Any help is appreciated. Or In the report. Sol: In the Query Panel. b and c are measures. there is an option with checkbox to Retrieve Duplicate Rows. In the same variable i need to add other conditions as like same i tried like below to add one more condition but its giving error =If((IsNull([Ord Order])And IsNull([Rec Order])And IsNull([Ipv Order])). 38..if([Age]> i doesn't want to show that as aggregrated. so he will fit into the next group 20-30. Make sure a."PAP") it is working perfect. I have created a variable by using if statement like below.Check that option. Can any one guide me how to do this ? Sol: Declare each of them as local variables say a. We have build one report which has three different blocks inside one section and each block holds column called commision and this column hold different calculation for all three Blocks. Sum those variables."20+". I have a report has below: PID Pname rev gaps 1254 AAA 5200 3 5478 BBB 4820 1 and detail report tab which show who are the cust that has gaps for particular PID as below: PID Pname rev gaps cust custname 1254 AAA 5200 2 14587 CCC 1254 AAA 5200 1 25478 DDD so in the above report PID 1254 has 2 gaps with same cust and custname."0-5".g..CurrentDate())/365) will give you the dynamic age in years then create another variable using If Then Else logic to group e. in the sense that if someone is born on 4th August 1991. b..etc) 37.Ineed them as individual rows as below: PID Pname rev gaps cust custname 1254 AAA 5200 1 14587 CCC 1254 AAA 5200 1 14587 CCC 1254 AAA 5200 1 25478 DDD so i selected the avoid duplicate row aggregation option but its not working. Sol: Age=Floor(DaysBetween([BirthDate]. what i need is the Sum of all three Commision which holds different calculations hould be displayed as grand total at end of report.. today he is 19 years so he falls in group 10-20. =If((IsNull([Ord Order])And IsNull([Rec Order])And IsNull([Ipv Order])). but tomorrow he will be 20. If([Age]<=5. a+b+c."PAP") Or If((IsNull([Ord Order])And IsNull([Rec Order])And IsNull([Pap Order])). c.before i can group it? I also want the age to be dynamic.'s displaying as aggregated row. select the table and go to Properties tab ->Display ->Avoid Duplicate Row aggregation ."IPV") Sol: Try this Code: =If(IsNull([Ord Order]) And IsNull([Rec Order]) And IsNull([Ipv Order])) Then  "PAP" Elseif(IsNull([Ord Order]) And IsNull([Rec Order]) And IsNull([Pap Order])) Then "IPV"  Else "" ..

REPLACE(TRANSLATE(col_name. If I add a 7th character the Mason shows "Mason H" Sol: Use the Pos() to dynamically determine the starting postion of the substring Try this Code: =Substr([Name]. How to use NotNull function for example i want the condition like =(If pap amt not null then "APP and if Ipv amt not null then "IPV" and Rec amn not null then "matche Rec and diff amt =Diff_amt).. Code: =If(Not(IsNull(pap amt))) Then "APP" . I need to show the entire first name. Above method does not work on. regardless of lenght. However.'abcdefghijklmnopqrstuvwxyzABCDEFGHIJKLMNOPQRSTUVWXYZ'. 42. how to achieve this condition Diff_amt is my another variable Sol: As there is no NotNull.. I created measure to count the name and a ranking that gives me the top 25 based on a substring of the first 6 characters. we are arriving as a wrong result as the formula on the variable makes the result set to give the value from the data elements present on the Tab2 and it does not take the data values present on the Tab1 and Hence Arriving on wrong result. you need to use Not&IsNull together as Not(IsNull([Object])). The database error text is: ORA-01481: invalid number format model . The database error text is: ORA-01722: invalid number . Example: Mason works fine with my setup. Last) and I'm not sure how to accomplish this.'$'). I defined the COST object as measure using "to_number" and tried to use it in WebI." ")­1) 43.40. We have scenario where we are need to pull out a sum value of column in tab1 and the same value to be shown on the Tab2. it is generating the result in the SQL Navigator. but Anthony is returned as "Anthon".1. Names are entered in DB as First. I am returning client names which must be ranked by the count of First names only. I have observed that the column values in COST have some characters concatenated after the number (for a few rows). If I generate the SQL to pull the COST column from any of the table.. I get this error "A database error occured. is there are any option like a referring a we do it in Excel or any other options in Context. Now the requirement is to get the difference between the two values for a given set of dates. Note: We did a analysis the with variable method. '$'. (but only the first name. I get the error msg: "A database error occured. 41. (WIS 10901)" Sol: Use some below kind of formula and surely it will help you as this is working fine for me. . An object (COST) is defined as varchar in the database of CURRENT table.'') in place of col_name put your desired column name.Pos([Name]. Another object (COST) is defined as varchar in the database in PREVIOUS table. (WIS 10901) Then I tried using TRIM on the object to remove the alphanumeric characters (not sure if this is a good idea) following the number and tried to use it on the report.

