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The "Universe" House Rules

Below are bits of wisdom we have come across

in our travels through time. They are presented
here for your consideration.

They are "Rules of the House" for your body,

mind, and spirit. As you consider them, here is
the most important rule of all:

"This life is not righteousness

...... but growth in righteousness;
...... not health but healing;
...... not being but becoming;
...... not rest but exercise.
We are not yet what we shall be,
...... but we are growing toward it.
The process is not yet finished,
...... but it is going on.
This is not the end, but it is the road.
...... All does not yet gleam in glory,
...... but all is being purified."
- Martin Luther

Rules About Healing Your Life

The FIRST Rules of the House

1> #41: 12 Sacred Rights: "We Hold These Truths to be Self Evident"
2> #42: Learning to Love the Self: "The Greatest Love of All"
3> #43: Learning to Love Others: "For Love & Love Alone"
4> #44: Becoming a CoWorker With God: "Why We Are Here"

Rules of the House about Healing, Illness, and Recovery

1> # 4: Rules for Healing: What You Need to Know If You Truly Want to
2> # 7: Rules for Illness: What You Need to Know If You are Ill
3> # 9: Rules for Recovery: You Must Understand: Getting Better is Being
4> #32: "Going to Hell in a Handbasket": By Violating the Rules of Healing
5> #20: Secret's Out: Spiritual Reasons for the Top 10 Leading Causes of

Rules of the House about Past Life Healing

1> #11: Top Ten Indicators of SERIOUS Past Life Problems
2> #14: A Prison Without Walls: Your Body as an Agent of Free Will &
3> #15: It's Not in Your Stars But in Your Cells: How Cellular Memory
4> #30: "Towing the Iceberg": How Past Life Resonance Works
5> #27: Rules for Past Life Healing: Settling Accounts in True Coin

Rules About Understanding Your Life

Rules of the House about Past Life Karma

1> # 3: How to Live a Karma-Free Life: The "Reduce-Your-Daily-Karma" Diet

2> #16: Your Karma Ran Over Your Dogma: What Karma is & How it Works
3> #25: Top Ten Causes of Past Life Carry Overs into the Present Life
4> #37: "Walking the Minefield": Past Life Karma & Childhood
5> #28: Who is the I That is Me?: Evidence of Adult Past Life Reversion

Rules of the House about Reincarnation

1> #26: You'll Be Back: The Principles of Reincarnation

2> #39: "Hardwired into the Human Consciousness": Reincarnation
3> #36: "Inbetween Times": The Rules of Life Between Lives
4> #35: "You Asked For It, You Got It": The Rules of Life Contracts
5> #22: Living the Way of Dharma in Coworkership with God

Rules of the House about "Evidence"... The Truth is Out There

1> #18: Life Goes On and On: Evidence of the Continuation of Life After
2> #17: Hide in Plain Sight: Evidence of Past Lives in Everyday Life
3> #31: Untangling the Web: Unique Qualities of Past Life Memories
4> #45: Living Another Life: Unique Qualities of Past Life Dreams
5> #19: Smoke & Mirrors: Top Ten Myths Against Past Life Exploration
6> #38: "Empiricism vs Stubbornness": Debunking the Reincarnation

Rules About Mastering Your Life

Rules of the House about Advancing Along the Spiritual Path

1> # 1: For Spiritual Beings Having a Human Experience: Rules for Being
2> # 2: How Your Body-Mind-Spirit Works: Take Time to Save Your Life
3> # 6: Hallmarks of the Spiritually Advanced Being: See How You
Measure Up
4> #34: Hallmarks of the Spiritually Lazy: See How You Measure Up
5> #12: Top Ten Things Your Higher Self WANTS You to KNOW
Rules of the House about "Problems" Along the Spiritual Path

1> # 8: Rules for Discerning "Spirit-based" vs "Ego-based" Guidance

2> #40: "Beginning All Over Again": Managing Change and Transition
3> #21: Wheels Within Wheels: Astrology, Karma, & Arts of Divination
4> #13: Are You Really Someone Else? How to Know if You are a "Walk-In"
5> #46: "Waking Up is Hard to Do": The Soul's Journey of Awakening
6> #24: The Soul's Journey: Inside "The Dark Night of Soul"

Rules of the House about Being Master of the Domain Known as

Your Life

1> # 5: Rules for Spiritually Based Intimate Relationships

2> #29: "Finding Selves Unimaginably Mine": Soulmates, Twin Flames, & Basherts
3> #10: Numbers as Building Blocks of the Universe: Knowing the "Secret Code"
4> #23: The Root of All Accomplishment: The Spiritual Energy of Money
5> #33: Let Everything Be Your Signature: Doing God's Work

Rules #41: 12 Sacred Rights: "We Hold These Truths to be Self


"I tell you the truth, whatever you did for one of the least of these
brothers of mine, you did for me." (Matthew 25:40)

The Twelve Basic Human Rights

These basic human rights are yours as a Divine

Spark of God. They are yours regardless of
whatever culture, religion, government, or other
social group that you have incarnated into. If
those groups cannot support your basic human
rights, then they should be resisted. As the tried
and true Quaker Proverb goes, "Resistance to
tyranny is obedience to God".

Resistance means not participating in your own

abuse by submitting to the tyranny. The most
fundamental right of all is that no one has the
right to do you harm. This is a right you must
cherish and defend. Your freedom begins
because you are Soul and God loves you. Your
freedom ends when you harm another because
in doing so you agree karmically to "reap" what
you have "sown".


Your body is the temple of your spirit and as such is holy ground. Given
that your body is holy, no one has the right to violate it. Violations include
harming it in any way. Active harm includes such "crimes against the
body" as beatings, stabbings, strangulation, poisoning, violent
interrogation, and other acts carrying criminal penalties. It also includes
"invasive procedures" and/or "cutting edge cures" which claim to cure the
body by harming it (different from the temporary inconvenience,
permanent gain involved in healing). Passive harm includes acts
resulting in depriving a body of sleep, food, drink, love, air, protection from
nature, etc. You should completely resist anyone who harms your body
actively or passively.


Your mind is the guardian of your spirit and as such is holy ground. Given
that your mind is holy, no one has the right to violate it. Violations include
harming it in any way. Active harm includes feeding it mind altering
drugs, forcibly reprogramming it, exposing it to unwanted subliminals,
using domination type interrogation techniques, and other acts carrying
criminal penalties. Passive harm includes subtle manipulation used to
detach someone from core beliefs, thoughts, and attitudes, constantly
subjecting them to barrages of negative statements, convincing them that
they are worthless or anything less than a Divine Spark of God. You should
completely resist anyone who harms your mind actively or passively.


Your emotions are sent from your Higher Self to propel you along your
life's path and as such are sacred. Emotions should always be honored but
not always acted upon. Emotions act like pain in your body and suspicion
in your mind as a signal for you to take action that is in your own best
interests. When another suggests, asks, insists, or forces you to act
against your emotions, they are invading your sacred space. You have an
inalienable right to your emotions and to feel the way that you do. Often if
you just listen to your heart and what it feels, you will be led to the right
path. You should completely resist anyone who tries to get you to deny,
repress, minimize, convert, project, or dissociate from your


Your spirit is the most sacred and holy part of you. Bodies can be killed.
Minds can be shattered. Emotions can lead to the path of tangled karma.
Yet in your Soul, you are always free, always safe, always loved. It is your
Divine Core Essence: it is eternal and indestructible. As you unfold into
greater awareness of your Soul, you will explore many paths of religion,
philosophy, and spirituality. Each of these paths will enrich your total life
experience and so you should be left to explore them in peace at your own
pace. You should not allow anyone to convince or convert you to their way
of thinking, believing, and being. What you think, believe, and have
chosen is perfect for you right now… honor that and keep your
Soul sacred.

Once you are born into this Earth plane, you have a right to be here for as
long as your body-mind can sustain your life. This is true provided that you
do not deprive another of their rights while you are here. An integral part
of the dynamic of abuse and torture is a belief on the part of a torturer
that you do not have the your God given right to the life. This belief comes
from the mistaken idea that the tortured are somehow inferior to the
torturer. And so because the tortured are "children of a lesser God" they
do not deserve to enjoy the same right to life as their "superiors".

Take the case of the Nazi Holocaust. The beliefs which "justified" the
wholesale slaughter of Jews, gypsies, and others not "racially pure" were
these. That they were from a "lesser race" or were "not quite human" or
were "much less evolved" than their persecutors. The Nazi propaganda
machine was quite effective in convincing a nation that they were
participating in a "noble cause to rid the world of the plague of Zionists"
transforming normal, ordinary people into "Hitler's willing executioners".
The truth is that God is the only one who gives life… and those He
gives it to have a Divine Right to preserve it at all costs.


Those who live in "unfree" areas of the world can attest that freedom is an
essential component of happiness. In "free" societies, an individual's
liberty is only restricted by their inability to interfere with the rights of
others. In "unfree" societies, the individual spends a majority of their time
laboring against restrictions that are imposed by the society, religion, or
culture they have incarnated into.

Take the case of the American South. Not long ago, African Americans
were killed for exercising their right to vote or died because they could not
be admitted into the "right" hospitals or were beaten for sitting in the
"wrong" part of a bus or drinking from the "wrong" water fountain. More
insidious were the daily restrictions on individual freedom that came from
constant barrages of insults, criticism, and abuse. It is those small wounds
that fester in the mind and wear down body and spirit a little more each
day. The freedom to live your life as you chose is one of the most
precious gifts you can receive: cherish and defend it no matter


What lies at the end of the trail of karma is happiness. For karma leads one
to their true freedom of living in a continual state of joy, love, and
awareness (the primary attributes of God). Historically speaking, the
"pursuit of happiness" is a new goal. For most of human history, existence
on Earth has been a grim and desperate struggle for survival… and in
many areas on Earth, this - unfortunately - is still true.
When he wrote the "Declaration of Independence", some laughed at
Thomas Jefferson for including the "pursuit of happiness" along with the
"more important goals" of securing life and liberty. And yet, today, the
pursuit of happiness has created more wealth and commerce than those
only devoted to the preservation of life and liberty. It has also opened up
the mass consciousness to greater levels of receiving and giving love. In
turn, this has helped many rapidly accelerate their karmic learning. There
is as much challenge in joy as in sorrow. Allow your life to flow in bliss
and abundance by letting go of those interfering with your joy!


All Souls are created equally and are equally loved by God. God does not
value Mother Theresa more and Adolf Hitler less. Both are Divine creations
and as such are equal in God's eyes. It is a truly loving God who creates a
universe vast enough to give everyone infinite chances to spin through
cycles of karma and reincarnation experiencing life from every viewpoint
until they become love, joy, and awareness.

It is only the torturer who sees inequality. For it is their belief in inequality
which allows them to view others of God's creation as undeserving of the
same rights they enjoy. Take the case of American slavery. Slaves were
considered property of their masters who were free to abuse them to
death. This freedom came from human laws which empowered masters to
abuse slaves. Karma works to reverse the fortunes of master and slave
until those participating in the dynamic of slavery are brought to value the
sacredness of all life equally. Anyone who tells you that you are "not
equal" to another of God's creatures should be resisted.


Our journey through the cycles of reincarnation is propelled by our need to

take responsibility for our actions (personal karma) and our duty to all life
(group karma). Since we are individual sparks of God, we each must learn
in our own way (better known as individuation). Yet since we are all part of
the "one song" of the uni-verse, we learn from our connection to others
(better known as divination in sense that we are all CoWorkers with God).
We are like stalactites in a cave. We are all joined together at the roof of
the cave (our divination) but we hang down from the roof all in unique
formations like the stalactites (our individuals).

When forces outside ourselves (government, society, culture) tries to deny

this connection, they do so because their purpose is to gain complete
control over us. Take the case of the Russian and Chinese cultural
revolutions. The practice of religion was forcibly stripped from the long
oppressed peoples of those countries as their governments sought total
domination of body, mind, and spirit. "Worship the government or die" was
the choice. So to live, many did so, feeling "they stole our souls". Let no
one steal your Soul for only in your Soul are you free.

Saint and sinner are value judgments placed on the "worthiness" of an

individual life by humans and their institutions. As such, these value
judgments have no bearing on the unfoldment of these individuals' karma.
Saints have no more a free ticket to eternal bliss than sinners do to
endless damnation. The philosopher Epictetus said it best: "After a
theatrical performance nobody says: this actor played the king, what a
good actor, this one played the beggar so I don't applaud him."

After your death the Gods (Lords of Karma) will say: "you played your part
well or badly". Then all they will say is "do better next time". For they
know that God does not create junk… only masterpieces. In God's eyes,
the bank president and the minister are as equally worthy of His Love as
are the terrorist and the crack whore. You are worthy because God made
you so, if you do not feel worthy, it is because others have made you feel
that way. Anyone who tries to convince you that you are "not
worthy" in yourself or of anything you desire should be resisted.


It is a maxim of psychology that every belief that you have comes from
somewhere in your experience. And, at one time, every thought, belief,
attitude, and behavior you have made perfect sense to you… even if they
do not make perfect sense to you now. Only in the context of past lives
can the truth of this maxim be seen.

For example, those compelled to hoard money in their life today invariably
had a traumatic death in the trail of their past lives caused by lack of
money. Or those who just cannot take off the weight are usually carrying
traumatic memories from past lives where they starved to death. Or those
who just cannot put on weight many times had past lives where it was
considered holy to starve the body into being ultra thin. No matter what
trouble those beliefs are causing in your life now, you are clinging to them
unconsciously because they have somehow served you in the past. Only
you can decide what beliefs do not serve you - otherwise those
seeking to detach you from your beliefs are your torturers.


The Earth is a big schoolhouse where we come to learn and grow in love,
joy, and awareness. When our learning does not go the way we expect, we
count it as a mistake. Yet, "making mistakes" is value judgment that we
place on the process of unfolding into Soul awareness. As we "correct
mistakes", we learn ways of thinking, doing, and being that are more in
harmony with how the universe works.

Experience becomes our greatest, truest, and best teacher about the laws
of life. For experience "shows" us how things work in ways that books
cannot tell us, that others cannot explain to us, and that we cannot "figure
out" in the silence of our minds. That is why Native Americans say "do not
judge another person until you have walked a mile in their moccasins".
That is why it is impossible for you to "tell" your children anything and why
you have to stand back and let them discover life through experiences for
themselves. That is what God does for all of us: allowing another to
have their own experience is the greatest gift of all.

The light of Human Rights can only be understood in the darkness of the
Four Levels of Torture... Defend your rights!

