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Interview with ____________ (Supervisor of the Gourmet branch)

Place: gourmet bakers and sweets KotLakhpat,Lahore

Time: 12:30 p.m.

1. In which department you operate?

I am working in sales department of Gourmet Bakers and sweets
2. What is your job description here?
I am working as a supervisor in the Gourmet bakers
3. How much time have you worked here?
I have worked for about 3 years in this company
4-Would you refer your friend to work here?
I m not taking any responsibility of how much satisfied I am hell be the
same but yes, its a good experience to work here.
5- What is the timing of your work?
Its 10 hour job and I work here in the evening.
6-Are you satisfied with your job?
Yes Alhumdulillah I am satisfied from my job.
7-Do you sell quality products?
Yes we sell quality products and theres no compromise in the quality of
products we sell. The major emphasis of our company is to sell quality not
8-Do you give any post sales service to your customer?
Yes if the good that the customer have bought is having any defect than we
do consider it.
9-What advertising plans have been adopted by the company?
We have or own site for the advertisement of
products and company, we have introduced our Gourmet restaurant by giving pamphlets
to the customers, we havent advertised our products on media, and our branches
throughout Lahore is itself an advertisement of the company.
10- which major cities you have branches?
We only operate in Lahore

11-Do you sell quality products?

Yes we sell quality products and theres no compromise in the quality of

products we sell. The major emphasis of our company is to sell quality not
12-Whats your relationship with the suppliers?

We have good relationship with our suppliers .They have never been late in delivering
the supplies, our upper management is very efficient and works hard to solve these
problems we have loyal suppliers .suppliers have never disappointed us.
you maintain your inventory?
13We have full knowledge of after how much time we have to inform management about
our inventory gourmet products are freshly made and then we have a good system of
inventory check for the other goods.
much profit your company earns in each month?
14We are not familiar with the profits but the company earns good profit thats why they
have decided to make chains in Lahore and they are also earning excellent profit.
you think your competitors in this area?
15Our company has few competitors Nirala, cakes & bakes etc but in this area we have
Good luck bakery is our direct competitor.
16- Whats your sale in the Eid season?
We have a large amount of customers in Eid days and large profits are earned during the
other festivals too.
product of your company is sold mostly in the festivals?
17Our sweets (mithae) and cakes are sold mostly and sweets mostly as its a traditional gift.
do you offer for the children?
18We offer cakes of different cartoon characters and we also prepare cakes which the
picture of the birthday girl /boy on the top of the cake.
is on the upper post from you?
19Its the Zonal manager of each branch.
the turnover rate of your sales persons?
20Its 5% in a year. The turnover rate is very low in the company, all the employees are
highly satisfies with their jobs.
21- How is the environment of the shop?
The environment is very friendly .We enjoy working here
22- How is the relationship between the sales persons?

They are very helpful to each other; we are never confronted with any conflict between
the employees.
do you do when theres a large no. of customers in shop?
23Then we distribute our sales person around the two sides and they are trained not to suffer
from being committed by fraud or mistake.
do you greet your customers?
24We greet them by saying Assalam alaikum sir/miss and what can we do for you?
25- you have any feedback system so that you can improve your systems?
Yes we have a segment of customer care in which the customers can give feedback about
the services or products .it can also be done through our complaint manager.
other services you provide on internet/website?
26Yes we have a segment of career support in which we have given the job description of
the employees we need for the company .and the interested persons can contact us on the
site .i.e. send your application with one page CV on following
27- Do your company does market search for R&D?
Yes, Our Company survey the new products required by the customers and the new
products the customers need. It also deals with the change in the products or enhancement
in the existing products.
you completely satisfied with the job?
28Yes, I am completely satisfied with my job.

29-Compared to a year ago how would you describe your current job
satisfaction level?
I would be much more satisfied with my job.

30- Do you give discounts to your staff?

Yes, we give discounts to our staff, theres a card of 15% and 25% according to the post
and hierarchy of jobs and the persons who own that card from the company have
discounts on all good sold at Gourmet.
31- Do you allow your customers to borrow goods from you?
No, we ask for the immediate cash payments and we dont give them goods on credit.
32- How many sales person are working in your this branch?
There are about 15-16 persons working as sales persons in this branch.
Do you give training to them?
Yes, we have a training program for them, our 12 sales persons are fully trained and the
other 3 / 4 sales persons are kept for training / probation.

333-What if the customer complains about the product?

If theres a serious complain then we send the product to the head office and if the
complain is not serious then we take the defected product from the customers and change
it with the new product from the store at the spot.
344-Any new products you offered?
Yes the company believes on developing new products of Gourmet, we have just
introduced our gourmet milk and gourmet ice cream.
355-So what was the response of the customers?
The gourmet ice cream gave very good response but the customers were complaining
about the milk .they were saying the milk is not of good quality and it smells when the
packet is opened .but now this complain is also removed by the company. Its also giving
positive response.