I am using Bo 3. in your case you can use In Break. Target. Sol: In normal condition row_index() doesn't work the way you are explaining because we have used it several times before and works the way you want. tweak your SQL to limit the same way. you won't see them in CSV."Mmm"). Can anybody confirm this behaviour? Sol: CSV always gives you what the query returns .1 sp3 with Oracle.. Code: State    city     Service   Sales   Price  . Sol: Try applying context operators. I have tried the following it seems to be working: Created a Variable as: Code: Test = FormatNumber(Sum(Measure). I am working on this report where the Dims. If you need that in CSV. yes. 45.Physician.. Rate. my [month names] has May June July August etc Sol: Assuming your dimension is a string.. I have a table say. 47. I need the first day as in mm/dd/yyyy format.."mm/dd")+"/2011" will convert your month to a date. Excel. Average is the figure of the (total numerator/total denominator) so that each physician knows hows he/she is doing amongst his/her peers. The report filters are being ignored in the schduled instance. I am unable to include an average variable since there being a section on Physician it is showing me the same value as the Rate.e the performance of the physician based upon a set of KPIs(metrics). when i use rowindex funtion in table 2. I would suggest you to make the same report from scratch in the next tab and then apply condition one by one then probably you will find the culprit. There is a section on Physician and I wanna include the Rate (i.if you have report filters. Running into a wierd situation trying to Schedule a Webi report to a csv format file that gets emailed as an attachment. In webi xir3. i have a four tables in the report. Rate= numerator/denominator Target is the number set for each KPI. 48. Also you can try to create a variable with the help of context operators to bring the result of Tab 1 in Tab 2. it will start the index no. why is not starting from the zero for table 2. from table 1 end no."##") Then. 44. use this variable in Tab 2.Sol: You have to use the hyperlink method to pass the value from Tab 1 to Tab 2. but the year is hard-coded 46. then =FormatDate(ToDate([month name]. But there may be some additional conditions in your report like filter or any thing similar which may be ruining the show. Average. any idea.

we take the output in Excel and then Save As it . Sol: Try semicolons instead of commas. I what to show top service name along with price based on max(sales).[DateTime]>[Due Day].[DateTime]>[Due Day].. ."Failed". So you can create the filter in the universe or in the report: Universe: Filter: @Select(Dates\dateObj)>@Select(Dates\dateObj)-15 Report: Variable: =If([dateObj]>currentDate()-15) Then [dateObj] 50.' at position 51. we are getting many extra columns in the report as I guess all tables follow the format of first table which is there in the report.[DateTime]. Is there any solution to resolve this issue? Sol: Actually the width was different in all tables. I made the common width for all cells and tables placed in the report and now it is working fine. (WIS 10018)" whenever I tried to enter it. 52. Thanks in Advance for your valuable suggestions. so i made a variable in report maxsales = max(sales) to get top service name topservice = Service IN (maxsales) but it is giving me #multivalue error. that's why the issue was there."Passed") 51. Sol: It is not possible to do it in the query panel unless you write a custom sql. Now as CSV bypasses all report calculation. Code: =If([Completed Day]. Sol: Try this code: Code: topservice = [Service] Where( [Sales]=[maxsales]) 49. I have a scenario something like SID PPID amt1 amt2 diff 1 P1 100 100 0 2 P2 20 30 -10 there is a scenario where PPID's are not available and i need to show the amounts using another table as a reference.. I have a report in which there are around 10 tables and I am exporting that report in excel which is working fine...[DateTime]. To be specific i need to show the user that the amount difference is from a different table and not from PP. Could you please let me know where i am going wrong.===============================  Ga      Atlanta  Bus        45        43  Ga      Atlanta  Map        42        13  Ga      Atlanta  Water     65        22  Ga      Atlanta  Bill      55        25  ================================  Sales is a measure column with None as projection in universe."Failed".. Please check how can I correct the formula below: =If([Completed Day]. How can i show the report in WebI? Can i work around something in designer? Sol: You need to join these two tables on key field and then check the report. Here I have to create a WebIntelligence Report and have to filter on date (current date minus 2 weeks)."Passed")) This prompt appeared "Unrecognized input '. after doing this . Is it possible to create the filter in EDIT QUERY level or have to create a variable in the report level.CSV.

