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Newsjournal Of Kansas and Nebraska Southern Baptists

June 2015

Campers on Mission Serve
At Webster Conference Center

Volunteer Christian Builders Return to Weir Camp

Summer campers at Weir Baptist Camp, Weir, Kan., will enjoy two new shade pavilions at
the lakes. Volunteer Christian Builders constructed the pavilions during their April 2015
work project at the camp. Here the group works on setting trusses on the pavilion at the
boating lake on the east side of the camp. VCB is based in Texas and has worked on projects
at Weir Camp and numerous other places in KNCSB. The group did most of the construction
on Bethel Cabin, the second new cabin at Weir Baptist Camp, and the dining-hall addition.
Kansas-Nebraska Campers on Mission and local volunteers also play major roles at the camp.

Steve Dighton

Steve Dighton,
Lenexa Baptist
Church to Be
Nominated as
Vice-President of
Southern Baptist
Convention (see page 6)

Kansas-Nebraska Campers on Mission welcomed several
new members during their spring rally May 1-3 at Webster Conference Center, Salina, Kan. The group worked at
WCC before and after the rally. Here, Bill Streeter (left),
Don Smith and Norm Marcum work on installing soffit on
the new dining hall addition. (Below) Some of the Campers on Mission women work on cleaning chairs in the WCC
dining hall. Read more about Kansas-Nebraska Campers
on Mission at


Guest Column
By Thom Rainer

President of LifeWay Christian Resources

Seven Things We Should Say To Guests

“Thank you for being here.” It’s just that basic.
I have heard from numerous church guests who
returned because they were simply told “thank you.”
“Let me help you with that.” If you see someone
struggling with umbrellas, young children, diaper
bags, purses, and other items, a gesture to hold something for them is a huge positive. Of course, this comment is appropriate for member to member as well.
“Please take my seat.” I actually heard that comment twice in a church where I was speaking in the
Nashville area. The first comment came from a member
to a young family of five who were trying to find a
place to sit together.
“Here is my email address. Please let me know if I
can help in any way.” Of course, this comment must
be used with discretion, but it can be a hugely positive
message to a guest.

“Can I show you where
you need to go?” Even in
smaller churches, guests
will not know where to
find the nursery, restrooms,
and small group meeting
areas. You can usually tell
when a guest does not
know where he or she is
to go.
“Let me introduce you
to ___________.” The return
rate of guests is always
higher if they meet other
Thom S. Rainer
people. A church member
may have the opportunity to introduce the guest to the
pastor, other church staff, and other members of the
“Would you join us for lunch?” I saved this question for last for two reasons. First, the situation must
obviously be appropriate before you offer the invita-

President’s Perspective
By Andy Addis

KNCSB Convention President

JUNE 2015

“Seek first the kingdom of God and His righteousness.” Matthew 6:33
Don’t have a cow.
Don’t sweat the small stuff.
Don’t put the cart before the horse, or you might end
up beating a dead horse.
I love idioms; probably
because they are so effective. I think I appreciate
them so much because
they’re not just cute, they
contain truth that needs
to be remembered. One of
my favorite idioms is, first
things first.
That particular idiom is
a statement of priority and
balance. So much of who
we are and what we do
requires that we get things
Andy Addis
in the right order, in the
right amount.
Often, it’s the question of whether something is a
good thing or a God thing. It’s absolutely possible to
get so caught up doing good things that we miss out
on the God things for our lives and churches. What a
tragedy to spend all your time and energy just short of
where you could have, should have been.
It’s a question of balance.
I was on a flight a few weeks ago, a small regional jet
with two columns of seating and a walking aisle down
the middle. One column had two seats per row the
other only one.
On this date, I was one blessed man! My seating
assignment put me in one of those solo spots which
n no awkward conversations
n no territorial disputes for elbow room on a shared
n no snoring petite women that make me want to
2 laugh

n no children that are cute up to the point of your
tray table being stowed in an upright position
Say what you want, I had the seat of choice, until…
A young little flight attendant kept walking up and
down the aisle prior to take off. She had one of those
looks on her face like she was doing math in her
I was a little shocked when she walked quickly to
my row, stood next to my chair and made eye contact.
Here is the conversation:
“Sir, may I ask a favor.”
“Could I get you to move one row back, I’m trying
to get the plane balanced so we can make sure the nose
comes up during take off.”
Yeah, that happened.
No one around me said a word, they didn’t have to.
Everyone knew that she had walked the length of the
plane, surveyed every passenger and made the decision that there was only one guy who is throwing off
the balance of that beast… it was me, the yeti.
So, I gathered my things to make the short 2 foot
march of shame to the row behind me.
You know, I’m sure she didn’t want to ask me that.
I’m definitely sure I didn’t want to be called out for
that marvel of engineering.
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tion. Second, I have seen this approach have the highest guest return rate of any one factor. What if your
church members sought to invite different guests 6 to
12 times a year? The burden would not be great; but
the impact would be huge.
Let’s look at one example of breaking attendance
barriers by saying the right things to guests. Presume
your church has two first-time guests a week. Over
the course of a year, the church would have 100
first-time guests. With most of the members being
genuinely guest friendly, you could see half of those
guests become active members. Attendance could thus
increase by as much as 50 persons every year.