Credits: from channeled information and in memory of the heroes of September 11,

Rules #42: Self Love: "The Greatest Love of All"

"To put the world in order, we must put the nation in order. To put the nation in
order, we must put the family in order. To put the family in order, we must
nurture our personal life. To cultivate our personal life, we must first set our
hearts and minds right… Plant a thought, reap an act. Plant an act, reap a
habit. Plant a habit, reap a character. Plant a character, reap a destiny."

The Eternal Question

"What is it that makes you worthy

to be loved?" was the question posed
by a facilitator at one workshop that
changed my life. One by one, he asked
each of the participants this question in
turn. They answered that to be worthy
of love one had either TO DO or TO BE

Of course, these were all wrong

answers. Impatiently, the group asked
what the right answer was and it was
this. "You are worthy to be loved
because God loves you and because
you believe that you are worthy". The
Earth would be the paradise that God
intended if everyone did love
themselves. In fact, all the problems in
the world can be reduced to one:
lack of self love.

The True Root of All Evil: Lack of

Love for Yourself

Louise Hay said it best: "When someone comes to me with a problem, I

don't care what it is: poor health, lack of money, unfulfilling relationships,
or self esteem issues... there is only one thing that I ever work on, and that
is LOVING THE SELF. I find that when we really love, accept and approve of
ourselves exactly as we are, then everything in life works." And so it

So how does one begin to love themselves?… by doing the



"This above all: be true, be true, be true." (Nathaniel Hawthorne)

Being true to yourself is remembering one thing: you exist because God
loves you… and with that love all things are possible. Before you read
another word, raise of a shield of pure and unconditional love all around
you: body, mind, emotions, and spirit. That's better… Filling yourself with
love is the first step is driving out the poison of hate that constantly
assaults us all.

For society tells us the infinite things that are wrong with us: we are too
fat, too dumb, too emotional, too old, too whatever and that is why we
have to get this, do that, or change who we are. This is not to mention
family, friends, coworkers, and others in our life who are telling us what to
do all the time. Of course, there is one enemy who is particularly relentless
towards us: ourselves.

We are our own worst enemy when we think, act, and treat ourselves as
anything other than Divine Beings. When we think "I have should have
done that" or "I could have done this" or "I would have done better if I do
not do that" or "If only I had" we are criticizing ourselves. This constant
internal criticism does "not make us do better", it only makes us more
fearful that "I am going to screw it up next time."

The next time you say "I should have", "I could have", "I would have"...
STOP beating yourself up! Say to yourself (aloud if you can) "CANCEL!"
Then tell yourself, "I did the best I knew how, I learned from it, next time I
will… [do better, learn from it, act differently, etc] and this will get me
what I desire to manifest in my life!" Defend your right to be yourself from
all the people who are telling you "you are wrong", including yourself. End
self criticism now before it kills you!!


"The body is the temple of the spirit." (Bible: 1 Corinthians 6:19)

The primary means for showing love to yourself is nurturing the body that
God gave you. Like it or not, your body is your vehicle for navigating your
way through life. For optimum performance and vitality, you should give it
regular maintenance. This means doing things like: constantly sustaining it
with vital life force by breathing properly, by drinking plenty of water, by
feeding it good food, by getting enough rest and exercise, by clothing and
sheltering it properly, and by nurturing it with loving touch. It means
taking active steps to protect it from harm. It also means acknowledging it
when it has "gone the extra mile" so that you could do whatever it was
you wanted to do. Treat your body like a beloved pet by patting it, saying
"I love you", and giving it special treats… you will be amazed by the


"Failure is the opportunity to begin again more intelligently." (Henry Ford)

You have made mistakes… we all have. Louise Hay said it best: "Self
hatred is really only hating your own thoughts. Don't hate yourself for
having the thoughts. Gently change your thoughts. Acknowledge that you
created them to fulfill a need. Now you are finding new, positive ways to
fulfill those needs. So lovingly release the old negative patterns." If you are
not cultivating your mind to manifest your joyful desires then it will create
your life based on your worries. Choose love over fear and your life will
improve. This means doing basic things like: living life holistically,
managing stress, and using nature's way (aromas, oils, and herbals) to
help your mind retain/regain the composure needed to make good


"Each of us makes our own weather in the emotional universe we inhabit." (Fulton J.

The word "emotion" means "energy in motion" as sent from your Higher
Self to propel you along your path in life. Emotions are also sent by your
ego ("lower self") to keep you safe and protected. Life often becomes a
conflict between these two conflicting sources of emotion: the
positive/loving (Higher Self) that prompts you to go for your future dreams
and the negative/fearful (ego) which begs you to stay with your current
reality. Stop living on the choppy seas of your emotions and sail your boat
into calm waters. You do not have to be a slave to your lusts, a captive to
your anger, a pawn of your greed, a victim of your vanity, or a prisoner of
your attachments. Just listen to emotions and then decide what to do
about them.


"In my Soul, I am free." (Paul Twitchell)

As essential component of honoring your spirit is coming into agreement

to see yourself for who you really are, to listen to that truth, and to live it
in your daily life. For you are a not a human being come to Earth to have a
spiritual experience, you are spiritual being having a human experience.
You are not physical matter you are a complex energy field which binds
you together past, present, and future. You are not your five senses - sight,
hearing, taste, touch, and smell - but you can become caught in their
traps, as in unhealthy addictions and misuse of sex. You are Soul: doing
your best in your journey through the worlds of karma and reincarnation..
"Until I accept my faults I will most certainly doubt my virtues." (Hugh Prather)

No one is perfect, not me and not you. No matter what you want to change
about yourself, it is of vital importance that you value yourself - just as you
are right now. Self acceptance is not getting back what you thought that
you had yesterday or achieving what you think you are wishing for
tomorrow, it means loving the self right now today. We are all a "work in
progress": changing every day and evolving into becoming who we already
are. As Louise Hay advises us: "Be gentle with yourself. Be kind to yourself.
Be patient with yourself as you learn the new ways of thinking. Treat
yourself as you would someone you really loved." Amen!


"Be kind, for everyone you meet is fighting a hard battle." (Philo)

Many people lead lives of "quiet desperation": drowning in negativity,

consumed by worry, and waiting for disaster to strike. They do so not
realizing that negativity breeds problems, worry causes undesired results,
and disaster is experienced less often than it is imagined. Whenever you
feel this way, you are unable to treat others or yourself with kindness. That
is the time to STOP! and make a conscious effort to be kind to yourself and
others. Do this by replacing negativity with a positive outlook, worry with
confidence that "all is well", and anticipation of disaster with faith in the
future. You CAN do this because you are the creator of your own universe.
Regardless of what happens in the outside world, fill your inside world with
peace, love, and joy. Affirm: "All is well in my universe, I am safe and
protected at all times. Out of every situation, only good will come to me".


"The more a person loves, the closer he approaches the image of God." (Martin Luther)

Although it may be hard to believe, the truth is that everyone does the
best they can with what they have. For everyone, including you, is just
living out what they have learned in this or previous lives. Compassion
comes when you realize that those who hate and hurt others are just
lashing out against times when they were hated and hurt themselves. For
it is then that you can see that "it is the pain talking" and not the person.
Given that you can understand that there are no truly bad people - only
people who say and do bad things - you can be compassionate towards
every person in every situation. Pouring the oil of compassion, tolerance, &
understanding on the troubled waters of daily life is the very essence of
unconditional self love.


"Accepting responsibility for life is the source from which self respect springs." (Joan

Everyone is a spark of the Divine and brings a unique note to the universal
song we are all singing (notice that the word uni-verse means "one song").
This means that everyone has something valuable to contribute: in the
words of Thomas Carlyle: "everyone is my superior in that I may learn from
them". Unfortunately, the world is all too ready to teach us that others
should be discounted because they differ from us in some way (gender,
race, nationality, religion, etc) when we are all the same and equal as
Soul. That is why the word "Namaste" is such a powerful greeting because
it conveys respect in a very pure way. For when we respect ourselves and
others, we are acting from one of the deepest places of unconditional love.


"Don't go through life, grow through life." (Eric Butterworth)

It is always wise to remember that "all conditions are temporary". The

world was here before you came and will go on after you are gone. The
position you hold to today relative to others in your life now may be
reversed tomorrow or in a future life. The world exists to be a stage for
karma and each one must play their role as they see fit. Those who try to
lift the world upon their shoulders to "make it better" for loved ones will
usually find themselves quickly buried under it's weight. You get "out from
under" when you realize that the only person you can change is yourself.
Allowing others to have their lessons helps them learn the only way they
can - by experience - and it frees you. Love yourself by laying down the
world right now.


"He that cannot forgive others, breaks the bridge over which he must pass." (George

In Louise Hay's words, "Let the past go. You did the best you could at the
time with the understanding, awareness and knowledge that you had. Now
you are growing and changing and you will live differently." Forgiveness
does not mean condoning what happened or just forgetting about it or not
learning from it. All of those are valuable lessons that you spent emotion
learning. What forgiveness means is releasing the anger and other
emotions that keep you stuck in unforgiveness of yourself or others.
Holding onto these toxic feelings will have no effect on the other person
and will not alter what you did or did not do. Holding onto unforgiveness is
deadly poison to your body, mind, and spirit: love yourself enough to let it


"The time to relax is when you don't have time for it." (Sydney J. Harris)

Happiness is to be found in only one place: inside your own heart right at
this moment. So many people lose so much by waiting until I "get
healthier, find my dream partner, get a new job, get a new house, or lose
the weight, and so on". And when they get those things then they wait for
better ones until they learn the hard lesson that "happiness deferred is
happiness denied". So get happy: start now by doing more of the things
that make you happy on a daily basis. Look for joy everywhere. Laugh or
do a good deed just for fun! Love yourself enough daily to "smile, 'cause
when your smilin', the whole world smiles with you!"

Credits: adapted from Louise Hay's "How to Love Yourself Worksheet", information
provided by Robin Pearl Smith, and from channeled information

Rules #43: Learning to Love Others: "For Love & Love Alone"

"To others we are not ourselves but a performer in their lives cast for a part we
do not even know that we are playing." Elizabeth Bibesco (Haven)

The Role of a Lifetime

Whether we realize it or not, the role that we

play in the lives of others - those we know and
those who know of us - is that of karmic
instructor. It is the same role that others we
know play in our lives. Each of us is constantly
teaching all others around us - by our words
and actions - about different ways of being.
From these examples, each decides what to do
and how to be as we make our own journey
through the universe.

Love One Another as God Loves You

So as Thomas Carlyle said "everyone is my superior in that I may learn

from them." Often others teaching us what NOT to do/be is just as valuable
as their teaching us what to do/be. Being open to learning from others is
the first step on the long journey through the universe that we all
undertake to unfold into greater levels of love, joy, and awareness. It is
easy to SAY that we love others but...

It is more difficult to SHOW that we love others. All it takes to show that we
love others is to "love one another; as I (God) have loved you." (Bible: John
13:34) Treating others with such loving kindness is easier said than done.

So how does one begin to love others?… by doing the following:


"For one human being to love another… that is perhaps the most difficult of all our tasks, the
ultimate, the last test and proof, the work for which all other work is but preparation." (Rainer
Maria Rilke)

Everyone exists because God loves them and with that love all things are
possible. Everyone is perfect in God's eyes and is loved more than they
will ever know. We are our own worst enemy when we think, act, and treat
others as anything other than Divine Beings. When we think "I hate them"
or "They do not deserve to live" or "Too bad they are (fill in the blank)…
otherwise we could be friends" or "If only they were more like me" or "If
only they believed like me", we are saying the God made a mistake when
"they" were created.

Constant criticism of others does nothing to change them and it hurts us.
Being unloving to others is like taking poison and expecting them to die…
when it is you who will be harmed by the barrage of your unloving
thoughts towards them. To stem the tide of negativity towards others, you
need to start one thought at a time.

As you go throughout the day, for every person you see (yourself or
others) say silently to yourself "I love you as Soul". Soul Love is impersonal
and unromantic. You can love someone's Soul even if you actually hate
everything about them because their Soul is the "love" part of them. It is
the perfect part that God sees, that God knows, that God loves. That is
how you can connect with their worthiness and act as if they are worthy…
and really mean it (for more click here)!

"We too often love things and use people when we should be using things and loving people."
(Rueul Howe)

The primary means for showing love to others is respecting the body that
God gave them. To respect the bodies of others requires that you do it no
harm. Most would agree that doing obvious things like helping others to
breathe, eat, drink, sleep, get exercise, receive proper clothes and shelter
- especially where they have difficulty in doing this for themselves - shows
other people's bodies respect.

If you love the other person, contribute to their health by nurturing their
bodies with loving touch. Leo Buscaglia (the "Love Guru") has rightly said
that four hugs a day are the minimum for good health, 8 a day are really
needed, and 12 a day lead to personal empowerment (for more on loving
touch, click here).

To show love to another, work to encourage them to love their own bodies.
So often we join others in the present day trend of "woundology" (Caroline
Myss) where we trade stories about how ugly, bad, or imperfect our bodies

Let's stop the insanity: love is the only way to respect bodies whether it is
yours or others. Think for a moment how hard it is for you is exist in a
world without love… this is often how your bodies live all the time. They go
on quite unappreciated: who can work well under those conditions? No

"Love is a good teacher, it teaches in no time at all." (Pierre Corneille)

Mental "woundology" is greatest damage that we routinely do to one
another. We think that by sharing our sorrows that we are supporting
others. The reality is that continually sharing heartache - especially once
the painful crisis has passed - only serves to keep our wounds and theirs
alive. For what we lavish our attention on is what we manifest into our
reality. Everyone has made their share of mistakes… we are meant to learn
from them and move on.

We show the greatest respect to others when we refuse to keep their pain
alive… when we speak of ways that they can solve their problems and
move past their pain. Or when we show them the path to their own
empowerment or how to achieve their dreams… anything but nursing their

"Love is an irresistible desire to be irresistibly desired." (Robert Frost)

Emotional "sandbagging" is another way we often disrespect others. We

encourage sandbagging when we recommend "ego defenses" which have
us inappropriately handling our emotions. Help others to deal with the
emotions head on… for that is the truest love and the highest form of
respect. "Ego defenses" include:

* denial ("the upsetting event is not really happening to me"),

* repression ("the upsetting event really never happened in the first
* dissociation ("was there an upsetting event? I cannot remember one"),
* projection ("the upsetting event is happening to anyone else but me"),
* minimizing ("the upsetting event happened but it is no big deal… so
* conversion ("the upsetting event will be OK after more sex, food, drugs").

"Love is the only satisfactory answer to the problem of human existence." (Erich Fromm)

Religious beliefs are the most sacred part of any individual. In many
different past lifetimes, I have been a Jewish rabbi, a Roman Catholic
priest, a Russian and Greek Orthodox priest, a Protestant minister, a
Buddhist monk, a Hindu cleric, a follower of Confucius, Lao Tse, Islam,
Sihkism, Shinto, and numberless other religious, spiritual, and
philosophical paths. I have translated religious texts (for the best of these,
click here) into many languages over the course of several lives.

