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Office of the Executive

St. Charles County Steve Ehlmann

County Executive

January 31, 2008

Assistant Secretary Julie L. Myers

Un ited States Immigration and Customs Enforcement
425 I Street NW
Room 7000
Washington, D.C. 20536

RE: § 287 ( g ) of the Immigration and Natu rali zation Act

Dear Secretary Myers:

This letter serves as St. Charles County's request for participation in Delegation of
Authority program authorized by "§ 287 (g)" of the Imm igration and Nationality Act (rNA)
which authorizes the Secretary of the Department of Homeland Security, acting through your
office, to enter into written agreements with political subdivisions so that qualified pe rsonne l can
perfonn certain fu nctions of an immigration officer.

The county has been in discussion with the ICE office here in St. Louis. The assistance
of Resident Agent in Charge Q)@).jblll ~ has already been of benefit. We have strengthened
our ties with [CE in the CAP program while we have been exploring the 287 (g) program over
the past seven months. . b ~u~ a.xg arranged a meeting with a number of staff, including
those from the Chicago and Kansas City offices. With their guidance and assistance, I am now
officially requesti ng the development of a Memorandum of Agreement between the County and
ICE which will enable the County Sheriffs Department to participate with ICE in identifying
criminal illegal aliens who pose a risk to the citizens ofSt. Charles County, Missouri and the
surrounding area. I would propose the training of deputy sheriffs from our patrol bureau in
sufficient number to appropriately assist in this task. Each deputy sheriff would have a minimum
of two years experience in patrol and would have passed a security background acceptable to

I look forward to your expedited review and endorsement of this request. I believe you
will find that Sheriffs Department persormel will be an asset to you. The Sheriffs Department
is a highly trained, professional organization of 160 sworn, covering more than 500 square miles
of St. Charles County. St. Charles County is a charter county and political subdivision of the
State, with a populat ion of approximately 340,000, inunediately adjacent to .St. Louis County.

Executive Office Building· 100 North 3rd Street· Suite 318 ' 5t. Charles, MO 63301
Telephone 636-94g. ~ · Fax 636-949-7521
E-mai bX6) I
A. ..... ; ... . .., .... ~.,.('rp.t~rv Tulie L. Mvers
United States Immigration and Customs cntorcemem
January 31 , 2008
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The Cou nty has a training facility, including classroom space for up to fifty (50), shoot
house fac ili ties and a shooting range . The classroom train ing area is available to utilize
computer traini ng aids, video and other classroom aids. If the training cannot be provided in the
S1. Charles/St. Louis area, we wou ld, of course, be prepared to have our dep uty sheriffs travel
for the training.

The County Sheriffs department engages in numerous functions for which we believe
that th is ICE-County coordinat ion would be beneficial. For instance, 1) the Sheriffs Department
fugitive apprehension unit is charged with the responsibility of identifying criminals who are
wanted for crimes or offenses that represent a threat to the publ ic safety; 2) the drug enforcement
unit is dedicated to eradicating illegal trafficking in narcot ics; 3) the criminal investigations
section which has the responsib ility of identifying criminal activity, including organized crimi nal
activity; and 4) the patrol div ision. Each of these units within the Sheriffs Department wou ld be
able to benefit the mission oflCE by, under the supervision of[CE, exercising imm igration-
related authority during the course of criminal investigations invo lving alie ns unlawfully present
in the United States.

I will make availab le any staff necessary to reach an acceptable Memorandum of

Understanding between ICE and the County and I look forward to your response.


Steve Ehlmann
County Executive
St. Charles County


Joshua Schenk
287 (g) National Program Manager
425 I St NW, Room 3040
Wash ington, D.C. 20536

Sheriff Tom Neer

County Counselor Joann Leykam
From: Falcone, Kristin
Sent: Wednesday, December 09,20093:23 PM
To: Heard, Vickie L; (b)(6), (b)(Z)(C)
Snbject: 10-1221 ( (b)(§), (Q)(7)(C) )
The FOIA request for the following AOR is completed:
SAC/FOD Detroit
SAC/FOD Chicago

There are no declinationflNithdrawal letters/em ails for:

Dodge City KS
City of Harvard IL
St Charles PO
St Charles County
Warren County

There is no acknowledgement letter for St Charles County.

I will do the rest of New Orleans later. Just tasked with something else.

Kristin Falcone
National Program Manager
Immigration and Customs Enforcement
Office of State and Local Coordination
500 12th Street SVV , 5024
Washing 4
202 732 L (b )(6):::::J
202.732 .
202.536 .c:(6jf6)