Editor’s Note: This column was reprinted from Thom Rainer’s blog
which he updates regularly. If you
would like to read more from him go to

But, it was a call that had to be made. The plane was
unbalanced, the luggage offset, the safety of everyone
was involved, and making a simple adjustment would
put us back to the right equilibrium.
Balance is important.
Good news, we’ve been told what comes first in our
lives and in our churches… Seek first His kingdom and
His righteousness.
In your church, when attendance wanes, when baptism numbers dip, and when the budget is struggling…
it’s not a matter of whether the preacher is preaching
like you think you should, or whether the music is
meeting your standards. It’s not a matter of church
facilities, style, location, name.
There’s no doubt we could make many changes that
make our churches better places, but it’s all in vain
if we don’t have the foundational issues right. First
things first...
The church isn’t ours, it’s His.
The church isn’t for us, it’s for the world.
The church is the bride of Christ, not yours.
When we let God be the priority, when His plan is
our plan, when pleasing Him is more important than
pleasing us... it’s amazing what gets fixed.
So, quit barking up the wrong tree and let’s go the
extra mile to put first things first... man, I love idioms.

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and congregations involved in missions and regularly
publicize ministry opportunities.
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Sharing & Strengthening

God’s Plan for Sharing

By Jon Sapp

KNCSB State Director of Evangelism

Editor’s Note: Jon Sapp wanted to use his space
this month to give you this account of a powerful evangelistic meeting from southwest Kansas.
Shane Lester, Pastor of FSBC, Sublette, sent in this

In the small rural Haskell County, Kansas, the
name of Jesus Christ is usually heard from one of the
pulpits in the 10 community churches. And although
there seems a great number of churches there for
the mere 2,500 people, it remains that they still have
a large percentage of unchurched ….and yes some
who have probably never head the gospel at all. Most
would refer to this little area of grasslands, wheat
fields, and feedlots as a quiet place, where people
live a very simple life outside of the fast pace of the
city and beyond the outskirts of anything new, wild,
or exciting. Wednesday, May 6, however the gospel
came in a slightly different package, as these small
communities of people were gathered together in a
high school gymnasium.
The day began in Satanta, Kansas at an all school
assembly where Brad from “Real Encounter” evoked
the cheers and gasps as his team of BMX and motorcycle stuntmen went to work performing wheelies
and ramping! He used these stunts as a platform to
call for making a positive impact on those around
you and beyond.
The next stop was the town of Sublette, for the second assembly of the day at Sublette Elementary. The
cheers and gasps were even louder here as the small

children begged for more
stunts and intently hung
on each of Brad’s words
explaining the importance
of being a positive example
for others.
“Real Encounter”
grabbed a quick lunch and
a Dr. Pepper or two before
their afternoon assembly
at Sublette High. The 7-12
graders lined the parking
lot filling the neighborhood
Jon Sapp
with loud applause and
cheers as the men amazed
with their talents. Brad once again showed the importance of working hard at encouraging others as well
as surrounding ourselves with people that do the
same for us.
The whole day led up to the evening event. The
gymnasium had not only become full but was overflowing. People of all ages packed tightly into seats as
they intently waited for the event to begin. Brad ran
onto the ramp in the center of the gym and welcomed
everyone. He wasted no time boldly expressing that
this whole event had been orchestrated with the sole
purpose of sharing the gospel! He commanded the
crowd’s attention explaining that his team travels
and perform stunts strictly as an inlet to share their
individual stories of Jesus’ transforming power. He
then gave everyone the chance to leave if they chose

Along the Journey

By Tim Boyd

Baptist Digest Editor

heeded. Opposition to sin should never
become petty bigotry toward the sinner.
We need to be lovingly gracious to all
of those around us who live lives contrary to biblical truth. Our job is not to
straighten out folks. Rather, it is to lead
them graciously to a loving Savior who
is in the process of straightening out all
of us.
I am pretty sure that I cannot cause
anyone to willingly leave sin. Only Jesus
can do that. I also am pretty sure that
I need to be honest with sinners about
their sin, but I need to season that honesty with grace and love. After all, we
are all sinners saved by grace and we
continue to need that grace day by day.
Years ago, I remember preacher after
preacher using “Just As I Am” as an
invitation hymn saying to congregation
after congregation that we can’t fix ourselves before we come to Christ. Only
He can fix us. Have we forgotten that
Let’s follow that advice of our former
Baptist leader, “Let us show our devotion to our principles, not by boastfulness and arrogance, but by a watchful
attention to the needs of the cause we

The Cooperative Program
and the Kansas Nebraska
Convention of Southern
Baptists -- Making a Kingdom difference

JUNE 2015

“If I am a Baptist and if I am proud
of it, I want that it shall affect me not
in the way of making me narrow and
bigoted and intolerant, but humble,
patient, loving towards those who
differ from me, and hearty, generous,
energetic and persevering in the use of
my time, talents and means for the furtherance of the good cause. Let us show
our devotion to our principles, not by
boastfulness and arrogance, but by a
watchful attention to the needs of the
cause we love.”
R. M Dudley
Over 100 years ago a Baptist leader
of yesteryear (R. M. DUDLEY) wrote
these words in an article titled, “The
Distinctive Baptist Why.” When I read
this recently, I realized that these are
great words for the Baptists of our generation as well. I am a Baptist, and I
am proud of it. I am more specifically a
Southern Baptist and proud of it. I grew
up in the Methodist church, but I came
to Southern Baptist life in early adulthood. So, I am definitely a Southern
Baptist by conviction not by growing
up in the denomination.

