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theGazette • TUESDAY, FEBRUARY 9, 2010

theGazette • TUESDAY, FEBRUARY 9, 2010

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Presidental Candidates

Gazette editors take candidates to task
Everyone has an opinion during election time — us included. Three of the Gazette’s most opinionated editors — sports editor Arden Zwelling, news and web editor Stuart Thompson and senior editor Mike Hayes — have been following every step of the campaign since day one. They sat down on Monday to discuss each individual candidate and their platform. Here’s where they stand.

Zwellin’ it like it is
Arden Zwelling
Sports Editor

Stuart A. Thompson
Web Editor

Hayes’d & Confused
Mike Hayes
Senior Editor

As far as platforms go, it doesn’t get any more risky or sweeping than Matthijs van Gaalen’s, which addresses big picture ideas — not Tshirts or toilet paper. While the chances of his lobbying being successful are slim, van Gaalen’s academic advocacy is a fresh and innovative idea that separates him from the pack — no other candidate explores how the USC can influence academic policy. His pass/fail interest credit idea might inspire students to learn about subjects outside their primary studies, thus encouraging a more diverse and vibrant campus. It is refreshing to see a candidate who is interested in lobbying for pedagogical causes. Van Gaalen deserves praise for presenting a directional shift for the USC; however, convincing administration to apply these changes will be an uphill and most likely fruitless struggle. He has also hurt his cause by not focusing on more tangible points that are relatable to the average student. Van Gaalen should have augmented his big pic-

ture ideas with more concrete changes and improvements to student life. A new website and promoting environmentalism are pedestrian ideas. Furthermore, van Gaalen’s welcome week for upperyear students is an extraordinarily trivial idea. Most upper-years — who live off campus and are already familiar with campus and London — will be going to Richmond Row during the first week of school — not wet/dry programming on campus.

Matt Hyland’s platform is a smorgasbord of tidbits thrown together in an attempt to speak to as many different student issues as possible. Nothing revolutionary in other words. Many of Hyland’s platform points bear a remarkable resemblance to other platforms in the past. If you’re going to copy other people’s suggestions, it’s a good idea to make sure they’re worth pursuing. Hyland’s decision to consult only select “key stakeholders” when writing his platform costs him a lot, as several of his major points are already being taken care of by this year’s USC board, especially the grocery store — which the vice-president finance is already negotiating a potential agreement on. In an effort to avoid the appearance of bias, we won’t delve too much into the whole “e-Gazette” concept, other than to say such decisions come under the purview of our internal management. The “rebranding” of USC services, in principle, is a good idea. The USC could use a wider public profile

when it comes to retail operations like the Wave or Mustang Alley. However, the vague term “rebranding” could mean a whole lot when applied to services like Pride Western or the Women’s Issues Network — especially when both groups have shown a desire to remain distinct from the broader USC. Ultimately, Hyland’s platform is a classic case of overreaching. He fails to provide concrete solutions to retail services and clubs, which instead we are promised will be “reviewed” or “analyzed.”

Marshall Goldfarb

Matt Hyland

Ray Park

Jeff Rutledge

Mike Tithecott

Matthijs van Gaalen

Jeff Rutledge is the only candidate to adequately address the club system, providing well-researched improvements like stronger financial training, which goes far beyond the vague generalities of his opponents. Since the USC has struggled to correct club finances for a few years now, he should be careful to make this a lasting program and not simply a handout on best practices. Having debit and credit at the Spoke would be great — but he fails to mention in his platform that costs would be passed on to students at about $0.25 to $0.35 per transaction. His suggestion to bring in a printing press is by far the most unfeasible point on anyone’s platform. Printing houses exist at the most elite school’s in the world, not Western. Can we print money too? The Purple Bike rental program is great for the environment and for students, which is probably why this is already in place at Western and almost ready to launch. His Purple Hub is a sensi-

ble idea to turn the website into a service where students can sell textbooks and coordinate rides. Combining calendars for faculty councils with a central USC calendar would help in overall promotion and it’s surprising this hasn’t already happened. Ultimately, Rutledge’s platform is a few shining stars inside one giant black hole: he fails to even mention the USC’s retail operations, which are bleeding money, and offers no solutions to fix USC finances.

Mike Tithecott impressed us with his honesty. Saying he isn’t prepared for this job and admitting much of his platform is borrowed from previous candidates is commendable. Not presenting solutions to the USC’s biggest issues is not. Proposing a review committee to investigate USC retail operations is a roundabout way of saying “I don’t really know how to solve this problem.” Laptop sharing is a grandiose, expensive idea. Costs associated with this are astronomical, including warranties, managing the rentals and risk of theft or damage. Since the program would last several years, he’s passing costs to future boards who must maintain the program or drop it all together. All for something already offered at dozens of computer labs around campus. Most of Tithecott’s ideas are small and insignificant, like upgrading UCC bathrooms with two-ply toilet paper. While his “Key to Western” idea would provide a lot

of information missing from the USC website, Tithecott could achieve this along with 90 per cent of his platform in the first week. When pressed about a lack of vision for USC finances, Tithecott listed a few good ideas that were suspiciously missing from his campaign. If he really understood the USC’s key problems, why would he keep solutions off the platform? Ultimately, Tithecott has all of Goldfarb’s blind popularism — he just coats it with a little more charisma.

