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Kings College Hospital turns to Civica to help Princess Royal

Hospital improve patient care following CQC inspection

Trust to save around 700,000 over the next two years with new system
Xx May 2015, London: Civica, a market leader in specialist systems and
business process services that help organisations to transform the way they
work, has partnered with Kings College Hospital NHS Foundation Trust to
improve patient care, implement a digital care records system and become
paper light, following the acquisition of Princess Royal University Hospital.
The Trust has selected Civicas WinDIP electronic document management (EDM)
solution, in conjunction with a third-party scanning solution, to build upon an
existing, highly functional electronic patient record solution. This will allow
clinicians to obtain patient information from one central location and will assist
the Trust in its vision towards integrating health and social care. Overall the
solution will save the organisation around 700,000 over the next two years, with
a payback period of five years. It will also ensure that the Trust meets the
Governments commitment to become paperless by 2018.
In October 2013, King's College Hospital NHS Foundation Trust took over
responsibility for the Princess Royal University Hospital (PRUH) in Bromley, Kent.
This followed the formal dissolution of South London Healthcare NHS Trust
(SLHT). After the merger, PRUH underwent a Care Quality Commission (CQC)
inspection which identified historical problems with the availability of medical
records, leading to repeat cancellations of outpatient appointments.
Chris Ginnelly, Managing Director of Civica Digital Solutions, said: King's College
Hospital has made great strides in digitising hospital records and by working with
partners, has extended this best practice to PRUH. The Trust is now in pole
position to operate as one body and make faster, more informed decisions about
patient safety.
Kings will also use the EDM solution to complete its own digital transformation.
The hospital still stores a number of historical paper documents. Once it has
brought PRUH up to speed, it will start processing historical documents through
the Civica WinDIP EDM platform, which will fully integrate with the Trusts EPR
system, the hospitals A&E Symphony system and a host of other key clinical
The Trust has piloted the new systems in its dental and ophthalmology
departments at the Queen Marys Hospital in Sidcup and intends to roll this out
steadily throughout the whole organisation by February 2016.
Once fully deployed, all patient records will be held within the Civica WinDIP EDM
system and available with one click of a button. The system will support the
trusts 1.5 million patients and 11,000 staff. The Trust will also use Civicas
eForms and Workflow technology to input new data and trigger intelligent
workflows, enabling clinicians to access patients historic medical records and

treatment plans and provide the best possible care to them. The new system will
also empower the organisation to meet Jeremy Hunts plans for a paperless NHS
by 2018 and paves the way for a mobile strategy using iWinDIP further down the
Colin Sweeney, Director of ICT, Kings College Hospital NHS Foundation Trust
says: The new enlarged organisation is focused on providing first rate care for
patients, new and exciting opportunities for staff, and a strong operational and
financial position to continually improve services. This programme furthers these
aims. From the patient record point of view, navigating an easy-to-use system is
far more preferable to physically tracking down and collecting paper files. The
Civica technology will deliver significant savings from a time perspective but it
also has far-reaching consequences for patient care. After all, consider the
challenges of treating people properly if you cant find their notes.
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