Team Adventure at Evart Glass Q1.

“You can’t train people to be team player,” build arguments to support this statement. Then come up with arguments against it. Ans. Yes people can train to be team player by four critical interpersonal behaviors: 1. Understanding 2. Empathy 3. Tolerance 4. Communication We know people aren’t the same, yet they need to be treated fairly and equitably. And differences (culture, physical or other factors) can cause people to behave in different ways. The team leader needs to understand and accept these differences. Each and every team member should be encouraged to do the same. Empathy is closely related to understanding. As a team lease, we should know try to understand other perspectives. Tolerance is another important interpersonal in managing people to be a team player. Just because you understand people are different and you empathize with them doesn’t meant that its important din dealing with diverse ages, gender and culture background to be themselves. Part of being tolerant is being open minder about different values, attitudes and behaviors If it is a good communication is organization people can be train Easley to be a team player by discuss their issues that concern them You can’t train people to be team player. Yes it also true we can’t train people for a team player. These are some factors Culture different people belong to different culture. They can’t participate in groups. Gender, Political reason, Organization unions, Physical and diversity these are the factor that make a statement in which we can t train people for a team player. These factors are depending on the organization and people. How the people are different and how they behave in different way.

In case study
Employees weren’t initially thrilled about the idea of team-building exercises. Some workers, primarily union members, resisted the mandatory team training. To ease the uncertainty over what the training was about, the company provides information to worked well in building program was based on a “challenge by choice” philosophy, meaning that worked were not require to participate in activates that made them uncomfortable.

Q2 describe the advantages and disadvantage of using cross functional team training rather than using the actual work teams of which employees are part?

Ans: Cross functional teams have many advantages. Although some of the pluses apply to other types of teams, too these advantages have a unique flavor when played out in the context of a cft. I have found that cross functional teams brings six important advantages to organizations that successfully implement and manage them: • Speed: cross functional teams reduce the time it takes to get things done, especially in the product development process. • Complexity: cross functional team improve an organization’s ability to solve complex problem. • Customer focus: cross functional team focus the organization’s resources on satisfying the customer’s needs. • Creativity: by bringing together people with a variety of experiences and background. Cross functional teams increase the creative capacity of an organization. • Organizational learning: members of cross functional teams are more easily able to develop new technical and professional skills, learn more about disciplines, and learn how to work with other people who have different team player style and cultural backgrounds than those who do not participate in cross functional teams. • Single point of contact: the cross functional team promotes a more effective crossteam effort by identifying one place to go for information and for decision about a project or customers

Cross-functional Structure Disadvantages
In traditional structures, two classical principles of organization clearly stand out: (a) "Authority should equal responsibility" and (b) "Every subordinate should be assigned to a single boss." A matrix violates both of these deeply ingrained principles, creating problems for both the organization and its individual members In a matrix, the boundaries of authority and responsibility are split or shared between functional and project managers. This characteristic creates ambiguity and conflict over areas such as resources, technical issues, salaries and promotions, and personnel assignments. This ambiguity results in power struggles as each side attempts to clarify and define its responsibility and accountability Another major disadvantage are • Cost • Conflict • Personal interest • Span of control In case study Advantage of CFT I saw the whole concept of team work being played out, showing you have t work together rather than just taking it all on yourself.” Where as an actual work team the worker do their woks according to their daily task. They don’t have any idea about the other department. The do want to participate in team or in any decision making activity.

Q3. How might the team-building exercise such as the ones briefly described contribute to making a team more effective? Ans: A team can be more effectiveness by three criteria The productive output of the team meets or exceeds the standard of quantity and quality. Team members realize satisfaction of their personal needs. The team members remain committed to working together again. The team should focus on performance. It can be more effective when it has motivating teamwork And the last it member should be contribution in new idea, decision making and in communication. In case study The workers are willing to participate in CFT again for more challenge and for more exercise. They feel changed in their behavior after these activities Q4. It’s your chance to be creative think of a team building exercise that would help a team achieve one of the characteristics of an effective team…

I chose the mutual trust for the effective team because mutual trust effective teams are characterized by high mutual trust among members. That is, members believe in the ability character, and integrity of each other. But as you probably know is fragile. It takes a long time to build and it can be easily destroyed. Maintain trust requires careful attention by mangers. The exercise that I do for more effective by this 1. Communicate. Keep team members and subordinates informed by explaining decision and policies and providing accurate feedback 2. Be supportive. Be available and approachable 3. Be respectful. Delegate real authority to team members and listen to these ideas.

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