General Candidate Listing
FACULTY ELECTIONS SOCIAL SCIENCE PRESIDENT Andrew Forgione Arthur So SOCIAL SCIENCE COUNCILLOR Abdalla Al-Kadhimi Taylor Axford Joseph Bodley Jonathan Buccella Brent Duncan Samantha Farnum Jeffrey Hernaez Samuel Karamanis Myuri Komaragiri Kevin Kobayashi Caitlin Latosinszky Alysha Li Ashley McGuire Aqil Nagji Vlad Omazic Carissa Palmer Brianna Peniuk Heemann Shin Erin Uberig Jaclyn Vertes Leila Wong Amit Zaffir Jimmie Zhang SCIENCE PRESIDENT Kevin Chen Sabrina Nurmohamed SCIENCE COUNCILLOR Laurence Joseph Batmazian Arjun Chandra Chris Goodman Matt Green Ran He Adam Kliman Vivian Leung Arjun Maini Nivin Nabeel William Silverstein Eric Roszell Linda Sheng Nate Tyndall Brian Vadasz KINESIOLOGY COUNCILLOR Jennifer Archibald Steve Bigioni Jenna Matthyssen SENATE SOCIAL SCIENCE, MIT Jeffrey Andrus Daniel Ferris Denardo Hepburn Patrick Whelan Jennifer Ye Won Kim SCIENCE Aditi Raut HEALTH SCIENCE, MEDICINE & DENTISTRY Candice Jewell Amin Jivraj GRADUATE Brent Sherar Duncan Sutherland Rick Telfer AT-LARGE Aaron Baer Carolyn Burns Neha Chandrachud Michael Ciniello Russell Citron Jennifer Gautier Melissa Machado Vincenzo Mazza Kyle Murphy Adam Poirier Danielle Thé Jonny Uruthiran BOARD OF GOVERNORS UNDERGRADUATE Jeffrey Andrus Jon Silver GRADUATE Michael Dietrich Brent Sherar Duncan Sutherland Rick Telfer

puzzle solution from page 10

Marshall Goldfarb’s platform boils down to a wish list of populist ideas designed to win votes. We’re hoping most voters will see past the glossy coat of populism to the giant piles of garbage that lie beneath. The $3 meal is an incredibly inane idea. According to the numbers in a break-even analysis provided by Goldfarb himself, he would have to sell 1,000 meals a week just to break even. Reaching that plateau is about as probable as a women’s issues primer in Student Magazine. Not to mention the fact this endeavour will drive business away from the USC’s cash-strapped Spoke and Wave. Furthermore, Goldfarb’s proposal to disperse tickets for athletic events will not only be valueless to

students — who already get into Mustang games for free — but also unnecessarily wasteful. The actual design, printing, cutting and distribution of these tickets will be a monumental project to undertake for a glorified flyer. Expanding HYPE and reorganizing it into a promotional operation is a noble idea — HYPE would be more useful to the USC as a promotional vehicle. However, Goldfarb underestimates the sheer human resources and financial clout required to pull this off. The increased cost of promotions will force Goldfarb to implement cover charges and hike up drink prices, which will almost certainly discourage students from attending his on-campus events.


Campaig Campa Camp Campa g Campaig Campaign to end the Campaign to end the amp mp nd stig stigma mental illness stigma of mental illne stigma of mental illness enta illness e ln
Workshop dates on Workshop dat s online a o te nline at www.usc.uwo.ca/hope www.usc.uwo.ca/ho e www.usc.uwo ca/h pe ww us uwo.c hope

Like a hamster, Ray Park’s platform is small, fuzzy, and mostly harmless. Coming in as the shortest of this year’s batch of candidates, Park’s vague and insubstantial platform tops out the buzzword count before even getting past the title. “Bringing Western Together & Embracing Diversity Closing the Gap: USC and Students Being Reliable and Beneficial to Students” is so incomprehensible, we wish we thought of it, since it’s comedic gold. One of the more interesting things about Park’s platform is how it actually got worse over the course

of the campaign. When it started, it contained no mention of “Opt-out Dental Coverage” for the USC health plan. This suggestion is nothing new, and students have voted down this costly opt-out a total of three times in past years. You could say Park’s other platform points are at least easily attainable — and we definitely agree. They’re so attainable that Emily Rowe could likely complete them before she finishes reading this article. If Park’s goal was to counter Hyland’s platform, “Aim Higher,” mission accomplished — nothing aims lower than this.

