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alih™ r to Learn, Leave to achieve Mathematics — (Objective Part), . Mathematies ~ "Subjective Part (Section ~ Do | Write down the short ariswers/solve, What are disjoint sets? © What is a column’ matrix? : How many words can be formed out of the letters of the word d PAKISTAN?. Expand (x= 1° by Pascal's triangle. Define an isosceles. triangle. ‘ Define the escribed circles c-centres, c-radii, - Find the area of the triangle ABC, given lengths of three sides a= 18, b = 24, SS 305s What is the union of two sets? a Is matrix mulsplcanen commutative? . * “Whether 40 +8 +9isa polynomial i in x? 2 ¥ Can contain a zero term? hat baronet the number of combinations and Periutations ¢ rel we object taken r at a item? hat is the difference between the 5 rite the relation between = & 2)? a? en Ovo matrices can be multiplies Atis a polynomial? Binomial theorem vad ihe Binomial ovis? “yh oe OF + + OF What is the relation between [Im(z)] & |e]? ” * What is the tabular form of the set of first five natural number? . What is a skew symmetric matrix? - : f er Write the properties of the cube roots of unity? : . How many permutations af n objects of which there are p like objects of one” kind, q like objects of the second kind and r like objects of the third kind? What is the coefficient of b? in the expansion (a+ 2b)? : Define an angle. NoaByg are the angles of a triangle ABC, then show that cos. 12.3 4 - : . ¢ order of tra: f . “ order oftrampope ot] 73] 2, ous roots of an equation arc included in solution ° ~ geometric between a and b? forall ppstive ieee values o earn, Leave. 3 achieve is ih conne . . Write the right distributive law of intersection over union? What is the transpose ofa column matrix? What is the degree of 2x3 +37 +9=0? Define an arithmetic sequence? Convert (2 y to ins, use m = 3.1416 and the answer should be correct to two places of decimal? Define the inverse sine function sin'x? Write the conjugate of the complex number 7+ 4i. Is the set O is a subset of N? wee What is a square matrix? t Is the set R, a sw osei af C , What is the order of'a matr Ifwis the cube root of unity, then w tare the cube roots of 8? What will be the sum of the three angles ofa triangle? Pe2ne > 3 an integer for ev 1s” ry poative | integer n? Kind the area of the tr re when two sides and the angle between them are given? , Le Define the circum- -circle, circum-centre, circum- radius. Give the geometric meiining of [7]. What is an improper subset? |. Find the area of the triangle ABC, in which = 300, b=120, y= 150" oe Is the set E, a subset of we © What are ov erlapping sets? iangle ABC, given Thane of three sides a=.18, h = 24; r to, Learn; Leave to achieve What is the union of tel sets? ly matrix multiplication commutative? Whether 4x? +2 +9 is a polynomial in x?" 2 earaioahe sequence contain.a zero term: cen the number: of combinations and permalatians) Can * What is the relation betw ofa object taken r at a item? What is the difference betwe Series? Mathematics — Subjective Part (Section — - w < {) Find roots of the followi ing equations by using a hei (Strat GeO Gi AHS TALES i oe Solve the following eguatio en the Binomial tsorom a the Binomial M, (2 +2"-20=0 (vat) 0 o(xe4) =x aot 7 axt+3x° -4x? -3x42= 0 (c)_ Solve the following equations: () Ve exe] -Yeex-1 = (x4) (x 1) =x + 2x = 15 +3xt3k Solve Three Cube Roots of Unity (Very importand) ow that: . (a -9) &-oyiex-0'y) ‘ oS Ise the conainde theorem to find the remainder avhen the first polynomial is kx + 4 is di 2, the remainder is 14. -pk at me -114 +3m)x+ fa + aim (k) : Solve the following systems of equations. (i) 128 = Mxy#2y7=0 2x? + Txy = 60. ; ‘ 5 : xy=2- . “() The sum of a positive number and its square is 380. Find the number." 