I have great respect for all beliefs for all religious paths can lead one to a
greater love for God. I show this respect by not trying to convert others to
my point of view. For I know that each path contains it's own beauty and
offers it's own special gift to it's followers (for more on this, click here). I
have found that showing this respect is one of the greatest gifts of love
that I can give others.
"We love the things we love in spite of what they are." (Louis Untermeyer)

No one is perfect, not me, not you, not anyone else. No matter what you
dislike about others, it is of vital importance that you value others - just as
they are right now. For by doing so, that is how we create peace within our
own hearts. The fact is that we all are - from the saints to the sinners - a
"work in progress": changing every day and evolving into becoming who
we already are.

As Philo the philosopher advises, "be kind, for everyone you meet is
fighting a hard battle." When you can accept others just as they are right
now, this is the ultimate way of respecting the hard battle that they are
fighting. If you can think of them as Soul, as a being struggling as you are,
you will find that it is not so very hard to achieve this level of acceptance.

"All disease is related to a lack of love… all healing to giving & receiving unconditional love."
(Bernie Siegel)

Love is the most powerful force in the universe. It is the universal solvent
which cuts through all hate, all fears, all obstacles, all difficulties. Where
difficult, problematic relationships exist, it is due to the absence of love
energy between us and others. By always holding thoughts of loving
kindness toward others in your heart, you rebuild the love energy bridges
between you and other(s).

This dissolves away the problems between you and others like magic -
without you trying to change them (which would be a form of psychic
attack and bad karma). Giving unconditional love to others is the greatest
gift that you could ever give them.

"Love is the strongest force the world possesses, and yet it is the humblest imaginable."
(Mohandas Gandhi)

Although it may be hard to believe, the truth is that everyone does the
best they can with what they have. For everyone is just living out what
they have learned in this or previous lives. Compassion comes when you
realize that those who hate and hurt others are just lashing out against
times when they were hated and hurt themselves. For it is then that you
can see that "it is the pain talking" and not the person.

Given that you understand there are no truly bad people - only hurting
people who say and do bad things - you can be compassionate towards
every person in every situation. Pouring the oil of compassion, tolerance,
and understanding on the troubled waters of daily life is the very essence
of loving others.

"Love is the extremely difficult realization that something other than oneself is real." (Iris
Everyone is a spark of the Divine and brings a unique note to the universal
song we are all singing (notice that the word uni-verse means "one song").
This means that everyone has something unique and valuable to
contribute. Even though you may not understand their contribution or
believe it is valuable, know that it is.

Unfortunately, the world is all too ready to teach us that others should be
discounted because they differ from us in some way (gender, race,
nationality, religion, etc) when we are all the same and equal as Soul. That
is why the word "Namaste" is such a powerful greeting because it conveys
respect in a very pure way. For when we respect ourselves and others, we
are acting from one of the deepest places of unconditional love.

"Love is like water in the hand. Leave the fingers open and it stays, clutch it and it darts away."
(Dorothy Parker)

One of the highest forms of unconditional life is to prepare your loved ones
to live without you. For only when those you love are completely self
reliant are they totally free, safe, and protected for the rest of their lives
(for more on what it means to be self reliant, click here). Even if that
freedom means that they walk away from you forever, you have given
them gifts that will help them wherever they go.

If you truly love them, then you should want them to be free. Free to make
their own choices, even if it means making mistakes. Free to find their own
love, even if it means feeling heartbreak. Free to live their own life on their
own terms, even if that life will bring them pain, especially if you can see it
and they cannot. For love with freedom is the only way that it can be truly

"Love means never having to say that you are sorry." (Erich Segal)

What keeps us firmly stuck to our negative baggage is the fact that we
cannot forgive others for somehow failing us. Sincere, heartfelt forgiveness
is the solvent that unsticks our fingers from this baggage, allowing us to
drop it. Dropping it is the best thing that we can do for ourselves and
others. Forgiveness does not mean condoning what happened or just
forgetting about it or not learning from it. All of those are valuable lessons
that we spent emotion learning.

What forgiveness means is releasing the anger and other negative

emotions that keep us stuck in unforgiveness of others. For it is these
negative emotions that keep us from loving and living happily ever after
because they keep our hearts closed when they need to be open for health
and life.
"Life is short and we never have enough time for gladdening others' hearts. Be swift to love!"
(Henri Amiel)

If there is one key to showing unconditional love to others, it is this. As

William Penn said, "any good that I can do, or any kindness that I can
show to any fellow creature, let me do it now. Let me not defer or neglect
it, for I shall not pass this way again." Making people happy, helping them
to be happy, and allowing them to be happy are all ways of showing others
unconditional love.

The greatest monuments we leave behind us are helping a child to smile,

a friend to laugh, a stranger to feel better. Small, random acts of kindness
done out of "love and love alone" are the easiest ways to show our
unconditional love for others.
Credits: adapted from channeled information

Rules #44: Becoming a CoWorker With God: "Why We Are Here"

"For one human being to love another… that is perhaps the most difficult of all
our tasks, the ultimate, the last test and proof, the work for which all other
work is but preparation."
(Rainer Maria Rilke)

Why Are We Here?

For most of our human lives, we are

primarily concerned with gaining
experience in the worlds of karma.

When we have reached a certain level of

advancement, we realize that it is in our
interest to learn and work within this
system of divine justice.
And when we have achieved a certain level of mastery with the laws of
karma after many cycles of reincarnation, we can begin to understand why
we have undergone such a long and extensive journey through the
universe in the first place.

Becoming Who You Already Really Are

For at the beginning, in the end, and all throughout our personal trek the
reason behind everything we have learned, endured, suffered, and
triumphed becomes clear. No matter where we are, no matter what we are
doing, being, or becoming, we are growing in our ability to love so that we
can become an ever better CoWorker with God as we serve in the
unfolding majesty of His/Her Creation.

So how does one become a CoWorker with God?… by being the


"Believe in no other God than the one who insists on justice and equality for all." (George

All religion, philosophy, and spirituality can be summed up this way: "Only
love is real. All we have is this moment now. Choose love at every
moment." That is easy to teach but hard to live. Therefore most of these
systems go for the opposite: something easy to live (to attract and retain
followers) and something hard to teach (to keep the "shamans" - the ones
who know the system - employed).

Since daily life is often enough of a challenge, the relative ease of the
man-made systems helps it's followers to get what they need and to learn
what they can from life. Eventually, after many incarnations, if there is one
thing that karma ingrains in us, it is the necessity of acting at all times for
the highest good of all concerned.

For the greatest good is the centerpoint of all existence and the place
where love flourishes the best. What is the greatest good is always a
judgment call: one that only lifetimes of experience can help us to make
with the highest accuracy and the greatest consistency. For it is by our
choices that we are judged. And it is our choices that determine how we
best can serve as a CoWorker with God.

"'Let me help'… we'll recommend those three words even over 'I love you'." (Classic Star

"I love you" is perhaps the most overused and misused phrase in any
language. It is so easy to say those words and often so hard to mean
them. That is because meaning them generally requires us to take action
to give those words meaning. The actions that we choose to take as well
as those we avoid taking are usually the truest measures of our love. It is
our actions that reveal our hearts: when we say "let me help" and we do it,
that shows our love far more than any telling can do.

When we stand by loved ones "in sickness and in health, for richer and for
poorer", we show them more than words can say that our love is real…
and when we fail to, we show everyone that it is not. If we act to prevent
or end situations that put our loved ones in the way of harm, we again
show others the quality of our love. It is all too easy to turn a blind eye or a
deaf ear and say "that's not my problem".

Being a CoWorker means "lending a hand" wherever you are because you
will not pass that way again. It means that because God has put you where
you are, you have agreed to do your best to help however you can. It
means deciding to lend a hand… not having to be told to do so.
"This above all: be true, be true, be true." (Nathaniel Hawthorne)

Unshakable honesty and personal integrity is the very essence of being a

Coworker with God. Our journey of life is all about developing this capacity
for discernment: learning what works and what does not by direct personal
experience with the laws of karma through many incarnations. For it is
only upon the rock of truth that we can stand as CoWorkers with God. In
the universe, our every thought, belief, intention, and action is known by
God more precisely than we can ever know.

So the only one we can ever deceive by departing from truth is ourselves
until the weight of karma shows us the futility of doing so. When we begin
to connect with truth, we find that it exists at many different levels. As we
unfold into this greater awareness of truth, our perception of it changes as
our consciousness expands. Truth remains the same: we are just able to
see it better as the scales of illusion fall away. The more we connect with
truth, the better we become as coworkers.

"Language is the blood of the soul into which thoughts run and out of which they grow."
(Oliver Wendell Holmes)

Words are the vital connection between actions and truth for "as we
believe, so shall we do". Nothing manifests into the universe without
thoughts. And thoughts cannot be communicated into action without the
words expressing the ideas.

Almost always before we become known by our actions, we are recognized

by our consistently spoken words, by what we usually choose to share by
our speech, and by what we always remain silent about. Nothing snares us
karmically as much as our tongues: the sooner we learn to control them,
the better coworkers we will be.

"I am endued with such qualities that if I were turned out of the realm in my petticoat, I were
able to live any place in Christendom." (Queen Elizabeth I)

Courage is the fuel that gives us strength to make our journey through the
universe as we explore the worlds of karma and reincarnation. If you feel
you are lacking in courage, know that coming to Earth to have a spiritual
experience was in and of itself a great act of bravery. Aristotle said that
"courage is the first among human qualities because it guarantees the
others". Courage is the golden thread that draws us ever higher into the
inner realms and helps us be better CoWorkers with God.

"We are all but humble instruments in the service of God." (Thomas Jackson)

All Souls are created equally and are equally loved by God. God does not
value Mother Theresa more and Adolf Hitler less. Both are Divine creations
and are equal in God's eyes. It is only humans who make value judgments
about the merit of individual lives labeling them saint or sinner, great or
small, good or evil. The spinning wheel of karma works to reverse fortunes
until we are brought to the place of loving service as humble instruments
working with God to cocreate the universe.

"As long as you live, keep learning how to live." (Seneca)

The universe is always unfolding so we will always find ourselves in a state

of change. In any life, we grow, then we age. We live, we learn, we
contribute to the evolution of consciousness. During our personal journey,
we work ourselves from darkness to light, from negative to positive, from
karma to dharma. We do it again in life after life until we transition into the
inner worlds where we continue to unfold… for there is always more to
becoming "state of the art" in coworkership.

"The great lesson that nature seems to teach us at all ages is self-dependence, self-protection,
self-support." (Elizabeth Cady Stanton)

The most terrible truth that anyone will learn is… they agreed to
experience all that has, is, and will happen to them. The universe operates
under this simple rule: "all that happens is by prior agreement". These
agreements are made with one simple purpose: to teach the individual to
become whole and complete within themselves as they unfold along with
the constantly changing universe. For the more complete we become
within ourselves, the better we become as CoWorkers with God.

"I have seen the face of the enemy and I find that we are they." (Anonymous)

Our journey of reincarnation is driven by our need to take responsibility for

our actions (personal karma) and our duty to all life (group karma). Since
we are individual sparks of God, we each must learn in our own way
(individuation). Yet since we are part of the "one song" of the uni-verse, we
learn from our connection to others (divination). Compassion springs from
realizing that all of us are on the same journey and will ultimately arrive at
the same destination. That journey is through the worlds of karma and that
destination is love, the heart of God Itself.

"Life is a succession of lessons which must be lived to be understood." (Helen Keller)

All roads lead back to God... but all roads are not the same nor do
individuals travel along the roads in the same way. Whether we realize it or
not, all of us are seekers after truth and each will come to truth in the way
that is best for them.

An essential part of becoming a coworker is honoring the path, life

contract, and choices that we make and others make in their Soul's
journey in this and other lifetimes. We are all unique sparks of God
choosing the "succession of lessons which must be lived to be understood"
that is best for us. The highest form of respect coworkers can show is
allowing others their own choices/lessons and forgiving ourselves for our
own personal choices/lessons.

"Every creature is a word of God." (Meister Eckhart)

One of the greatest acts of love we can do for another is to show them
how to be complete within themselves. As the old adage goes: "catch a
fish for a person and you feed them for a day… teach them to fish and you
feed them for a lifetime."

When we empower others to fully enjoy their birthright as Divine Beings,

we pass on the flame of love others gave to us when they brought us into
our own power. It is that flame of love which fills the universe with the
energy that is so necessary to it's unfoldment. We were all created to
make manifest the Glory of God that is within us as coworkers… we all do
that when we "be all that we can be."

"I shall do good, I shall do His work; I shall be an angel of peace, a preacher of truth in my
own place… if I do but keep His commandments and serve Him in my calling." (John Henry

It is one of the great ironies of human existence that humans seek to

maximize love and to minimize service. Yet one of the easiest ways of
getting more love is by giving more loving service. For as we give from
sincere service from our hearts, they naturally open. As they open, we
become ever more receptive to the flow of love which, by it's very nature,
is a circle of giving and receiving.

The fastest way to step into the flow of love is by the work that we do for,
by it's very nature, our work is what engages the majority of our time.
Having the discipline to give loving service first, last, and always is what
prepares us "the work for which all other work is but preparation":
CoWorkership with God.
Credits: adapted from channeled information

Rules #4: Rules for Healing - If You Truly Want to Heal

For Those in Healing

Just in case you wondered if there

are rules for healing there are...

The truth is the healing rules listed

below operate very impersonally
just like any other physical

Follow these rules and you will

heal. For these rules will put you
on the road to recovery. Ignore
them and you will continue to be

No one is free from them ever. So

either you decide to work with
these healing rules or you will
constantly bang into them.

The choice is yours.



You heal for two reasons. One, you believe you deserve to heal and that
belief manifests as your desire to be healed. Two, your desire to be healed
manifests as action on your part to get healed. So many people delay,
deny, and diffuse their healing because, at bottom, they do not want to
live. The desire for healing is truly the desire for living. You will only heal if
you really want to live.


No one outside of you can take responsibility for your problems. This
means that no one outside of you can really heal you. The truth is that
healers are merely facilitators and vehicles for your healing. Healers can
advise you, counsel you, and prescribe treatments for you but they cannot
heal you. Only you can heal the spiritual cause ("as above") of your body-
mind problem ("so below").


When you go to see a healer, you go for a few hours a week at most
(unless you are seriously ill). So do the math: the rest of the time your
healing is totally up to you. It's your job to take the medicine the healer
has prescribed. It's your job to do the things the healer has told you to do.
It's your job to assess if the healer is helping you or if you should find
another one. So if you are not getting the results you want from your
healing, the first place to look for answers is in the mirror.