The Cryptoquip is a substitution cipher in which one letter stands for another. If you think that X equals O, it will equal O throughout the puzzle. Single letters, short words and words using an apostrophe give you clues to locating vowels. Solution is by trial and error. © 2002 by Kings Features Syndicate, Inc.

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theGazette • TUESDAY, FEBRUARY 9, 2010

theGazette • TUESDAY, FEBRUARY 9, 2010

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Volume 103, issue 75
“Don’t hate the playa, hate the game”

Marshall Goldfarb

Matt Hyland

Ray Park
VP and Provost of the University (0.5)

Jeff Rutledge

Mike Tithecott

Matthijs van Gaalen

Coach (0) Provost/VP academic (1) Provost position (0.5) VP academic/provost (1) VP academic (1)

Ryan Hendrick

Carly Conway
Deputy Editor

Jaela Bernstien
Managing Editor

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Vote No for Hype
Another University Students’ Council presidential election is upon us and with that comes the arduous task of choosing a representative to head one of the country’s largest student governments. While past years have brought a sense of excitement, the most we can summon for the 2010 election is a collective “meh.” Is this really the best group of candidates Western’s student body has to offer? With six candidates to choose from, expectations should be high. But instead we’re faced with a group of ill-prepared individuals, who have put more effort into their videos and hype campaigns than their platform research. Last year’s election saw Emily Rowe’s campaign rise to the top, alongside her viral campaign style. Her video stood out — because it was the only one. This year candidates lack any such innovation. We’ve seen a spate of videos ripping off older and more successful advertising campaigns. Tithecott’s collection of “Mike vs. PC” is a particularly egregious slap in the face to students — making no attempt to provide a message beyond “Mike talks to students and that’s good.” Or how about previous USC president Stephen Lecce and his mascot? Some campaigns couldn’t resist the urge of adding a mascot to their teams this year. Jeff Rutledge even rented the same costume Lecce used when he was running for the presidency. The viral campaign styles make no effort to convey facts or information to students. It would be simple to illustrate a few platform points in a video, but instead candidates have chosen to film themselves dancing and singing, holding signs and repeating their slogans. It comes down to one disappointing fact — USC presidential elections are a popularity contest and this year’s candidates know it. They are smart enough to see how gimmicky promotional tools are the key to success, not well-researched platforms. Most students aren’t even aware of the capabilities of the USC president, let alone which platform points are feasible. This apathy speaks to the fact that outside of the USC and media bubble, most students don’t have the time or desire to research their vote. But a real problem arises when there’s nothing of substance to back up the flash of campaign gimmicks — and it is here where any student looking for a legitimate president will find these candidates sorely lacking. Despite student apathy, it’s the job of political leaders to excite voters and inform them, rather than play down to the lowest common denominator. If our student representatives are truly passionate about Western, they should be doing their best to make students a part of that process. Instead, candidates are taking the easy route to get a job that makes a great resumé bullet.
—Gazette Editorial Board

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Campaigns preaching to the converted
To the editor: This year, as in past years, University Students’ Council presidential candidates have presented platforms full of proposals and promises to make the USC more responsive to students, to guarantee the USC will hear student voices and react to our suggestions. It’s one thing to hang a suggestion box outside your office — which is the equivalent of what current and past presidential candidates have done, and an entirely different thing to be able to find things all students care about, or all students are affected by. Most of the university fundamentals are beyond USC jurisdiction — the type and number of courses a department provides, well maintained libraries, student aid and large-scale renovations. In light of this presidential candidates need to recognize they aren’t going to revolutionize the school and focus on reaching out to more students by building an even better sense of school spirit and community through initiatives that perhaps get more students out to varsity sports games. On this note of reaching out to more students, candidates would also do well to recognize elections have the problem of being very insider driven. The majority of people who vote in USC elections are already on residence, faculty and departmental councils, charity organizations, senators etc. Then there’s the by-and-large uninformed population and the students who won’t vote. This group of people, who go to class but don’t really hang around campus, are the students presidential candidates should be reaching out to. The problem isn’t that the USC isn’t listening to, or accountable to students. The problem is a lot of students don’t care

enough to say anything. So candidates, you’ve got your insiders attention, now go get everyone else’s — stop promising you’ll listen and go out and start the conversation. And fellow students, we can’t expect more from the USC unless we give them our support. Imagine a USC president that could say, “95 per cent of students voted, and most voted for me.” That sounds like a mandate to get things done.
—Miles Hopper
Political Science IV