But, let’s
face it; we
Baptists have
had our
of narrowness and
bigotry. Our
history in
race relations
is just one
example. We
were slow
Tim Boyd
to coming
to recognize the equality of the races.
Currently, we are accused of bigotry
and intolerance in other areas such as
gay marriage. But is that really true? In
the case of racism, we endorsed the sinful process of segregation. In the case
of gay marriage, we are asked by our
culture to endorse the sinful practice of
homosexuality. Our stance against gay
marriage is biblically right whereas our
earlier opposition to racial equality was
biblically wrong.
However, the advice of our early
Baptist leader needs to be carefully

to….no gimmicks, no false pretense, just straight up
honor to One True God! And yet the people stayed.
Moments later Spencer and Joey came flying on their
bikes through the gym and over the ramp! Each stunt
even more intense and higher than the last, each performed with such ease, as the gasps from the crowd
grew louder. The last of these amazing stunts would
cause the entire crowd to hold their breath. They
watched as one of the riders performed a front flip
with no hands! Everyone erupted into applause and
loud cheers!
It was then Brad’s turn to speak. He promised to
take only ten minutes of their time before they would
move outside with Trampas for motorcycle stunts.
Speaking with great fervor, he shared his personal
testimony, unmistakably presenting the plan of salvation. His passion was obvious as he told them it
would be the most defining moment in their lives.
Each person was given the opportunity to respond to
the call to Christ. The multitude of people that came
flooding down the bleachers far outnumbered the
volunteers who were there to assist them. God had
moved in an amazing way to call new believers to
This rural place in Kansas was forever changed
because God empowered a few of His men to simply
use their talents as an avenue to share His great love.
The pulpit replaced with a metal ramp and a motorcycle helmet in place of a suit. No polished speeches,
just a man sharing his personal testimony and doing
what he loves!



Team Touches Lives in Inner-City Fort Worth
By June Newman

A beautiful weekend in
Texas greeted the 127 people
who served recently at the
Beautiful Feet homeless mission
in inner-city Fort Worth, Texas.
This year marked the 23rd annual mission trip.
Before the trip even began,
there were changes in work
projects, health issues, transportation difficulties and other
issues that caused all of us to be
We came from Kansas, Missouri, Oklahoma and Georgia.
Some were skilled laborers.
Others were college students
associated with CrossQuest
at Pittsburg State University.
We had preachers, musicians,
youth, children, housewives
and fluent Spanish speakers.
From ages 10 to 79, we all
came with one purpose: to
share Jesus with everyone we
met on the streets, in the housing projects, in the church and
on the sidewalks.
God gave us a mission to go
and that’s what we did! Led by
David and Susan Touchton (and
Touch Touchton on the sidelines), the team started to work
Friday evening.
Clothes were unloaded
from trailers along with clothes
stored in the second-story room
in the Beautiful Feet church
All of the clothing was piled
from floor to ceiling in the Boot
Camp. All of the clothing was
sorted, sized and ready for the
clothing ministry on Sunday. It
was completed this year!

Friday night included a hot
dog supper for the homeless
and a movie. Many of our team
members stayed and talked
with the men and women who
came that night.
Saturday was our big work
day. Teams had assignments for
various projects.
The biggest project was to
lay new carpet in the sanctuary and three adjoining rooms
upstairs in the church building.
What a great job these workers
did! Everyone appreciated the
new look at Sunday morning
Each team completed their
job whether it was painting, repairing walls or wiring and then
would go back to the project
room and select another task to
Everyone worked together
very well and by Saturday
evening almost every job was
Several big groups went out
on street ministry Saturday
morning and afternoon. They
distributed hygiene bags and
stocking caps while sharing Jesus. Many prayers were shared
and lives were changed because
of the one-on-one contact.
Groups traveled to the housing projects to invite children
for the Backyard Bible Club on
Saturday afternoon. It included
bounce houses, games, snacks,
music and a Bible story.
With 127 people all working together and being flexible
when our plans didn’t go quite
like we imagined, much was accomplished. We all came away

This year marked the 23rd annual mission trip to the Beautiful Feet homeless mission in
inner-city Fort Worth, Texas. Southeast Kansas Baptist Association organizes the trip and
volunteers from the area and other states join the ministry. This year saw a record 139
blessed by the experience and
by the new people we met along
the way.
Watch for the 2016 dates and

prepare to go with us. The cost
is minimal, but the rewards are
rich in being a part of Kingdom

(June Newman is pastor’s wife
at First Baptist Church, Chetopa,
Kan. She is secretary in the Baptist
Area Office, Altamont, Kan.)