Everything in the universe is energy. We may appear to be "solid" matter

but looks can be deceiving. If you magnify your cells down to your atoms,
you would see that you are made up of subtle energy fields and not
matter. Your body-mind is constantly radiating, absorbing, and conducting
this energy. Every action, every thought, every choice effects your energy

Dis-eases occur in the body-mind due to imbalances and blockages in your

energy field resulting from how much/little you have honored the needs of
your body- mind-spirit, respected your path, and learned your lessons. In
the long run, your state of wellness is the net result of your state of
beingness: body, mind, and spirit.


Looking back one hundred years ago, we are amazed that anyone could
believe that you could heal the body without healing the mind. Looking
forward one hundred years from now, people will be amazed that anyone
could believe that you could heal the body and the mind without
addressing the spiritual issues arising from the manner in which you
conduct your life. Your body, mind, and spirit are intimately connected and
act as one. Your body-mind-spirit connect you to your lessons, your path,
and to the oneness of the universal collective consciousness.


The Earth is a big schoolhouse. You are here to learn lessons (if you have
not already consulted Rules #1 for Being Human, please do so). There are
many ways for you to learn your lessons. You can learn through pleasure
or pain. The God Self within you, your Higher Self, is the one who sent you
the problem to be healed to advance your learning. So the best way to
heal your problems is to accept that you have lessons to learn and to do
your best to master them.


Your life is always up to you: do not ever allow anyone to convince you
otherwise. Too many people too often allow those in the healing
professions to define their lives by accepting the life or death sentences
the healers decree. Only God is perfect: any human healer can be wrong
(even me).

Case in point: if I had believed my doctors I would have died by 21, yet
somehow I have lived to be 42+. I lived because I accepted that I had
caused my problems and the answers to them lay within me. I was born
deeply wounded because I had wounded others… but it was my wounds
that led to my gifts. I healed because I forgave myself. I forgave myself
because God loved and forgave me.


Benjamin Franklin said "God does the work (of healing) and the physician
takes the fee". And it's true. Your body-mind was designed to be a self-
maintaining system, automatically correcting for the problems inevitable
to your existence on Earth. In fact, the truth is that you are always sick
because your body-mind is in a continual state of fighting off threats from
your environment.

You become ill when the body-mind is too overburdened by afflictions to

go on functioning normally. Dis-eases and dis-orders result when long
standing threats to the body-mind-spirit go untreated for too long. Death is
only inescapable when the energy field is so degraded that the physical
matter cannot be supported.


The energy field that surrounds, penetrates, and binds your body-mind-
spirit is in a perpetual state of activity. It is constantly in motion,
continuously taking in and sending out vibrating energy waves. It
processes signals of energy created by your actions, your thoughts, and
your emotions as well as by your environment and lifestyle choices (food,
sleep, exercise, etc).

Medicine, drugs, or herbs work to heal your body-mind because the

vibration they produce has the right harmonic relationship to the part of
the body-mind currently in a state of dis-ease. These harmonic boosts
serve as an aid to the the self regulating mechanisms of body-mind in
eliminating the energetic imbalance that caused the dis-ease to begin
with. For only a balanced field can supply the body-mind with sufficient
energy to maintain a healthy state of matter.


One of the best physicians there is has the sign saying "Laughter is the
Best Medicine" prominently displayed in his office. That's just goes to
prove that the best things in life are still free - even in a doctor's office!
When people come to me for healing, I always know that those who can
laugh about their ills and have a sense of humor about their problems will
do the best. No matter what treatment you are on, it can always be
improved by "a smile a day to keep the doctor away".


Simply defined, healing is achieving and maintaining a state of "wellness".

Wellness flows from fully developing each dimension of body, mind, and
spirit and finding an overall balance between them. Ultimately, this
balance is achieved by honoring your spiritual path and your unique
purpose in life.


Most view healing as a process of just "repairing" problems. Yet when all
the repairs are completed, continuing the healing process takes you to the
next level of your growth and enhancement. The universe is a
continuously unfolding and expanding creation and there is always more
to explore and to grow. Healing is the means to get you there: it becomes
a journey and not just a destination.

If you are not convinced that these rules are for real, see how they relate
to the Top 10 Causes of Death... take a few minutes to save your life.

If you want to clear, heal, and balance your karma, there are additional
rules you will need to consult... the Rules of Past Life Healing.

Credits: adapted from different information provided by Barbara Brennan, Janet Koenig,
and Victoria Pendragon and channeled information

Rules# 7: Rules for Illness - What You Need to Know If You are Ill

For Those in Illness

Just in case you wondered if there

are rules for illness there are...

The truth is the illness rules listed

below operate very impersonally
just like any other physical

Follow these rules and you will

heal. For these rules will put you
on the road to recovery. Ignore
them and you will continue to be

No one is free from them ever. So

either you decide to work with
these illness rules or you will
constantly bang into them.

The choice is yours.


The first thing anyone asks once they have contracted a serious illness is
"Why me?" The question gets asked without the person expecting the
answer. Yet there is an answer and it is "you agreed to it in advance for
your own growth". This is directly contrary to the strongly held societal
belief that illness is something that "happens to us", that somehow it is
outside ourselves.

The truth is that your illness has everything to do with you. Your illness has
been directed at you by spirit. Usually you agreed to it before you
incarnated here. Or more often you contracted it while you were "down
here" because you strayed from your path. Your illness is meant to propel
you on a journey of self-discovery. If you cannot accept this, then your
illness will be harder than it has to be.


If you have ever noticed that most people seem to be in a perpetual state
of complaining about their lives, it is because they have "forgotten" why
they are here. People are here on Earth to learn lessons and, in general,
have chosen to accept experiences that are harder than they can handle -
hence the complaints.

This usually manifests as a profound state of dis-ease with their life. This
feeling of dis-ease, if deep and long standing, manifests as illness.
Thoroughly joyful, ecstatic people are usually in great health. If they do
have serious illness, it is because they have chosen it at the level of spirit
to advance their learning (and they know it!).


When we are babies, most of us are bathed in love. Babies are totally
focused on getting and giving love every moment of every day. Often, they
get touched, hugged, and kissed more as babies than they will for the rest
of their lives. In return, babies are absolutely not afraid to give love or to
get it.

As we grow older, we are taught to fear getting or giving love. Love

becomes associated with pain and we narrow the circle of those we allow
to come close enough to us to exchange love. Yet love is as important to
our health as the air we breathe or the food we eat. When we are
chronically unable to give or receive love, the lack of this vital nutrient
always manifests as illness in our bodies or minds.


Even when we are receiving and giving our minimum daily requirement of
love, we still can be starved for another vital nutrient. This is the inherent
need in each one of us to find purpose and meaning in our lives.
At some point as we grow older, we must ask ourselves: "Am I leading the
life I want to lead?" and "Am I the person that I want to be?" If the answers
to these two questions are "No", this never fails to induce a profound state
of dis-ease in our lives. Either we take the action that is needed to turn
those "No-s" into "Yes-es" or illness will manifest in our bodies-minds.


It is amazing how readily when can accept that this is true for other people
and not for ourselves. It makes sense to us that women we know, who
cannot accept their femininity, contract breast and/or ovarian cancer or
that men who, struggle with their masculinity, contract prostate cancer. Or
that those who have been inflexible all their lives manifest the rigidity in
their bodies as arthritis. Or that those who have difficulty speaking up for
themselves end up with throat cancer.

Yet, we all have a blind spot when it comes to ourselves that keeps us from
seeing how our conduct is helping or harming our overall health. The truth
is "the fault lies not in our stars, but in ourselves..."


Everything you think and speak, in essence, is a command to the universe.

So if you are always thinking and saying "I'm tired", then you should not
be surprised when you always are. Of if you are always thinking and
saying "I'm going to die before my time", then you will. So watch your
thoughts and your words for these are your spiritual commands that will
manifest in your body-mind.


Unless you are on the brink of death, before you seek a cure by chopping
(major surgery), burning (laser/radiation), or poisoning (hard "drugs")
your body or mind, first give peace a chance. You owe it to yourself to seek
cures that work with your body and mind instead of against them.

Do energy work, meditation, visualization - anything you can - to avoid the

drastic measures that chopping, burning, and poisoning present. Since you
are all energy, the problem and the solution healing to your illness begin
and end in your energy field. For more, see the "Rules for Healing"!


If you are looking for a miracle cure, here it is: "Choose to love at every
moment: forgive everyone, everything." This magic cure will speed you
through whatever lessons you have to learn. When you have learned your
lessons, the clouds of illness hanging over you will magically part - with
one important exception. That is where death has been deemed as the
ONLY way for you to learn. Yet we are all creators here so anything is
possible. See the "Rules #1 for Being Human"...

In the spirit worlds, those on the Earth plane with serious illnesses are
called butterflies. This is because illness has put them into a cocoon of
survival. To keep on living, the "butterfly" must struggle and force it's way
out of the cocoon by learning the lessons that life has to teach. The more
serious the illness, the greater the need to change ways of life that no
longer serve the individual.


Illness used to be the greatest excuse in my arsenal for not living. As long
as I ignored it, illness clung to me. Once I "listened" to it, my illness fell
away. So no excuses: just choose to live!!! For more, see the "Rules for


The saying the "ignorance of the law is no excuse" is never more true than
when it comes to illness. Illnesses run like trains on a predefined track with
predetermined timetables. While you choose to ignore the illness, it keeps
going, chugging on schedule down the track. Ignoring it never stops the
illness train. What stops it is a conscious desire on your part to switch to a
safer length of track.


You are the only one who lives inside your skin: 7 days a week, 24 hours a
day. When it comes to diagnosing and treating your condition, the
difference between you and your doctor/healer is that they have read
more books than you have and they have more practical experience with
healing dis-eases than you have.

When it comes to caring about and understanding your condition, never

forget that only you really care and only you really understand because
only you are living with it. You can always learn more about your condition
but your doctor can never live inside your skin. So until they do, you will
always know best. So listen to the doctor but be sure to follow your heart
and your gut.

If you are not covinced that these rules are for real, see how they relate to
the Top 10 Causes of Death... take a few minutes to save your life.

Credits: adapted from my own lessons in the "School of Hard Knocks" and channeled

Rules #9: Rules for Recovery - Getting Better is Being Better

For Those in Recovery

Healing/recovery from any mental,

physical, emotional, or spiritual
illness follow a familiar pattern
which you may already know.

These "Rules of Recovery" are from

the most famous recovery source
of all: Alcoholics Anonymous -
The 12 Step Program.

Recovery becomes the search for

serenity. You may remember the
famous Serenity Prayer:
"God, grant me the serenity to
accept the things I cannot change,
the courage to change the things I
can; and the wisdom to know the



You can never heal any problem

unless you first admit that you have one (see the "Rules #4: Healing"). In
fact, from the moment you recognize you have a problem, your healing
process begins. In the language of 12 Steps, "we admitted we were
powerless over our problems (fill in the blank with your problems): that our
lives had become unmanageable". We promise ourselves "we are going to
know a new freedom and a new happiness". We choose to know "hope
instead of desperation".


If you could solve the problem on your own, you would have. When you
cannot, you need to get help. In the language of 12 Steps, "we came to
believe that a power greater than ourselves could restore us to a joyous
and peaceful way of thinking and living ". We promise ourselves "we will
not regret the past nor wish to shut the door on it". We choose to know
"faith instead of despair".


Knowing that you need help is no good unless you are open to receiving it.
Openness to receiving help always involves courage to make an
extraordinary leap of faith. For to heal, we must put ourselves in the hands
of others. In the language of 12 Steps, "we made a decision to turn our will
and our lives over to the care of this power of our own understanding". So
we promise ourselves "we will fully comprehend the word serenity". We
choose to know "courage instead of fear".


Your illness and your problems are intensely personal and meant to propel
you on a journey of learning (see the "Rules #7: Illness"). You cannot heal
the problem unless you are willing to discover it's inner cause. You cannot
discover the inner cause unless you are willing to look within. In the
language of 12 Steps, "we made a searching and fearless moral inventory
of ourselves". We promise ourselves "we will know peace". We choose to
know "peace of mind instead of confusion".


Admitting your problems to others is what allows the darkness to be

brought to light and is what allows the healing to transform your state of
being. Admitting your problems to others allows them to benefit by
avoiding the mistakes you have made. In the language of 12 Steps, "we
admitted to this power of our own understanding, to ourselves and to
another human being the exact nature of our wrongs". We promise
ourselves "no matter how far down the scale we have gone, we will see
how our experience can benefit others ". We choose to know "self-respect
instead of self-contempt" because we believe we are worthy.


Changing for the better is simple but often hard to do. It is simply this:
"Choose to love at every moment: forgive everyone, everything". For
negative emotions - like fear, hate, anger - lie at the bottom of illnesses
and love is the cure. In the language of 12 Steps, "we were entirely ready
to have all these defects or character removed". We promise ourselves
"the feelings of uselessness and self-pity will disappear ". We choose to
know "self-confidence instead of helplessness ".


Change can happen in an instant. To make sure that the change lasts, we
need the help of God and all other people in our lives to keep our feet
planted on the path of change. For know that if we do not stick to the
necessary changes we have agreed to make in our lives, our problems will
return to us. They return until we have learned our lessons or our bodies-
minds have no choice but to die. If we die, it so that we can get another
chance to learn to love. In the language of 12 Steps, "we humbly asked
God to remove our shortcomings". We promise ourselves "we will lose
interest in selfish things and gain interest in others". We choose to know
"the respect of others instead of their pity and contempt".

You life can only begin anew once you have agreed to put the past behind
you. You cannot change the past, you can only become willing to make
amends for it. Others may or may not forgive you. Whether they do or not,
realize that you are making amends primarily for your peace of mind and
to ingrain in you the habit of always projecting love. In the language of 12
Steps, "we made a list of all persons we had harmed, and became willing
to make amends to them all". We promise ourselves "self-seeking will slip
away". We choose to know "a clean conscience instead of a sense of guilt"
because today is the first day of the rest of our life.


Our bodies and minds were not meant to hold negative emotions - they
were meant to receive and give love unconditionally. We cannot heal our
bodies-minds as long as we continue to drink in the poison that sustained
negative emotions and bad treatment of ourselves and others produce in
us. In the language of 12 Steps, "we made direct amends to such people
(including ourselves) wherever possible, except when to do so would injure
them or others". We promise ourselves "our whole attitude and outlook on
life will change". We choose to know "friendships instead of loneliness"
because we know that we are loving and loveable.


