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So you want to learn to work with healing energy.

Maybe you've always been interested, maybe

you're facing a health crisis, or maybe you just want to find out more about it. I've created a step
by step tutorial for beginners that will teach you the ins and outs of how to do energy healing.

First things
first. What the
heck is it?
Science 101.
Pretend you're
back in 10th
grade, but
science class
will only take
two paragraphs
this time.
There are two
things that
construct the
entire universe.
Energy and
matter. All things, including people, are made of matter (atoms and molecules). There's also this
other thing that scientists spend a lot of time trying to figure out called "energy".
Albert Einstein, discovered that matter and energy are different forms of the same thing. Energy
can be turned into matter and matter can be turned into energy. He called his theory E=mc2.
You've probably heard of it! It means that all things, including people, are made of matter and

He also
discovered that
since the two,
energy and
matter, are

interchangeable, that they also effect each other.

This is how
energy healing
works. The
healing energy
effects matter in
a positive way.
It can come
from a specific
modality like
Reiki, chakra
therapy or
sound healing
to name a few
common ones.
Or it can come from something less structured like creative visualizations (very powerful),
healing music, or even something very common, like a bubble bath.
Energy is not made the same. Some energy is good and some is bad. Examples of good energy
are: A healing touch. A massage. A kiss from mom on a skinned knee. Reiki. Feeling supported
by your loved ones. That sort of thing.
Examples of bad energy are: Stress in the workplace. A person demeaning you or belittling you.
Being too busy. There's also environmental bad energy like pollution, emf waves from electrical
appliances and power plants. Radiation.

Good energy
effects our
"matter" in a
good way. Bad
energy effects
our "matter" in
a bad way.
there is enough
bad energy that
some of it gets
completely and
totally stuck in
our "matter"
permanently. It
makes us feel
bad. We then
need a lot of good energy to come along and unstick it. That's where energy healing steps in.

This bad energy

over time, and
gets more and
more stuck
inside of you. It
can become so
dense that the
bad energy
turns into
matter. This is
how disease
often starts.
Slowly over
time an
blockage can
become a physical blockage.

The bad energy

gets dense,
making it
harder for the
good energy to
get in. It's like if
you've ever
known a person
who always
seemed to have
bad luck, and a
cynical, downtrodden attitude
to match. That's
an example of
bad energy
being so stuck
that good energy (good things) can't come into them (or their sphere of reality).

Then over time

as more bad
energy gets
stuck, your
matter becomes
denser and
(vibrating at a
lower level)
because of all
the stuck energy
(bad energy).
Your chakras
get blocked.
stagnates. When
stagnates disease, depression and lethargy can settle in.

This is part 3. If you want to start at the beginning, check out Learning Energy Healing Part 1.

The easiest way

to learn how to
do energy
healing is to
start practicing
on yourself.
When you're
ready start
practicing on
friends and
family too (who
are willing and
open to the
idea). You can
do healings on
more than just
yourself and
other people

You can do
healings on
your pets and
other animals.
You'll learn to
know if they are
open to it. If
they snuggle up
and want more,
they like it. If
they give you a
strange look or
start to slink
away they may
not be ready.
You can also do
it in a group
with other
healers, taking
turns on who is
the receiver.

As you
advance, you'll
learn distance
healing. You
don't have to be
touching a
person or
animal to send
energies. You
don't even need
to be in the
same room. As
you get better
you'll see that
you can be in
Timbuktu while
they're sitting at
home in

You'll also learn

that you can do
energy healing
on objects,
places, even
Belongings and
spaces get stuck
energy too!
This type of
work is often
called space
clearing or
energy clearing.

This is part 4. If you want to start at the beginning, check out Learn How to do Energy Healing
Part 1.
You've learned about matter (people are matter) and energy and how energy effects matter.
You've learned what good energy is and what bad energy is. You've also learned all the different
ways you can do energy healing. Now it's time to start practicing!
( It helps to have energy healing music while you practice. Here's a short audio file of our crystal
singing bowls cd you can turn on if you want. Press the start arrow on the player below to listen
while you practice.) *Older versions of internet explorer may not show the player.
The first step is opening the hand chakras. You do this to activate the healing energies in your
hands. This can take anywhere from 1 minute to ten minutes before each healing session. After
you become experienced, the time will be reduced. Once you have a lot of experience you may
not need this step at all to activate your hand chakras. It is very helpful for beginners though.

