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Entering Online Requisitions SAP

Click ME51N.
Before entering your first requisition, please click on
Default Values.

The following screen will appear:

Use fields as noted above, click Save button.


Note: Under Account Assignment Category, use Cost

Centre (K) if a statistical order is not being used. If
statistical order is being used, this field must be changed
to Order (F).
When creating a requisition, please input as follows:
1. Always ensure that Purchase Requisition is selected
on the screen.
2. The first field to be used is Material Number (This is
only used for the ten digit number for Board
tendered items). Press enter on the keyboard.
3. If no material number, proceed to Short Text and
begin typing description of item (maximum 39
spaces). Press enter on the keyboard. If description
is longer than 39 spaces, additional text is typed
under the tab Text at bottom of screen.
Note: When material number is used, Press enter on
the keyboard and the text, etc. will do an autofill.
Without a material number, fields are filled in
4. Fill in quantity.
5. Without a material number, the next field is the
Unit, this has a dropdown list but majority of time
ea is the appropriate unit. Press enter on the
6. The screen automatically goes to the following:


The first screen is Account Assignment the general

ledger account number is always filled in (relates to
the Material Group). This account has to be changed
for photocopy paper and other related photocopier
products to 786500.
786500 Cost centre is 53Schxxx. Press


enter on the keyboard. If statistical order number is

required, this tab will show an additional required
field called Order. This is where the required nine
digit stat order number is placed. If this requisition
is a multiline order, click the flame
flame and the account
assignment will be held for the remainder of the
requisition. Press enter on the keyboard.


Click on the Valuation tab, fill in price under

Valuation Price. Always check the valuation price
even when items have a material number.


Click on Source of Supply, enter vendor number in

rd Vendor. If vendor number not known, a
search must be done. Steps to follow to conduct a
vendor search:

(a)Click in the box to the right of DesrdVendor and a

circle/square or match code will appear. Click on
circle/square and the following screen shows:


Before entering info, ensure that the Category shows

Vendors by Company Code and that the Company
Code is 0053.
Then enter information in the Name line with an

asterisk at the beginning and end of the word.

Click Search. The best method to conduct a search is
to only use one word or shortened version of the
vendor name. Many times when Search is clicked, no
results are shown. If information does not show,
click Search Criteria. The results should then show.
Double click on the required vendor and it will
automatically fill in the vendor number at Desrd
Remember that the vendor is only entered once on
the first line. It is not required for the other line
items of a multiline req.
10. Click on the Delivery Address tab if you wish to have
it shipped to the attention of a staff member or
department. If an attention line is used, please use
the empty line following the school name. After
entering text in this line, press enter on the
keyboard. Click on Repeat Address, a message then
should show that the Delivery Address is held. Click
on the green check mark. This must be done when
entering the first line of the requisition.
All of the above is done for line 1 or 10 of the requisition.
When entering a second line,
line, please follow instructions
from #2, #3, #4, #5 and #8.

When finished entering all items, press Save at top of

A requisition number will be assigned and the number
will print at the bottom of the screen.

 Under the Header Section (at top of screen) any text
typed in this section is for internal use only it is not
brought forward as text on the purchase order.