To be effective and long lasting, change must be a continuous daily

process. Many fail to make changes because doing so forever seems
overwhelming. The process becomes manageable when we take it one day
at a time and allow ourselves to have setbacks without ever giving up on
ourselves. In the language of 12 Steps, "we continued to take personal
inventory and when we were wrong promptly admitted it". We promise
ourselves "fear of people and insecurity will leave us". We choose to know
"a clean pattern of life instead of a purposeless existence ".


Opening ourselves to God's help is the only way that we ultimately

succeed. In the language of 12 Steps, "we sought through prayer and
meditation to improve our conscious contact with God, as we understood
God, praying only for knowledge of God's will for us and the power to carry
that out". We promise ourselves "we will intuitively know how to handle
situations which used to baffle us". We choose to see "the love and
understanding of our families instead of their doubts and fears".


In the language of 12 Steps, "having had a spiritual awakening as the

result of these twelve steps, we tried to carry this message to others, and
to practice these principles in all our affairs ". We promise ourselves "we
will suddenly realize that God is doing for us what we could not do for
ourselves ". We choose to know "the freedom of a happy life instead of the
bondage of our problems".

If you are not covinced that these rules are for real, see how they relate to
the Top 10 Causes of Death... take a few minutes to save your life.

Credits: adapted from "Alcoholics Anonymous: 12 Step Program" and

channeled information

Rules #32: "Going to Hell": By Violating the Rules of Healing

"Shit happens" is a favorite

expression in the United States. It
summarizes quite eloquently the
mistaken belief that karma falls down
on each one of us randomly just like

So that when "bad things happen to

good people", we can just shrug our
shoulders and feel sorry for ourselves.
This is especially true when it comes
to "suddenly" getting ill: we say "shit
happens, what can you do?"

Yet there is nothing sudden about

most illnesses... and like rain, we see
clouds gathering, but we are sure
they will go away. Then when a bolt of
lightning strikes us in the head, we
are totally surprised.

So Say to Your Soul, "Hell No, I

Won't Go!"...

So let's take the guesswork out of it... Let's see what happens when we do
not honor ourselves, when we let our chakras and auras go to "hell in a
handbasket", when we fail to heed the call of Soul and live as we know we

Before We Go to "Hell": Let's Review Quickly How Our Chakras


The energy field (otherwise known as the aura) that surrounds, penetrates,
and binds the body-mind-spirit is in a perpetual state of activity. It is
constantly in motion, continuously taking in and sending out vibrating
energy waves through openings in the aura (otherwise known as chakras).
The human energy field processes signals of energy created by one's
actions, thoughts, and emotions as well as by one's environment and
lifestyle choices (exercise, food, sleep, etc). When someone thinks and
chooses in a manner that is consistent with love and with their agreed
upon path in life, they experience abundant energy and vibrant health.

It is the ability to love that keeps the energy chakras open and flowing. So
when one thinks and chooses from fear, power, lack, negativity, or
selfishness, the flow of energy is blocked. Dis-ease then occurs in the
body-mind due to imbalances and blockages in the energy field resulting
from how little one has honored the needs of body-mind-spirit and
respected their path.

These blockages deprive the area of the body-mind being fed by the
chakra by restricting the flow of energy to below what is necessary for
good health. Since there is more than one chakra, energy will continue to
reach the total body-mind despite the blockages. However, the areas
around the blocked chakra slowly get diseased. Such blockages do not
occur evenly or randomly across the body. They occur in the chakra
associated with "the area of life" where the individual is not acting in a
manner that is consistent with love and/or their path in life.

Persistent blockages manifest as problems which can be as minor as

infrequent pain and as major as cancer. To truly heal illness usually
requires a life change ultimately leading to a personal life more connected
to the core of one's being. It leads us to that deeper part of ourselves
called the Higher Self. And when we refuse to be led, the consequences
can become severe and dramatic. We descend into our own personal hell...
and we build it brick by brick, one day at a time.

And So As We Believe and Act, So Shall We Become


Related Diseases: Sexual Dysfunction, Prostate/Ovarian-Breast Cancer

Just because someone incarnates into a male or female body, it does not
make them a man or a woman. To become a man or a woman means
embracing their body's gender with a glad heart while being grateful for
the lessons it will bring. Yet, in past lives, most of us usually develop a
preference for one gender over the other.

When we find that we are either consistently "wishing and hoping" or

"acting as if" we were the opposite sex, we are telling our bodies to reject
those gender specific parts of ourselves that "do not belong" to us. This
dis-ease with our own gender, if not confronted and resolved, will result in
sexual disorders.

Similarly, if we find ourselves with partners who reject or belittle how we

honor our sexuality and we do nothing to "defend ourselves", this lack of
self love will also be interpreted as us rejecting our own sexuality and
opens us to disease.


Related Diseases: Fibromyalgia, Chronic Fatigue, Kidney & Liver

Remember when you were young and had lofty dreams of "what you were
going to be when you grew up"? If you are like most people, somewhere
along the way, you look up and realize that not only have you failed to
achieve your dreams but that your life is a nightmare. Who grows up
wanting to be a "corporate kiss ass", a "back stabber", a "spineless yes
person", a "hanger on for retirement"?

We have all come to Earth to create our lives as we go about unwinding

our past life karma. Often we struggle in the tides of karma, get weary,
and are dragged under into dis-eases that reflect our "karmically lazy"
choices. The weariness manifests as fibromyalgia and chronic fatigue. The
chronic indecision manifests as liver disorders while anger at or
disappointment in ourselves hits the kidneys hard.


Related Diseases: Stomach Cancer, Gastric or Peptic Ulcers, Anorexia,

The dynamic of the universe is this… we are all individual sparks of God,
all connected, just all separate at the same time. This creates a natural
tension between our need to honor our own needs versus honoring the
needs of others. Almost all of us come into this life with a strong tendency
from past lives either to usually put others ahead of ourselves or usually
put ourselves ahead of others.

When we always sacrifice ourselves for others, we eat away at our own
self esteem by caring too much about other's opinions and expectations.
This eating away at ourselves often manifests quite literally in our
physiology as stomach cancer and gastric or peptic ulcers. On the other
hand, when we put our needs ahead of others, we may put undue
attention on ourselves that can take life threatening turns as in the case of
eating disorders like anorexia and bulimia.

These eating disorders are often the result of an individual's desire to

control their bodies because they feel out of control in all other areas of
their life. Ironically, those who end up starving their bodies into submission
gain the ultimate control by focusing others on their own self induced
struggle between life and death.


Related Diseases: Heart Attack, Stroke, Congestive Heart Failure

It is no wonder that Heart Disease is the Number 1 killer worldwide.

Human hearts were designed to receive and give love unconditionally.
Love is as vital a nutrient to our heart as anything we eat or drink or do for
exercise. Since we all have come to the Earth to grow in our ability to give
and receive love, it is not surprising, that when we are unable to do so, we
develop problems in our hearts.

Usually, this is caused by our inability to love ourselves. Since we all are
constantly picking up so much "negative programming" from our families,
our friends, our schools, and our society, that it is no wonder we fail to
love ourselves. For if we are not as successful as Bill Gates or as gorgeous
as a Barbie doll or having emerged from past lives as strong as Hercules,
we inevitably feel "less". It is long held feelings of internal dis-ease in our
minds that manifest as disease in our hearts.


Related Diseases: Throat Cancer, Thyroid, TMJ, Teeth Problems

Speaking up for ourselves is the most effective way of letting others know
of our wants and our needs. It saves time and energy and takes the
guesswork out of others interpreting our grunts and groans. It was the
reason that language evolved.

Speaking up for ourselves is not just telling others mundane things like
"pass the ketchup". It involves "carving out and defending" a sacred space
for ourselves. As in telling others when they have hurt us, especially as to
why and how they have treated us when it is unacceptable and has
violated our sacred space.

Often when we consistently fail to speak up for ourselves when we have

been hurt, we are unconsciously repeating disempowering patterns from
past lives. Yet these unspoken words stick in our throat chakras blocking
the energy until they get so shut down that they become easy targets for


Related Diseases: Eye-Sight Disorders, Ear-Hearing Disorders

Shutting the eyes and closing the ears to the call of spirit often leads to
"real" problems with our eyes and ears. The truth is most vision and
hearing problems are the result of the person's desire to avoid looking at
or listening to the truth about some aspect of their life. Dealing only with
the symptoms (getting eyeglasses or hearing aids) "masks" the problem
without solving it.

The real tragedy is that such "eye/ear care solutions" fits in perfectly with
the mass conscious belief that sight and hearing problems are the natural
result of aging. Whereas what is usually true that as we age we become
"set in our ways", and it is actually this inflexibility that is responsible for
our vision and hearing "impairment".
Sight and hearing loss are only permanent for those who have "shut their
eyes" and have "closed their ears" to the call of spirit and to the possibility
that 10,000 others - who say eyes and ears can never be healed - are


Related Diseases: Migraines, Nerves, Spine, Multiple Sclerosis,

Likewise shutting out the call of spirit can result in blinding, migraine
headaches as the war rages on between mind (which responds more to
our "lower ego") and body (which responds more to our "Higher Self"). The
Crown Chakra is always the focal point of such a war because it is the
point when divination "ends" (one's connection to the collective
consciousness) and "individuation" begins (one's own unique individuality,
the note one's brings to the universal song).

This war can rage throughout the entire nervous system effecting all the
nerves and the spine. In extreme cases, it can manifest as Multiple
Sclerosis and Parkinson's Disease. These diseases are usually found in
spiritually advanced individuals who are so attached to their ego that they
believe and act as if it were possible for them to control everything. (FYI,
that is a job reserved for God!)

The only way to break down such "hard heads and willful hearts" is to
show them, in a way they cannot ignore, that they are more than this.
That they are more than their mind, their body, their heart… they are
Souls and CoWorkers with God.


Related Diseases: Skin Cancer, Bone Diseases, Arthritis, Muscle

It is most often our "skin and bones" that show the "years and mileage"
that we have undergone in our physical existence. Take Skin Cancer which
often strikes those in "trapped" in life situations that have been "eating
away at them" for years: it is the simply outer manifestation of the inner
pain. Or Bone Diseases which often strike those with unhealed past lives
gnawing away at them deep inside.

Or Arthritis which is the outer manifestation of long standing, inflexible

patterns of being: whether it been rigid thoughts, unyielding beliefs, or
disempowering actions. And finally, Muscle Disorders, which relates to
one's ability to "experience life as a joyous dance". After love, regular
doses of joy are essential to one's well being. "All work and no play" makes
Jane / John not only a dull girl / boy, it eventually makes them one prone to
major diseases which will put them out of their misery.


Related Diseases: Self Destructive Behavior, Addiction, Drugs, Risky Sex
Of course, there are many that do not wait for a friendly disease to come
their way. Their emotions drive them to self destructive behaviors
designed to end their pain. Many like to bring on death by building their
coffin one nail at a time.

They "ramp it down" by smoking (which clouds their view of their

problems), drinking (which numbs their pain), or medicating (let's be
honest: prescription and over-the-counter drug abuse is far more prevalent
than hard core drug use).

They "ramp it up" by reckless spending (which leads to death more often
than is reported), risky sex (which leads to disease or to "Mr. Goodbar"), or
extreme sports (let's be honest: the news is littered with stories of those
who "tragically" died young). Either way self destructive emotions are the
true cause of death.


Related Diseases: Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder, Schizophrenia, MPD

Some in the psychology field believe that "all behavior comes from
somewhere" and that "on the inside all behavior makes sense." Often the
"somewhere" is past lives. Take Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder: OCD in
this life is usually directly traceable back to a past life where the
disempowering trait or behavior was created. The trait was created in the
past to empower the person to either live through a life threatening
situation or to prevent them from re-experiencing a traumatic death in
future. Problems crop up when this "cellular learning" inherited from past
lives are no appropriate in the context of the present life.

Similarly, Schizophrenia (SCH) and Multiple Personality Disorder (MPD) are

both caused by improper functioning of protective "past life" mechanisms.
During life threatening situations arise, aspects of past life personalities
will emerge to help the present day person solve problem(s). When the
danger is passed, these past life personalities will automatically be shut
down and reintegrated back into the present day person's memory. The
trouble arises when the individual suffers constant threats from their
environment due to long standing patterns of physical and/or sexual
abuse. The shut down mechanism is disabled and the past life
personalities (MPD) or personality (SCH) will then compete for the
attention of the body-mind.


Related Diseases: Alzheimer's Disease, Phobias (All Types), Paranoia

Less extreme forms of mental problems can also have their origins in past
lives. Take those who suffer from Alzheimer's Disease. They often choose
to incarnate into situations where they are bound to repeat old patterns to
see if they can transcend their inflexibility. After living a lifetime, it is often
crystal clear as to whether the individual has or has not transcended their
"unwanted" patterns.

Contracting Alzheimer's Disease is the usual penalty when they have not…
a similar more drastic but less common penalty is Depersonalization
Disorder (disconnection from one's mental processes). Other "blasts from
the past" into mental states are phobias (which 9 times out of 10
originated in past lives) and paranoia (past life conditioning to always
expect the worst case scenario).


Related Diseases: Recurring Nightmares, Sleep Disorders, Hallucinations

The Etheric Body is the final frontier between the worlds of reincarnation
and karma and the pure realms of Soul. During sleep, people are in the
closest contact with these Soul realms. So when those of us on the Earth
are "going out of control" from the universal perspective, what is a Soul to
do? If it is inconsistent for our life path for us to contract an illness, Soul
tries to reach us through our dreams.

By nature, dreams are fragile, foggy things that are usually confusing and
are quickly forgotten. To get our attention through dreams, they need to
be dramatic and repetitive. If we ignore them, they can become recurring
nightmares and/or sleep disorders. Sleep deprivation over a long enough
period of time usually forces us to pay attention. Unfortunately, it can lead
to hallucinations. If we experience these hallucinations, and it is
determined that our mind is not breaking down, it is likely that "inner
beings" (angelic or demonic) are trying to contact us directly.

The Get-Out-of-Hell-for-FREE-Card

If you have recognized your disease above - and how you have
participated in it's creation - you have taken the first step toward freeing
yourself from your own personal hell. There is only one way to get out of
hell for good and that is to accept that you are totally responsible for all
that has happened to you. When you have learned all that your illness has
to teach you then you can become free from it.

As long as you think that it has happened to you "by accident", that it is
"random", or it is a "cruel joke played on you by the God and/ or the
universe", you will never get out of hell. If you hold such beliefs but have
failed to get out of hell on your own, why not try accepting responsibility
for your problems?

Your problems are all that you have to lose.

Credits: from channeled information.

Rules #20: Secret's Out- Spiritual Reasons for the Top 10 Causes
of Death

The American Way of Death

Here is how the Rules for Illness (#7), Healing

(#4), and Recovery (#9) play out in "real life"
among "real people".

