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Scribd’s Beta Testers

Scribd is planning to officially launch very soon. Although we have been

saying this for a while, this time we think we mean it. We plan to get a lot of
new users when we launch, but before this happens, we want to thank all of
our current users. You have all been a great group of beta testers who have
allowed us to come a long way in developing this site. We would like to
mention a few people who have made particularly large contributions.

Bill published a series of inspirational essays and George published much of

his book “State Kid.” Andreas uploaded a bunch of sheet music that looks
great displayed with FlashPaper, and Rakesh wrote a bunch of educational
articles about science that have been getting a ton of traffic from Wikipedia.
Sam uploaded a whole variety of ebooks and Daniel published a bunch of
corporate forms that are useful for anyone starting a company. Cliff
published a bunch of Cliff Notes that have been extremely popular with
college kids, and Bobby uploaded some great ebooks on computer
programming that have gotten loads of traffic from Google. Anthony, M,
Audiobook, Candida, Dragomir, Labhilili, Michelson, Johnson, Adam, Eli,
and Matthew all uploaded a wide variety of content that has been viewed all
over the world.

There are a few people in particular who have been very prolific on Scribd.
Matthew has the record for the most documents uploaded, with a total of
175. He is followed by Bill, who has published 109, and Anthony, who has
published 99. But here at Scribd we also appreciate those people who take
the time to comment on other people’s work. The record-holder for having
the most comments is M, who has posted 100 comments, followed by Bryan
with 70. Trey, Candida, Joanna, and Florine have all made large numbers of
comments too, and we sincerely appreciate this involvement.

Scribd is all about content, so we are very grateful to all of those who have
contributed. Sorry that we can’t mention everyone is this blog post. There
are just too many great contributions to Scribd to mention here. So from all
of us here at Scribd, thanks to everyone who has contributed to the