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ce. test cope 02134020 FORM TP 2014240 MAY/SUNE 2014 ‘@ CARIBBEAN EXAMINATIONS COUNCIL CARIBBEAN ADVANCED PROFICIENCY EXAMINATION” PURE MATHEMATICS UNIT 1 — Paper 02 ALGEBRA, GEOMETRY AND CALCULUS 2 hours 30 minutes 13 MAY 2014 (p.m.) READ THE FOLLOWING INSTRUCTIONS CAREFULLY. 1. This examination paper consists of THREE sections. Answer ALL questions from the THREE sections. 3. Each section consists of TWO questions, 4, Write your solutions, with full working, in the answer booklet provided. 5. Unless otherwise stated in the question, any numerical answer that is not exact MUST be written correct to three significant figures. Examination Materials Permitted Graph paper (provided) ‘Mathematical formulae and tables (provided) ~ Revised 2012 ‘Mathematical instruments Silent, non-programmable, electronic calculator DO NOT TURN THIS PAGE UNTIL YOU ARE TOLD TO DO So. Copyright © 2013 Caribbean Examinations Council All rights reserved. 02134020/CAPE 2014 SECTION A Module 1 Answer BOTH questions. 1. (@)_Letp, qand r be three propositions. Construct a truth table for the statement (p> 4) (FQ). {5 marks] (b) A binary operator @ is defined on a set of positive real numbers by y@x=y tx + ay? + ax —5y—Sx+ 16 where a isa real number. (i) State, giving a reason for your answer, if ® is commutative in, [3 marks] (ii) Given that f(x) = 2 ® x and (x — 1) is a factor of f(x), a) find the value of @ [4 marks] b) _ factorize fix) completely. [3 marks] Sk ©)_Use mathematical induction to prove that P+e4st+. ++ Qn~ IP =F Ar? ~ 1) for ne N. {10 marks} ‘Total 25 marks GO ON TO THE NEXT PAGE 02134020/CAPE 2014 -3- 2. (a)_ The functions f'and g are defined as follows: fx) where 1 [8 marks} Express {(@) = 3 sin 20 +4 cos 24 in the form r sin (20+ a) where r>Oand 0