Below are the Top 10 causes of death in the

United States of America, but for accident
("there are no accidents in a universe run by
agreement") and suicide (usually the result of
an overload of spiritual challenges relative to
the person's ability to handle them).

For each cause, the spiritual reason for it is given. If you have one or more
of these conditions, I urge you to look inside and see if - maybe - this
applies to you.


Failing to Love and to Learn to Love Yourself (and Others)

The heart "is the first thing in us to have life, and which has dominion over
all the body." So it "should be the first and the last to love and worship
God, both when we begin and end our actions, be they spiritual or bodily,
and generally in all the affairs of life." The heart was designed to receive
and give love unconditionally.

Love is as vital a nutrient to our heart as anything we eat or drink or do for

exercise. Since we all have come to the Earth to grow in our ability to give
and receive love, it is not surprising, that when we are unable to do so, we
develop problems in our hearts. Usually, this is caused by our inability to
love ourselves.

We all are constantly picking up so much "negative programming" from

our families, our friends, our schools, and our society, that it is no wonder
we fail to love ourselves. For if we are not as successful as Bill Gates or as
gorgeous as a Barbie doll, we feel somehow "less". It is these long
standing feelings of internal dis-ease in our minds that invariably manifest
as disease in our hearts.

Failing to Take Action to Solve Long Standing Life Conflicts

In the inner worlds, cancer is known as the "butterfly disease". Like a

butterfly, the cancer patient has to struggle to break out of the "cocoon" of
their disease or die in the attempt. More often than not, the cancer
"victim" has a pattern of long standing life problems that have been
"eating them up inside".
Their inability or unwillingness to effectively deal with these problems is
what created the cancerous cocoon to begin with. Often, cancer is the
manifestation of the person's conflicting desires to escape the situation
and to "keep things as they are" because change would be too painful.
Cancer becomes the means of escape that many take by doing nothing to
stop it from leading them to a "final solution".


Failing to Honor One's Body-Mind

Stroke should be renamed to "strike" for strokes are invariably caused by

the body-mind going on strike against the individual's lifestyle. To those
around the individual, strokes are seldom a surprise because they can
usually point to the ways in which the person has failed to honor

Stroke "victims" generally have not consistently honored their bodies by

giving them the proper food, drink, exercise, sleep, and other things
"which everyone knows" they should do. They do not honor their minds by
consistently getting the "time off" they need to play, "re-charge", and "re-
create" themselves.

It is "no accident" that since stroke "victims" do not honor their bodies or
minds as the temples of spirit they are, the temples collapse around them.
Unfortunately, it is only when the temple of the body and mind are
permanently damaged by stroke that they learn this lesson - in this life if
they are lucky, in the next if they are not.


Failing to Face Overwhelming Fears and Challenges

Just as cancer is the inability to deal with long standing problems, fatal
bouts of pneumonia and influenza usually result from an individual's
inability to handle multiple fears and challenges overwhelming them in a
shorter, more compressed timeframe. Usually the person is drowned in the
flood of emotions (fear, anxiety, panic) that engulf them. The "internal
floods" manifest as severe lung congestion which cuts off their connection
to breath and ultimately their connection to life.


Failing to Connect with Joy and the "Sweetness" of Life

If diabetics had their own theme song, it might be this one from Henry
Purcell: "a person of sorrow and acquainted with grief…" Many diabetics
will tell you that the restrictions they endure with this disease are cause
enough for their sadness. And yet it is the sadness from many lifetimes
that has usually caused them to contract this disorder. The bodies of
diabetics cannot handle sugar because they cannot connect with life's
sweetness. Aside from love, it is joy and happiness that are the most
necessary "spiritual" nutrients that are required to sustain life. So the best
advice for diabetics is to "stop worrying and get happy".


Failing to Love and Accept Oneself for Who and What One Is

In the course of many lifetimes, we have been and will be all things - from
a mass murderer to a saint (and yes, it is possible for the same individual
to have had incarnations as each… one is personally known to me!). It is
no accident that AIDS and HIV originated in the gay community as the
primary lessons of those in "alternative lifestyles" is self discovery and self
acceptance. Those who become "tired" of constantly fighting off the
rejection and criticism from others manifest this weariness in their bodies.
At the same time, their bodies become unable to fight off threats from the
environment and become "self" rejecting. The inevitable result of this self
rejection can be nothing but fatal, nothing but death.


Failing to Accept What One Has Made of One's Life

Cirrhosis of the liver is the ultimate disease of choice. For those who get it
have chosen consistently to "drown their sorrows in a bottle" rather than
facing them. For those in life situations or places in the world where
hopelessness, misery, and despair are the daily diet getting drunk may
seem a sensible alternative. And death that lies waiting at the bottom of
the glass may seem to be the only true hope.


Failing to Be Open and Receptive to Life

More commonly known as "hardening of arteries", this disease is caused

primarily by the "hardening of the attitudes". The entrenched attitudes
which narrow and restrict the mind manifest as hardened and constricted
arteries in the body. Cutting off the flow of new ideas and ways of thinking
literally reduces the body's ability to flow and circulate life energy properly
which then results in hardened arteries.


Failing to Transmute Negative Emotions (Anger, Hate, etc)

There is a common misconception that the body is a machine and that the
organs handle only physical functions. The truth is the organs also process
an individual's emotions and can get easily overloaded when the individual
is emotionally "out of control". This is especially true of the often besieged
kidney whose job it is to remove waste from the body. The most toxic
emotional waste products are anger and hate which are lost opportunities
to move a person toward forgiveness and tolerance. If these toxic
emotions are "indulged" in excessively and consistently, they will deluge
the kidney and cause it to fail.
Failing to Fully Take in Life due to Feelings of Unworthiness

Every moment we make a choice of how much life we take in by every

breath we take. Air contains the only vital life force that we need
constantly (ten minutes without air and most people die). Significantly our
breath is also the only physical function that we have complete and
conscious control over. That happens because by choosing the quality of
our breath we are given the opportunity to choose the quality of our life.
When we breathe deeply, we nourish our body profoundly. When we fail to
do so, we slowly starve ourselves.

Breathing disorders, like eating disorders, are a reflection of an individual's

beliefs about their worthiness to receive the nourishment that gives life.
Those who cannot breath deeply cannot live fully. Those who cannot live
fully usually come from a place of mistakenly believing they are not
worthy. The truth is everyone is a child of God and it is that and that alone
that makes everyone worthy of life.

Credits: adapted from information from the United States National Center for Health
Statistics, Louise Hay's Book "You Can Heal Your Life", and channeled information

Are You Being Harmed by Past Lives?

In my humble opinion, the best indicator of how

deeply you are now being effected by your past
lives is found when you get the results of our
exclusive "Past Life Profile". Your profile will
tell you where and how deeply you are effected
by past life problems - physically, mentally,
emotionally, spiritually.

Below are the top ten signs that you have a

serious past life problem. If you have more than
seven of these problems, you know that they
are adversely effecting your life now. I beg you
to seek out past life counseling - if not with us,
then with someone in your area.


Every attitude and belief you have comes from somewhere sometime.
Obsessive Compulsive Disorder (OCD) in this lifetime is usually directly
traceable back to a past life where the disempowering trait or behavior
was created. The spiritual purpose of OCD is force the individual to seek
the answer to why they are now being "plagued" with thoughts and
behaviors that they have no control over.

The obsession to do or not do a particular thing or act in a

certain way was created in a past lifetime (everything comes
from somewhere and at one time everything made sense). The
related compulsion does not stop until the past life is healed.

The compulsion is like having a knife stuck in your back. No

matter how much you bandage the wound, you will not heal it
until the knife is pulled out. The past goes right on sending the
pain of compulsion which goes on feeding the undesirable
present day obsession until the pain is stopped at it's source.

When the life lesson associated with OCD has been fully learned and
"absorbed" into the individual's body-mind, the "disempowering" trait or
behavior will fall away. Often all that is needed is for the individual to
confront the past life(s) where the OCD originated. Going back to the past
becomes the means of freeing those "afflicted with OCD" from being
condemned to repeat those lessons in the future.
For many, the weight of the difficult spiritual path they have undertaken in
life becomes too much to bear. This may manifest as dark periods where
suicide seems the only solution to ending their pain. So if you are thinking
of committing suicide or if you have already attempted it, you owe it to
yourself to find out why.
Take it from one who knows: suicide is NEVER the answer. Suicide only
makes the problem infinitely worse. That is because all suicides are forced
to return to a physical plane of existence in a body that is severely
compromised in some manner. For example, most "Down's Syndrome"
people are returning suicides.
Fibromyalgia and chronic fatigue are diseases of "soul weariness" where
the body in this life is so weighted down by past life resonances that it
cannot function properly until it has had an abnormally long period of rest.
These resonances manifest as toxins in your body that are stored in your
cellular memory.
The best thing to do for fibromyalgia is NEVER to give into the despair that
is an inevitable consequence of prolonged pain and confinement to bed.
Other "must dos" for this disease include drinking as much water as you
can every day (to flush out the toxins), getting on a daily program of
laughing and smiling, and doing some exercise - even if it is only moving
your eyes in a regular pattern for an hour daily. For chronic fatigue, the
best thing is to walk, increasing the time a little each day.
Multiple personality disorders (MPD) and/or schizophrenia (SCH) can be
caused by the emergence of past life personalities that arise to help the
present day person solve problem(s). The trouble comes when these past
life personalities are not properly reintegrated back into the present day
person's memory.
What normally happens is, that when an individual is in crisis, they access
the "unused" part of their brain (where their past life personalities are
stored) to help them overcome it. When the crisis is averted, the pathway
to that part of their brain is automatically shut off. In cases of MPD or SCH,
the crises are either so severe or so chronic that this shut down
mechanism cannot function properly.
The mind then has difficulty distinguishing between the current and all
prior personalities. In a sense, the prior personalities come back to life and
fight for the attention of the current body-mind. In SCH, there is usually a
very dominant prior personality which drives out all others except
themselves and the current day personality. In MPD, a host of prior
personalities jockey for position at the forefront of the person's awareness
and end up "taking turns".
In the most recent generations, the Holocaust and other tragedies have
driven many to reincarnate with serious imbalances in their weight.
Those are seriously overweight-obese are usually suffering from a past life
resonance which causes the body to become determined never to starve
again. "Enough" weight is put on the individual by the body to keep it safe.
Those who are seriously underweight-anorexic are usually suffering from a
past life resonance which causes the body to believe that it still must be
caught up in the struggle for survival. Individuals become compelled to
drop weight and give a variety of other explanations for it (as in they need
to "look good", to "be perfect", to "control their out of control lives", etc).
The reality is that there is usually a past life personality (often one from a
life of abuse or religious "self-abnegation") "starving for attention" and for
the healing that only knowledge of the past brings.
Multiple medical problems at birth (three or more) are usually the result of
an individual being on the spiritual "debt consolidation karmic payment
Since birth conditions can never be ignored and usually last for the entire
lifetime, they become the perfect vehicles for the working off of serious
and complex karmic conditions arising from past lives. It is as if all the
individual's problems have been rolled into one big, gigantic ball and chain
that the individual will be dragging around for "the rest of their life".
If doctor(s) have told you "I cannot find anything wrong with you" but you
are certain something is wrong, then both of you may be right. Past life
problems can be remarkably resistant to present day treatments. If the
problem truly does originate in the past, the solution will defy resolution
using conventional present day therapies. However, if the source of the
chronic pain or illness does lie in the past, then past life treatment can
most likely produce fast and dramatic healing results.
A fear or a phobia can be classified as "inappropriate" when the situation
triggering the fear or the phobia in fact poses no imminent threat, no
forseeable danger, or no actual risk of harm to the individual. Like chronic
pain, chronic phobias arising from past life trauma can be very resistant to
present day treatments. If the fear is buried in the past, then it is the most
quickly healed by going back to the past. Often confronting the fear or
phobia is enough just to send it away.
Often all the people we see or hear or know about in our dreams are just
other manifestations of our personality. If the people we see in our dreams
seem to be historical (dressed in clothes from the past, etc), they are more
than likely who we were in a past life. If these people are being harmed or
killed, it is usually your body's way of working off fears associated with
these traumas from past lives.
Working off karma in the dream state - believe me - in the end is often
much more pleasant than healing it while you are "awake" and it manifests
as "reality". Know that if you wake up terrified by a nightmare, it is
infinitely less frightening than experiencing real trauma played out as
harm to your physical body.
Many people on the brink of contacting the greater totality of themselves
experience a release of cellular toxins over an extended period of time
that comes in the form of nasal or lung congestion. This is a necessary
cleansing which provides the opening for past life healing. It is your body's
way of crying and releasing all the grief that has accumulated within you
over the years.
Credits: compiled over the course of years of Past Life Channeling Sessions

Rules #14: A Prison Without Walls - Your Body, Free Will, & Karma

The World Goes 'Round in Circles

As you grow in spiritual awareness, you will

come across a contradiction between the
concepts of free will and karma.

It goes like this "If all is a working out of

karma and agreed to in advance, then how
do I have free will?" but "If all is free will then
I can do what I want but then why are my
past lives holding me back?"

And the Answer is Your physical body is - literally - a prison without

walls. You are free to do whatever it is your body will or will not allow or
compel you to do.

Here is How Your Body is an Agent of Free Will & Karma:


Annie Besant explained it best: You get the karmic body "you have
prepared for yourself" directly from "agents of the Lords of Karma." This
"inner double" karmic body is "built according to the elements you yourself
have provided." These elements include your character strengths and
weaknesses, your skills and abilities, your desires and dreams "after which
is shaped your physical body."
In "very truth, you are self created, responsible for all that you are." Your
inner bodies "condition the exercise of your faculties." They shape your
beliefs and thoughts which governs your choices and creates your reality.


Often most people cannot even notice that their lives are running along
the "train tracks" of karma laid out by their inner bodies. They never try to
test the limits of their "self made prisons" to see if they can be something
more. They merely accept that their life "is the way it is" and that "some
things will never change".

It is this type of limiting thinking that keeps most safely inside the box of
karma that their body-mind has become. They use their free will only to
the extent that they are "thinking inside the box". Thus their karma and
their free will coexist: never interfering or contradicting one another.


The genetic coding of any individual physical body is formed by it's past
life predispositions and is stored as cellular memory (see Rules #15: On
Cellular Memory). It gives the individual the potential to contract any
number of physical ailments and to undergo any number of different life

Whether or not someone manifests a particular condition or encounters

certain life experiences is totally dependent upon the choices individual
has made using their free will. These choices can be made consciously
(you are aware of them) or unconsciously (your Higher Self sends them as
a vehicle for your learning lessons).