Qualifications matter more than faculty
Re: “From the web” Feb. 3, 2010 To the editor: I would like to respond to a web comment made towards presidential candidate Mike Tithecott, criticizing his origins in the faculty of Music. The concern questions how a student from such a small faculty could represent students from larger faculties such as social science. First of all music administrative studies is actually a degree that combines the popular music and bachelor of management and organizational studies programs, requiring courses in business administration, economics, statistics, etc. I learned this by spending approximately two minutes on Google. So Tithecott is also, in fact, a part of the faculty of social science. My second, and much more salient point, is that just because a candidate does not hail from a large faculty does not mean their legitimacy should be called into question. The challenge states a student with a social science background is more desirable because they represent the majority. Does that mean that a student from Huron, Brescia, or King’s university colleges shouldn’t be taken seriously because they do not represent the majority of students? The answer is obvious. If a student has passion, commitment, a solid platform, and reaches out to students, then that defines them as a legitimate candidate. It is the duty of the president to make every effort to ensure that the concerns of students from all constituencies are represented. I’m not saying Tithecott necessarily fits this mold, but he has every right to run and to attempt to convince the majority of students that he is the right person for the job.
—Adam Cheeseman
Medical Science II

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USC election must be taken seriously by all
Re: “Candidates have right to drink and be taken seriously” Feb. 2, 2010 To the editor: It is important for the sake of the university and the student body that the image of the USC president is not that of a drunken fool. The position of USC president is a very serious one. In response to Mr. Rajzman’s comments about the need for informed voters I feel the need to also point out an incident that occurred last year involving one of the candidates. The candidate published a magazine and distributed it on campus without consent of the USC. Not only that, but there were issues regarding the appropriateness of certain content, and more generally, the quality of the magazine was simply atrocious. I take the USC elections very seriously and it is important that a responsible and capable president be elected. It is up to the student body to ensure this happens.
—Stephen Morraine
Philosophy III

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theGazette • TUESDAY, FEBRUARY 9, 2010

theGazette • TUESDAY, FEBRUARY 9, 2010

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Presidential Skills Challenge

st Fa

ible lex F

APresident USC

Able to multi-task Game: Obstacle Course Marshall Goldfarb – 1 min. WINNER Jeff Rutledge – 1.08 min. Matthijs van Gaalen – 1.08 min. Matt Hyland – 1.12 min. Ray Park – 1.20 min. Mike Tithecott – 1.32 min. Flexible Game: Twister Matthijs van Gaalen WINNER Jeff Rutledge Ray Park Marshall Goldfarb Mike Tithecott Matt Hyland Able to think on their feet Game: Dance Dance Revolution Ray Park – 6,531,440 WINNER Marshall Goldfarb – 2,423,725 Mike Tithecott – 767,290 Matt Hyland – 587,285 Jeff Rutledge – 240,280 Matthijs van Gaalen – 44,850 Fast Game: Bike Race Matthijs van Gaalen – 16 sec. WINNER Matt Hyland – 17 sec. Jeff Rutledge – 18 sec. Ray Park – 19 sec. Marshall Goldfarb – 27 sec. Mike Tithecott – incomplete Knowledgeable Game: Presidential Quiz Mike Tithecott – 67% Ray Park – 60% Matt Hyland and Matthijs van Gaalen – 55% Jeff Rutledge – 45% Marshall Goldfarb – 36%

Innovative Game: Student Egg Drop – Protect your student egg. ALL LOSERS Team 1: Goldfarb and van Gaalen • First egg broken during construction • Second egg named “Minivan” – broken upon drop Team 2: Park and Hyland – egg named “Safety” – broken upon drop Team 3: Tithecott and Rutledge – “team RutCott” – broken

A Multitasker Should Be ... Quick o n le Their F ab e dg eet Knowle

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theGazette • TUESDAY, FEBRUARY 9, 2010

theGazette • TUESDAY, FEBRUARY 9, 2010

uscelections ➤ P9

Students to vote on UCC referendum
Additional $25 student fee would go towards UCC gym renovations and maintenance of other spaces
By Shreya Tekriwal
Gazette Staff

Perceptions and misconceptions
Candidates work to overcome stereotypes
By Meagan Kashty
Gazette Staff

Western students are being put to a referendum vote once again. A referendum will be held today and tomorrow, asking undergraduate students to implement a $25 additional fee for renovations in the University Community Centre. The Referendum “Last year, [the board of directors] came up […] with a fairly large project, upwards of $30 million over a 20-year fee of $95,” Sacha Kumar, vice-president finance for the University Students’ Council, said. “We did a survey and heard loud and clear from students that $95 was far too much.” If this year’s referendum passes, the additional $25 student fee will be collected for the purpose of renovating the UCC gyms and also for

the maintenance of other spaces within the building. “We took estimates of how much it would cost to renovate the newly acquired space and we also took estimates of how much we should be collecting each year for future maintenance and upkeep,” Kumar explained. He added the fee will be collected in perpetuity and, therefore, the USC can discontinue it in the future years: “It’s in perpetuity so it will be around as long as students want it to be. [If] at any point, the council feels the fee is unnecessary, they can just take it away by a simple motion.” If the referendum is approved by students, renovations in the UCC will begin in the summer and will be done before the start of the next academic year. “We have a lot of concept ideas about what can happen with that

