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Oracle Financials Cloud

Modernize Finance
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Cloud computing is a vision that is increasingly turning into reality for many companies.
Enterprises, both small and big, are evaluating cloud computing and moving their IT infrastructure
to the cloud.
Visionary finance leaders view technology
as a service. The service must be flexible,
secure, reliable, scalable, and available from
anywhere, any device, and at any time
all while it lowers costs and minimizes
integration complexity. Todays business
users have higher expectations for a
more modern, consumer-like experience;
therefore, modern business applications
need to deliver a level of user experience

76% of business managers

surveyed around the globe said their
top motivation for adopting cloud
or SaaS applications was to have a
quick way to get the software they
Dynamic Markets Cloud Report

and excitement that can drive greater value for

the organization. Todays business applications
must be intelligent, information-driven, social,
and mobile, while providing actionable insight
that drives collaboration within secure business
Oracle has leveraged its vast applications
experience to empower modern finance to:
Simplify your financial business processes
and technology requirements
Accelerate your decision making with realtime information access
Collaborate with others using social business
Control your costs with increased visibility

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Oracle combines the best of the best capabilities across Oracles financial solutions to deliver a
comprehensive solution that arms finance professionals with the right information at the right time,
increases productivity, and accelerates business performance. It streamlines and automates the
following transaction processes so your finance department can concentrate on strategic initiatives:

General Ledger
Employee Expenses

Cash Management
Invoice Imaging

Intercompany Processing

Oracle offers extensive spreadsheet integration across multiple business

processes to allow accountants to work efficiently in the environment
that they prefer. For example, accountants can enter journals, supplier
invoices, expense reports, assets, customer receipts, and perform
financial reporting and analysisall from a spreadsheet.
Oracle Fusion Expenses allows workers to quickly enter expense reports
anytime and anywhere with multiple entry options, including simplified
spreadsheets and mobile entry for the iPhone and Android. Oracle Fusion
Expenses also supports corporate card transactions, electronic image
processing for expedited reimbursements, and an integrated travel
solution to provide better cost control and policy compliance.
Oracle Fusion Payables supports out-of-the-box invoice imaging
integration to simplify invoice entry. Supplier invoices can be scanned
with intelligent document recognition and then completed, matched,
paid, and posted to the general ledger without any user intervention.

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Why Oracle?

Accelerate your decision making with real-time information access. Role-based dashboards deliver
information from multiple work areas, worklists, and watch lists that serve as centralized cockpits to
manage key accounting activities. They proactively monitor processes, raise exceptions, and push
work to users. Instead of running multiple queries or identifying tasks, users simply need to log into
their dashboards and work areas to see what they need to do that day.
Oracle improves decision support by making
the system more intelligent. Intelligence
and analytics have been embedded within
the context of a business transaction to
help users complete their task. In some
cases, the system offers suggestions or
recommendations, and in other cases,
it offers intelligence that predicts future
outcomes. For example, before you post a
journal, we let you know the impact it has
on the account balance. You dont need to
navigate away to different pages to search
for and then compile the information. So,
you can make smarter decisions faster and
stay focused longer on tasks.

The focus on financial performance creates

pressure for faster closes. The Close Monitor
brings information into a single place so that
you can monitor close status across ledgers and
subledgers to help you close your books faster.

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Oracles unique reporting platform is natively
built on top of a multidimensional data
model. You can store large quantities of data
that can be accessed rapidly and run financial
statements that are both boardroom-ready
and highly interactive.

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Sharing and providing additional information

is often critical to completing a business
process. In a modern organization, effective
collaboration is more important than ever to
support geographically-dispersed workers.

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Across all business processes, Oracle provides

contextual actions that push a participants
contact contact information to you. YYou
can contact employees and suppliers for
questionable transactions, and collaborate with
them in real-time via instant message, email,
or phone.
Oracle Social Network provides contextual, realtime collaboration embedded into your business
processes, making it easy to involve the right
people in the right decisions at the right time.
A conversation is tied to a specific business
object so that each discussion is targeted to
the appropriate participants for a particular
transaction. It is easy for anyone to participate
whenever and wherever is convenient with

Oracle Social Networks mobile application. If you

need to share additional information, you can add,
review, and annotate attachments. The conversation
log is always available for retrieval, review, and audit
from the business object. During the financial review
process, reviewers can read your annotations to your
financial reports.

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Oracle Financials Cloud Service helps you control costs in multiple ways. The Rapid Implementation
spreadsheets provide predefined, guided lists of tasks to give end-to-end visibility to all setup requirements.
You will be able to implement Oracle Applications by business process, product, and feature. You will be
able to copy setup data across database instances, such as from a development instance to a production
instance. This allows you to achieve a fast ROI (Return on Investment) and save on implementation costs.
Using SmartReceipts, if a customer receipt cannot
be automatically applied by the system, then the
system offers matching recommendations, based
on the rules you define, to intelligently apply the
receipt against the invoice. The system keeps track
of past reasons why receipts were not automatically
applied to improve the hit rate of automatic receipt
applications in the future.
Oracles mobile reporting support makes it easy to
access information from your tablet or desktop. The
simplified interface for mobile support leverages
the Essbase cube to support multidimensional
analysis and reporting capabilities. Additionally,
the new Sunburst visualization tool allows you to
interact with your account balances across various
business dimensions to view balances from
different perspectives. Based on your selections,
you can quickly identify problem areas that might

not have been obvious by just looking at numbers.

For example, you can view quarterly regional sales
and identify sales trends that are visually represented
by size and color to indicate whether that regions
sales increased or decreased over the quarter.

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Oracle offers a flexible approach to system adoption allowing you to adopt Oracle Financials Cloud
in an evolutionary manner at a pace you are comfortable with.
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Oracle Accounting Hub Reporting Cloud provides exceptional reporting and analytics on top of
your existing general ledger systems with minimal implementation effort and disruption to your
current financial management processes.The tight integration with Oracle R12 E-Business Suite
continuously streams balances from its general ledgers to the Accounting Hub Reporting Cloud
Service, with complete drill-downs to the E-Business Suite detail balances, journal lines, and
subledger transactions.
Oracle Revenue Management Cloud Service enables E-Business Suite customers to manage
revenue compliance, configure and automate revenue scheduling to meet complex revenue
recognition rules, and to automate revenue reallocation for multiple-element arrangements
based on fair-market value, such as Vendor Specific Object Evidence (VSOE),Third Party Evidence
(TPE), or Best Estimate of Selling Price (BESP).

Why Oracle?
Oracle Financials Cloud Service offers an integrated financial management suite that is designed to
automate, streamline, and control an organizations financial management processes end to end.
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Oracle has the broadest cloud portfolio in the industry, delivering a complete range of productionlevel, cross-functional business applications for each part of your organization. Oracle applications
support 23 languages and multiple industries and geographies. Business users have the latest
innovations at their fingertips across sales and marketing, customer service, finance and accounting,
supply chain management, human capital and talent managementall enriched with social
engagement and collaboration tools and an intuitive user interface that works on any mobile device.
These applications have been architected on a modern and open service-oriented platform to
simplify integration needs and lower an organizations total cost of ownership.

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To learn more about how Oracle Financials Cloud can help empower modern finance and help
you simplify your business process, accelerate your decision making, enable collaboration with
social business objects, and control your costs, visit: Oracle Financial Cloud Service online or call
1-800-633-0738 to speak with an Oracle representative.

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