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PCB 3023 Quiz #9

1. Cyclins are _____.

a) proteins that accumulate during different phases of the cell
cycle to regulate kinases
b) proteins that degrade specific kinases during different phases
of the cell cycle
c) kinases that accumulate during the cell cycle
d) DNA binding proteins involved in stopping DNA replication
e) proteins that bind to second messengers

Which of the following statements concerning S phase cyclin is

a) It will begin to accumulate during G1 phase.
b) It will be at peak level at S phase.
c) It will interact with an S phase kinase.
d) It is hydrolyzed by the proteosome.
e) All of these answers are true.


If a cell receives a hydrophilic extracellular signal telling it to divide,

which of the following events might occur?
a) A kinase cascade could be triggered.
b) A kinase that acts on a Cdk could be activated.
c) A phosphatase that acts on a Cdk could be activated.
d) Cdks could be phosphorylated and dephosphorylated.
e) All of these might occur.


G0 describes _____.
a) a point where a cell is not actively going through the cell
b) the starting point of the cell cycle
c) a growth phase of the cell cycle
d) a nondividing state accessible from either gap phase
e) the phase where the cell is the most active

5. Apoptosis involves all of the following EXCEPT_____.

a) lysis of the cell
b) changes in the structure of the cytoplasm and nucleus
c) programmed cell death
d) none of these answers (= all of these are involved in
6. One of the substrates of M-Cdk is the APC (anaphase promoting
complex), which it activates by _____.
a) phosphorylation
b) dephosphorylation
c) ubiquitylation
d) hydrolysis

7. APC is known to directly modify M cyclin in such a way as to bring

about its destruction. Based on what you know about cyclins, it
follows that APC is an enzyme that _____ M cyclin.
a) phosphorylates
b) dephosphorylates
c) ubiquitylates
d) hydrolyzes
8. Similar to its effect on M cyclin, APC modifies a protein known as
securin, which otherwise binds the protein separase and prevents it
from functioning. Once released from securin, separase _____ the
cohesin linkage between sister chromatids, resulting in chromosome
separation by the mitotic spindle. (Refer to the textbook for
additional guidance if needed!)
a) phosphorylates
b) dephosphorylates
c) ubiquitylates
d) hydrolyzes
9. A mutation that weakens p53s binding to DNA might _____.
a) stimulate DNA repair
b) stimulate apoptosis
c) increase p21 gene expression
d) increase the likelihood of cancer
10. The gene for telomerase is one example of a cancer gene.
Which of the TWO TYPES of cancer genes is it? Would you expect
mutations in the telomerase gene that promote cancer to be
dominant or recessive?
a) proto-oncogene, dominant
b) tumor suppressor gene, dominant
c) proto-oncogene, recessive
d) tumor suppressor gene, recessive