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Coca Cola

Refresh on the COCA COLA side of life.
When it comes to advertising a product on a billboard, the best way to grab the consumers
attention is to put the main focus on the actual product that is trying to be sold. Using, the type
face sans serif that is a simple type face seen by us all throughout our daily lives onto the text
Refresh on theside of life allows us to firstly to focus on the main target, which is Coca Cola
and afterwards the text around it. Therefore, this type definitely works for what it is represents
because the coca-cola text being in a script type face attracts the consumers attention, once the
consumers attention it caught the text around is most likely going to be read. It is most likely
going to be read because Coca-Cola is an organization that is known worldwide.

National Bank

Could not find what type face was used. When it comes to representing a bank that serves
millions of people I believe that the type face that is used for the name of your bank should be
professional and in a way demonstrate a sense of security. We would most likely see this type of
type face on a rock band or a poster of any kind whether is a poster for a concert, or a school
assignment. A rock band and a poster definitely does not have the same representation of a
bank. Therefore, this type face does not work for what it represents.

Velvet Hammer
The type face used for Velvet Hammer is a serif. Velvet Hammer is a music based organization
that focuses on A&R production, marketing, branding, touring, etc... I believe this type face
works for what it represents because of the little feet at the ends of the letterforms. Since, this
is a music based organization, there is a lot of focus on not boring your clients/users, and having
those little feet at the ends of the letterforms adds interest, making it less boring

Rolling Stone
The type used for the title of this music based magazine is Royal Acidbath designed by
Sharkshock. The text "Rolling Stone" on this magazine cover definitely works for what it
represents. The type face gets creative with long curves on the letters "R", "g", "S", "t", and "e"
setting an "artistic" mood. One would think about the terms artistic and creativity when
thinking about music, and I believe the Royal Acidbath type face expresses these terms in its
type face.

As we all know Rolex is an organization that design, manufacture, distribute and service
wristwatches at a high price. The type face used for Rolex is sans serif. This type face works for
what it represents because it is simple, with the little feet at the ends of the letterform making
it less boring.