Guys Learn about Friendships at The Challenge

“Boys take. Men provide.”
With that simple definition
of being a man, Andy Addis
opened the first session of The
Challenge, a KNCSB retreat for
teen guys. It was held May 1-2
at Webster Conference Center,
Salina, Kan.
Addis is KNCSB president and pastor of CrossPoint
Church, Hutchinson, Kan.
He spent the first retreat

session focusing on friendships
and relationships based on
Ecclesiastes 4:7-12. He also told
about the relationship of David
and Jonathan in 1 Samuel 18.
Addis told retreat participants that they are at the stage
of life where they can choose
their own friends.
“You could establish some
friendships that will take you
through the rest of your life.”

Addis gave the young men
some guidelines for choosing
the right friends.
But a young man’s most
important relationship is with
God. Addis urged those who do
not know Christ to accept Him
as their Savior.
Retreat participants were
urged to put the 2016 event on
their calendars. It will be held
May 6-7 at WCC.

JUNE 2015

KNCSB Offers Lunch after Men’s Event in Kansas City


The team performs a wide variety of maintenance and
construction projects at Beautiful Feet. One of this year’s
projects was to install new carpet in the worship center.

The Main Event for men
will be held July 17-18 at First
Baptist Church, Raytown, Mo.
LifeWay Christian Resources is
the sponsor.
An early registration of $69
was being offered until June 1.
After that the rate will be $89
per person.

Find more information at
KNCSB is offering a free
lunch for Kansas-Nebraska
men after the conference ends
around 12:30 p.m. on Saturday, July 18. The lunch will be
held at First Baptist, Raytown.
It is designed to help connect

men with each other and learn
about plans for KNCSB men’s
To attend the free lunch,
please make a reservation by
July 3 with John Harms, leader
of the KNCSB Men’s Ministry
Team. E-mail him at pastor@

Look for information about the upcoming KNCSB annual meeting at http://www.kncsb.
org/ministry/annual_meeting. New information will be posted as it becomes available.


Use Small Groups
To Reach People

making disciples.
An intentional leader understands his role is to reach the
lost, make disciples and create
environments where discipleship can happen.
Third, the crowd looked at
how to create a relational environment. The heart of such an
environment is to create a loving, caring atmosphere where
accountability can happen.
There also is a biblical
foundation where people learn
God’s Word and how to apply it
to their lives.
The intentional leader keeps
the group focused on its purpose of reaching and discipling
people. The leader reminds the
group that it will eventually
need to divide to form new
Strasburger emphasized
that Real Life Ministries is not
a small-group church. Instead,
the church uses small groups
to reach people for Christ and
disciple them.
For more in-depth training in
leading small groups, Strasburger invited the crowd to
attend Discipleshift1 sponsored
by Real Life Ministries. The
dates are:
nJune 24-25 — Richmond,
nJuly 15-16 — Post Falls,
nAug. 12-13 — Everett,
nSept. 9-10 — Post Falls,
nOct. 21-22 — Post Falls,
nNov. 11-12 — Troy, Ill.
For more information, visit
the Real Life Ministries Church
Training and Development
Web site at http://www.rlmchurchtraininganddevelopment.
Conference participants were
urged to put the 2016 KNCSB
Normative Church Conference
on their calendars and make
plans to attend. It will be held
April 22-23 at Webster Conference Center.

Thank you for supporting the Cooperative Program

Volunteers play crucial roles at Webster Conference Center, Salina, Kan. Kansas-Nebraska
Campers on Mission held its spring rally May 1-3 at WCC along with a work project. Here,
some of the COM men work on installing soffit on the new dining hall addition.

Campers Work on WCC Dining-Hall Project
Members of Kansas-Nebraska Campers on Mission are
joining God’s work in numerous
Several couples spent part
of the winter working at Texas
Baptist Encampment, Palacios,
Another couple served as
chaplains in an RV park in
Yuma, Ariz. They plan to return
in the upcoming winter and
continue this ministry.
Another COM member went
to New Orleans and worked in
rebuilding that is continuing
nearly 10 years after Hurricane
Katrina. She visited Gentilly
Baptist Church, where KansasNebraska volunteers stayed

when they were working in
post-Katrina rebuild in New
Gentilly Baptist Church has
hosted 14,000 volunteers since
Hurricane Katrina. It serves as
headquarters for Intervarsity
students when they serve in
New Orleans during spring
Several Kansas-Nebraska
COM members spent two
weeks working at Webster
Conference Center, Salina, Kan.,
in connection with the spring
rally held May 1-3. The group
worked on the new dining-hall
addition and performed many
other tasks.
Upcoming Kansas-Nebraska

Campers on Mission events are:
nJune 16-18 — Campers on
Mission National Rally, Tom
Johnson’s Rally Park, Marion,
N.C. (about 25 miles east of
nAug. 10-14 — Work project
at Alpha Christian Children’s
Home, Perry, Kan.
nSept. 20-25 — Work project
at New Life Baptist Church,
Independence, Kan.
nSept. 25-27 — Fall rally at
Weir Baptist Camp, Weir, Kan.
For more information about
Kansas-Nebraska Campers on
Mission, contact Don Smith at Smith
is Kansas-Nebraska COM

2015 KNCSB Annual Meeting
The 2015 KNCSB meeting will be held Oct. 12-13 at Blue Valley Baptist Church, 8925 W. 151st St.,
Overland Park, Kan.
The Pastors’ Conference has been changed to a Leadership Conference which will be formatted
for all ministry leaders in the church. This will begin on Monday, Oct. 12, at 1 p.m. and end at 4 p.m.
The KNCSB annual meeting will begin Monday, Oct. 12, at 6:15 p.m. and end at 9 p.m. The Tuesday, Oct. 13, session will begin at 9 a.m. and end at 5:35 p.m. There will be no evening session.
Pre-registration for messengers will be available on line after June 15 at
The deadline for messenger pre-registration will be Sept. 4.
There will be no designated convention hotel this year.

