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Soalan2 boss….

1) All about miscarriages – sila baca protocol mawar in and out dan buku hijau
yg harga rm12 tu
a. Definition
b. How do u know it is viable fetus or not by ultrasound. (gestational sac
regular, no endometrial lining distortion) how to calculate gestational
sac volume. (AP diameter X longitudinal diameter X tranverse diameter
X 0.532 = gestational sac volume)
c. What is blighted ovum (anembriyonic pregnancy)? How to diagnosed ?
kl ikut dkt bilik scan dkt mawar tu ( gestational sac volume ~ 2.5 and
no fetal pole seen = anembryonic pregnancy)– sila confirmkn dgn MO
d. Management of threaten miscarriage
e. Mx of incomplete miscarriage (when to do ERPOC, when to do explora,
when to do conservative mx)– once diagnosed incomplete miscarriage,
subject patient for ERPOC “without scan”. Explora is a second line for
ERPOC. Ideally, we subject patient for explora when ERPOC not
available (such as : no free schedule, patient dah 2 hari kat hospital)
ni jawapan2 dr boss sendiri yg sempat dihafal. Yg lain Tanya MO
i. Indication for conservative mx for incomplete miscarriage : POG
< 12 weeks, min bleeding, os closed, provided no s/sx of
infection, patient’s house nearby to hospital ( patient need to
come to mawar regularly as a outpatient to repeat scan )
ii.For conservative mx : wait for spontaneous abortion . This is
when ultrasound play a role : repeat at day 0 (day of diagnosis)-
allow discharged ,ask pt to come at MAWAR day 3 and day 10
to repeat scan.
2) PAP smear :
a. MOH recommended - women 20 years old who is sexually active
b. Method : currently liquid base (no more conventional method)
c. How to do pap smear : explained to the pt indication for pap smear,
comfort patient, put patient in dorsal position, apply cusco speculum ,
take pap smear using brush.
d. Where to take sample ? at Transformation zone (TZ)
e. Definition TZ – area between original and new squamouscolumnar
epithelial junction.
f. Clinically how to recognized TZ ? (soalan nie x sure jawapan, kita org
jawab pelbagai jawapan tp boss tetap xstuju jwapan kitaorg, tanya MO,
MO pun xsure jawapan) – dlm internet : present of whitish spot at SC
epithelial junction (after apply 5% acetic acid) – sila cari jawapan lain
g. Sila tgk contoh result pap smear. When we want to refer for
colposcopy? (sila baca cpg pap smear yg agak tebal tu , psl negative
intra epithelial lesion or no malignanvy, atypical squamoes with high
grade or low grade lesion… bla…bla… yg sgt byk tu. Memorize that!!!!
h. Pap smear related dgn cervical CA – so kena bc jugaklah cervical CA
3) Molar pregnancy = type, how it occurred ? mx
4) Ectopic pregnancy
5) Ovarian CA – risk factor?
a. Age – mean age 62-65
b. Anything that can increase ovulation : early menarche, late
menapouse, nulliparouse, on ovulation induction agent (clomid),
c. Fanily hx of ovarian CA –
d. Genetic – BRACA1 BRACA2
e. Perineal talc usage

Protective factor ? – COC, pregnancy, pt already underwent hysterectomy

without oopherectomy

6) Contraception
7) Hormonal therapy ( HRT)

Soalan2 obst dr DR. Nuraini

– Dr Nuraini more on open question –

1. PPH – definition, management
2. Breech delivery – principal hands off .
3. Definition High risk pregnancy
4. Def Eclmapsia and mx
5. Mx of twin pregnancy
6. Definition of labour, stage of labour, phase of labour.
7. Def of normal labour.

Kesimpulan: sila study gynae betul2, obst part, rasanye seme org power, study
gynae mcm nk ambik exam pro deh…. Byk teory ….Good luck!!!!

Dan janganlah kamu iri hati terhadap apa yang dikaruniakan Allah kepada sebahagian kamu
lebih banyak dari sebahagian yang lain. (Karena) bagi orang laki-laki ada bahagian dari pada
apa yang mereka usahakan, dan bagi para wanita (pun) ada bahagian dari apa yang mereka
usahakan, dan mohonlah kepada Allah sebagian dari karunia-Nya. Sesungguhnya Allah Maha
Mengetahui segala sesuatu. (4:32)

-aufa asiah-