Hold your
hands in front
of your chest in
prayer position.
Your fingers
and palm on
one hand should
touch the
fingers and
palm on your
other hand. Rub
your hands
quickly up and
down, as
though you
were warming
them on a chilly
winter day. This
is the starter step.

Next, with
elbows bent,
hold one hand
in front of you
at chest height
with the palm
facing down.
Hold the other
hand in front of
you with the
palm facing up.
Your hands
should be
horizontal a few
inches in front
of your chest.
The undersides of your hands should be facing one another and your elbows should be out to the
side of your body.

Now, quickly
make fists with
your hands then
reopen them. It
is a rapid
movement of
open, close,
open, close,
open, close. Do
this for at least
60 seconds.
Longer if you

Now flip which hand is on top

and which hand is on the bottom.
Make sure the undersides of your
hands are still facing each other.
Repeat the rapid movement of
open, close, open, close, open,
close. Do this for another 60
seconds. Longer if you want.

You're almost
done. Rub your
hands together
for 30 seconds,
just like you did
in the first step.

Now bring your

hands back in
front of your
chest, one palm
down and one
palm up,
undersides of
hands facing
each other, with
around 2 inches
between them.
Take time to
feel the
sensation. You
will most likely
feel tingling in
your hands and
fingers. That is
the most common sensation and the first one beginners feel when they are learning energy
Now, pay attention to the space between your hands. That's right. The 2 inches of air in between
your 2 hands. Do you feel a ball of energy? As you increase your sensitivity to working with
healing energies, you'll feel that ball of energy more and more clearly.
When you feel a ball of energy between your hands it means you have fully activated your hand
chakras and tuned in to the energy of your hand chakras. Don't fret if you don't feel it. It doesn't
mean your hand chakras aren't activated, it just means you're still developing your sensitivities to
the feeling of energy.
You can practice this technique over and over again until you're comfortable with it. Don't worry
about the timing of each movement. The times are just to give you a starting point. Once you get
used to it you can do this energy healing exercise in as short as one minute or all the way up to
20 minutes or an hour. The more you practice the better you'll get.
So you're hand chakras are open and activated. What's next? You're starting to learn energy
healing! Now it's time for some healing work.


This is a very simple technique that will allow you to open or activate the chakra energy
centers located in the center of the palms. It is useful for doing energy healing work of all

types, whether it is Reiki healing, massage, or any other energy healing method. Putting
positive energy into anything improves your results.
1) Begin by holding your hands, left over right, palms open, at solar plexus height. Hold them so
that the fingers of your left hand point to your right, and the fingers of your right hand point to
your left. It will look a little bit like you are holding a small ball between your hands.
2) Focus your intention on opening the hand chakras.
3) Start opening and closing both hands, as quickly as is comfortable, anywhere from 12-24
times. This is like making a loose fist, one hand over the other, very quickly, over and over.
4) Reverse the hand positions so that your right hand is now over the left. The fingers of both
hand will still be facing the same direction, left fingers pointing right, right fingers pointing left.
5) Repeat step 3, opening and closing both hands quickly 12-24 times.
6) Hold hands at chest height, prayer position, and rub your palms together as though trying to
warm them. Do this for about 6 seconds.
7) Say or think, "Open" and clap your hands together 3 times.
8) Hold your hands at chest height and allow yourself to feel the energy between the palms of
your hands. Focus on the sensations in your hands. There may be a tingling, warming sensation.
This is a combination of the circulation being stimulated and energy being channeled.
The more a person practices this technique, the easier it will become to activate and open the
hand chakras and the easier it will be to feel the energy. I use it every time I am going to:

Do energy healing work

Pass a Reiki attunement

Draw energy healing symbols

Sense or scan for energy (such as when working with crystals)

Play crystal singing bowls, guitar, or didjeridoo

You can use it to do all of the things mentioned above as well as to practice your skills as you
learn energy healing.