JUNE 2015

Small groups can play a key
role in helping a church reach
people for Christ and disciple
The third annual KNCSB
Normative Church Conference
focused on disciple-making
small groups. It was held Friday
night, April 24, and Saturday,
April 25, at Webster Conference
Center, Salina, Kan. The event
drew 180 participants from all
over Nebraska and Kansas, plus
a delegation from Buhler Mennonite Brethren Church, Buhler,
Keith Strasburger and Gene
Jacobs were the conference leaders. They are on the staff of Real
Life Ministries, Post Falls, Idaho.
Real Life Ministries is a nondenominational church that has
experienced explosive growth
through disciple-making, reproducing small groups.
During the opening session on Friday night, April 24,
Strasburger gave an overview
of the five key components of a
disciple-making church:
nBiblical foundation
nIntentional leadership
nRelational environment
nReproducible disciple-making process
nAlignment — theological,
relational, philosophical and
First, Strasburger led the
crowd in looking at the biblical
foundation for relationship.
From the beginning God’s
design has been for people to
be in fellowship with Him and
each other, he said.
Strasburger pointed out
numerous Scripture passages
on relationship, including, Acts
2:42-47. This passage is a key
example of Christians living in
an intentional relationship with
God and each other.
“We’re to do [life] together so
the world will know we’re His
disciples,” Strasburger said.
Second, the Normative
Church Conference focused on
how to be an intentional leader
to create a church of disciple-


Steve Dighton to Be Nominated
Seeing Singles
(BP) -- Kansas pastor
Steve Dighton will
be nominated for
first vice president of
the Southern Baptist
Convention, Texas
pastor and former
SBC president Jack
Graham announced
May 12.
Dighton is senior
pastoral advisor at
the Kansas Cityarea Lenexa Baptist
Church in Lenexa,
Kan., a church he
founded 25 years ago
Steve Dighton
and where he served
as senior pastor until this past spring. Previously, he
pastored two churches in Oklahoma after being called
to ministry out of the men’s clothing business.
“I am privileged to nominate my good friend Steve
Dighton as first vice president,” said Graham, pastor of
Prestonwood Baptist Church in Plano, Texas. “I have
known Steve for 40 years -- first as a young layman in
Ada, Okla., and then as a pastor when God called him
to the pulpit.
“I have long admired Steve’s steadfast love and commitment to preaching the Gospel and his passion for

people and for leading the church. He is a wonderful
friend to pastors and a humble servant leader. He is
truly everything that a Southern Baptist pastor and
leader should be,” Graham said.
When Dighton founded Lenexa in 1990, the church
had less than 100 members. It has since grown to more
than 6,000, with three satellite campuses in Missouri
and two in Kansas. Dighton has served as president
of the Kansas-Nebraska Convention of Southern
Baptists and as vice president of the Southern Baptist
Convention Pastors’ Conference.
Lenexa, which was named a “breakout church” in
Thom Rainer’s 2005 book of the same title, cooperates with both the Kansas-Nebraska Convention of
Southern Baptists and the Missouri Baptist Convention.
The congregation is among the top givers through the
Cooperative Program in both conventions, according
to a news release from Graham. The church’s total missions expenditures exceeded $1 million in 2014.
Dighton holds both an associate of divinity degree
and a master of arts in religious education from
Southwestern Baptist Theological Seminary in Fort
Worth, Texas.
He and his wife Mary, married for 44 years, have two
children and four grandchildren.
Dighton is the first announced nominee for first vice
president. Ohio pastor Cad Keck has been announced
as a second vice presidential nominee. President
Ronnie Floyd and Recording Secretary John Yeats both
will be re-nominated.In Christ,

(BP) -- For 11 months,
I have had one of the
greatest privileges ever
given to me by the
Lord. Serving as president of the Southern
Baptist Convention is
one of the most humbling and overwhelming experiences in life
and leadership.
With each day, while
my burden deepens,
my hope exceedingly
rises. What an incredible moment God has
given to each of us
to live at this time in
Ronnie Floyd
human history. In light
of that, I want to share
a few things on my heart about our upcoming SBC annual meeting.
Coming together
Yes, coming together is on my heart. I pray we will
come together in Columbus, Ohio, on June 16-17.
I pray we will come together in unity. While our
uniqueness and various perspectives express themselves at times, we do need to resolve: We will come
together, stay together, and leave together as followers
of our Lord in our Southern Baptist family.
I pray we will come together in Columbus with great
expectation. This expectation does not need to be in
men or programs, but in the Lord Himself. He is doing
some mighty things among us and I pray when we are

