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A score of 8.

5 IELTS Listening
July 4 IELTS results came out today, the Internet search scores, see the result when the
heart is still a little excited about: Listening 8.5, Reading 7, Writing 6, Speaking 6, Total
7. For the listening and reading at 7 am I not surprised, because in the previous
simulation time, the two remained for more than 7. But the 8.5 hearing this score, or a
good beyond my expectation. I will now look at the course of IELTS Practice Note can be
regarded as a summary of their own, but also and many duck their share of a bar.
My English is basic: two months prior to their review and then to test an IELTS score of
6.5, but not very prominent in all individual and overall English language fairly can be
the basis of the bar.
IELTS Note time: 1.5 months (one month, reported that classes where half of his review.
In fact, this time according to their own pro forma basis for the decision of English,
preferring to report no later than the point and do not prepare to play, after all, an
examination should 1,400. examination unsatisfactory, and to continue to test, keep on
fighting to the last there will be inertia failure, close to many of the students is like that.)
IELTS Note Material: "Cambridge 1-6" (I reported the classes, and he stressed the need
to think high marks elegant, sword 3 - Sword 6 or more must be done three times. I made
three times the sword 3-6, sword 1 -- Sword 2 also done it again)
"Shen Yi IELTS writing 10 days a small breakthrough" (this is the book good, but I did
not test this essay is good, not to share any experience it.)
"Lu Qiao Mei speaking IELTS Listening Machine by" (This book is recommended by
Yu-Wen Feng teacher, I feel pretty and practical)
With regard to newspaper classes: With regard to whether the reported classes, I think the
English language from its foundation, home affordability, teaching institutions, the most
important teachers of other aspects to consider. If you want to hit high marks, reported
that Ban was quite necessary, because the teacher will tell you some skills, swim teacher
said, the teacher's skills can not help you improve the three points five minutes, but can
help you increase 1 to 1.5 hours, for the impact of high - points for the students, and
sometimes that is critical of the 0.5 hours! )
I will focus on listening to talk about their experiences of pro forma bar.
Listening is the basis of a test, first, pronunciation, and many students of English
pronunciation Mo Xuehao a child, if the listening IELTS listening, he will probably
Yunliwuli, it put its own house from the phonetic pronunciation of a solid fill up.
And then the usual accumulation. I have a habit of adhering to a few years, that is, the
regular ear plugs a headset to listen to English, I like sex and the city, watching TV on to

buy the MP3 version of their play to listen to, before going to sleep listening, walking to
listen to , car listen, do the laundry have heard. Later reported that IELTS, I will put
Cambridge 1-6 regular dialogue and hearing the word test into the MP3-ri, but note that
extensive listening must listen to what has been heard and are familiar with, because you
are doing something else, when listening to of these, so if you do not know, and you are
Yunliwuli enough, to no avail. Listening to familiar things, in order to listen to. And I
strongly recommend that hearing test often put into words, listened to how the word is
Every day I would smoke a -2 hour hearing, the first question is to do every day a set of
questions, You do question the teacher said to do , so I use a pencil to do Cambridge
series. Done several sets, wipe it did. For the first time listening to the tapes are doing
title, the second hearing is to check the answer to do the final answer is going back to the
End of intensive listening. This process is generally through, you can as my extensive
listening material had.
At the same time every day dictation 200 words, listen to Qiao-mei Lu is the back of the
book the word appendix, there are MP3 versions, very good use! To ensure the accuracy
of the spelling words before they can fight high score.
Listening skills: class, has always stressed: listen for, rather than listen to, is a purposeful
listening, see the keywords, so the projections Zaiqu listening, such as the prediction of
its part of speech, singular and plural, on what aspects of words, This hearing will be very
purpose. And pay attention to the order of the principles of IELTS Listening, as well as a
focus is synonymous substitution principle! ! This is also on the teacher's class so only
after so paying attention to, ya think 70% of questions are synonyms to replace, not only
listening, even reading and writing are also fully reflects. Embodies a flexible use of the
diversity of words and phrases. There is a mood to listen to listen to voice tone, accent
word read out a lot is the answer.
On the machine by, as I was very disgusted by for the machine, something that is
opportunistic. Later, the teacher told us that worry-free usage of IELTS machine by
saying that memorization is not the answer, nor is it what version of rote learning, but
summed up the scene, familiar scenes words, IELTS Listening appeared on the scene
about a dozen to remember the word scene. Exam day, I do not know whether the old test
is the new title theme, but I heard a lot of words and I recite the same words in the scene,
and then a set of questions at the time, you probably know someone you want to test what
it is.
Let me talk about the exam, to early to go, I get up at 6:00 that day to do more than an
hour or two of the vehicles are to Huaqiang North test center in the car I was driving a
MP3 to listen to the sword 6, Tingzhetingzhao also sleep with, and fortunately, did not sat
stand. Because the hearing was the first test, we must remain sober Do not drowsy. And
the hair volume down, volume and other sound recordings that you can open it open,
there's the teacher warned the students Jiuji once, and that is very affecting mood. When
you open a paper, when the body functions are tense, in written form to be diligent,

watching the scene designated keywords, to make predictions. I look part4 Looking
further ahead, and can see how much is the amount of the first part of Example I was so
when I read it to see it, though I was pressed for a very dangerous, but relatively good
grounding for English students, it can be a trial and with many more to see the theme of
time, after all, the first part is relatively simple. To do later, I almost can be very easy to
listen to recordings rather than the title while watching to do.
Finally, I would like to thank in my refresher course gave me great support for teachers,
writing teachers Lin Yan, YUAN Qin-spoken teacher. The test to play a very good writing
and speaking, I feel sorry teacher. Especially would like to thank Wen-feng teacher, he
was really concerned about the students, the examination two days ago was also called to
tell me to do some of his own predictions, encouraged me to have confidence. Yu-Wen
Feng, and teacher lesson in terms of listening and reading some of the ways I have to
spend, thank a teacher! At the same time thank you worry-free IELTS networks, through
this platform, I have learned a lot of experience and methods. Holding such a score to the
University of Sydney, I should have more confident.
Shenzhen University senior law students to He Jing
July 17, 2009