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Course Objectives:

To impart the knowledge of optimizing the resources of industry by use of various

methods of industrial engineering.

Understand and apply the principles of science, technology, engineering, and math
involving industry-relevant problems.

Contribute to the proftable growth of industrial economic sectors by using IE analytical

tools, effective computational approaches, and systems thinking methodologies.

Unit I
Introduction : Role of an industrial engineering, Definition, Scope of Industrial
Engineering, Concept Of Industrial Engineering, Industrial Engineering Objective,
Industrial Engineering Activities, Industrial Engineering Techniques, Organizations
and Organizational Structure
Unit II
Work Study and Ergonomics : Work Simplification, Productivity, Method Study,
Method Study Techniques, Recording Techniques, Work Measurement Techniques,
Time Study, Pre-Determined Motion Time Study, Observed Time, Basic Time, Normal
Time, Rating Factors, Allowances, Work Sampling, Standard Time, Principles of
Motion Economy, Normal Work Areas, Introduction to Ergonomics, Work Place
Design, Design of Man Machine System, Micro and Memo motion study
Unit III
Plant Location and Layout : Plant Location Analysis, Site Selection Process, Plant
Layout, Classification of Production Systems, Types of Layouts, Design of a Process
Layout, Group Technology, Material Flow Patterns, Tools and Techniques of Plant
Layout, Break even point analysis
Unit IV
Materials Management : MRP Introduction, MRP Objectives, Elements of MRP
System, MRP II, Meaning of Inventory, Types of Inventory, Reasons For Keeping
Inventory, Costs Associated With Inventory, Inventory Control Terminology,
Inventory Cost Relationships, Safety Stock, ABC, VED, SDE, HML, FSN, SOS and XYZ
Analysis, Introduction and Objectives of Material Handling, Elements of Material
Handling, Principles of Material Handling, Selection of Material Handling Equipment,
Unit Load Concept, Inventory Models
Unit V
Sales and Demand Forecasting : Types of forecasting, Methods of sales
forecasting-Collective opinion method, Delphi technique, Time series analysis, Moving
average method, Simple exponential smoothing, Concept of Demand Forecasting,
Measurement of Forecasting Errors and Tracking Signal
Unit VI
Maintenance Management : Maintenance Management Framework, Maintenance
Planning, Maintenance Strategies, Maintenance Scheduling, Total Productive
Text Books:
1. Industrial Engineering and Production Managment by Martand Telsang, S.Chand,
1st Edition, (2012)
1. Production and Operations Management by N G Nair, Tata McGraw Hill, 1st
Edition, (2002)


Print Date : 2/25/2014 1:43:43 PM

2. Production and Operations Management by Kanishka Bedi, OUP, 2nd Edition,

3. Industrial Engineering and Management by Ravi Shankar, Galgotia Publications,

2nd Edition, (2010)

4. Plant Maintenance and Reliability Engineering by Raju N.V.S, Cengage Learning,

1st Edition, (2011)

5. Introduction to Work Study by ILO, Oxford and IBH Publishing Co. Pvt. Ltd New
Delhi, 3rd Edition, (2008)


Print Date : 2/25/2014 1:43:43 PM