Mm&«--. VICC-Cbait
ocu UlIIl
The Honorable .joseph R. Biden, Jr.
1105 North Market Str.et, Suite 2000
Wilmington, Delaware 19801
The Honorable Thomas R. Carper
301 North Walnut Stred, Suite 102L-I
Wilmington, Deloware 19801
The Honorable Michael N. Castl.
201 North WalnUt Stre.,t, Suit" 107
Wilmington, Delaware 19801
Septtmber 27, 2007
Dear Senator Blden. Senator Carper C1I\d Congressman Castle:
Coo=i ..

The M<rfor and Council of the 'Town af Geargetawn have expressed
their interest with me jn setl.lrlng a Memorandum of between the
De;xu-tmant of Town of e.s
, '. ' . " '", ,. .. .
found under Section 287 (g) of the Immigration and Nationality Act. : As the
former MCf'/or of Georgetown and now as the State Representative. for tJ,is
area, I understand full well the necessity af this document to th" ov"rall
effectiveness of the. town.
Th"refore, I join with 'M<rfor Wyatt C1I\d th" members of The Town
Council and lend my support to Chief of Police Willi"", Topping In his request
for ICE ACCESS. that this added tool to assist in 1he daily funct ion
and operations of the Georgetown Police Department will help them
cQnslderably In the performance of their duties. It is nece.ssary to provide
200 Qlfden Street. GeortetoWtt. DE 19947
Name: 301-856-9637 Hoo;e 0fIke: 302-744-4251
Poge 2.
Congressio ... 1 Del"!jation
September 27. 2007
law enforctJller\t with the tools and resourcu necessary to effectively
complete their mission of prote.cting QI\d serving the citizens of this
community. The ICE "'CCESS program is a vital and critical component in
the bottle of fighting erlme.
I respeetfully ask on behalf of the Chief. M,¥,r. Council and the
citizens that each of you gives this request every consideration and
<usistance in reaching this goal. If you have any quutions. please feel tree
to contact (302)
Thanks fo all of you for your prompt action on this issue.
cc: Mayor Wyatt
Town Council Members
Attorney Genera' Beau Biden

Joseph W. Booth
37'" District
State Representative
· Dl1.AW_
2215 Federal BUilding
300 S. New Street
Dover, Delaware 19964
Phone: (302) 67+3308
Fax: (302) 67+5464
To: Mr. Don Kent - DHS
Date: 1014107
C Blian Bushweller
C Lon James
'" Pam Ully - Pamela_Lilly@Carper.Senate.Gov
C Amber Withrow
RE: Representative Joseph Booth
Pages (including cover): 5
C urgent
iI< Please Respond


Please find inquiry on behalf of Delaware Representative Joseph Booth and the
Georgetown Police Department.
note: The pJ,IeI OOlUJ)JUizIt \hili &.::.Ilmile tfUlS1lliHion couficieatiAl from til. ofSeaMor TholJW II..
Carper. This in1bn:!Iation inl::endcd ",lei), u" by me iIIdividuli tnlity n,.med lIS 1hc rec:ipicm !luno! If you IIJCno!!he
intcDded be ..... l(ctnllteJ:J:'j dilClo$lIt'C or use of the eontqlb of1llis IJlllSlUissiOll is probibikd. If you nne ra:o;i .. $4\his
rr.&smiSS!OD in emn, oodly u, by Ielepbonc 'Ill, lfn.llge 10 piok up th, b:8nsmiuiWl uuo cost you.





