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November 3, 2006

Assistant Secretary Julie Myers

Immigration Customs Enforcement
425 "I" Street, N.W. Room 00
Washington, o.c. 20536

Assistant Secretary Myers:

As the Inspector General for the Texas Department Criminal Justice. I am requesting 287(g)
authority for our which not only supports the Department of Criminal Justice, but
is involved in Federal Bureau Investigations Fugitive Task Operations, U.S. Drug
Enforcement Task Forces Operations, and U Marshal Task Force Operations in the major cities
within Texas. their duties involve gang investigations and the arrest of violent fugitives
this training would be a benefit to both our agencies. OIG wowd benefit in that it would be an
additional tool in combating the criminal element that is frequently encountered in the daily job of a
task investigator. OIG unit investigators are assigned throughout the state at major
units and would be able to process offenders identified as being illegal aliens after the initial
processing phase into prison This training would a benefit to the enforcement of
Immigration and Customs as OIG task force members frequently encounter situations where
potential illegal aliens are involved in criminal activity. This program would provide the OIG task
force member the ability to arrest and process any illegal at the scene, regardless of whether
they were directly involved with illegal activity.

John M. Moriarty
Office of DeJenJion and Removal Operations

U.S. Department of Homeland Security

425 I SLreel. NW
WashinglOn, DC 20536

U.S. Immigration
and Customs

John M. Moriarty
Inspector General
Texas Department of Criminal Justice
P.O. Box 13804
Austin, TX 78711

Dear Mr. Moriarty,

On November 3, 2006, you submitted a request to participate in the 287(g) Delegation of

Authority Program. Since that time Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) has had
several opportunities to speak with you and your team.

Based on our mutual agreement your request will be held in abeyance. ICE will continue to
service your office through the Criminal Alien Apprehension Program within the Texas
Department of Corrections. Should your office require assistance outside 0 f the institution
please contact Assistant FieJd Office Director, b 6. b l(?l C at 281-9d'8 1. b v, )( Ib (6), (b)(7)(C) will
assist you in establishing the appropriate contacts to meet your needs.

ICE appreciates you interest in the 287(g) Delegation of Authority Program and looks [oJ\:vard
to continued mutual cooperation.


(o) ~6) , (b)(7)(C)

287(g) DRO Unit Chief