lID7 NOV -S PH 3: 12

Fairfax County Sheriff's Office
Stan Barry, Sheriff
October 29, 2007
Ms. Julie L. Myers,Assistant Secretary
US Immigration and Customs Enforcement
Department of Homeland Security
425 I Street NW, Room 7000
Wasbington, DC 20536
Dear Assistant Secretary Myers:
I am writing to request participation in tbe Delegation of Autbority-StatelLocal Cross-
Designation Program pursuant to 287(g) of the and Nationality Act (INA). My
staff bas worked closely with Senior Special in tbe past and bas made
contact with him in regards to the development
I would like to propose the following:
Establishment of 3n Identification Review Officer at our Fairfax County Adult
Detention Center located in Fairfax, Virginia.
Train sixteen (16) Sberifrs Deputies assigned to the Adult Detention Center, with a
minimum of two years experience, who have passed a security background
acceptable to ICE.
Training facilities are available at our Fairfax County Criminal Justice Academy
wbere instructors can utilize computer training aids, videos and any other materials
they may need.
I have designated Captain
program. Please feel free to
number is 703 2 ~ " , ( C )
as our agency contact in tbe coordination of tbis
contact bim to assist in any way. His office
Tbis program will allow us to enter into a Memorandum of Agreement tbat will enable us
to participate witb ICE in identifying criminal illegal aliens who pose a risk to tbe citizens
of Fairfax County. I look forward to your endorsement of this request and moving forward
witb this program for tbe benefit of all.
Stan arry
4110 Chain Bridge Road, Fai fax, Virginia 22030 703-246-3260 Fax 703-359·4192
Sheri ff Stan Barry
Fairfax County Sherifrs Office
4 11 0 Chain Bridge Road
Fairfax. VA 22030
Dear Sheriff Barry,
Offict of Dell'nlion (111(/ Remm'(li OperatiOllS
U.S. or lIomcland Scrurity
425 I SUl.oct. NW
Washingloll. DC 20536
u.s. Immigration
and Customs
Thank you for your interest in the 287(g) Delegation of Authority program. The 287(g)
Program Management Office (PMO) and the Office of the Assistant Secretary for U. S,
Immigration and Customs Enforcement (1eE) are in receipt of your request for training for the
Fairfax County Sherifrs Office.
On 11 /8/2007, the 287(g) PMO at ICE Headquarters forwarded your request to the Field Office
Director (FOD) of Detention and Removal Operations. Fairfax. VA and Ihe Special Agent in
Charge Washi ngton. DC. Local representati ves from Ihese two divisions will be in contact
with you soon to conduct a preliminary assessment and detemline whether the 287(g) program
is the appropri ate application to address your local law enforcement chall enges.
The iocallCE point of contaci regarding the 287(g) program is 6), b)(7 C) ,Supervisory
Deportation Officer, who can be reached at ._U!. (C)
(b)(6), ib)(7XC)
287(g) ORO Unit Chief

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