It was a long and horrible decade, but now things are getting better. Or are they?
GWYNNE DYER has worked as a freelance jounalist, columnist, broadcaster and lecturer on international affairs for more than 20 years. His first television series, the 7-part documentary ‘War’, was aired in 45 countries in the mid-80. One episode, ‘The Profession of Arms’, was nominated for an Academy Award. He writes a twice-weekly column on international affairs, which is published by over 175 papers in some 45 countries.

space […] It is also up to council to decide what exactly will happen,” Kumar said. He mentioned the gym would include a 24-hour study space, general multi-purpose rooms, a multifaith worship space and a stage for any dry-programming events. According to Kumar, only the gyms will be under immediate renovations if the referendum ends in a Yes vote. “Last year, they had the architectural firm draw up the diagrams […] for the renovations and that was costly, a cost that could not be recovered because the referendum didn’t go through,” Kumar explained as to why the USC did not have any concrete plans for current renovations. “This year, we didn’t do that. We got our colleague […] to draw us a basic drawing and it didn’t cost anything at all.” On the other hand, if the referendum results in a No vote, the USC will consider giving back the space to the University. “While we do see some utility from the gyms, there isn’t enough to justify paying [close to $220,000] in occupancy fees per year […] We will look into giving back that space to the University to get the occupancy off our books,” Kumar said. “They have no clue [as to what they would do with the space] because they don’t know what we’re doing with the space yet.” “I have had no discussions with the USC pertaining to the upcoming referendum. The University has made no plans associated with space that is designated for the USC in the UCC,” Gitta Kulczycki, vicepresident operations and human resources at Western, said. Presidential Candidates take on the Referendum “I actually was a little disappointed with what I was hearing from some

UCC preliminary renovations design
of [the presidential candidates] […] Some of their [stances were] that they don’t feel students should have to pay the fee for renovations, which is actually completely illogical,” Kumar expressed. Kumar mentioned students will be paying for renovations either way: “Either it’s through a USC dedicated fee or it’s through tuition.” He also explained if the USC rather than the University conducts the renovations, there would be more transparency as to where the $25 fee will be allocated. During last week’s Town Hall debate in the UCC atrium, all presidential candidates expressed their support for the referendum. However, some were unsure whether the USC’s renovation plans were ideal for students. “I’m not sure the proposed [renovation] plan is the right [thing] to do,” Marshall Goldfarb said. “I’m for the referendum […] the current plan, I’m not sure how I feel about that,” Matt Hyland said. Hyland felt more research needs to be conducted in order to determine what students really want. “I’m disappointed for the fact that we don’t know what the University will do if they take over the space,” Matthijs van Gaalen said. Kumar added there are no other options left for the USC if the referendum results in a No vote and is the reason as to why the USC would consider giving the space back to the University. “We will have given [students] a fairly high-end project at $95 and another one at $25. You can’t go much lower than the $25 […] We could propose to them something above $25, but obviously they would say no to that,” he said.

University Students’ Council presidential candidates can spend months prepping and reviewing their platforms, but ultimately, image is everything. “Everything from ethnicity, gender, the industry you work in, your family voting history — it’s had an impact on the image you create going into the campaign period,” says Laura Stephenson, a Western political science professor, in regards to factors affecting voting behaviour. Ben Singer, a previous USC presidential candidate, refrained from drinking the month before his campaign began. “I’d go to the bars, but I wouldn’t drink because I wanted to make sure the image I was presenting was what I wanted to bring to the USC,” Singer said. “I wanted to bring a very serious managerial perspective, so I presented myself at every opportunity possible as a serious individual.” However, Singer will be the first to admit when going into campaign season, a serious image might not be the image students want to see. “While I think it was a great mes-

sage, it wasn’t a popular one,” Singer conceded. “That’s the problem — you have to balance popularity with priorities.” For previous USC presidential candidate Ashley Bushfield it was important for her that her campaign image not interfere with who she was. “[My campaign team and I] spoke a lot about running as a woman […] we spoke a lot about running as a feminist […] we knew there were stereotypes that would have to be worked against that,” Bushfield said. “We talked about these things at length and ways to combat it, but what it came to was that I wasn’t going to run as somebody I wasn’t.” Bushfield emphasized the difficulties she encountered during her campaign season. From the sexualization of the female candidates, to direct questioning of her sexual orientation, Bushfield’s journey to election night was far from easy. “The perception of how you think you’re being perceived can be skewed, but there was more than one instance where I felt like I was being judged as a woman,” she said. Singer also faced his share of obstacles during last year’s election

season. Throughout the campaign, Singer was questioned about his views on the Muslim prayer space, and he was accused of wearing his traditional kippah as a means of gaining the Jewish vote. Singer was hesitant to speculate whether race and religion influenced the student vote, but he was confident a candidate’s image has a significant impact on their success. “Voting based on image is probably the most efficient way to gather information — whether sex, religion and race play a part into that, I don’t know — we don’t have the data for that. But the image a candidate puts forward is going to be a