. highest value on the top. Does anyone know how to do this? Sol: You have day in your universe? If yes. Anyone has any insights on filtering records based on two data providers? DP1 has 5 records and DP2 has 100. The are merged based on an SSN column. 54. They can just open the Document in InfoView ->Right click and select Print. However. But make sure.53. 55.and so on. in the documents(all the reports in a document) the Page Size and Page Orientation is set. you can apply that at the edit query level. WebI. This is incorrect because my section totals are summed based on the 100 records instead of the desirable 5 records.g column1 Name ***** Nancy David Sam richard deepak Expected output column1 column2 column3 Name name name Nancy Sam Deepak David Richard How can i implement this logic at report level Sol: Why dont you turn the table to a Horizontal table? Right Click on table -> Turn to ->Horizontal Table. How can I filter out the other useless 95 records in the report? Sol: Take the key field which makes 5 records from DP1 and as suggested if there is any Null logic . you can select the value between 01 an 17 of may in one variable. Now the users wont have to save the Document as PDF to print. it is sorted in Desc order. WEBI seem to always perform calculations based on the 100 records. I am only interested in the 5 records that exist in both DPs. we are using BOXI R2. That is the best way to do it. so instead of opening each report in pdf and printing them individually can a single pdf be generated so that user can print that pdf directly?? Sol: In InfoView go to Preferences ->Web Intelligence ->Select a default view format -> select PDF -> click OK in the corner far down right. I want to cut the month of May off midway.. what I am trying do is lets say A1 is my top row. next one is A2 . so I only want May to go to the 17th and sum up the premiums to that date. We have a measure in one column. unless you want to create as many number of variables as the number of values you have in that column 57. I need to display the values in different column e. I need to fill another column (Bn) with this kind of value (An/A1). And then sum this variable with other months. User has to print some documents from a webi report. 56. I am taking later of month dates and I am suming up the months for their total that I know the relative ..

you need to change your Title formula.. remove the [Start Month] and [End Month]. Sol: If you exported them to InfoView. Code: Flag=If(IsNull([Measure]) In [Last Date]) Then 0 Else 1 Add this column to the table in the Section..postion of that customer with the top one. can you please help me. text of the column and borderlines of columns as the background of the page so that it would be completely invisible. Sol: You want the title to remain. with legends. And hide the column by changing the background color of column. Is it possible to have legends on line chart. 59. Is there a way to retrive them .92 B1=A1/A1 A2 -80 B2=A2/A1 A3 -70 B3=A3/A1 A4 -50 B4=A4/A1 Sol: same logic applies. A1 ... instead create variables with Userresponse functions to capture the [Start Month] and [End Month] Code: . I hope you understood my logic . I have reimaged my system and lost all my docs that were created through web intelligence rich client. they should still be there. unless you did a backup you are probably out of luck. am I right? To achieve that. which means my populated sections are scattered and may only be published on the latter pages. 60. Otherwise. So is there a setting that brings forward all of the populated sections so it prioritises them and leaves the hidden sections at the end of the report? Sol: Create a variable like that checks if there is data for a particular AccountNumber as per yesterday or last transaction date. Could any one help me on this issue as I want the hard coded test as it is.. I searched and could not find from where to enable the legends on line chart. Sol: Select the Chart and go to Properties tab -> on expanding Appearance -> in Legends -> check the box. And sort the sections depending on this column.. In my report I have title like Code: ="Title1 Periods "+[Start Month]+" to "+[End Month] Here objects Start Month and End Month are objects in the universe. I want to show a line chart. syntax is different =[value]/(Max([value]) In Block) if you want to display as a fraction use =[value]&"/"&Max([value]) In Block 58. The problem I am facing is that when I am trying to purge the data then it removes the title also and when I am refresh the report it comes with start and end month. I have a report that I have put a section on my Account field. 61. When I run the report there may be 50% of the accounts that have had no update that day so I have unticked 'show when empty' So I can see that this only hides the sections as described.

