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THROUGH: Jesus Ramos

Unit Chief, 287(g)

FROM: Michael A. Holt ~M-

SpeciaJ Agent in Charge
New Orleans, Louisiana 70113

SUBJECT: Request for 287(g) Delegation of Authority

Maury County Sherifrs Department

On December 9, 2006, Deputy Craig D' Apolito of the Maury County Sheriffs Department
(MCSO), Columbia, Tennessee, requested infonnation from the 287(g) website. The inquiry
was subsequently forwarded to Assistant Special Agent in Charge (ASAC) Ro land Jones for
preliminary contact with the department. Maury County is located approximately 50 miles
southwest of Nashville, Tennessee.

On December 21, 2006, ASAC Jones spoke to Deputy D' Apolito and learned that he had
received the infonnational brochure and requirements for participation fact sheet. MCSO
sought preliminary infonnation about implementing the 287(g) authority in the correctionaJ
model following media reports of the Davidson County Sherifrs Office (DCSO)
implementation in Nashvi lle, Tennessee. ASAC Jones fully explained the scope, limitations
and responsibilities of the program.

Deputy D' Apolito recontacted ASAC Jones on February 13,2007 seeking additional
information. He explained there was continued interest from the sheriff and local governing
body due to the media attention about DCSO. Deputy D' Apolito estimated the MCSO jail
encountered approximately 300 aliens per quarter but that figure has not been researched or
independently verified. Despite all the infonnationaJ contact, MCSO was still uncertain about
the scope and purpose of the 287(g) delegated authority and was considering training only two
correctional officers. Arrangements were made for SSA Bob Kinghorn to personally meet
with members of MCSO for additional discussions about the program.

www.iceto y
SUBJEcr: Maury County, TN 287(g)
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In March 2007. SSA Kinghorn met with Sheriff Enoch George and members of his staff at
MCSO. Sheriff George claimed there was evidence of foreign born gang members and
criminal aliens in his county. SSA Kinghorn expJored areas amenable to joint investigation
and other responses from the RAC Nashville. He also explained in detail the purpose, scope
and limitations and responsibilities of the 287(g) program, including the time and financiaJ
commitments necessary for success, along with the or and DRO resources available to support
the MCSO request.

Sheriff George was fully satisfied with the level of response from the RAC Nashville and
detennined the 287(g) program was not a suitable application for him at thi s time. However,
the sheriff had received significant locaJ political pressure to request the 287(g) program and so
he requested an ICE 01 representative speak on the issue at a future county commissioner's
meeting. SSA Kinghorn did not commit to fulfilling that request. Sheriff George declined to
move forward with a formal request for participation in the 287(g) program.

cc: ASAC Richard Crocker

RAC Catherine Molyneux
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Thank you roland

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Subject: RE: Maury County Tennessee?????

On 12/9/06 they requested info from website. On 12/21106 I spoke with the requesting LEA. On 2/13/07 they
recontacted seeking additional info. There was continued interest from sheriff and local governing body because of the
implementation by Davidson County in Nashville. They estimated Maury County jail encountered about 300 aliens per
quarter but not independently verified. They were still uncertain about the scope or purpose of the program and
whether it was really for them. I asked a local Group Supervisor to meet with them to discuss the program. In March
2007 he met with (l!)(6)~( b)iD(C) and members of his staff. They had some evidence of foreign born gang members
and they explored nvestigation by MCSO and RAC Nashville. The sheriff was fully satisfied with the
level of response from ICE/OI and determined 287g was not suitable application at the time. He had received
significant local political pressure to request the program and so he inquired about the possibility of an ICE 01 rep
speaking at a future county commissioner's meeting. We did not commit to fulfilling that request at the time and we
haven't heard more on that aspect since. The sheriff declined to pursue 287(g).

In July there was a subject who was accused of raping a IS year old only hours after being released from the jail. The
suspect was believed to be foreign born. The report showed that since May of 2007 they had encountered 80 illegal
immigrants, including 25 in a single day, prompting some immigrant rights group to accuse the department of racial
profiling. The sheriff said they were detained during criminal investigations. At that time he reportedly said he would
continue to work with federal agents but also wanted to enroll in 287(g) but we haven't heard anymore officially that
I'm aware of.

The usual. It may not be the right fit. They're asking because of one or more sensational incidents. They mayor may
not utilize properly and they don't know what it entails in commitment, manpower, scope, responsibilities and
limitations. They are already working with us. The support problems are that the only over 72 hr facility is in
Memphis. DRO and 01 have limited resources and cannot fully support his request. He is one hour south of Nashville.
The Davidson County jail already keeps RAC Nashville fully occupied.

Why is this coming up in Atlanta from TN or national reporter? Please be careful of the above what you release.

From: Rocha, Richard A
Sent: Tuesday, September 11,20073:54 PM
Sub County Tennessee?????

I'm in Atlanta .. We're briefing a/s for an interview with newsweek ..

Reporter brought this up ...

Do you have any specifics on why they declined ... "they just didn't feel it was for them?"


From: b 6 b 7 C
Sent: T er 11,20073:51 PM
To: Rocha, Richard A
Subject: RE: Maury County Tennessee?????

Come see me, I have a file. They asked and declined. I'll fill you in. Let me know why

From: Rocha, Richard A

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Holland, Gina
Subject: Maury County Tennessee?????


What's the deal with Maury County Tennessee?

I don't see them on the pending list from last week. Do we know if they've requested 287g training? Or anything
else about the county?

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If you know something, please let me know.



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