Each individual carries into this life the potential for manifesting
recurrence of past life condition(s). This potential results from conflicts
created and left unresolved in past lifetimes. When an individual
encounters similar situations in the environment of this lifetime, they get
the opportunity to complete that issue.

They complete an issue when they address the deep seated causes of the
problem. If the person is successful in solving the problem, their
environment transforms to move themalong to the next set of problems. If
not, their life is "switched" back to a similar situation, so they can try again
to resolve it.


Emotions are literally "energy in motion". Highly charged emotions that

are not ever expressed and released will have adverse - if not life
threatening - effects on an individual's physical and mental condition.
To heal, it is not necessary to express such emotions directly to the
person(s) involved in a given life situation. All that is really needed is for
the individual to acknowledge the truth of their emotions, honor them, and
develop unconditional self love. What makes your ride on the tracks of
karma bearable is the love, compassion, and forgiveness you develop for
yourself and others along the way.


So the life of most people on Earth today can be summed up by the above
formula. The heredity (which they chose before they came), their
environment (which they inherit but are driven to change), and their free
will (the actions they "choose" based on their emotions) create their life.

If you look at the mass of humanity, you will find that most people usually
do not transcend the circumstances of their birth and their upbringing.
Heredity and environment become the blinders that keep them plodding
faithfully along their track of karma. If these life conditions are "bad
enough", they also become the motivation for an individual to exercise
their free will and work toward overcoming "the crummy 'karma' cards
they have been dealt".


For every action there is a reaction, for every cause, an effect: this is the
basic principle of karma. Free will is involved in the selection of the action
taken. Karma is involved in creating the circumstances that make selecting
an action necessary.

Evolution and spiritual growth in joy, love, and awareness are the end
results of the karmic process. When you recognize that your physical body
is merely one of the garments your Soul wears to gain experience, you can
understand how to transcend your circumstances. In essence, you can
begin to exert your free will to break out of the box of karma... and expand
the prison without walls.


Every problem contains the solution within it. Although there is a "point of
no return", all physical, mental, or emotional conditions experienced within
this lifetime can be healed. They can only be transcended once the
spiritual causes which created them are resolved (see Rules #2: Your
Body, Mind, Spirit Works, Rules #4: Healing, Rules#7: Illness, and Rules#9:
Recovery). The spiritual causes are those you "inherited" from past lives -
the major karmic issues you are resolving.


All physical, mental, or emotional environments experienced within this

lifetime can also be transcended. The media is full of stories about how
certain individuals have overcome incredible odds. They can only be
transcended once the spiritual effects which created them are resolved
(see Rules #2: Your Body, Mind, Spirit Works, Rules #4: Healing, Rules#7:
Illness, and Rules#9: Recovery). The spiritual effects are those you
"created" in this lifetime - the karma created by how you react now.


Your karma functions like a fence: it sets up the boundaries within which
you use your free will to work on the "problems" caused by heredity and

To climb over the "fence" of karma, you need to transcend both your
heredity and environment. Doing so, necessarily involves working on your
emotions. It is your emotions that drive you to take action to resolve the
causes and effects of your heredity and environment. Emotions can only
be "settled" when the causes and effects from your heredity and
environment are "settled".


Karma works to develop your ability to handle free will responsibly. Karma
perates impersonally, giving you the opportunity at every moment to
become open to greater levels of love and compassion. The goal is to give
you needed experiences so you evolve into greater levels of awareness
and responsibility.


All you do at every moment is your choice. Once you accept total
responsibility for who you are, for what you have done or will do, and for
all your choices, life straightens out. You become what you are and you
see yourself as Soul. Once you do, you are able to become a fully realized
co-worker with God.

For evidence of how the "train tracks of karma" are readily visible in the
universe, see "Astrology, Karma, and the Arts of Divination".

Credits: from "Karma" by Annie Besant and channeled


Rules #15: It's Not in Your Stars But in Your

Cells... Cellular Memory

How Cellular Memory Works

If your body is the "prison" (Rules #14: Your Body: A

Prison Without Walls) which compels to you work off
your karma within predetermined limits, then your cells are the tiny bricks
that create this prison.

As it says in the Talmud, "we do not see things as they are, we see them
as we are". That is because we are always looking through the world
through the eyes of our constantly changing cellular memory.

Unlocking Your Cellular Memory

Body work that acts on your cellular memory (like Past Life Healing,
Remote Releasement, and Geometric Repatterning) are powerful tools for

In essence, such body work makes your prison more comfortable and
spacious to live in. They open doors into other ways of seeing, being, and
becoming that your original cellular memory had closed. Here is how
cellular memory works:


Your being - body, mind, and spirit - is actually a completely intelligent,

integrated, and individual hologram. This means 3 things.

One, that distinctions between your body, mind, and spirit are "artificial"
ones that exist only to make it easier for you to comprehend your
existence here on Earth in linear time. You are a whole, holistic being: not
a sum of your parts.

Two, that each point within your hologram "contains all of the information
of the whole". The complete "blueprint" for your existence is contained
and infinitely accessible in each and every one of your cells.

Three, that to be successful - permanent and complete - your healing

must address the hologram of your being holistically. Meaning that "body"
can only be healed if "mind" and "spirit" are also treated.


Everything in the universe is energy. You may appear to be "solid" matter

but looks can be deceiving. If you magnify your cells down to your atoms,
you would see that you are made up of subtle energy fields and not
matter. As those in the realm of physics are just discovering, the basic
building blocks of energy are light and sound. At bottom, all cells are just
manifestations of "light and sound in form".

For as modern science is learning, all cells are essentially the same. "Turn
off" the markers that cause the cells to differentiate and they revert to
their original state… where they are capable of becoming anything.


The "body-mind-spirit" hologram "appears" to be composed of individual
cells (another artificial distinction but one useful for discussion). Modern
science teaches us that your body is formed as cells grow, multiply, and
differentiate. In this way, your cells are the building blocks of your "body-
mind-spirit" hologram. Inside each cell is the unique, complete hologram
that is you. This hologram forms your bodies at all levels to become the
vehicle for your karma in this lifetime.


Modern science teaches us that your cells contain DNA which is the
"blueprint" for the complete design of your physical body. They also hold
the "blueprint" for your mental, emotional, and spiritual state. Your cells
"remember" all of who you have been in past lives and all you have been
in this life right up to the present day (hence the term "cellular memory").
So as you develop, change, and grow in any aspect of your life, your cells
constantly update this "personal data".


Your hologram was designed to require "energetic" nourishment. The most

critical form of nourishment is love energy. To live and thrive, your cells
need to regularly receive and give love energy. Look all around you and
you will see this truth.

Those who regularly receive and give love energy enjoy vibrant health.
While those who do not take such "love baths" age "prematurely" and tend
to suffer from a wide variety of health problems. Literally, it is love that
gives your cells life.


Your energy chakras constantly nourish your cells with universal energy.
Your cells in turn sustain your bodies at all levels. This in turn reinforces
your chakras. When your chakras become blocked, your cells do not
receive the proper nourishment. If your cells are not feed with love or
universal energy for long enough, they become a "breeding ground" for
dis-ease, dis-order, and illness.


Cells are constantly growing and dying. They are the ultimate reflection of
how the universe works. The universe is constantly changing, constantly
transforming chaos into order, darkness into light... and it requires the
same of all who inhabit it.

So either you make the choice to live and to grow or your hologram makes
the choice for you to die. The truth is illness is almost always a reflection
of a person's decision to stay "stuck" (whether actively by making "wrong"
choices or passively by "doing nothing"). Read "Rules #7 for Illness", you
will see how true this is.


Any changes made directly to your "body-mind-spirit" hologram have a

profound and accelerated effect in healing. This happens because such
changes effect your cellular memory, in effect rapidly updating the
physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual data on file. That is why Past Life
Healing, Remote Releasement, and Geometric Repatterning can be so
effective so quickly.

This kind of transformative body work literally "removes" the unwanted

data from the individual's hologram and "replaces" it with more
empowering ways of being. Since your cells can be transformed in this
manner, this "built in" flexibility allows you to transform your beingness
and way of life.


Before you go thinking that you can dip into your cellular holograms at
will, bear this in mind. Your cells also come with built in protections against

If you have not earned the right to transmute your beingness, your cells
will not allow you or your healer to access the hologram. There are 2

One, it is for your own safety: if you are not ready to handle the
transformation responsibly, it will do you and others more harm than good
if you change too rapidly or if you inadvertantly go into the "wrong

Two, it is for your own safety: if changes are made too quickly or
incorrectly, it could cause serious damage to your hologram. Instead of
being better off at any level, you could be worse off at all levels (this is the
"wisdom of the body").


Cells transform by adding, changing, or deleting "resonances" from cellular

memory. Resonances are "inherited patterns of being modified by

"Inherited patterns of being" come from past lives. These patterns are
meant to be "modified by experience" in this lifetime. Most of the time
resonances are good: they are the sources of strengths, skills, abilities,
and talents. However, those resonances which keep you from being all you
can be today - physically, mentally, emotionally, spiritually - need to be

Cells are built to "dump" resonances that no longer serve you. Your cells
do this the same way that the body rids itself of any unwanted waste:
excretion, sweating, coughing, throwing up phlegm, etc. When you
change, expect this "throwing off".


Like nature, cells abhor a vacuum. Once old patterns of being are
discarded, they must immediately be replaced by new - hopefully positive
and empowering ways of seeing, being, knowing, and becoming. Your cells
always seek to throw off negative patterns and to integrate positive
patterns of being into your awareness.

Credits: inspired by "Take Off Your Glasses and See!" by Dr. Jacob Liberman and
channeled information

Rules #30: "Towing the Iceberg": Rules of Past Life Resonance

"Row Well and Live"

Do you often sense that you are

weighted down inside? Like you are
dragging invisible baggage that you can
feel but cannot see?

Are you usually unable to take

advantage of opportunities that come
your way because "something" is holding you back? Have you done
positive affirmations until you are "blue in the face" but they never really
work? Do you feel like this man in the rowboat vainly trying to tow
a gigantic iceberg?

If you have had any or all of these feelings come up regularly in your life,
then it is likely that the "weight you feel inside" are "past life resonances".

* If your body is the "prison" (Rules #14: Your Body: A Prison Without Walls)
which compels to you work off your karma.
* If your cells are the "tiny bricks" (Rules #15: It's in Your Cellular Memory)
that creates this prison of karma around you.
* Then your Past Life Resonances are the mortar keeping the "bricks of your
cellular memory" firmly in place, until you rearrange them.

So What Are Past Life Resonances... and Why Should You Care About
Past life resonances are simply "inherited patterns of being modified by experience". These
patterns of being are the sum total of all the learning that you have inherited from past lives.
This is how keep all that you have learned in past lives without being overwhelmed by all the
details of your previous incarnations.
These "patterns of being" are meant to be "modified by experience" as you live each lifetime.
Most resonances are good: they are the sources of your strengths, skills, and talents. However,
those resonances which keep you from being all you can be today - physically, mentally,
emotionally, spiritually - need to be healed.
So Why Do Resonances Cause Problems... and Why Must You Heal Them?
"Problems" from the past - like most problems - just get worse until they
are resolved. Even worse, if these problems come from the past they are
remarkably resistant to present day treatments. This is because our past
live resonances operate much like icebergs. Six-sevenths of the mass of an
iceberg is below the sea surface and so it is always more massive and
immovable than it appears.

It is the same way with past life resonances, they are buried deep inside
your unconscious mind. So deep that it can take years of patient effort to
heal them. And until they are healed, they will be like the stone in your
shoe. Yes, you will move forward. However, your journey will be slowed,
made needlessly uncomfortable, and eventually stopped until you finally
decide to "solve" the "resonance problem".
So What Are the Sources of Past Life Resonances… and Do You Have
Beside each Past Life Resonance below is the internal dialog that goes with
it. If you have heard any of these "lines of dialog" either playing in your
head or running through your speaking, then you ARE being effected by
such resonances. You will continue to be effected by them until you heal
the problems in your past lives or in past events from your present life that
caused them to become part of your being.
Here are the Most Common Forms of Past Life Resonances:
#1: ATTACHMENT: "I have to DO…", "I have to BE…", "I have to HAVE…"
The hardest thing you will ever have to accept about your life in the
universe is that you have chosen to be here. Almost always, the choice
was made because there is something that you "HAVE TO" do, be, or have.

Often, those "somethings" are dictated to you by the Lords of Karma after
they have passed "sentence" on your "performance" in your last previous
life. Just as often, those "somethings" are things we are attached to such
as "I have to live one last lifetime of love with my mate", or "I have to be
more forgiving to others", or "I have to have the experience of being

"Have tos" most often spring from regret, guilt, and shame that HAVE TO
be overcome. As long as you are attached to a HAVE TO, past life
resonances will ensure that you will be back life after life until you do not
"have to" anymore.
#2: VANITY: "Let me tell you…", "I am SO fantastic…", "I am SO horrible…"
Each of us has within us the capability to be a "Mother Theresa" type Saint
and an "Adolf Hitler" type of mass murderer. The truth is that each has a
place in God's universe and each has a role to play. At one time, we have
or will have all played all the roles. We come to learn that we are neither
"so fantastic" or "so horrible" but that we are all servants of God. Past life
resonances of both the "fantastic narcissist" and the "horrible masochist"
will cry out for healing until they are resolved.
#3: INTOLERANCE: "We are the BEST…", "THEY are the WORST"
Of all past life resonances, those involving rigid, fanatical intolerance -
"good-or-evil" beliefs, "we-or-they" attitudes, "black-or-white" thinking -
are among the hardest to heal. What it takes are lifetimes of experiencing
things from all viewpoints to come to the ultimate truth of existence that
"we have looked into the face of the enemy and find that we are

So if you cannot stand some group - race, sex, religion, sect, creed, nation
- your intolerance will keep you spinning on the wheel of reincarnation
until you can. For example, Romans come back as barbarians, Arabs come
back as Israelis, Chinese come back as Japanese, whites come back as
blacks, men come back as women, and so on until as Soul we can tolerate
and embrace all ways of being.
#4: UNFORGIVENESS: "I will NEVER forgive…", "I will ALWAYS remember…"
Unforgiveness is the companion of intolerance: for those we cannot
tolerate, we can never forgive because our past life resonances ensure
that at a cellular level we always remember. Since our bodies were
designed to carry our learnings forward from life to life, "never" and
"always" can be quite a long time karmically speaking.