Cutting Energy Cords to Toxic Relationships
We, as humans, have a tendency to get attached to things. Some of these energetic
attachments are great and allow us to feel connected to loved ones, others aren't so
good. I make a daily practice of cutting off all cords that are no longer beneficial.

The energy healing technique can be used anytime. In particular, if you find yourself thinking
extensively about a particlar person, place or thing and you can feel frustration or anger, or
sadness in your body, use this technique then. It works very quickly and will often allow you to
release your frustration and move on. Let's get started now...


* To do the energy healing technique, get yourself a good piece of crystal that resonates with
your energies. I have found that a quartz point works the best for me.
* Stand up, holding the crystal in your right hand and just behind your crown chakra.
*Take a deep breath inwards and hold. Say:
"I Hereby Sever
all Cords that
no Longer Represent

my Highest and Greatest Good"

* Then, while exhaling, move the crystal down along your chakra line past the root.
* As you cut, visualize any unwanted cords being severed by your intent and the crystal. Using
the filter, "That which represents my highest and greatest good" while doing this keep us from
severing something beneficial.
I also hold my hand in such a way that is passes like a blade along my chakra line, just for extra
effectiveness. If you don't have access to a crystal, just use the blade of your hand.
The Breaking Cords Energy Healing Technique is great for:

Reclaiming your personal energy.

Grief recovery after the death of a loved one.

Rebalancing after a painful relationship break-up.

Releasing attachments to toxic people from your past.

Healing groups or organizations that are not love-based.

Releasing attachments to toxic people currently in your life.

As a general energy healing maintenance to keep unhealthy cords

from attaching in the first place.


The Releasing Grudges Energy Healing Technique is designed to send healing energy to a
person, place or thing that you feel anger towards, and remove unwanted attachments or energy
cords at the same time.
Have you ever felt anger towards a person, place or organization? Many of us have. There is
an emotional charge built up around political stances, religion, and moral beliefs. This emotional
charge gets out of hand when a person finds their energetic pattern being disrupted just by
thinking about people who hold opposing beliefs. It can manifest as anger, depression, anxiety,
tightness in the chest, shallow breathing, and a general feeling of discomfort.

I used to feel this way when thinking about the political decisions of people elected to public
office, political decisions that often flew in the face of my beliefs. I found myself getting angry,
upset, and depressed whenever I thought about the political state of the country.
All this was accomplishing was destabalizing my energetic structure. Then I discovered a healthy
alternative: Sending love to those you disagree with. That's what this technique is all about,
transferring those negative emotions into positive emotions, so that you can regain control over
your own energetic structure.
Try this technique today. Send loving energy to anyone who is getting under your skin,,
whether it be your boss, your mother-in-law, the president, your next door neighbor, or an exspouse. You'll be amazed at how much better you feel when you release the attachments of

All you need to do the Releasing Grudges Energy Healing Technique is a quiet place and a few
minutes of time. Try it out and see how you feel:
1) Relax, close your eyes, and bring your attention to your third eye chakra.
2) Place the tip of your tongue gently on the roof of your mouth, just behind your teeth.
3) While focusing on your third eye, breath deeply, in through the nose and out through the
mouth, 3 times.
4) Visualize the person, place or thing that you wish to heal. With organizations, it is good to use
a symbol such as an American flag for the United States, a gun or a helmet for the military, or a
hood for the KKK.
5) Bring your attention to your heart chakra. This is to assure that the energy you send is love
6) Visualize a flood of golden light pouring from your heart center and into that which you wish
to heal. With each out-breath, visualize more and more golden light beaming outward.
7) Allow the image in your third eye to become completely infused by golden light, to the point
where you can no longer see the image at all.
8) Cross your arms over your chest.
9) Say Thank You three times.
10) Send it off with a nice blast of golden healing light.

By learning
energy healing,
and doing it on
a regular basis,
you release that
old, stuck bad
energy and
make room for
the good energy
to come in. You
clear and
balance your
chakra system.
You release old,
emotions. You
change your