Right-click the cells of the Plant Column. Is there a way to do that? Sol: You can link a report to another report using a hyperlink which uses a open doc functionality. (ID of Report 2). 62. Kind of like having a table of contents page with links to the different tabs in the report. http://<servername:port>/OpenDocument/opendoc/openDocument. 3.Usr_StartMonth = UserResponse("Enter Start Month:")  Usr_EndMonth = UserResponse("Enter End Month:") The Title should be Code: ="Title Periods "+[Usr_Start Month]+" to "+[Usr_End Month] (variables in the formula instead of the objects from the Universe) And now the Title wouldn't disappear even if you purge the report..Make a note of the ID of the document. (Sum([Large Ship Window]. just a simple link. As we know we can save Web Rich client to our local machine. Is it possible to create a hyperlink on a report tab that links to a different report tab within the same document? Not passing parameters. IDocID= .jsp? iDocID=.[Request Ship Date]. Click Hyperlinks > New Hyperlink. A window displays the document information 2. [Future Cancel Date])> 45. This ID is used to refer to Report 2 while creating OpenDocument statement for linking Report 1 to Report 2. [Large Ship Window].. Click the Parse button. Type the following statement in the new window. How to save the rich client and whats the file extention? Sol: Rich Client reports are normally saved to the Userdocs folder within My Documents\My BusinessObjects Documents as a .[Request Ship Date].[Large Ship Window]. 6.[Backordered Quantity])) .Open Report 1 in Edit Report mode.. 4.. sType = wid (as target document is in Web intelligence document format).wid 63.&sType=wid&sRefresh=Y&sWindow=Same 7.[Large Ship Window]. I am trying to compare the days between two dates and if that value is greater than 45 to return the sum of an order quantity to my table for the specific Sales Person. A new window appears..[Future Cancel Date])> 45. Add a parameter to the opendoc link.. sReportName=<Tab Name you want to open>.[Backordered Quantity]))) Order Qty Sales Person 1 ##multivalue Sales Person 2 ##mulivalue Sales Person 3 ##multivalue Sol: Code: =Sum(If(DaysBetween([Large Ship Window]. Click Properties. 5. I have the following formula built but I am receiving "##Multivalue". I am trying to create a link from one report tab to another report tab within the same document. 1. I know how to do the OpenDoc links to other documents. In this example.Right-click Report 2. =If(DaysBetween([Large Ship Window]. 64.

I have a report showing data for 6 quarters(Qtr format:2011 Q1). 67. or I am doing a missing something. in the Output format details. Sol: It might be because of the JRE version. Is there any BO trick that would allow the parameter values selected by users to be included with the CSV export of WEBI rpts? I know CSV is just the raw data from the SQL query itself.and planning to upgrade to XI 3. select a File name or select Specific name and enter a report name and add extension. I also wanted to add that. Sol: You can do it by scheduling the report. Please check if it is the right one for your Web-I version.Is the user trying to add or edit input controls in an instance of a report? 68. I'm on BOXI R2 SP2. Then i applied Quarter = Max quarter of 50 pages). Because. The problem is with the View mode Sol: Try to change the InfoView Preferences to view a report to Interactive mode. specify Directory as . I have a report when i run in Deski it runs within seconds. I have to display data for max quarter for some tabs.. I tried to do the same with my admin account still its showing the same error but when when I edit the report its not throwing the error.. I have one requirement where in i need to get previous days data. in the Formats and Destinations. Go to Preferences ->Web Intelligence ->Select default view mode ->Interactive. Sol: Use Max function to get Max Quarter. (a single dot). And also. 66. Had this requirement of saving a report in . Enter the UserID and Password of the Windows user having R/W privileges on the Server machine and schedule the report. Is it possible via scheduling the report? Can it be event based scheduling? Can someone please guide as i'm very new to scheduling reports. 70. Is there any kind of setting that I need to change. I am able to create and filter report for Max quarter but when i did that the Measure values become zero. when run in SQL Navigator returns more.0. the SQL generated by BO report. check File Location. Sol: I would suggest to create a cell in the report with Userresponse function in it. In the Schedule options.Is it something to do with Web I server performance or with the report itself. but in the report it is returning only 5000 rows (100 rows per page .000 rows..The promts are simply dates(start and end) creted in the report.xls format on BO server (not on local machine). 71. for a given ID some of the rows returned are not matching to that run at the DB level. Any ideas and input on this would be helpfull.DO1e5. when the user is viewing the report and try to manuplate the input controls its throwing an error saying cannot apply filter to the report element: DP0.The same report when i try to open in Web I and click refresh to enter the propmts it takes for ever to show me the promt window to enter the parameters. change the Output format to Microsoft Excel.1 or BI 4. hence for that day the we . if no data present for the current date. click on Destinations and Settings -> Uncheck Use the Job Server's defaults. I am using a sub-query in the where clause of the WEBI report.. I have a report that has checkbox Input Controls.65. But just wanted to see if anyone found a trick for doing this.Does anyone have an idea about the root cause of the issue. Sol: Ask your Universe Designer to look at the universe properties and remove the default limit of 5000 rows. say 10.. I wanted to check if there is any limitation that we can set in CMS as how many pages the query should return at max. We dont load data on public holidays and sundays in ODS.

