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Product Brief

Drive Your Traffic with Intelligence
GigaSMART technology extends the intelligence and value of
the Gigamon Unified Visibility Fabric by enhancing your
monitoring infrastructure and improving tool performance. A range
of applications are available to optimize the traffic sent from your
network to the tool you rely upon to monitor, manager, and secure
that network. GigaSMARTs advanced processing engine can be
accessed anywhere within the Visibility Fabric without port- or
card-based restrictions. GigaSMART engines can be combined to process higher traffic
loads and optimized for specific applications. Operations can be combined or service
chained so traffic benefits from multiple functions at once, such as generating NetFlow
after duplicates have been removed or stripping headers before load balancing to tools.

Quick Specs
High-performance compute engine
Available on GigaVUE H Series and

Packet transformation, packet

modification, and stateful session

Service chaining capability to

combine multiple GigaSMART

Advanced traffic intelligence

Network monitoring tools perform more efficiently by eliminating unwanted content with
available across the entire cluster
the de-duplication and packet slicing features. SSL Decryption provides visibility into
without any port-level or card-level
encrypted sessions, sending decrypted packets to out-of-band monitoring tools. Masking
allows network security teams to hide confidential information such as passwords,
financial accounts, or medical data, allowing companies to meet SOX, HIPAA and PCI
compliance regulations. Organizations can improve accuracy with the source port labeling
and time stamping capabilities, which allow the addition of source or timing information at the point of collection. Enhanced packet
distribution features available with Adaptive Packet Filtering or load balancing enable enhanced visibility into packet contents and, when
combined with header stripping, allow tools to operate more effectively by removing unwanted protocol headers.
The advanced processing capabilities of the GigaSMART engine can also be leveraged to summarize and generate NetFlow statistics
from incoming traffic streams. Offloading NetFlow Generation to the out-of-band Gigamon Visibility Fabric eliminates the risk of
expending expensive production network resources in generating these analytics. Enhanced flow-level visibility across remote locations
and Big Data environments can be used to derive usage patterns, top talkers, top applications, and more, for effective capacity planning
and enforcing security policies.

Features & Benefits

Adaptive Packet Filtering
Intelligent protocol-aware filtering across advanced
encapsulation headers including VXLAN, VN-Tag, GTP, MPLS,
etc., and inner (encapsulated) Layer3/Layer4 packet contents
Advanced visibility into the application layer using pattern
matching regular expressions-based filters

Add labels to the packets indicating the ingress port
Easily identify where a packet is coming from
Enhance the efficiency of your network monitoring tools by
eliminating the potential of duplicate data stream

Mask private and sensitive data in the packet before it gets

stored, maintaining SOX, PCI, and HIPAA compliance

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Product Brief: GigaSMART


NetFlow Generation continued

Flow-aware sampling of active subscriber devices to selectively

reduce traffic

Unsampled 1:1 NetFlow record generation to facilitate true

response and root cause capability

Preserve or increase CEM based on real-time reduced data

analytic throughput

Integrated traffic visibility solution with NetFlow Generation

support simultaneously provides both flow and packet statistics
to a variety of monitoring, analysis, and security tools

Leveraging Big Data to tailor marketing campaigns, pricing

strategies, etc., based on subscriber usage patterns

Packet Slicing
GTP Correlation
Optimize tool infrastructure by accurate filtering, replicating,
and forwarding monitored subscriber sessions
Correlate subscriber sessions (control and data) to offload tools,
increasing throughput

Reduce packet size to increase processing and

monitoring throughput
Optimize the deployment of forensic recorder tools
Source Port Labeling

Facilitate drilldowns into roaming users across peer networks

Add labels to the packets indicating the ingress port
Header Stripping
Eliminate the need for monitoring tools to decipher protocols
Allow easy filtering, aggregation, and load balancing of packets
with headers removed
Support for ISL header/trailer removal and VXLAN, VNTAG,
VLAN, MPLS, and GTP-U tunnel stripping
Load Balancing
Add labels to the packets indicating the ingress port
Easily identify where a packet is coming from
Enhance the efficiency of your network monitoring tools by
eliminating the potential of duplicate data streams

Easily identify where a packet is coming from

Enhance the efficiency of your network monitoring tools by
eliminating the potential of duplicate data streams
SSL Decryption
Provide visibility into encrypted sessions
Send decrypted packets to multiple out-of-band tools: IDS, DLP,
APM, CEM, etc.
Private server keys are encrypted and protected by role-based
access controls
Time Stamping
Add Packet time stamps at line rate for subsequent analysis
Troubleshoot and measure application response times jitter
and latency

Overwrite packet data between ad 64-9000 byte offset
Conceal private data including financial and medical information
NetFlow Generation
Increase infrastructure efficiencies by offloading NetFlow
Generation to the Visibility Fabric
Out-of-Band solution completely eliminates the risk of dropping
production traffic on busy routers or switches as a result of
generating NetFlow

Applicable for GigaVUE-2404

Encapsulate and forward packets to monitoring tools between
networks on separate routed paths
Enable routing of data from lights-out data centers to central
monitoring facilities

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