Adam Christianson,
May 29, 2007
Juli e L. Myers, Deputy Assistant Secretary
US Immi gration and Customs Enforcement
425 [ Street NW Room 7000
'vVashingron, DC 2GS36
Re: Delegation of Authority Program
Dear Assistant Secretary Myers:
I am wri ting to request parti cipati on in the Delegati on of Authorit y Program pursuant to
287(g) of the Immi grati on and Naturali zati on Act (INA). The most important mi ssion of
the Stani slaus Count y Sheri fr s Department is to protect the citi zens of Stan islaus
County. I beli eve that a partnership with the Immi gration and Customs Enforcement
(I CE), allowing us to identify "criminal ill egal ali ens" who commit crimes in our
community, will further accompli sh thi s mi ssion.
County sta ff' have been communi cating with Special Agent (b)(6) (b)(7)(C) the 287(g)
program coordinator out of San Francisco, Ca liforni a. He has been very helpful and with
hi s advice we are propos ing the foll owing:
Train and assign thirty (30) Classifi cati on Deputies within the custodial
di vision of the Stani slaus County Sherifr s Department to collaterall y
perform immi gration related duti es within our custodial di vision. These
Classifi cati on Deputies will have more than a minimum of two (2) years
law enforcement work experi ence and will pass a securi ty background
acceptabl e to ICE.
Training faciliti es are ava il abl e at the Stani slaus County Sheri ffs Department where ICE
instructors can utili ze computer training aids, videos, andlor any other material s they may
need in their course of instruction.
250 East Hackett Rd . • Modesto, CA 95358
(209) 525-72 16 • FAX (209) 567-4417
www.Stani slall sShcrifl colll
Juli e L. Myers, Deputy Assistant Secretary
US Immigration and Customs Enforcement
Jul y 9, 2007
Page 2
Thi s program will allow us to enter into a Memorandum of Agreement (MOA) that wi ll
enable us to participate with ICE in idcntifying "criminal ill egal aliens" who pose a ri sk
to the citi zens of Stanislaus Count y, We look forward to your speedy endorsement of this
I'equest and moving forward with thi s program for the benefit of all,
Stanislaus County Sheriff-Coroner
Mr. Adam Christianson
Stanislaus County Sheriff-Coroner
250 East Hackett Road
Modesto, CA 95358
Dear Sheriff Christianson,
ond RemOWlI Operations
V. :,. onpar1mtnt o(Homea.nd.Sccurity
·425 I Street, NW
Washington, DC 20536
u.s. Immigration
and Customs
Thank you for your interest in the 287(g) delegation of immigration authority program. The
287(g) Program Management Office and the Office of the Assistant Secretary for U. S.
Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) are in receipt of your request for training for the
Stanislaus COUDty Sheriff' s Department.
On August 7, 2007, the Program Manager for 287(g) Delegation of Authority at ICE
Headquarters forwarded your request to the Special Agent in Charge (SAC) San Francisco,
CA, and the Field Office Director (FOD) of Detention and Removal, San Francisco, CA. Local
representatives from these two divisions will be in contact with you soon to conduct a
preliminary assessment and determine whether the 287(g) program is the appropriate
application to address your loca1 law enforcement challenges.
point ()f cont:act regarding the 287(g) program is Deputy Field Office Director
who can be reached at
Adam Christianson, Sheriff-Coroner
Assist:mt Field Office Director
Detention and Removal Operations
650 Capital Mall, Room 1-120
Sncramcnto, CA 95814
September 12, 2007
On behalf of the Stani slaus County Sheriff's Department, I would like to thank you for
meeti ng with us regardi ng the 287g program offered by ICE.
As discussed in our meeting, our agency would like to take a proact ive stance in
identifying and placing appropriate holds on criminal aliens in our County after hours and
on weekends. After discussing the 287g program at l e n g t h ~ we are in agreement that
adding an additional ICE agent in li eu oflhe 287g program will allow our County to
place more holds on criminal aliens.
We arc excited to have this partnership and appreciate the addit ion ofa second ICE agent
here in our County. I believe the added manpower along with the use of the ICE after
hours duty phone will hel p us to capture a majority of these ICE holds.
Again, thank you for your time and the service that you provide to Stanislaus County.
ADAM CHRISTIANSON, Sheri ff- Coroner
Stanislaus County
Jj! £24L:J? ti?cp
By: Li eulenan b (; b (C
Bureau of Admi nistrative Services Commander
Stanislaus County Sherif'f' s Department
'i2·1 Ea s( J-Iadcll ltd .• ,\\odcsto, CA 9535H
(209) 525·5678 • FAX (209) 525·7227
ww \v. 5 (a n isla usS Il cri ff. co III

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