then it should be Not(IsNull(Z)). Do you have a chance to use Legal or Letter paper. Can any one tell me how can I set the WebI report to fit to A4 pdf size? Currently in my report out of 12 only 6 columns are corrently displayed. 74. if(etc etc I'm having a bit of brain failure here but I only seem to have the use of operators NOT and NoNull.9)) Then ([Monthly] InList("July". 72. Sol: Click on the blank area in the report. Whatever number of columns you get now."August". Sunday's no Load happens in the ODS and no data would be present.8. Is it possible to somehow capture a value in a table in a WEBI report and paste it soemwhere else in the report? Sol:Create a Variable using all the conditions to get that value and then insert the same formula where ever you want. Then within Webi filter your report so that only data related to max(date) is displayed. =If([ToMonth Of End Date] InList(6."MTrade". If the condition is true then Month should display all values specified inlist after Monthly.(else if ([Month]= 9. I'm building a massive nested if variable and I have got to a part where i must say if((x="matched" and y="E" and z is null). Hence i need to display sat data as 600.'September'))) upto december. Code: if((x="matched" and y="E" and Isnull(Z)).No data loaded. Do we have set to page width feature available in WebI which was available in DeskI? Or you can provide me the any other solution also. 73.'August'. go to Properties tab ->Page Orientation ->Landscape."September")) Sol: You can try like this =If([Month]= 6. and if you want NotNull().7.(else if ([Month]= 8. if not above syntax may work.(else if ([Month]= 7.100 tuesday-200 wednesday-300 thursday-400 friday-500 satuarday-600 sunday. .'June'. if(etc etc  Isnull(Z). For Example.'July'. But here im not hearing clearly is 'Are using Month as Prompt' . What is the easiest way to use these or any other operators for that fact to express in WebI terms: AND z IS NULL Sol: Try it like this. I need a formula something like this."MTrade".dont get any result. that is it. monday. I would need to display sat data. This needs to be done in WEBI XIR3 Sol: Select data for the last seven days (this you can play with based on the max number of consecutive holidays ). Hope you got the point. those are bigger than A4 and you can get many columns. 75. It has limitations though..

Column: AppliedForecast (only the current applied) I need to divide current month "sum(SalesValue)" by last month sum(AppliedForecast).Ex: To get Sales Revenue of California of year 2005 from table with Year. (my business starts from JULY). I have a dimension [enddate] of format mm/dd/yy now i want to convert it into MMM-YY i. So I just need to display one row with any description. or 4. Code: Variable = [Sales Revenue] Where ([State]="California" And [Year]="2005") Now use this formula in an empty cell or wherever you want to display.g. How can i do this at report level? Sol: Use the Quarter() function e.. A sample of the data is [Trade Date] string = 20110503 [Time Trade] string = 121345 So [Trade Date]+[Time Trade] string = 20110503121345 When inserting the column into the table I'm getting #ERROR I don't know why WebI is not capable of more verbose logging. I have requirement to display just one row when the count is same with any description. MainForecast .3. as below. I have two table in SQL Server. Forecast Applied. FP-1 = [SalesValue(of April)]/[AppliedForecast(of March)] FP-3 = [SalesValue(of April)]/[AppliedForecast(of Januaray)] There will be a prompt to enter Month..e 6. current Output --------------Name Count Description . State & Sales Revenue columns.e...4.Column: SalesValue (current SV+Applied Forecast) 2.. 76.e 07/25/11 should display as JUL-11 and i get the quarter also as Q1.. so as the prompt value changes. the results will change. Sol: You will need to create several variables Fin Pd End (Current Month) =ToNumber(UserResponse("Enter Financial Period(End):")) Prev Month =ToNumber(UserResponse("Enter Financial Period(End):"))-1 SalesLast =[SalesValue] Where( [Financial Period] = [FinPdEnd]) ForecastPrevious =[AppliedForecast] Where( [Financial Period] = [PrevMonth]) FP-1= [SalesLast] \ [ForecastPrevious] The calculations are based on the prompt. i.. NB The quarter is a calendar year quarter. Please guide how to achieve this task in Webi... if you want a financial year quarter use =If(Quarter([enddate])=1. 1."yyyy/MM/dd hh:mm ss") The fomual parses without an error. "yyyyMMddhhmmss" 77.. Sol: Your format string needs to match the concatenated value. Here the first column has Foo repeating three times and the count is same for all rows i. 79. =Quarter([enddate]) will return 1.Quarter([enddate])-1)) 78.g. I am using BO XI R3 Sp2 and below is my issue in webi. For e...2. I have the following formula in the WebI rich client to get a converted date value: =ToDate(([Trade Date]+[Time Trade]).