And yet since our bodies were made to give and receive unconditional
love, carrying negative emotions like intolerance and unforgiveness will
cause us pain. The pain will "always" persist until we learn to "never" be
intolerant or unforgiving!
#5: HATE: "I HATE you FOREVER…", "I hope you SUFFER and DIE…"
If left unhealed for too long, intolerance and unforgiveness manifest as the
most extreme form of past life resonance: hate. Hate is THE most difficult
resonance of all to heal. For hate is like fire: it can fuel itself indefinitely on
everything it finds around it. Since we are infinite beings, vowing to hate
forever is a command to the universe that - literally - can be carried out for

What eventually stops hate is the heavy price it carries as we make our
long journey as Soul. For hate is as surely a poison to the body at all levels
- physically, emotionally, mentally, and spiritually - as love is a tonic.
Hating is like taking poison and expecting someone else to die because
what you wish for others is what you will attract to yourself. It is you who
will "suffer and die": is that what you want?

Do you want to keep coming back... then keep on hating for it is a

guaranteed ticket back here! For until you can fully embrace what it is that
you hate, you will never fully share in God's love. For all that exist are
created by God to serve his purposes in the unfolding majesty of His
#6: PRIDE: "Let me tell you…", "It's ALL about ME…", " It's ALL about YOU…"
Closely related to vanity is pride. Our individual journey as Soul through
the universe (karma) is "all about me" and learning about oneself is
necessary to become fully Self Realized. At the same time, our journey is
"all about others" as we develop our continuous connection to the God
Source (our Higher Self) and the collective consciousness so we can
become fully God Realized.

Since some past lives involve learning "all about me" and other involve
learning "all about others", it is very easy to become unbalanced about
pride. Honoring the self while honoring others is always is a delicate
balance. Yet, past life resonances are particularly good at working to "burn
up" those who focus only on the "me" while it will "burn out" those who
focus only on the "others".
#7: GLUTTONY: "I GOTTA get me some of that...", "I can NEVER get
There are many things to love on this Earth: food, sex, money, power,
nature, challenge, adventure, discovery. And the list goes on and on
seemingly forever. That which you love down here - that which you cannot
get enough of... are past life resonances that pull on you until you satisfy

Morbid obesity will cure that love of food. Aids and other sexually
transmitted diseases will douse the eternal flame of sexual desire. Become
corrupted by power and you will be brought lower than low. Lose respect
for the Earth and natural disasters will teach you otherwise. Gluttony kills.
#8: ENVY: "Why do THEY have... and NOT me?", "Why are THEY like... and
NOT me?"
Envy is always caused by misplaced attention. You envy in others what
you use to have in a past life or what you have yet to create in a future
life. Since all time is now, resonances manifesting as envy in the present
life are created when you catch glimpses of your past or future self in
another's life experience. Envy is the failure to realize that, along our
journey of Soul in the universe, we have been and will be all things. Like
hate, envy is a poison that sickens us until it is purged. It gets purged
when we connect with the totality of ourselves and know that all is within
us now.
#9: ANGER: "THEY make me SO angry that I...", "I get SO angry because it is
Anger is the fuel that powers all the "negative emotions" that we have,
especially hate and envy. It often seems to us that anger comes from
outside ourselves ("they make me angry") but the truth is that anger
ALWAYS comes from inside.

In the beginning, anger is a signal from our emotional body that something
is wrong, that somehow our sacred space has been violated. What we
decide to do about this signal is our choice. If we get angry at something
or someone else, we have chosen this as the response to the anger signal.

Yet there are many choices we could make in response to the situation and
anger is only one tool available to us. Instead of "getting so angry", maybe
it is better to "get so clear" about what really needs to be done to fix the
problem for good.

Many times the source of our anger does not truly lie in the present,
particularly if the anger is a very inappropriate response to the current
situation. Often this kind of present anger is really anger from past lives
that needs to be acknowledged and so that the related resonances can be
#10: GREED: "For ME to get, I must TAKE from you...", "There is NEVER
Greed is the fuel that powers gluttony. Although we live in an abundant
universe, it has taken us quite a long time to create societies on the Earth
that realize the promise of abundance. So the fear of "lack" ("there will
never be enough") is deeply ingrained in our collective consciousness and
it invariably manifests as greed ("so I have to take all for me while I can
because I will lack someday"). The companion of greed is "cheapness"
("since I cannot make more, I must spend less").

Both of these emphasize the duties to self at the expense of duties to

others and manifest as "selfishness". Since these were often appropriate
as defensive, survival strategies in past lives, they create deep and strong
past life resonances that are both hard to heal and hard to avoid. Yet all
around us every day in the news are examples of how greed hurts others
and in so doing, leads to it's discovery.
#11: SLOTH: "I am SO tired and so I CAN'T…", "I'll do it LATER, someday,
From a karmic standpoint, laziness is the central problem of human
existence. The truth is most people are not the actors in their life's drama
but the reactors to the karmic circumstances in their lives which require
action to be taken.

For example, most people get jobs, not out of a genuine desire to help
others, but because they do not wish to live out of doors becoming subject
to the elements and predators there. Most people only marry to satisfy
desires for love, companionship, support, and sex etc. Karma, created by
the individual's past life resonances, drives them to take the necessary
action in their life that overcomes their natural sloth.
#12: LUST: "I WANT this…", "I WANT that…", "GIMME, GIMME, GIMME!"
Lust is the fuel that powers attachment and completes the circle of
"negative" human desires. As long as you "want" something, you are being
driven by past life resonances to experience something else that you have
not already explored in past lives. All your wants become satisfied when
you have finally experienced and are complete with all the Earth has to

Until then it is the "gimmes" (as in "give me this, give me that") which
makes to world go around spinning Souls - each on their own path -
through the cycle of human experience. For only by experiencing
something can we become free of it. And, in being free, are we ready to
fulfill our destiny as CoWorkers with God.
Notice the parallels to the problems that are purged during the Dark Night
of Soul. For one of it's purposes is to purge the last of our Past Life
Resonances from us.
Credits: from channeled information.

Rules #27: "Settling Accounts in True Coin": Rules of Past Life


"The Past is Still Present..."

Past life healing can be one of the most powerful

experiences that an individual has in any given
lifetime. For the physical, emotional, mental, and
spiritual problems which have been "plaguing" an
individual for many incarnations can be released "in
the blink of an eye"... for those willing to follow the
rules of past life healing (see our Past Life Case
Histories for examples of such releases).

We live in a loving, compassionate universe. God

wants us all to know the joy that is our birthright. All we need to do is let
ourselves out of the prisons we have created for ourselves in the past.

Here's how Past Life Healing Works...


Whether past life healing is done by channeling or by regression, it is

always only done by permission only. Your Higher Self, the Lords of Karma,
your guides, and your angels decide just how much or little past life
healing you will receive.

This is necessary because the Earth is a big schoolroom designed to be

teaching us all lessons at every moment of the day. Getting past life
healing is like being allowed to glimpse the "answers to our life" at the
"back of the textbook". Just like in grade school, the only way we really
learn is by "working through the problems" on our own. So glimpses in the
"back of the book" given by past life healing are limited to only the "best
students" who can handle the knowledge responsibly.

Limiting the flow of past life information is much easier in a regression

session than in channeling which is why regression is more widely

In regression, the ego function of the human unconscious mind will shut
down, block, or distort the past life information that the individual is receiving
if it is threatening to derail their life path.

In channeling, the person's ego is bypassed but the information which is

transmitted to the channeler is also limited to what the Higher Self believes is
in the best interests of the person's evolution as Soul. That is why some people
are unable to be regressed and why channelers will be denied permission to
work on others.


Past life healing can alternatively be described as the clearing of karma,
the healing of karma, and the transformation of karma to dharma. It can
NEVER be described as the escaping of karma. If you are on the Earth, you
are subject to the laws of karma and reincarnation. You can be free of
karma in the sense that if you obey it's laws and live your contract, you
can exist in peace.

Yet advance on the spiritual path and break a karmic law and you will be
amazed by how quickly and strongly karma comes back upon you. The
goal of past life healing - as with all experiences in life - is to help you
unfold in Soul awareness so that you can live the path of Dharma in
CoWorkership with God.
Enforcing the evolution of each individual into Soul awareness is what the
rules of Healing, Illness, and Recovery are all about. Those rules work to
ensure that you stay on your path so that you meet your life contract. Past
Life Healing works to expand and enrich your path so that you can
accelerate in Soul awareness if you choose to do so (see "Hallmarks of the
Spiritually Advanced").

Accelerating is much like peeling back the layers of an onion. The outer
layers of past life problems are tougher and take longer to strip away while
the inner layers are more compact and intense but easier to remove once
they are reached. The purpose of working through the layers is to slowly
realize the totality of your beingness so that you are not overwhelmed by
the information.

That is why we agree to "forget" our past lives before we come here... so
we can concentrate on unwinding intractable bits of our karma. Once our
karma is "straightened out" we can begin the process of fully reconnecting
with all who we have been. By leveraging our past and integrating it with
the present, we thereby empower our future by evolving into total
awareness of ourselves as infinite Soul beings (which is the "Kingdom of
God within us", our Higher Self).
Past life healing comes down to this... The point of all power is in the
present moment because this NOW moment is the only one you
ever experience.

The Now that was present yesterday we call the past.

The Now that will be present tomorrow we call the future.

If you cannot be at peace with a particular Now moment in the past - whether from a past life
or from a past event in the present life - you need to heal that moment. For what is unhealed
from the past can keep you from being all you want to be now - physically, emotionally,
mentally, or spiritually. And what is unhealed from the past will continue to negatively
influence your present until it is resolved.
The simple truth is the only way past your pain and problems is going
through them. For "what is forgotten, 'unknown' and unhealed is always
more frightening than what is remembered, 'known', and healed." It is this
fear that attaches the painful past to you like a magnet. Pushing
through the fear, the problems, and the pain is what resolves
them... avoiding them only increases their "magnetic" pull until
they become so unbearable that they must be faced.

Amazingly when the light of truth dispels the darkness of the unknown the
problem is never as bad was feared. Time and time again when the fear is
confronted, the person finds that they are in the place where they can
handle the knowledge and resolve the issue. And when the pain is truly
faced, it is then truly gone.
When we experience pain, we invariably ask the question of "WHY?" "Why
am I having this pain?" "What is the point of it?" "When will it ever stop?"

Although the precise answers to these questions will vary in each

individual case, the general answers to these questions are always the
same. [Example]

"You are having the pain because you are forgetting, ignoring, or
misunderstanding something very important that you need to remember about
"The point of your pain is to get you to the place where you are ready to listen
and accept this very important thing."
"The pain will end when you finally do listen and accept this very important
truth about yourself."


Often just facing past life pain is sufficient to release it for good. If you
really have let the pain of the past go it will not return to you. Yet
sometimes an individual is so "invested" in their pain that it returns to
them as inevitably as a boomerang.

People can become invested in their pain for many reasons. Some like to
be super heroes: "look at me, look at how well I overcome my
adversity... when the going gets tough, the tough get going..." Others like
to be martyrs: "poor little me, if only I did not have the cross of my pain
to bear, what wouldn't I do..." A few are in it strictly for the narcissism: "I
have real problems, my pain is the only thing that matters, focus on me,
serve me, put up with me..."

The truth is there are better things to be invested in than pain. Yet if you
want to keep your pain, it will be happy to come back to you and stay with
you for as long as you need and want it to. Healers can help you lay down
your pain but only you can let it go for good (see the Rules of Recovery for
what it takes to get better).
The healing of physical problems is the most popular use of past life
healing because it gives people the most immediate and obvious results.
Often they have a specific problem - most often chronic pain - that
conventional medical treatments or other alternative healing cannot
address. [Example]

If the pain is "originating" in a past life, then it becomes very difficult to

treat it using only present day means. Using past life healing for past life
problems produces results that are often immediate and dramatic.

The results are immediate in that the problem will cease altogether anywhere
between the time the person makes a firm intention to keep their appointment
to a month after the session is completed.

The results are dramatic in that presenting symptoms decrease in a way that is
noticeable to the client. These range from restoring full function to previously
impaired parts of the body to the reduction in the severity of the original

The good news is that physical problems do not have to be a life sentence for those willing to
look deep inside themselves to heal their pain.
Past life healing of emotional problems is particularly effective precisely
because they force someone to look deep inside themselves for answers.

To understand this, look at the word emotion. It comes from the phrase
"Energy in Motion". Everyone's emotions originate inside themselves as
energy seeking expression. This energy is sent by our Higher Selves for our
learning and unfoldment as Soul and drives us to take action and make choices.
Our choices then either "work off" or "make more" karma for ourselves.

Past life healing gives us a unique opportunity to examine the karmic patterns which underlie
these emotions. For once we see the emotional patterns that drive us we are free to transcend
them and make different, more empowering choices.
Closely linked to our emotional patterns are our mental ones: otherwise
known as attitudes, beliefs, thoughts, and behaviors. Since these were
formed through trial and error during the totality of all our experiences in
many incarnations, they are often the most "treatable" by past life healing.

For disempowering mental patterns that cannot be explained by our lives

now are virtually certain to have arisen in one or more past lives. Most
psychologists do not realize just how true their maxim - "that on the
inside, every attitude, belief, thought, and behavior makes perfect sense" -
really is.
Of all the past life problems out there, spiritual ones are often the most
difficult to heal. This happens because as we all make our solitary journey
back home to God, most people become firmly attached to one particular
religious path. Spiritual problems arise when we are asked to step beyond
a path that no longer is advancing our learning or our unfoldment as Soul.

As we grow spiritually, we are like the mountain climber who sets out to
scale the largest mountain he can see. The climber believes that once he
has summited, he will have attained the greatest possible height. And yet
when the climber gets to that summit, he sees that there is another whole
range of mountains stretching on in the distance that are even higher and
steeper than the one he has just conquered.

And so it is with the spiritual life, there is always more. There is more
because God has created an infinite universe. And because there is more,
it means that certain past lives must be healed at deeper levels... and so
the journey continues.
If the process of past life healing could be summed up in a single phrase, it
would be this one. "Those who do not learn from the lessons of the past
are condemned to repeat them." (Santayana) Our failure to learn the laws
of life in the Universe, to grow in Soul awareness, to expand in our ability
to Love is what propels us along the journey through the worlds of karma
and reincarnation.

Yet our experience - slowly but surely - does teach us the laws of life. As
time goes by, we grow in awareness and we learn to love. We do this by
"settling our accounts in true coin": by experiencing the "good" and the
"bad" that we have done to others by allowing it to be done to ourselves.

Past life healing has the power to show us that everything that happens to
us now is the effect of a cause that we ourselves set in motion in the past.
For only when we can accept total responsibility for all that happens to us
now do we become free of the past. This freedom is the final destination of
all our past life healing for it allows us to live fully in the only moment we
ever have: NOW!
To learn more about how Past Life Healing works through time, consult the
FAQ on Past Life Healing to see how healing flows "back" through time.
Credits: from channeled information