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Tuesday, October 2. 2007
Assistant Secretary Julie Myers
US Immigration and Customs Enforcement
425 I Street NW Room 7100
Washington, DC 20536
Dear Assistant Secretary Myers:
I am writing to request participation in the Delegation of Authority Program pursuant to 287
(g) of the Immigration and Naturalization Act. Given our past relationship with ICE. this
partnership will enable us to better serve and meer the needs of the residents of Forsyth
County Georgia.
I have been in communication with your office in Atlanta. ICE Group
(b d)as been helpful in prO\;ding our agency the needed information regarding this
request. With his I am proposing the following:
I. Establishment of an Identification Review Officer at our Adult Detention Center
located in Cumming, Georgia. This is our central processing and pre-trial detention
2. Train (6) Sheriff's Deputies assigned ro the Detention Center. with a minimum of
['Wo years e.. ... perience. who have passed a securi ty background acceptable to ICE.
3. Training facilities arc available at our county Public Safety Comple.. ... where
instructors can utilize computer training aids. videos and any other materials they
may need in instructions if your agency needs such a facility for training.
This program will allow us to enter into a Memorandum of Understanding that will enable
us to participate with ICE in identifying criminal illegal aliens who pose a risk to the citizens
of Forsyth County. I look forward to your endorsemem of this request and moving forward
with this program for the benefit of all.
(b)(6), (b)(7XC)
202 VI:."TERANS MeMORIAL BOULEVARD· CUMMING, GEORGIA 3(}()40 • TELEPHONE (770) 781-222'2 • FAX (770) 781 - 3049
SherifTTed Paxton
Forsyth County Sheriffs Office
202 Veterans Memorial Boulevard
Cumming, GA 30040
Dear Sheriff Paxton ,
Office of De/ention ond RcmOI'(lf Operations
U.S. Utpllnment orllomeiand
425 I Street. NW
Washington. DC 20536
u.s. Immigration
and Customs
Thank you for your interest in the 287(g) Delegation of Authority program. The 287(g)
Program Management Office (PMO) and the Office of the Assistant Secretary for U. S.
Immi gration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) are in receipt of your request for training for the
Forsyth COWlty Sheriffs Office.
On 10/ 16/2007, the 287(g) PMO at ICE Headquarters forwarded your request to the Field
Office Director (FOD) of Detention and Removal Operations, Atlanta, GA and the Special
Agent in Charge Atlanta, GA. Local representatives from these two divisions wi ll be in
contact with you soon to conduct a preliminary assessment and determine whether the 287(g)
program is the appropriate application to address your local law enforcement chall enges.
The local ICE point of con tact regarding the 287(g) program Assistant Field
Office Director who can be reached at (h)(6.)_Ib.){IXC
(b)(6). (b)( 7XC)

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