Agenda and Minutes for the Third Partnership

Meeting, Thessaloniki, 14th-17th May 2015
Review since last meeting in March
 Europe Day
 Evaluation Report and Findings
 Interim Report
Nature Trail
Music for Project
Scratch Programming
Kosice Meeting
Any Other Business

Minutes for Third Partnership meeting in Thessaloniki

Eva and Sima from Sweden
Brendan from Ireland
Gemma and Gemma from Spain
Maria and Bozena from Slovakia
Carlos and Cristina from Portugal
Nadine and Elisabeth from Germany
Nikos and Katerina from Greece
Interim report
Brendan has got an interim report and has already submitted it. He received inputs
from Sweden, Germany, Portugal and Slovakia.

He filled in the report from partnership perspective but added advices.
Europe Day
Great collaborative work with videos. We had a photo on Agency site. What
happened that day was for instance political visits, cake with eTwinning symbol,
exhibition of works, Ireland formed a EU circle with the whole school, Brendan has
uploaded it on the website. It was a good possibility to remember what has being
done during the year.
Next year we could be prepared to do even more, and to disseminate.
Evaluation report
Eva commented the evaluation report. The results are good. We work in the right
direction. An idea is to have the agenda a bit earlier to prepare the discussions
before the partnership meetings. It's important to make contact with associations
outside of school, networking for other projects. We also suggest that we could show
work from our schools and to brainstorm to get ideas for coming work.
Nature trail
Sima showed her Nature trail with trees around the school.
Maria has uploaded their Nature trail on the website with trees and plants around
their school.
Brendan showed their Nature trail on Prezi. It's up to everyone to choose if we would
use Moviemaker or Prezi for the presentation.
We decided to make an eTwinning Project from this work. Starting with seven
national nature trails to one final collaborative online international Trail. For the
collaborative nature trail we might use Windows Movie. Send pictures and text to
Nadine and she creates it.
Maybe make it more interactive with linking the Nature trail with video and embedded
sound, that makes it even more attractive.
Nikos will create a collaborative newsletter. We will send the material to him with end
of May the deadline. It will be about sustainability and environment. One page per
country including text and pictures.
Music for project
The music teacher in Sweden, Anna Smedendahl, has composed a song for the
project. She has also made the lyrics with students from Björngårdsskolan. One part
is in Swedish and the stick is in English. We suggest that all other countries write
their own lyrics on the four modules.Anna could send the tunes, it's easier to write
the text if you have it.

We will also consider possibility of Hellenic song.
Scratch Programming
The itinerary will be ready very soon. One day there will be a cultural visit, not just
programming. Coding is becoming very important. In Portugal next year primary
students will have programming in schools and that will be Scratch, teachers will get
education for that.
Kosice meeting
Maria has already made a plan for the meeting in Slovakia 23- 27 September. It
looks very nice.
She suggests that we fly to Budapest and if we tell her when we arrive she could
check when the coaches leave for Kosice.
Spain plans to bring ten pupils to Sweden if possible.
Online book
Carlos has some suggestions for the online book. We could do the same thing as in
Landmarks, when everyone wrote about their responsibilities.
Write what we think of Erasmus compared to Comenius according to coordinators
views and perspectives. We could add the interim report from this year, redrawing the
words from the report, if we have access to the report.
There could be a local example of work from every country, what were the goals, why
did we choose it and so on?
Collaborative works, that is nature trail, calendar, music, European Day, how did we
do it?
Brendan could give a general reflection, and then have general reflections from all
countries, seven reflections.
Write down reflections from pupils to add to the dissemination.
Highlight factors from the country that is special for them.
After Slovakia we will start deciding what items we should use and a timetable, what
the contents will be and how it will be done. The launching of the book could be in
Sweden, maybe we could have the school commissioner and someone from the
agency there.
Best practice project
Our project, Landmarks and Monuments, was one of those that formed the basis for
a Best Practice Guide for school leaders on the benefits of Erasmus+, that indicates
why and how a school might get involved in its programmes.