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Gary Urista gurista@yahoo.

com (541)-679-9091
Technician/Electronic Design Engineer/Software Engineer

• 20+ years experience with electronics and microcomputers. During that time,
worked as a technician, Electronic Design Engineer, and as a Software Engineer.
• The majority of the last six years I have been telecommuting for companies in San
Diego and Chicago.
• Most of the embedded programming was originally done using assembly
language and when the compilers got better, started using “C”. Almost all
embedded work is now done in “C” with just a little sprinkling of assembly code.
• Much experience writing “C” and C++ programs for PC’s. The PC based
programs are usually done to provide a user interface for testing, device control,
or data gathering/logging.
• Controlled the design and implementation from the ground up.
• Usually designed the hardware and software from the conception stage, developed
hardware enclosures, and even did the product documentation.
• Programmed embedded firmware in “C” (Atmel, 8051, PIC, Ubicom IP2022 and
Hitachi H83067 microcontrollers).
• Did Visual C++ programming on a PC to test and control the hardware.
• Utilized various In Circuit Emulators to aid in the design and trouble shooting of
the designs.
• Gained a great deal of experience designing electronic hardware.
• Designed and built products which were manufactured for sale and hardware
used to test manufactured products.


REMDACS 2007 - Present

• REMDACS offers R&D, software/firmware design, and electronic hardware
design for several companies throughout the US.
• Products included commercial lighting control and home automation products.
Long Term Clients Included:
• Simply Automated Carlsbad, CA Home Automation products
Helped do maintenance revisions to the existing products correcting any software
bugs and implementing improvements. Helped design hardware and firmware for
several new products using new Homeplug command and control (HPCC)
processors from Yitran.
• Axis Technologies Inc. Lincoln, NE Fluorescent Lighting Ballast Manufacturer
Designed a microprocessor based fluorescent lighting ballast. The ballast was
designed to help save energy by dimming automatically when abundant sunlight was
available. The ballast was able to be setup using an infrared remote control
Simply Automated Inc. August 2003 - 2006
Senior Software Engineer

• Responsible for developing embedded firmware for products and for developing
test hardware for testing manufactured products. The processors ranged from
small PIC processors used for UPB powerline communication to Ubicom
processors used for an embedded Ethernet device. The Ubicom based device
connected to a network and controlled lighting etc. via telnet sessions or using a
built in web server.
• Developed the embedded firmware using C and did all software used on the PC
using Visual C++.

Millennium Flight Systems January 2005 – July 2005

Hardware/Software Engineer

• Helping to develop electronic based controls for small aircraft. By replacing

mechanical linkage with electronic controlled devices such as servo motors, the
aircraft will be more manageable under normal operation and in emergency
• Developing most of the hardware and writing all of the firmware and software for
the system.

Excelsus Technologies Inc. October 1999 – August 2003

Senior Software Engineer

• Excelsus manufactures filter products for high speed Internet connections such as
DSL. They also manufacture telephone line test equipment.
• Responsible for writing firmware (in “C”) for telephone line test equipment
(manufactured products) and in house test equipment. One product, the
Microtester, measures only 2”x2” but is able to measure the resistance and
capacitance of a telephone line. Using custom algorithms, were able to measure
the length of the line, know whether a phone is off the hook, sense a ringer (phone
is on hook and line is OK), or whether the line is damaged (cut, shorted, water in
the line, etc.).
• Also write control programs written in Visual C++ to control the test equipment
and to display (both graphically and numerically) the test results.

Tempo Research Inc. January 1999 – October 1999

Senior Software Engineer

• Tempo manufactures a broad line of telephone line test equipment.

• Was responsible for writing firmware (in “C”) for telephone line test equipment.
• The devices were operated using a graphical user interface written in “C”.
City of Eugene June 1997 – June 1998
Network Technician

• Part of a team that is responsible for the maintenance of City computers and
equipment. There are over 1000 PCS plus many other peripherals at several sites
through out the greater Eugene area.
• Help with a city wide computer hardware/software upgrade. During the last year
all the computers were upgraded to Windows 95 (along with updated software).
Also hundreds of computers were replaced with more up to date systems.
• Assembled computers, loaded software, and installed the computers.
• Also responsible for replacing components in computers (floppy drives, hard
drives, etc.), reformatting hard drives, installing/updating software, replacing
ribbons and toner cartridges in printers, installing new printers, etc.
• Helped users who were having difficulty using their computers.