·MI ..... N\l
Mr. Don Kent
"1linitrd ,stetr.s ~ r n e t r
WASHINGTON, DC 20510-0803
October 4, 2007
As.sistant Secretary for Legislative Affairs
Department of Homehmd Security
Washington, DC 20528-0001
Dear Mr.Kent:
I am writing to you on. behalf of State ReprescDtativc Jo.scpb Booth and the Georgetown
Police Department. Both ate requesting a Memorandum of Agreement between the Department
of Homeland Security (DHS) and the Georgetown Police Department as fouod under Section 287
(g) of the Immigration and Nationality Act. Enclosed please find correspondence provided to my
office by Representative Booth.
I have asked Mrs, Pam Lilly. a member of my Staff. to Jookinto this matteroD their
behBlf. Mrs. Lilly can be I08chcd at (302) 674-.0' cotTespondenee can be mailed to the
Office oiU.S, Senator Thomas R. Carper, Attn: Pam \-illy, 2215 Fedml Building, 300 S. New
Street, Dover. Delaware 19904.
Thank. you for your assistance and I look forward to your response.
Thomas R. Carper
United States Senate
= ~
person's right to be or to remain in the United States.
(f) (1) Under regulations of the Attorney General , the Commissioner shall provide for the
fingerprinting and photographing of each alien 14 years of age or older against whom a
proceeding is commenced under section 240.
(2) Such fingerprints and photographs shall be made available to Federal, State, and local
law enforcement agencies, upon request.
~ ( g ) (1) .1LNotwithstanding section 1342 of title 31, United States Code, the Attomey General
may enter into a written agreement with a State. or any political subdivision of a State, pursuant
to which an officer or employee of the State or subdivisi on, who is determined by the Attomey
General to be qualified to per10rm 8 function of an immigration officer in relation to the
investigation, apprehensIon or detention of aliens in the United States (Including the
transportation of such aliens across State line s to detention centei'$), may carry out such
function at the expense of the State or political subdivision and to extent consistent with State
and local law.
(2) An agreement under this subsection shan require that an officer or employee of a State or
political subdivision of a State· performing a function under the agreement shall have knowledge
of, and adhere to, Federal Jaw relating to the fundion, and shall contain a written certification
that the officers or employees performing the function under the agreement have received
adequate training regarding the enforcement of relevant Federal immIgration laws.
(3) In performing a function under this subsection, an officer or employee of a State or
political subdivision of a State shall be subject to the direction and supervision of the Attomey
(4) In performing a function under this subsection, an officer or employee of a State or
political SUbdivision of a State may use· Federal property or facilities, as provided in a written
agreement between the Attomey General and the State or subdivision.
(5) With respect to each officer or employee of a State or political subdivision who is
authorized to perform a function under this subsection, the specific powers and duties that may
be, or are required to be, exercised or performed by the individual , the duration of the authority
of the individual, and the position of the agency of the Attorney General who is required to
supervise and direct the individual. shall be set forth in a written agreement between the
Attomey General and the State or po litical subdivision.
(6) The AttorPey General may not accept a service under this SUbsection if the service wi ll be
used to displace ::lny Federal employee.
(7) Excep1: as provided in paragraph (8), an officer or employee of a State or political
subdivision of a State perfonning functions under this subsection shall not be treated as a
Federal employee for any purpose other than for purposes of chapter 81 of title 5, United States
Code, (relating to compensation for injury) and sections 2871 through 2680 of title 28, United
States Code (relating to tort claims) .
http://www. uscis. gov/propubfDoc V iew/slbidll I21129?hilite= 10/412007
OCT 23 20117
Georgetown Police Department
335 North Race Street
Georgetown, Delaware, 19947
Office of JnveSlI'garjons
u.s. Departmenr or Homeland S«urity
425 1 Street. NW
Washington. DC 20536
u.s. Immigration
and Customs
Thank you for your interest in the 287(g) Detegation of Authority program. The 287(g)
Program Management Office (PMO) and the Office of the Assistant Secretary for U. S.
Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) are in receipt of your request for training for the
Georgetown Police Department.
On October 23,2007, the 287(g) PMO at ICE Headquarters forwarded your request to the
Special Agent in Charge SAC Philadelphia, and the Fietd Office Director (FOD) of Detention
and Removal Operations, FOD Philadelphia. Local representatives from these two divisions
will be in contact with you soon to conduct a preliminary assessment and detennine whether
the 287(g) program is the appropriate application to address your local law enforcement
The local ICE point of contact regarding the 287(g) program is Group Supervisor
can be reached at
Investigative Services Division

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