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WIFe o/tk 6Ik4 650 West State Street

0fI/~~ Rockford. Ill ino is 611 02
815/3 19-6000

~ Q4. ~ *
~ August 17, 2007

Assistant Secretary Julie Myers

US Immigration and Customs Enforcement
425 I Street NW Room 7000
Washington, DC 20536

De... Secretary Myers:

We are writing to request participation in the Delegation of Authority Program pursuant to 281(g) oftbe
Immigration and Naturalization Act.

We with your office in Chicago, Illinois. Assistant Special Agent in

been very helpful in explaining the program to our staff in Research and
guidall,ce,we are proposing the following:

1) Establishment of an Identification Review Officer at our Winnebago County Jaillacated in

Rockford. Illinois.

2) Train eight (8) coJTCCtions officers assigned to the booking process.. with a minimum of two
year.; experience, who have passed a security background acceptable to ICE.

Training facilities ate available at our County Justice Center where instructors can utilize computer
training aids. videos and any other materials they may need in instructions.

The 287(g) program will allow us to enter into a Memorandum of Understanding that will enable us to
participate with ICE in identifying criminal illegal aliens who pose 8 risk to the citizens of Winnebago
County. We look forward to an assessment process that wililcad to an endorsement: of this request.


Richard A. Meyers
Winnebago Coun
; tt Christiansen
County Board Chairman
Office 0/ /)ellUl/ion alld ReRlo\'of Opera/iolls
U.S. DCpliMmetll or lIomt'latld Sct'uril),
425 I Street. NW
Wash itlgton. DC 20536

u.s. Immigration
and Customs

Mr. Richard A. Meyers

Wirmebago Cou nty Sheri ff
650 West State St reet
Rockford, lIIinoi s 61102

Dear Sheriff Meyers,

Thank you for you r interest in the 287(g) delegation of im mi gration authority program. The
287(g) Program Management Office and the Office of the Assistant Secretary for U. S.
Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) are in receipt of your request for training fo r the
WilUlebago County Sheriff's Department.

On August 30,2007, the Program Manager fo r 287(g) Delegation of Authority at ICE

Headquarters forwarded yo ur request to the Special Agent in Charge (SAC) Chicago, IL, and
the Field Officer Director (FOD) of Detention and Removal , Chicago. Local representatives
from these two divisions will be in contact with you soon to conduct a pre li minary assessment
and detennine whether the 287(g) program is the appropriate application to address your local
law enfo rcement challenges.

The local ICE point of contact regarding the 287(g) program is Superviso ry Detention and
Deportation Officer (SDDO) tiQ.X2.f tbXUU;'i], who ca n be reached at 3 12-34f7:+ ~liQJ( XC)


(b X6 ), (b X7J(C)

287(g) DRO Unit Ch ief