A/B.7 80 0.g. maximum size reached or something? Log on to CMC ->Servers ->Web Intelligence Processing Server ->Properties ->Binary Stream Size will be set to 50mb. Like if i get a result that will give me #DIV/0. Code: =If [Discription] = "Payment" or [Discription]= "Card" Then "Source" Else  [Discription] Then use this variable instead of your Discription object. increase it to 100mb or more..9 26 etc I want to have ranges like: . Example: duration value 0.0. Can someone please give me the code where i can hide error results on the formula. Is it possible to create custom sections. You might have to convert you Count object to a dimension variable if it is currently a measure aggreate object. Sol: Use IsError() function.A/B) or Code: If(B<>0. You'll be able to save lengthy reports to Excel or PDF now. Code: If(IsError(A/B). 80. Thanks.9 175 1. the output on the report will be "0" instead of getting the error "#DIV/0". 10-15 minutes to refresh doc (DB extraction OK).Foo 6 Payment Foo 6 Source Foo 6 Card Bar 7 Gateway Desired Output -------------Name Count Description Foo 6 Payment or Source or Card ----. But then the export as Excel is taking more than 20 minutes and finally the document are not so big : * Excel file : 2Mo * WID file : 7Mo Why is the convert option so long and what can I do ? Sol: Is the Save to Excel giving you an error? And the file is not being saved to excel? With an error.0) 81. I want to create sections of data within a certain range. One of the user told the excel export is failing and when I try on my side it's very very long.5 300 1.5 100 0. 82. Can anyone please help me acheive this than using previous function. Sol: Create a variable something like. e.(display any one ) Bar 7 Gateway.

. but neither it worked. what is the solution for this as I don't have any time or region cols in my table to understand which cols will be compatible or not. that way the query doesn't recover any data!! I've tried typing Year = 2003 in subquery instead."Mmm yy") I have a variable named balance and object as Account Number. Could you help me out on this . Maybe my mind is already on holiday. but I'm not getting the results I supposed to. The results should show all States but Illinois and DC (they didn't increase between 2002 and 2003).. showing what States have increased Sales revenue measure in 2003.. comparing with 2002. The example for column value is Jun 10 and the syntax used is to_date(date column. for example."mm/yyyy").try bulding belwo formula. Code: =ToDate([Object]. I think it's easy to do it. I have column in string format and i need to change that to date format but is giving #error message.. When I do aggregate need to convert the same in technical formula. I need to count those account number only where balace is greater than Zero. I should use a subquery this way: Sales revenue Greather than ALL Sales revenue where Year = 2002 But. I have to show in a report. 85. 84. customers who have increased in Sales revenue between two dates. none of the objects are being checked for incompatibility. customer where sale revenue in 2002<sales revenue in 2003. Sol: Suggest you to go through Aggregate aware concept forts which will help you out . Code: =Count([Account Number])Where([Account Balance]<>0) Code: =Count([Account Number])Where([Account Balance]>0) Sol: Try thisCode: =Count([Account Number] Where([Account Balance]>0)) . The formula for the variable will be Range=If [Duration]>0 and [Duration]<1 Then "between >0 and <1 " ElseIf [Duration]>=1 and [Duration]<5Then "between >=1 and < 5 " Else "greater than 5" Then put the section on this variable hope your problem will be resolved. Sol: Try this. Sol: Create a variable for ex Range here.between >0 and <1 between >=1 and < 5 Is this possible in the report or must this be done in the universe. I'm trying first with e-fashion universe in order to understand how could I do that. I tried below code and both is showing #ERROR in the column. could anyone give me some light on this? Sol: I think you need to design a variable to play around. 83. As I understand. This the logic which I have tried writing. I have to solve an issue. I used @aggregate aware function for some of my measures.