Coles Notes of who they are and what they’re going to do with the USC,” Singer said. To ensure students are getting an accurate representation of a candidate, their image must be infused in absolutely everything. “That image should permeate everything you do. It should be in the platform, the policies, your campaign material — everything,” says Dan Moulton, who was campaign manager for current USC president Emily Rowe. Moulton added this image has to be consistent from the beginning of the campaign to the end. It may be image has become

such an influencing factor simply because the attention span and time constraints of students prevent them from delving into candidates’ platforms as thoroughly as they should. “It takes a while to communicate complex ideas, and unfortunately you don’t always have that much time,” Singer said. The question becomes what students sacrifice by simply trusting the image presented to them. “How can you be empowered to think it’s anything more than a popularity contest if that’s what a candidate puts out there?” Bushfield wondered.

Media levels candidates
Campaign gimmicks getting old
By Nicole Gibillini and Maddie Leznoff
Gazette Staff

For more election coverage visit www.westerngazette.ca/elections

PRESIDENTAL QUIZ ANSWER KEY Provost and vice-president academic $164.53 this year Canadian Alliance of Student Associations and Ontario Undergraduate Student Alliance 15

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It’s easy to tell it’s University Students’ Council election time even if you have no interest in student politics — the signs crop up on University College Hill, you are likely bombarded with Facebook group invites and it suddenly seems everyone has a colourful tag attached to their knapsack. Third-year kinesiology student Omid Azami calls himself a casual observer when it comes to student elections. “I basically vote for the person’s campaign that annoys me the least,” he says. Sometimes it’s easy to get caught up in all the media campaign hype. But what effects do these media strategies have, other than providing a distraction for a couple of weeks? Patty Pakvis, a sociology professor at King’s and Brescia university colleges, thinks candidates should focus on being professional instead of relying on gimmicks to grab students’ attention. She also said Candidates need to work extra hard to get noticed among a demographic that is notoriously targeted by consumer advertisements. “We are exposed to anywhere between 1,500 and 3,000 advertising messages a day [...] Any advertising campaign will need something very special or particularly attention-grabbing to break through the clutter.” It seems campaign videos have become the latest attention-grab-

bing medium — but how effective are they, really? According to political science professor Cameron Anderson, videos are probably less valuable in attracting voters this year. “Given the fact that all the candidates have a video, the effects of that video are minimized because all of them have something,” he says. “Now, if one of them has a video that’s remarkable and worthy of talking about — the must-see video — then perhaps that might generate interest around that particular candidate.” No candidate has achieved the same effect Emily Rowe did with her video last year. “I’m not sure any one candidate this year would have that cache around a video because all of them are doing it, so the uniqueness of it is sort of lost,” Anderson adds. The videos, no matter how entertaining, really only serve one purpose — to grab attention. Students who care about the election will probably research candidates regardless of the videos.

“I think the student would have to be motivated in the first instance to pursue [a candidate’s platform],” Anderson says. Despite being catchy, this year’s videos say little about candidate’s ideas or platform promises. However, candidate’s personal websites provide an opportunity to learn more — if students take the time to research their votes. It’s hard to imagine student campaigns without the websites, videos and colourful paraphernalia. However, there is a point where too much emphasis on aesthetics can detract from the real purpose of the hype — to find a leader for our student body.

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theGazette • TUESDAY, FEBRUARY 9, 2010

arts&entertainment ➤ P11

Unlikely pairing of The Sadies and Glen Matlock a success
Country and old school punk-rock collide at the London Music Hall Saturday
Performance: Openers: Crowd:
By Pat Martini
Gazette Staff


Despite cast, Extraordinary Measures isn’t so special
Vaughan brings inspirational story of a father’s love to the big screen
By Alana Silver
Gazette Staff

Set List: Worth the $$$:
became the latest to join the psychedelic surf-country band. This was the third night of the joint venture cleverly titled “Nevermind the Sex Pistols ... Here’s Glen Matlock,” featuring The Sadies as openers and closers to Matlock’s acoustic set. The Sadies –– who have played

