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Castle Keep Team

Anton Tardif

Richard Adelmayer

Asset Manager & Principal

US Operations Director

Anton has been in property for over 30 years.

Richard is a Licensed Realtor and Notary Public with

over 30 years of international experience in Real Estate,
Hospitality and Vacation Ownership. Born in Austria,
he studied at the University of Economics & Business
Administration, Vienna (WU).

He started out in 1979 as an IFA (Independent Financial

Advisor) and soon realised that property was not just
about home ownership, but a sound financial investment.
Since then, his business focus has always been propertyrelated. From the mid 80s and for the next 20 years, Anton
was involved in the Hotel & Leisure Industry whilst at the
same time building-up a commercial property portfolio.
In the late 90s he set-up a construction company
specialised in the refurbishment of listed buildings as well
as designing and building houses in the UK and Spain.
In the early 00s Anton made some major investments
in the US, purchasing land and spending time property
developing and familiarising himself with the US real
estate markets.
Having witnessed at first hand, the melt-down in the US
economy and the disastrous impact it had on property
values, it became obvious 3 years ago that it was time
to re-invest in the US property market. The market had
flattened out and investors were once more re-engaging.
With that in mind, a series of bonds of different durations
were created in order to raise funds to invest in distressed
and foreclosed property, allowing bond purchasers to get
involved in the recovering US property market through a
structure that was managed by professionals with local
expertise and connections, that also provided certain
protections through the oversight of a Trustee, as well
as other benefits in terms of US tax exposure and SIPP
compliance for pension planning.

Richard has co-founded Property Companies in Mexico

and the USA. As an experienced accountant, Richard vets
all Castle Keeps projects ensuring returns are maximised
and risks minimised.

Akemi OBriant
Senior Administrator
Akemi is a highly experienced State Licensed Realtor and
professional manager.
She handles Castle Keeps general administration,
oversees its portfolios and liaises with our local project
partners, attorneys and accountants and UK trustees.

As Asset Manager, Anton is totally hands-on, investing

both the Bond funds as well as his own funds into this
booming market.



Security Trustee and Registrar

Currency Partner

Established over 230 years ago in 1784, our partner GRM

Law ( is regulated by the Solicitors
Regulatory Authority in England and Wales and advises
international clients across a broad spectrum of business
sectors, including corporate and commercial work, real
estate, corporate finance and M&A. GRM Law now acts
as the English Lawyers to Castle Keep LLC and assisted in
the structuring and preparation of these bonds. A related
entity, GRM Law Trustees Ltd acts as the Security Trustee
and Registrar of the new bonds.

FX4Biz is our currency partner and is established and

licensed by the Belgium National Bank who can facilitate
international payments by providing innovative webbased solutions to manage easily, efficiently and cost
effectively all transactions in foreign currencies.

As the security trustee, GRM Law Trustees Ltd., will be

holding the security granted by Castle Keep LLC for the
benefit of bondholders.

Risk Warning: Castle Keep Bonds are provided on a non-advised sales basis only. Castle Keep will not advise or make any recommendation on the merits of this offer. The content of this brochure has not
been approved by an authorised person within the meaning of the Financial Services and Markets Act 2000. Reliance on this any promotion from Castle Keep for the purpose of engaging in any investment
activity may expose an individual to a significant risk of losing all of the property or other assets invested. Clients will be provided with the offering document from Castle Keep only and must make their own
investment decisions and/or seek independent advice. Past performance is no guarantee of future results.