together, He will do some mighty things in us. Come
expecting God to meet with us powerfully and send us
out extraordinarily.
Loving one another
Loving one another is on my heart. As a people who
love the Bible so much, we also need to love one another. I have attended at least 31 of our last 35 national
Southern Baptist Convention annual meetings. At
times, loving one another did not always seem to exist.
Now in the day of endless blogs, articles, emails and
interviews, the tendency is to criticize more than love
and to create suspicion more than trust.
We need to fall in love with Jesus again. When we do,
we will love one another.
Jesus said, “By this all people will know that you are
My disciples, if you have love for one another.” (John
13:35) Jesus said it is love that sets us apart from others.
May this be said about us.
Celebrating together
God is doing some wonderful things through our
churches in the work we do together as Southern
Baptists. We need to celebrate together what the Lord is
Even in this critical time in our nation, more than
ever, we need the joy of the Lord to be our strength.
While sin is abounding in our nation, grace abounds
even more. Yes, we need to celebrate together the great
grace of our Lord.
Our sessions will be filled with some defining moments. Yet, God alone will create these moments we
will never forget. These are moments that deserve our
highest celebration together, offered to our Lord Jesus
by Ronnie Floyd
SBC President

JUNE 2015

Floyd Shares His Heart
for Annual Meeting


A stunning fact you may not know: According to U. S.
Census data, more than one-fourth of all adults have
never been married (27%). Another six percent are widowed and twelve percent divorced or separated.
Most churches minister well to those 56% of adults
who are married. But, do we also acknowledge the
great value and importance of that “invisible” enormous multitude of unmarried adults?
I interviewed several unmarried Christian friends,
and discovered seven tips for loving and ministering to
single members and guests at church.
1) See each single adult as a valued individual, ready
to meet God and serve Him, with or without a boyfriend or girlfriend, fiancé, spouse or three kids in tow.
2) Acknowledge singles as full-fledged members, not
just as sideline people. Plug them into leadership and
ministry roles to fit their spiritual gifts. Encourage them
to serve on important church committees and projects.
3) Involve singles in small groups. Many singles
enjoy a small group with similar marital status and life
stage. Most singles I interviewed, however, are involved
in a small group of both married and unmarried. Offer
4) Unless he or she personally requests it, don’t set
them up with your cousin or recommend online dating services. Avoid communicating, “It’s God’s will
that you find a mate.” That’s not necessarily true. In 1
Corinthians 7, Paul taught that singleness is a gift. Most
singles aren’t coming to church to find a mate. They’re
here to worship, to serve, to support.
5) Intentionally include singles in church events,
ministries and church traditions. Examples: Wednesday
night dinner, VBS, Christmas Eve service.
6) Encourage them to make the most of their singleness. Recognize the extra gifts they may bring to the
church, such as more freedom to serve and travel, and
sometimes more financial freedom, etc.
7) A church may provide some quality, uniquely
single events, targeted to specific life circumstances.
Example: a single parent Bible study, young singles
retreat, singles mission trip, mature singles’ Christmas
project, single adult outreach event.
As an individual and as a church, how are you doing
at reaching and including the 44% of our adult population who are unmarried? See them. Connect with them
personally as a friend. Love them wholeheartedly. God
© Diana Davis is an author, columnist and minister’s wife.

Kansas and Nebraska
Southern Baptists are
in partnership with
all Southern Baptists
through the Cooperative


Ministering to Adoptive Families

By Melissa Busby

By Caroline Bivens

WWW Life Session Leader

KN Women’s Leadership, Women4Him Team

Most all Christians agree that the Bible calls for us to take care of orphans
and children in need. We often quote James 1:27, “ Pure and undefiled religion
before our God and Father is this: to look after orphans and widows in their
distress.” So how do we go about looking after them? We may not all be
called to adopt or foster, but I do believe that everyone in the body of Christ is
mandated to help in one way or another. One way to do that is to offer a lot of
support, love, and encouragement to adoptive families.
Whether it’s an international, domestic, or foster care adoption, each child
has a story that involves tragedy. The work of an adoptive parent is difficult as
they help that child integrate into a new family and deal with the loss of their
first one. These children need lots of time, love and care to help repair their
wounded hearts and to help them adjust to a new culture and home.
As an adoptive parent, I can testify that it takes a village of people to help a
family navigate this process. Here are a few ways that you can help. Adoption

We say it everyday. It’s common,
simple, and in today’s world it’s
almost meaningless. Hello!
What if we changed the way
we said hello? We could actually
use the word with an intention to
approach one another and have
a conversation. It’s not easy or
convenient, I’m sorry, but life and
friendships aren’t either.
God has built women to be social
and chatty - we love to do it too! So
Sophie Hudson
why not use it for His good? Our
hello’s can be so much more than,
“Have a good day” or “Isn’t this beautiful weather.” What
about “Hello, I haven’t seen you in a few weeks, is everything
This fall at Wonderful Weekend for Women our theme is
Hello! I want to encourage you to come, and as John wrote
in his 3rd letter...”I have much to write you, but I do not
want to do so with pen and ink. I hope to see you soon, and
we will talk face to face”.
Let’s do this together! Let’s figure out how we can make
our Hello’s meaningful and less convenient for us. Join us
September 11-12 with Sophie Hudson as our speaker and
Lori Morrison as our worship leader. You won’t want to say
goodbye. It’s going to be amazing, and you’re going to be
changed! Just say Hello!