The Station November 1996 - May 1997


• Owned restaurant

Cadix International Inc. April 1996 - December 1996

Software Engineer

• Cadix is a developer of multi-platform CAD software used for the development of

printed circuit boards.
• Responsibilities included writing software routines for the CAD programs, such
as routines to add dimensioning lines and dimension text to the drawings.
• Was responsible also for software QA. This involved writing test procedures for
the software modules and identifying all problems with the software.

Cottage Grove High School September 1995 - March 1996

Technology Specialist

• Responsible for the maintenance of School computers and equipment

• (75 Macintosh and PC's) plus overseeing main computer lab (30 workstations + 5
• Performed all computer maintenance, and also maintained the school local
network (combination of Ethernet and AppleTalk). This required trouble
shooting problems with the network and installing new computers onto the
• Also aided teachers and students in the use of the computers.
4k Software July 1994 - September 1995
Software Engineer

• Designed a bulletin board system for Real Estate where a real estate agent could
view photographs of homes on their own computers, via modem, prior to driving
a client to see them.
• Photographs were taken with a conventional camera, scanned using a flatbed
scanner, enhanced using Photoshop, and stored in a compressed (JPEG) format.
• Designed a system for hand held input devices for restaurant. With this system,
orders could be taken at the customers table by a hand held computer. The hand
held unit then communicated the order to a host computer which calculated the
bill and relayed the order to the kitchen.
• All software development was done in C++.

Software Sciences Ltd. August 1992 - July 1994


• Software Sciences is a manufacturer and distributor of productivity software for

Real Estate offices.
• My main duties include custom programming using a proprietary scripting
language and doing customer support.

Tollgrade Communications Inc. September 1988 - September 1991

Test Engineer

• Tollgrade is a manufacturer of equipment, such as amplifiers, for telephone

systems. Most of the equipment is sold directly to major telephone companies.
• Responsibilities included building test fixtures for telephony products. The test
fixtures interfaced to an IBM PC.
• Also wrote the test software (run on the PC) for the fixtures.
Designed the electronic hardware for the fixtures and did the PC board layouts
using PADS PCB CAD software.
• Designed and built all mechanical fixtures needed for the test fixtures.
• Ultimately, main duty was writing test software for the fixtures.

Decom Systems, Inc. April 1985 - August 1988

Senior Engineering Technician

• Decom is a manufacturer of telemetry products used mostly for military type

• Responsibilities include writing firmware for various units, designing and
building microprocessor controlled modules for telemetry equipment, and writing
control firmware for this hardware. An example of one type of module is an
intelligent I/O controller.
• Responsibilities have included complete projects: designing the hardware;
generating schematics, parts lists, wire lists, and other documentation; writing the
firmware for the unit; building the prototype and first article; testing the
completed unit; writing the User's Manual; writing Trouble Shooting aids for the
test department.
• Several intelligent test fixtures to test DSI built equipment were also designed and
• Extensive experience using Futurenet PCB design (CAD) and AutoCAD software
was also gained.

SysTech Corporation February 1984 - March 1985

Associate Engineer

Compugraphic One Systems May 1980 - February 1984

Senior Technician

• Duties included the design of micro-processor based word processors for

newspaper applications, the design of interfaces for equipment, and the design of
test equipment for testing computer equipment.


Assembly language programming for various microprocessors (PIC, Atmel, 8031, Z-80,
8080, 8085, 6502, 8086)

Programming languages used:

FORTRAN, Pascal, C++, Forth, and BASIC

Development equipment used:

Logic Analyzers, In Circuit Emulators, various software development systems, and CAD
systems based on an IBM PC (AutoCAD, PADS PCB, Futurenet, Generic CAD,


Microprocessor Based Hardware Design

Assembly Language and “C” Coding For Machine Control
Visual C++ Programming on a PC Platform
Low Level Programming/ For Real Time Product Testing
High Level Programming For Automated Testing of Products
Pc Board Design and Layout (Using Computer Based Tools)
Interfacing with outside vendors (Parts, Manufacturing, etc.)
Mechanical Component Design (Such As Chassis) Using AutoCAD
Generation of Schematics, Parts Lists, etc.
Development of Manufacturing and Testing Documentation

Kennedy Western University – Los Angeles, CA

Bachelors Electrical Engineering

San Diego State University - San Diego, CA

Palomar College - San Marcos, CA

Studies included Programming and Engineering courses designed towards a degree in

Electronic Engineering.

Coleman College - San Diego, CA

Coleman College offers a course of study in Computer Electronics. Instruction was in

basic electronics with an introduction to assembly level programming.

Escondido High School - Escondido, CA