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Four Lucky Teams Raise $200 at Indianapolis Arthritis Walk Kick-off
Indianapolis, Ind. (February 9, 2010) – Thanks to Indiana Members Credit Union four Indianapolis Arthritis Walk teams raised $50 each at last night’s kick-off. During the kick-off at Robin Run Village in Indianapolis four teams were given the opportunity to spend 30 seconds in the IMCU money booth and gather as much money as they could. The amount of money they collected will be donated by IMCU to the Arthritis Foundation on behalf of the team. “The Arthritis Foundation Central Indiana Branch is excited about this partnership with IMCU,” said B.J. Farrell, Director of Development for the Arthritis Foundation. “It’s a great opportunity to jump start the teams’ fundraising.” 2010 Walk Honoree Lexi Freeman picked three teams out of a bowl to get in the IMCU money booth. Franki’s Flyers, Team Fitzgerald and Team Angel were picked. Five-year-old Freeman was then told as the honoree she would also be allowed 30 seconds in the money booth. After each team had its chance in the money booth the team captain counted the money. Franki’s Flyers gathered $15, Team Fitzgerald $25, Team Angel $15 and Freeman $5. IMCU told each team they would donate $50 to each team. During the event Freeman’s mother Andrea told the crowd about Lexi’s juvenile rheumatoid arthritis. Lexi was diagnosed with JRA before she turned two and is treated with shots. “At Lexi’s first visit with the Rheumatologist she was asked by the doctor how she felt,” said Andrea, during her speech. “Lexi responded sweetly, ‘Fine.’ The doctor then proceeded to ask Lexi if she hurt anywhere and she said, ‘Yes,’ and pointed to her ankle. You can imagine my horror to realize my baby girl had come to associated living with pain as a normal everyday occurrence.” The 2009 Top 10 Fundraising Teams and Top 10 Fundraising Participants received awards last night at the kick-off as well.

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2009 Top 10 Fundraising Teams include: 10. Cure a Christle, $795.00 9. The Bone Walkers (IMCU), $930.86 8. Team Conseco, $1,048.04 7. The Huckleberries for Lexi, $1,123.00 6. eImagine Walkers, $1,480.00 5. Mason Family Chiropractic – Spine Aligners, $1,540.00 4. Clarian Arthritis Care Center, $1,702.60 3. Zoe’s Team, $1,761.92 2. Franki’s Flyers, $1,795.00 1. Kolyn’s Krew, $8,043.60 2009 Top 10 Fundraising Participants include: 10. Jodi Christle, $795.00 9. Andrea Freeman, $797.00 8. Dave Havens, $820.00 7. Kolyn Wright, $1,327.30 6. Dr. Richard Mason, $1,330.00 5. Jerry Day, $1,389.00 4. Rae Chapman, $1,432.60 2. Garth Wright, $1,845.30 1. Kellea Wright, $2,295.00 The 2010 Arthritis Walk will take place on Saturday, June 5th at Admiral Spruance Basin around 7 p.m. To participate in the Indianapolis Arthritis Walk, volunteer, form a team or for more information contact the Arthritis Foundation at 317.879.0321 ext. 203 or visit The Arthritis Foundation The Arthritis Foundation is the only nationwide, nonprofit health organization helping people to take greater control of arthritis by leading efforts to prevent, control and cure arthritis and related diseases. The Arthritis Foundation also provides a large number of community-based programs and services nationwide to make life with arthritis easier and less painful.