Go (or Stay) and
Make Disciples

Patti Boswell

KNCSB Women’s Leadership
Ministry Wives Consultant


KNCSB Women’s Leadership, BNF President’s been on my mind lately; how I never seem to
have enough of it and where, oh where has it all gone? How
can I possibly have more time for God, family, church, and
myself! Why this sudden fascination (or desperation) with
Back in the fall, I went through a job change. Now I work
in home health and most of my patients are elderly, but
a good number of them are my age. There’s a common
theme among those my age, and that is, “I always thought
I’d have more time---to travel, to enjoy my hobby, to learn
whatever, to do this or that.” Just the same words I had
been parroting lately. So, this got me to thinking about the
whole “time” thing.
What have I been putting off till I have “more time”? I’d
eat better (but it takes time to learn how to do that), and
exercise more by riding my bike (but I need time to get it
tuned up), do a better job staying in touch with my family
and friends (but I need “quality” time for this), volunteer to
be a camp nurse for a day/week (but how would I ever find
time for that), or enjoy my hobby (but that’s the last thing I

have time for) and the “buts” go on and on.
What’s a girl to do? I have turned to the, “Father of all
time” for some answers, and He has been gently whispering to my soul, “Pam, you have all the time that you need,
but you don’t always use it wisely.” Ouch! He’s right. I fill my
days with seemingly “important” things that aren’t. I push fellowship with Him aside because I’m too busy with the things
of man. I really don’t have a time problem, but I do have a
priority problem.
Am I prioritizing my days correctly? Is God first in my day?
Is everything in my day necessary? What would cause the
world to end if I didn’t get it done today? If I died tonight,
what would I regret having put off? Kind of puts a day into
perspective, doesn’t it?
I hope my journey has helped you, my friend. It’s so easy
to get worked up into a frenzy over the seemingly “lack of
time” in our days. Take the time, right now, to take a deep
breath and blow out a prayer for understanding at the underlying problem to your feelings of time stress. We do have
enough time, enough time to complete the God directed appointments in our day. All the rest is just clutter. I think some
Spring cleaning is in order. Don’t you?


May the God of hope fill you with all joy and peace, as you trust in Him, so that you may overflow with
hope by the power of the Holy Spirit.
Romans 15:13
“Tara, I trust you!” Katherine’s look of sincerity and humility as she said this to me made me
want to be the most trustworthy person ever!
What is trust? To trust someone means that you believe this person is reliable, honest and
effective at what he or she is doing. I honestly do not know why in this particular moment
that Katherine’s words meant so much to me, but they did. It was as if the word trust became
real in that moment. It seemed that in every conversation, I was challenged to look at where
the trust was placed and why. I realized that much of what I am asked to walk through, talk
through and pray through for others stems from a trust factor. I just read a paper where the
person admits that they no longer trust because their trust has been broken so many times.
How do we find trust when our trust has been broken? Trust is so important to all areas of our
life because trust builds hope and hope strengthens us.
I realized that as I ponder life crisis’ I tell myself what I know that is trustworthy about God and the people involved in the circumstances. I might say things like, “This is what I know about
God. He is faithful. He will not leave me. He has a plan for me. I know this person
to be sincere. I have seen this person’s heart for others.” When I do this, I am
able to find the hope and power that I need to press on and in the midst of this,
I discover that joy fills me up and I am able to move through circumstances even
when it does not make sense to me!
Father, help us to be trustworthy and to seek out what we know as trustworthy in
You and in others, too!


June 2015

God called her home last week. Her house still
stands untouched. If you were to walk through
those rooms, you would find places filled with piles
and piles of fabric, patterns, thread. And if walls
could talk, you would hear a sewing machine whir,
and the giggles and chattering of girls across a span
of almost 40 years. Girls who would spend months,
or years with her, and when they left her home, they
had a skill. But, each girl would leave with much
more than a skirt or a quilt square. She would leave
with countless memorized Bible verses, as well!
She would have seen the love of Jesus through the
Word, and in the kindness, gentleness, and patience
of His servant.
“Sewing” God’s Word. A life well spent. Missionsin her own home.
God’s Word reminds us to Go and make disciples.
As you go. Doing what you normally do. Or do
something different! Do what you do best. Follow
His lead.
Do it, and allow God to do His part in the lives of
people He brings across your path. What a legacy
you will leave behind!
Even in ministry, we sometimes lose sight of the
target. Refocus with me, as we begin this summer. I
want to make each day count. Join me?

By Pam McDonald

is often a financial burden for families. A donation to their adoption fund or
gift cards to buy supplies would be greatly appreciated. Most families would
love some extra help with chores around their home, especially in the first few
weeks after the child arrives. You could bring them a meal, do laundry, mow
their lawn, or offer to help clean their house. Even a simple encouraging note,
email, or phone call letting them know you care and are praying for them can
go a long way.
Adoptive families also greatly appreciate some extra grace and understanding. Realize that they may not be able to share details about the child’s past
and respect that. Be careful with the words you use in front of the children.
For example, avoid words like “real parents” or “children of your own”. And
show understanding when the family may have to step back from some of their
previous commitments to give the child all of the space, time, and attention
they need.
Can you think of a family in your church that may be “in the trenches” of
adoption or foster care? Pray and ask God to show you a specific way that you
could bless this family.