It seems these days everybody wants a piece of The Sadies. Hailed as one of Canada’s best live bands, they took the stage at London Music Hall Saturday night, where Glen Matlock of Sex Pistols fame

with the likes of Greg Keelor, Garth Hudson and Gord Downie, to name a few greats –– started the evening with their trademark introduction of rattling guitar strings and twangy resonance as guitarist Dallas Good welcomed the crowd. The first set consisted of standard Sadies fare. The guitar playing of brothers Travis and Dallas Good was impeccable. They didn’t miss a note, despite the manic pace of some of their more upbeat numbers, while ballads such as “Strange Birds” showcased the softer side of the otherwise energetic group. Soon enough, the first set was over and the stage was set for Matlock, one of the original members

of the Sex Pistols who was later replaced by Sid Vicious. Since then, Matlock has established himself as a respected musician having worked with innumerable names in the punk community and beyond. His acoustic set introduced members of the crowd to his work with The Philistines, as songs like “Ghosts of Princes in Towers” demonstrated the pop sensibilities of his music. “You guys might remember this one,” he said before the opening chords to “God Save the Queen,” the first of two songs from Matlock’s time with the Pistols. “Pretty Vacant” had the crowd yelling along, with some fans even taking the stage to a warm welcome

from the dapper Matlock. The set was a little more relaxed than The Sadies’ performance, but as they took the stage once more, they invited Matlock back up for a rendition of “Treat Her Right,” originally recorded by Roy Head and the Traits. The show finished with a fivesong encore by The Sadies, which was capped off by their song “Tiger, Tiger.” The finale was a true testament to the showmanship of the group. While the union of The Sadies and Glen Matlock may seem a bit strange, the versatility of both acts showed they could jam on the moon if given the chance.

Extraordinary Measures Directed by: Tom Vaughan Starring: Brendan Fraser, Harrison Ford, Keri Russell, Meredith Droeger, Diego Valezquez The title says it all –– Extraordinary Measures is a film about a father who will go to any length to save his children. Based on the true events that inspired Geeta Anand’s book The Cure, Vaughan’s film adaptation tells the story of a special family hoping to overcome the impossible. The Crowley’s have three kids, and two of them — Megan (Droeger) and Patrick (Valezquez) — have the incurable muscular disease, Pompe.

From beginning to end the actors are somewhat successful at conveying the raw emotions that go hand-in-hand with the family’s journey. Fraser does a decent job depicting John Crowley, a father who risks the future of his family by not accepting the tragic destiny of his children. However, after a close call with his daughter, John abruptly quits his job to save his kids. Although his wife Alieen (Russell) is reluctant at first, in the good nature of any inspirational story she soon gets on board with her husband. Ford suits the unconventional Dr. Stonehill. He is able to capture the complexity of the character, but still presents him in an authentic, realistic manner. The child actors are the glue that holds the movie together. Droeger brings the wit and

determination of her character to life, and it is almost hard to believe that she is not Megan herself. Valezquez is able to bring the subtleness of Patrick to the screen, and although he has few lines, he is able to demonstrate the emotions and difficulties the young boy struggles with due to his illness. Even though Extraordinary Measures is not completely predictable, it is not hard to sense how it will turn out. Though heartwarming, and inspirational at times, the film is also quite lengthy and dry. The way the true events were formed into a movie seem unrealistic and overconstructed. If you are looking for an outlet for built-up emotions, or simply want to be “inspired,” this film may be able to satisfy.

Gazette File Photo

HUGGING A MOMMY SURE BEATS BATTLING A MUMMY. Brendan Fraser and Keri Russell star as the parents of children battling a devastating disease.

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3 AND 4 bedroom apartments and townhomes. These are the awesome red brick ones. Newly built, very spacious, and so close to campus. All appliances, very clean and well maintained. For more information or showing please call Jon anytime 519-852-7993 3 BDRM APARTMENt $415/room inclusive, near Cherryhill, Internet, parking, laundry, heat/hydro, balcony, spacious rooms, walk to grocery store. 519659-9646. 3 BDRM TOWNHOUSES and apartments. These units are just steps from campus at the corner of Sarnia and Western road, right next to Perth and Essex residence. These units all have spacious bedrooms and common areas. All come with free parking, maintenance and full-time property management. Call Zach anytime at 519-854-0505.

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Out of Town Scores

Wednesday, February 3 M HOC — UWO 6, WSR 2 W BBALL — UWO 71, BRO 51 M BBALL — BRO 82, UWO 72 Thursday, February 4 M HOC — GUE 4, UWO 3

Friday, February 5 W VBALL — QUE 3, UWO 0 M VBALL — QUE 3, UWO 1 Saturday, February 6 W HOC — UWO 4, UOIT 3 W VBALL — UWO 3, RMC 0 M VBALL — UWO 3, RMC 0 Sunday, February 7 W HOC — QUE 4, UWO 1

Mustangs narrowly avoid upset
Wedemire, Barbeau spark comeback
By Daniel Frankel
Gazette Writer

