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Requested by : Mr GASSEMI Karim

The design school

The design school is the first school of thought to
have theorized the strategy;
The design school advance the development of
the strategy through the environmental
assessment internal to determine key business
skills, and the external evaluation that allows to
identify the key success factors posed by the
market to the company;
SWOT is the most used tool;

The difference between the design school and

planning school
The concept of strategic thinking
The strategy model
Carifications about strategy

The design school





l threats


The limits of the design school

Deny certain
important aspects of
strategy ,limiting its
potential to adopt a
new market

The approach is too

rigid and doesnt
allow flexibility

Planning school
For the planning school the development of the
strategy follows a formal process
1/The objective setting stage
2/The external audit stage
3/The internal audit stage
4/The strategy evaluation stage
5/The strategy operationalization stage

Design school VS planning school

Strategic thinking
The strategic thinking is thoughtful research,
leading to a common framework in the spirit of
the managers, a framework that will guide the
daily activity;
The , strategic thinking has as a major interest to
transform the ideal strategy into a workable

Although the design school and the planning

school are very close to one another, but several
points of divergence are identified. For the first
one strategy is an informal model contrary to the
planning school for which the strategy is a
process of sequential steps. Unlike the design
school, planning school is about the explanation
and quantification of the objectives of the
company instead of focusing on values.
Therefrom the planning school distinguishes
objectives Vs strategy, while for the design
school does not make a difference because, the
objectives are difficult to formalize and quantify.


Strategy model
The strategy is built by the resources and
expertise of the organization, this strategic
capacity must be operated in order to build
new conditions for success, and develop
new markets;
The strategy should not only be considered
in terms of matching the Organization's
resources and current opportunities, but in
terms of control of new resources to end
capture and develop future opportunities;

The strategic consists on :

Defining business and stating a mission

Setting measurable objectives
Crafting a strategy to achieve objectives
Implementing a strategy
Evaluating performance of the strategy, reviewing
new developments and taking corrective action
Satisfy the customers and grow the business

Prof Micheal Porter whats is strategy

the strategy is the position that will let the
company take the adventage in a competitive
market by using and accumulating steps and
actions and identify how it gonna use them to
be unique, performant and creative to sustain
the adventage over time

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