"00") 87. if someone has come across this before or can point me in the right direction that would be much appreciated! Sol: If you have the dates field. lets say [name] as Code: =[name] in Report where ([client ID] in Report = 001) you can even play around with the function called NoFilter(). My report is sectioned by month-year which I converted from YYYYMM number to Mon-yy format. else what others provide you . I have a report which is sectioned by client id. should also work. 201105 instead of May-11. so if for example a person attends on the 13th. Within the section I need to write formulae to refer to this value so for example in the section for client id 1000 I need to write formulae which make decisions if another Id is equal or not equal to 1000.Or Code: =If([Account Balance]>0. 17th & 27th of the month i would need to know the details for the visit on the 15th and the 17 th.Count([Account Number])) This is just to find why actually the one you created is not working. I want to access (and also display) records for client id 101.g. I have a report that is sectioned by Client Id.In this way you can get number of visits from the sum. The report is displaying data correctly but in the exported pdf it is showing me original no. In my report is getting date is in YYYYMM format i. the original values that create sections (and bookmarks too) stay the same.[/code] 88. You can create a variable for the detail you want to fetch for other client ID. say 1 month. however. I have a dimension [time spent] which contains minutes. how can i do this? Sol: Try this Code: =FormatNumber(Floor([Duration (Minutes)] /60) . 90. You can then change these values so they appear differently on the report. e. Can anyone help me sort out this problem? Sol: Bookmarks are created based on the distinct values of the dimension that makes sections. i. you can create a variable to get weeks and then sum the visits as per the week."00") + ":" +  FormatNumber(Floor(Mod([Duration (Minutes)]. Is it possible to do so and how? Sol: you can try this idea. Now i need to convert that [time spent] value into hh:mm format. The problem I facing is that in the exported pdf it is showing me the same original number instead of Converted Mon-YY. How can I capture this value of 1000. not sure if this would work. 201105 for May-11 month. Plse remember the report has multiple client ids so I cannot hard code the client ids. For example if I am in a section for client id 100. 89. But I need to access other client ids in the section which is driven by another client id.e.60)) . 15th. all the data is stored in the same universe. Each person has a unique identifier and also a unique identifier for the visit. 86.e. See if it gets you anywhere. . I don't know where to start with this one. am trying to produce a list of people that attended our department more than once within a 7 day period over a specific time of our choice.

Customize the filter in the universe by employing a case when logic and default to 1/1/1900 93. so that it is easy for the users to view it correctly right after they open the report? Sol: I am having a report with graph and am getting data displayed in excel as well. Since we could not find an inherent functionality in BO for this. Also you can customize a date filter specify to this report and default it to a dummy date for which there are no records if the @Prompt date entered is of a large range. and the user should be advised to select a smaller range for the report. We can display the message if the end date prompt which is selected exceeds 3 months by using a formula in the report. Can you advise what needs to be done? We are using XIR 3. Try increasing the width of graph and check. 92."MM/dd/yyyy") . Sol: Other work around. Is there a way to make it get displayed with the values automatically. even if the user is prevented from entering a larger date range from the java screen front end. ="Date Range Start"+": " +ToDate(Trim(If(Pos(UserResponse("Enter Date Taken(Start):").1. When I try to export a line graph report from WebI to Excel. the Webi report should be prevented from running somehow. everything is filtered for the particular value of the dimension that forms the section.10). The issue is." ") = 0. you should be able to do it. you would get: Z MYR = X EUR = Y USD It depends how the data is stored in the two tables (the grain of the table. he/she can still manually change the prompt and refresh the report again by overriding the prompts passed thru opendoc. once the user is in the infoview portal. kindly let me know if you need more info. and also MYR to EUR. So I have to manually goto design->chart layouts in the excel to make the values get displayed.EUR): Z MYR = X EUR Joining on EUR column. I want to display the both date and time in report. we are planning to go with java validation screens from which an opendocument url will be used to invoke the report.Pos(UserResponse("Enter Date Taken(Start):"). We need to prevent this and enable the user only to refresh the report for the prompts that were passed thru opendoc. just the chart with lines is displayed.1 SP2. Try it in a free-standing cell. 94. consider your second table (MYR . That message you are displaying should tell the user to refresh the report by changing the end date as it is exceeding the given limit. is there any way to accomplish this? Disabling refresh capability at admin level is not considered an option currently.Sol: Within a section. I have a requirement wherein when the user enters a from date/ to date range that is greater than 3 months. the values for the X & Y axis doesn't get displayed in the Excel. I am using. So if the dimension Client ID was used to create sections then every section has only one value of the Client ID. is it possible for BOBJ to calculate for MYR to USD based on the information? Sol: Logically. How to display Date and Time prompted in report: I have start date and end date prompts.USD): X EUR = Y USD Now. which will also define the join type). whether it is just a snapshot fact/fact-less fact table or it contains all values. For ex consider your first table (EUR .Substr(UserResponse("Enter Date Taken(Start):"). 91.1." ") ))). I have a table which have currency EUR to USD.Substr(UserResponse("Enter Date Taken(Start):").

