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LC-F Pressurized Filter

Flow rates from 0.25 - 20 m3/hour

WEST LC-F Series Pressurized Filter are available as a standart
pre-engineered line of equipment or as a custom designed system with the
flexibility to meet a wide range of customer requirements.

Combining innovation,
technology, and low cost

Ranging in size from 8" to 36" in diameter and with flows

up to 20.0 m3/hour, LC-F Series Filters are a highly efficient means of removing
suspended solids, organic matters, hardness, and or mineral from water
depend on media filter to be used. Made from fiberglass with polyethylene liner
makes this products have a great reliability and durability from corrossion.

to present a qualified
water filtration system
Single system up to 20 m3/hour =
Duplex alternating up to 20 m3/hour =
Parallel alternating with n-1 x 20 m3/hour =

Available media
Filtration: Sand, Anthracite, Multimedia =
Adsorbsion: Activated Carbon =
Iron Removal: Birm, Ferrolite =
Softening: Lewatit S-80, Purolite C-100 =
Demineralizing: Lewatit S-100 and M-500, =
Purolite C-100 and A-400 =


Suspended Solid Removal

Organic/Color/Taste/Odor Reduction
Residual Chlorine Removal
Water Softening
Water Demineralizing

Standard Features
The LC-F Series Water Filter are designed for fully automatic or manual
backwash or regeneration for production of good quality water with the
following feature:

Corrosion Resistant Tanks made

from seamless polyethylene
reinforced with fiberglass.

Steam sanitizable manual =
Pressure transmitter 4-20 mA =
Mild steel or stainless steel skid =
Conductivity Measurement for demineralizer =
transmitter and/or alarm =

Filter Media Silica sand, activated

carbon, Ferrolite, High cation
exchange resin softener, Strong acid
cation and strong base anion resins
are standard, with other media
available as an option
Choice of Backwash/Regeneration
Backwash/Regeneration cycle may
be initiated manually or automatic
with controll valve or fully automatic
by PLC system .
Assembly Factory assembly and
skid mounting for quick installation
and minimum startup cost

Piping & Valve AW Class or

Schedule 80 PVC piping package
including true union ball valve
(manual) and air operated composite
plastic diaphragm valves is standard.
Air or electric actuated ball or
butterfly valves are available as an
option (auto )
Instruments Pressure indicators,
rotameters and an optional metering
valves supplied for accurate and safe
control of regeneration water and
chemical introduction
Internal distributors are corrosion
resistant, designed for optimum
efficiency and are fully supported
where required

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