On Saturday afternoon the Western Mustangs men’s basketball team hosted the Guelph Gryphons — the last place team in the Ontario University Athletics West’s Division. What appeared to be a mismatch on paper, turned into a hard fought battle with Western squeaking by 84-80. Guelph came out aggressively and established an early lead while Western struggled. “I thought we were very listless in the first half,” Western’s head coach Brad Campbell explained. “We were playing a desperate team that was trying to get into the playoffs and we just didn’t want it enough.” Guelph continued their strong play throughout the first half, knocking down eight three pointers and making over 50 per cent of their shots from three-point range. Jay Mott paced the Gryphons, hitting five of his seven attempts. “That’s been one of our strengths this year,” Guelph’s head coach Chris O’Rourke said of his team’s three-point shots. “We are very young, inexperienced and hurt right now with our big men. We don’t really have a scoring threat inside, so we have to move the ball well and shoot it successfully in

order for us to stay in games.” Western shot the ball poorly in the first half, shooting 31 per cent from the field and 41 per cent from the foul line. The Mustangs’ weak shooting combined with Guelph’s hot three-point range resulted in Western trailing by 12 at the half. The third quarter started the same way the first half ended — with Guelph shooting the lights out. Guelph built up a lead as large as 16 points midway through the quarter. Western needed a spark to get out of their funk, and a Jason Milliquet three to beat the buzzer turned the momentum in their favour. The fourth quarter saw a Mustang team committed to pounding the ball inside, using their superior size and strength down low. Andrew Wedemire was key to their success in the paint. “We played with some passion [in the fourth],” Campbell said. “Andy finished with 13 rebounds in the game and he was just a stalwart on the defensive board. He just scooped everything off the glass and I think we can credit that with getting some momentum.” With Western’s best players stepping up their game in the second half, they managed to fight their way back for an 84-80 victory. “I can’t overstate how good and how much Andy Wedemire and Ryan Barbeau took over the game

#11 ANDREW WEDEMIRE 6-6 Forward Health Sciences VI Sarnia, ON Mins 27 FG 5/9 FT 9/15 PTS 19 REB 13
Piotr Angiel/Gazette

for us at the start of the fourth quarter,” Campbell said. “During that stretch when we took the lead our best players carried us.” “In the fourth quarter we came together as a team. It was a game we couldn’t lose after losing on Wednesday,” Wedemire said, who led the team with 19 points. “It’s all about playoffs right now.” Western is now entering the last few crucial weeks of the regular season, facing the McMaster Marauders tomorrow at 8 p.m. at Alumni Hall.

PREPARE YOUR ANKLES TO BE BROKEN. Mustangs point guard Ryan Barbeau was a big part of the Mustangs second half comeback against the Guelph Gryphons on Saturday afternoon, helping erase a 12-point half time deficit. Barbeau finished the game with 17 points and 13 assists after shooting just 2 of 10 in the first half.


Mustangs bury Guelph
Anderson answers with 22 in rout of lowly Gryphons
By Aaron Korolnek
Gazette Writer



Engulfed in a sea of purple as part of Western basketball’s annual “Jam the Gym” promotion, Western’s women’s team overcame a first-half scare and defeated the Guelph Gryphons 70-47. The Mustangs, now owners of a four-game winning streak, improved their record to 14-4 in the Ontario University Athletics West Division. The Gryphons fall to 2-16 and continue to reside in the OUA West cellar. Mustangs guard Amanda Anderson had an impressive game, filling the stat sheet with 22 points, eight rebounds, seven assists and three steals. Western head coach Stephan Barrie praised Anderson, who is the OUA’s second leading scorer. “Amanda did so many things today, but most importantly she sparked us when we needed it,” Barrie said. “At the beginning of the second half she was the catalyst of a run that put us back in control of the game. It was her getting a steal, making a few baskets, pushing the tempo and leading. She is our leader and she showed yet again why that is the case.” On the other side of the court, Gryphons coach Angela Orton was happy with her team’s overall effort. “We gave them a good run in the first half, but ultimately they are the more experienced team, and they took over on their home court,”

Orton said. “We just need to continue to learn how to play on the road.” Following a solid first quarter that saw the Mustangs nail four threepointers and lead 22-9, the Gryphons fought back and outscored the Mustangs 21-10 in the second quarter. The Mustangs took back the lead on a last-second shot from newcomer Jacklyn Selfe, who explained how Western recovered after their sloppy second stanza. “We had a terrible second quarter. It came down to our commitment to be focused and stick to the game plan. We just need to put together four quarters and [we] will be a very tough team to beat,” she said. In the second half, the Mustangs came out with renewed vigor, thoroughly dominating their counterparts in front of the raucous Western crowd and scoring 38 points. Mustang forward Lauren Parkes credited the increase of ball pressure along with the support of Mustangs fans in their second half improvement. “We were refocused after the half,” Parkes said. “We increased the ball pressure, which caused their guards to turn the ball over more. There was also the loud crowd that gave us a boost of energy that we fed off of.” The Mustangs welcome McMaster to Alumni Hall at 6 p.m. tomorrow, seeking to avenge a five-point defeat at the hands of the Marauders back on Jan. 23.