3" term of an A.P: is +16 and the 20" term is 46, what is its a2" term? 2. (a) Ifthe S (b) Find nso that 5 ay be the A.M. between a and b. * . . © (© Sum the seri a ae “LID LAL} L714 ata | a $F eee a =e Laake ton terms. Ra ; ~ @) A manufacturer of radio ‘sets prodpegd 625 u units in the 4" year and 700 units it the 7" year. Assuming that breiection uniformly increases by a fixed number _ every year, find a eres (i) The production in the first’ year” (ii) The total produc Gi) The production i 8 yearg 2 11" year (Very Important)» If the numbers 1, 4 resulting numbers d-3 are added to there consecutive terms of Gi Pe the are in AP. Find the numbers if their sum i 13.0 ein Gr. Show that the common. ratio is bl 0 +i () 1 1 vp and = b ec The populition, of a certain Me is 62500. What will be its, sjopulation after 3 years if it increases geometrically at the rate of 4%: annually? Cara ind nso that may be H.M. between a and b. * nie A, G and H are the ‘arithmeti “geometric and, harmonic means ‘between a (Principle for equality of fractions ér ‘to Learn, Leave. to achieve, (Rule for quotient of fractions) to ae ~The symbol <2'stands for iffice,, ifand only if oe dition: a yt 5 (a) Simply by expressing inthe form a+b we, Ee ae | EG ee ‘ a : 14. (a) Verify De Morgan’s Laws for the following sets: : UH (1, 253, -00020f,-. A=(2)4, 6,06, 20) and a B= (1,3, 5, sie 19} A : , (b) Using Venn diagrams, verify the following results: AUB=AU(ATAB) | ; ae rowing, relations in A: ‘State the domain and graph of each. (cy) For A range of ch relation. Also 4 cnet (a) a,b being elements of 1 grou? Gy solve the following equations: aa re elements ofa group G, them show thal Tye . -1] 10 ade VEY ane at= ©] wind the values of . é aib fol portant) Ss vere rT to/Learn, Leave to achieve ' (Show that le tab b'l=(ath+ea-b\b-eye-a) a i < fy that (AB)! SBE ATC : ~ @), Ve fi 270 ‘AST . ml - fe eee (hy Find the’rank of the follyssi - . le Pe] + ag eae i ra * ° a : . md Ron Tee (i) 3x, 42 (a) Write cach of the following i in the factorial form: ene mel i (b) How many 5 digits multiples of 5 can be formed fr om the digits when no dig ed. : 4 (c) Prove that:"C,= "Cy, 0°” (Very Important) (d) Prove that C+ "C=C, (ce) Show that: "Cy + "Cw = ()) Experiment: A coin is tossed fourstimes. 1 Events Happening: + sey - ~ s ss. Half of the boys and half of the girls sen ay monitor is cither of . induction to prove the following formulae for every pos er £8 Sy enone. ‘to ach eve: “Gachaet F2nF2).0 ee i alues of n 24. ind the value of the follow Q8. (a) The pendula of clock ° second: How far does the tip of the pendula move in 1 secon? : yy Elsa the value of other five trignometrie nection of 0, if cos A O= = 2 and the terminal side of the angle is not in the I quadtant, ues of the remaining trigonometric funeti 2.9. 4d), Meat 0 = | (D) Prove the foltowii and the termina _ (i) (tan 0 + cot 0) Ome (a) Without using the tables, fi _ cosee 2040" *+ (b) Prove the following: cos 306" + cos 234° + cos 16 cos 42°38" (b) Two man are on the opp “distance between them, ia, ©) cos (a (a +B) ad . = rarthe aagle is in'the I quadrant, Mad the value ; we . case: . ind the values of: 2" +eos 18°= 0 | F we (Very Important) © ‘ = tang es Spe = Wi) 1+ tan o tan 2a = sec 20 ~ volving only a m it). ite side ofa 100m high tower. it-ths mediures angles of elevation of the top of the tower are fe 18 and 2: Sarna ad hy 2" respecting. Find the (c) Solve the triangle ABC in which = 3 and y= 38" 13" (A) Find area of tria ie Thea ca of triangle is angle in terms of the measures grits ste, 437. Marah ; (Very inspdreaat nd c= 97, fer find angle B. i Qual. aU) (f) (g) (a) (c) @) (e) - 3G Show that r, = 4Rsin > cos? cos wR Show that ; pet phyt sg bb fel Oran tbet ea Cae Find the value of each expre in ( . al it an sin" (5 Show that sin (2 cos”! x) = 2x-V1—x Show that tan (sin*! x) Find the values of O satisfy the equations 3tan? 0+ 2V3 tan0+1=0 Find the solution sets of the following equations: (sin 3x= cos 2x : (ii) sin 0 + sin 30 + sin 50+ sin 70 =0 alih™ r to Learn, Leave to achieve