Two KNCSB Churches to Host Willow
Creek Conference Broadcasts
The Global Leadership Conference of Willow Creek Church will be
held on August 6-7, 2015. This conference which features world-class
speakers originates on the Willow Creek campus in Illinois but is
broadcast to remote locations around the country. Two of those locations are churches affiliated with KNCSB.
New Covenant Church in Lincoln, Nebraska is one of those churches.
Anyone can register for the summit through their website at www. New Covenant is located at 6000 So. 84th,
Lincoln, NE 68516. Their phone number is (402) 484-5033.
The other church is CrossPoint Church, Hutchinson, KS. Their address
is 1410 E. 30th St., Hutchinson, Kansas 67502. Their phone number
is (620) 663-4164. You can register on their website at http://www.

Church Seeks Youth Pastor

CrossPoint Church, Hutchinson, Kansas is seeking a Youth Pastor to work with the
local campus pastor to disciple youth in the church. Please apply at the link: https:// Applicants should send a resume
and cover letter outlining how they meet the specific requirements of the position
to While we sincerely appreciate all applications, only those
candidates selected for interview will be contacted.

Church Seeks Worship Arts Pastor

Metro East Church in Wichita, KS, is seeking a Worship Arts Pastor to lead a band-style
God-centered worship while utilizing state-of-the-art technology, sound and lighting
in a 400 seat worship center. This staff member will be part of team-oriented staff
approach. For more info on the church go to If interested,
send resume, worship samples and references to

Church Seeks Pastor

First Baptist Church, Chama N.M. is seeking the Lord’s direction for a full-time pastor
to serve this Southern Baptist congregation in northern New Mexico in a beautiful
mountain community. Please submit resumes by email to Tim Kaul, Chairman Pastor
Search Committee at or by hard mail at FBC Chama, P.O. Box 1216,
Chama NM 87520

Church Seeks Worship Pastor

Growing Southern Baptist church in Kansas is seeking a bi-vocational Associate Pastor
of Music Ministry to work with the Senior Pastor, be responsible for planning and leading Sunday morning worship service, and work with the choir, praise team, and all instrumentalists. This position would also plan and lead music for Sunday and Wednesday evening. For more information, visit

Church Seeks Pastor

WINNWOOD BAPTIST CHURCH, Kansas City, MO, seeks a Senior Pastor. For further information check web page

Church Seeks Pastor

WELCH BAPTIST CHURCH, located in rural community in Northeast Oklahoma, is
prayerfully seeking a pastor. Parsonage provided. Send resume, Pastor Search Committee, PO Box 261, Welch OK 74369 or email to

JUNE 2015

Work Continues On
The Webster Conference Center Dining Hall Renovation
And Expansion


RACING TOWARD THE GOAL…ALMOST THERE: In a little over three months,
$60,000 has been raised and we have until June 30th to raise the final $15,000 to
receive the full $75,000 Matching Challenge Grant for the Dining Hall project. When
met, this will move us within a few thousand dollars of having enough to receive the
$100,000 Mabee Foundation Grant. (If we miss this goal, we lose the $100,000 from
the Mabee Foundation.) Both goals must be met by June 30th to receive these funds.
Please join us as we accomplish these goals, so we can better meet the needs of those
who use WCC. Make checks payable to WCC and send all tax-deductible gifts to:
WCC at 5410 SW 7th Street in Topeka, KS 66606.
is being relocated due to the Dining Hall expansion project. Funds have been raised
and construction will start soon with the first phase of construction scheduled for
completion by early August. The final phase of upgrades to the Picnic Pavilion and
Rec Shack will hopefully be completed by the end of the year.
SEWER UPGRADES UNDER WAY: A recent ruling by the government has required
WCC to connect to the Salina sewer system. The Planning Commission has recommended that WCC be allowed to do this without being annexed to the city. The City
of Salina will address this recommendation soon and make a final decision. Loans
have been secured from the KNSB Foundation, surveys have been completed and
engineering draws are now being finalized so that this project can be initiated soon.
This upgrade will save WCC money in the long run and will make sure there are no
negative health issues for all attendees.
PRAYER REQUEST: Pray for some major events happening at WCC in June 2015
which directly affect our convention ministry:
1. Three Associational Children’s Camps.
2. Hispanic Super Summer.
3. Collegiate Staff Orientation for Super Summer.
4. Super Summer begins in June and runs through July.
5. Plus many weekend activities for various groups.

“Thank you” for your continued support of this mission facility as we
continue to reach people for Christ and train believers for the work of
the ministry! The WCC Staff

Featured Video

Available to churches cooperating with KNCSB by contacting library@kncsb.
org or calling either 785/228-6800 or 800/984-9092. Ask for Barbara Spicer.

Fight Back With Joy by Margaret Feinberg

One Bible study book, two DVDs with six video sessions 18-28 minutes each.
This is a study that will help you become a more joy-filled child of God –
every day. The author shows how joy is the weaponry you can use to fight
life’s greatest battles.

1: Secrets of Joyful People
2: The Hidden Treasure of Joy
3: Poke Holes in the Darkness
4: A Side of Joy No One Talks About
5: The Holy Mess of Joy
6: What to Do When Those You Love Are Hurting