"00") + ":" +  FormatNumber(Floor(Mod([Duration (Minutes)]. Sol: The underline is actually a border. my report block will only ever show the latest week and the 6 previous. The order of the input controls keeps changing every time I open the report. I have around 8 Input Controls in a Webi Report (Version: BO 3."dd/MM/yyyy")) 97. It downloads the file and then when the installtion starts I am getting the error. 96. Is there any way to restrict this to display in the order they have been created? Sol: I ordered the input controls in WebI using 'Move selected input control up/down' arrow keys and this has solved the problem. I have a dimension [time spent] which contains minutes. but its not showing time. =If(UserResponse("Enter L01 Calendar Year/Month Key:")="".mst."00") "00" is used as the 2nd parameter of the FormatNumber() function. Ex Table 1 Retail | Business ABC | 200 .Below is the error message. Sol: Try downloading the Client Tools again.FormatDate(CurrentDate(). i want the formula to allways sum from week 1 Sol: I have calculated the YTD value based on fiscal year and calender month prompt using the following measure. Can any one tell me how to remove underline of freestanding cell.UserResponse("Enter L01 Calendar Year/Month Key:")) Sum([Base Prc Imp Turnovr]) Where (ToDate("01/"+[L01 Calendar Year/Month Key]. I need to show the SUM of two measure values corresponding to two different Dimension and in two different Tables. I am getting an error when i try to install webi rich client to my local machine. If you want the time element. in the Thirs table. how can i do this? Sol: Code: =FormatNumber(Floor([Duration (Minutes)] /60) . 99.Its only showing Date. Now i need to convert that [time spent] value into hh:mm format. How to do that? And where(is it Free standing cell) to put these information Sol: It's not showing the time because you are telling it to only show the date by substringing only the first 10 characters and formatting it as MM/dd/yyyy. I wish to display a runningsum for the year to date in a report block that is filtered by week number.1 SP4)."dd/MM/yyyy") <= ToDate("01/"+[Cal Month Prompt]. It has nothing to do with the Mod() and Floor() functions. 98. click the free standing cell and go to its properties then change its border to remove it. Looks like the one of the setup files in corrupted. just concatenate the whole of the user response: (pseudocode) ="Date Range Start: " + first user response + " to " + second user response."MM/yyyy"). 95. Here the fiscal year should be a mandatory prompt. CRC failed in package\langs\da\1042.60)) . 100.

I am able to see the full report. While navigating from last page to first page. "Your request could not be completed because a failure occured while the report was being processed" and also "the document instance is no longer available". its throwing error and not going to first page. When I view the report its directly going to third page. Sol: Try thisCode: =(Sum([Retail] ForAll ([Business]))+Sum([Banking] ForAll ([Business]))) Where Retail & Banking are measure objects and Banking is a dimension which has different values in the report and if you are putting any report level filter and you need that amount also in the calculation . But when I change the view option from "Page Mode" to "Draft Mode". its throwing error and just showing 3rd page.Table 2 Banking | Business EFG | 300 Table 3 Total Business 500 here we have to show the sum of Retail and Banking(i. I have a WebI report with 3 pages. 200+300=500) in the Table 3. Sol: Change the value to 0 for header and footer in properties of report .e. Code: =(Sum([Retail] ForAll ([Business])) In Report+Sum([Banking] ForAll ([Business]))  In Report) 101. If I change it to Page Mode again. you might need to use In Report also.