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The Stewart Chronicles: May

News From Around the House:
While Alex is busy at Tyndale there is never a dull moment in our home at
Windestraat 62! All the kids are another year older (with the exception of
Benjamin whose birthday is coming up in a few weeks!). We have had 3
different viruses that have taken us out of "life as usual" for about a month.
Meme (Jenny's Mom) came for a wonderful visit and blessed us beyond
measure with helping in the schooling of the kids, joining in the constant
climb of laundry mountain, and using her God given talent to encourage and
love on the families serving at Tyndale.
As a school year gets ready to draw to a close and the summer is upon us
there are many changes ahead and we need your prayers!
*For the boys as their best buddy living in the neighborhood is getting ready
to move back to the States.
*Health for our whole family!
*While we are excited for the many students preparing to graduate from
Tyndale it is also a sad time with many good-byes (on this side of Heaven!).
Please pray for God's protection over each one the graduates and His
direction as they return to or begin ministry.
*For our ministry in local churches. Alex has preached at 3 different
churches this past month and will be preaching 5 times this summer at a
fourth church which is looking for a full-time pastor.
*The ladies Bible Study that meets here in the neighborhood is wrapping up
for a summer break; please pray for God to continue to grow our group in
love for Him.
Since a picture is worth 1,000 words we thought we would condense the

remaining 8,000 words of our update this month :-)

Micah turned THREE
on February 11th! He
wanted to have a
"Puppy Dog" party
and chocolate
cupcakes. He loves to
pretend to be different
animals; lately he is
either a dog (named
Vitamin D) or a Lion
(named Applesauce).
Micah loves to read
and be read to by
anyone he can find.
He also loves to meet
people, play outside
in our bit of grass,
and play with his
brothers and little
sister (he is an expert
in both Lego and Doll
House play!).

Charis turned ONE on
April 8th! She wore a
perfect pink tutu
made by a very dear
friend, Nancy Veatch.
Charis took her first
steps on March 29th
and is now all over
the place and into
everything! She likes
to play with her
brothers and is good
at getting their
attention by swiping
Legos and taking off
with them. She also
enjoys her baby doll
"Rosie," cars, and any
book she can get her
hands on (even if it
doesn't have

Paul turned SIX on
May 18th! He wanted
a Cowboy party and a
pair of cowboy boots
(which Meme brought
in her suitcase!). Paul
is a hard working and
busy fella! He loves to
be told stories, read
books, and dress up
and act out
starwars, cowboy, never
know what costume
he will put on!

Benjamin will be our
birthday boy in June
and will turn EIGHT!
He wants to have a
Lego Ninja party. In
this picture he is
working hard on
making his car for the
Pinewood Derby! He
has completed his
first year as a Cub
Scout and received
his "Tiger" badge last
month! He has
discoverd a love for
reading and is an
amazing helper with
his younger siblings.

Elijah turned TEN on
February 15th. It
seems a bit
impossible that we
have been parents for
a decade! Elijah had a
Lego birthday party
and we enjoyed
hosting many friends
from church, the
nieghborhood, and
homeschool science
club. Elijah loves
reading, building
Lego, and working on

Scouting projects. He
completed his Weblos
badge last month!

God surprised us with
a huge red blessing
we now lovingly call
Big Red, a 9 seater
van. Having a car after
two years of not
having transportation
is a new and exciting

This is an updated
photo of our morning
reading group. Alex
meets with these
students every
morning (Mon.-Fri.)
from 8:30-9:00 to read
through and discuss
the Greek New
Testament. This is a
valuable time of study
and discipleship. The
students around the
table come from
China, America,
Belgium, Ukraine,
Greece, Congo,

Rwanda, and

Blessings in Christ,
Alex, Jenny, Elijah, Benjamin, Paul, Micah, and

Our vision is to advance
God’s global kingdom by
training Christian leaders
who will train others in
fulfillment of 2 Timothy
"And the things you have
heard me say in the
presence of many
witnesses entrust to
reliable people who will
also be qualified to teach
others" (2 Timothy 2:2).