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Welcome remarks.
On behalf of the Party and indeed my own, I extend to you all a very warm
welcome to our home here in Najjanakumbi. This is the 9th council meeting
of the FDC. This for me is extremely special as it will be the last for me to
present the Party status report.
Special welcome and recognition to the country representative of NIMD
As agreed we conducted a successful delegates conference in Namboole on
the 5th of December and we handled comprehensive amendments to our
constitution, We have since gazetted and operationalized the amendments,
including our basic organizational unit to the village level.
Since Luweero we continued to work on steadfastly on our road map which
included Zonal mobilization meetings, rallies and radio talk show .This we
achieved including a bonus where about nine Districts were added on .In
total we have done more than 30 such meetings .THIS IS AT THE CORE OF
forward we are still focused on building a strong and viable FDC to outlast
the short term interest of individual. This country must be delivered from
dictatorship and refocused on a culture of institutional governance.

For us to give Uganda democracy we must have it internally, for us to give

Uganda institutional governance the FDC must have it itself and function as
an institution. Friends it can only start with us.
We launched the Party plat form Uganda's leap forward in a very well
organized event at Serena Hotel. We did public launches in Nakivubo and
Iganga and we are slated to do more in other parts of the countries. In this
launch the Party totally disarmed its critics who always belittled us that we
had no Agenda .Now they can't and will forever have to keep quite.
The key pillars of which are.
1) A plan to invest in our people send expands opportunity for every
2) A plan to re engineer new resources for growth and create well paying
3) Decent jobs for our people.
4) A plan to strengthen our national security, create new leadership and
our public service
5) A plan to build a people centered regional integration and global
The secretariat will in due course be availing more copies of the Policy
Agenda to you .Please talk about our policy position in every opportunity.
Soon we will be working on the Manifesto and it will detail how we intend to
implement service delivery when we are in power.
In the last road map we committed to building our party structures, I am
happy to report that for the first time in the history of the party we have a
comprehensive grassroots election exercise. I am aware of the challenges in
the field and we are doing our best to ensure this are handled. The Party EC
is also handling ant grievances. We wish to report completion in most of the
first phase Districts' in Ruwenzori, West Nile and Teso regions and almost all
the Villages and Parishes Uganda. We are building
I. During the last National council in Luweero, the meeting was informed on
the resignation of Hon Sabitti and Hon Nandala from the Treasure General
and Deputy Treasure general respectively. NC mandated the Party President
to propose to NEC names to act in the above portfolios. Hon Osege Angelline
was subsequently approved by NEC to serve as treasurer General and Hon
Winnie Kiiza as Deputy. Anita Among continued to serve as Deputy in charge
fundraising. I want to appreciate these ladies for the dedication they have
given to this office including review of finance guidelines and rigorous

Owek. Bwanika Baale

mobilisation Desk








Electoral reforms as reported by the Party President

Currently our hands are the electoral commission of the Party. This team is
working tirelessly, it is a formidable task and we must encourage them,
promptly inform them and
understand them if they fall short of your
Ladies and gentlemen have proposed the final segment of our road map to
the working committee which has been adopted, in the next week NEC will
make its input. This highlights among other fundraising, communication, and
review of the IPC, candidate identification, the establishment of a campaign
bureau, party primaries and the development of the manifesto. We are
organizing. Sub committees have already commenced work and reports and
approvals will be made by NEC. Today I have issued a communication to all
District chairperson s to compile all the aspirants in their districts from LC3 to
members of parliament and transmit to the head office by 15th June so that
a compilation is made for training, checking of academic papers and later
the EC will do primaries where necessary
The Youth League is building. New structures are being established country
wide. We won some guild leaderships and lost others largely due to lack of
cohesion and financial inadequacy to facilitate the exercise.
The women league continues to run a very successful campaign on maternal
health, distributing mama kits in hospitals and they are making a significant
impact. The Party is active.
A detailed report will be given by the Treasurer General, suffice for now to
state that we continued to get invaluable funding support Political Parties
capacity strengthening Programme through NIMD. The Party also received
funds from the Electoral Commission as part of Government funding /public
funding for Political parties. We have dedicated these funds for building of
our grass root committees. The details will be given by Treasurer General.
The Party also enjoys the support of IPOD, Conservative Party UK and IRI. We
appreciate all of you individuals for your personal support, dedication and
individual contributions

Finally, as we move forward please embrace organization and cohesion.

Discipline is critical. We need a solid and viable FDC to be relevant. I sense
that some ill guided individuals want to destroy our party and we will defend
it. To some Museveni is not the issue anymore, their obsession is how to kill
FDC this we will not allow. Our commitment is to work passionately to stay
alive, to grow, to expand and work with others. Today as you reflect on
collaboration with Democracy seeking forces, you want to ensure you are
viable enough internally and ready to take on a new role. Ugandans are
looking to the FDC like Noah's ark is meant to save them and now Ugandans
from a ravaging flood of dictatorship, indignity, corruption and nepotism and
personal insecurity. Thousands of our people are jobless yet having potential
and the list is endless. It is not time for the lion to be hunting the antelope
when they both must be saved from the flood, infact had the lions eaten
those two antelopes in the Ark, they would have starved to death after the
flood. The rats were not allowed to eat the ropes that made up the ark
because it would have drowned all of them. Even the giraffe was advised not
to step on the snails. Hop we the FDC members can learn something.
Today I can only repeat the prophetic decree made in Kasana Luwero." To
break camp and advance". May God bless you!