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Tai Shang Qing Jing Jing 太上清净经 1 Lao Zi Academy 老子学院(http://www.laoziacademy.


The Sutra of Quietness and Purity (Tai Shang Qing Jing Jing, 太上清净经)
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Tai Shang Qing Jing Jing 太上清净经 2 Lao Zi Academy 老子学院(

老君曰:“ 大道无形,生育天地:大道无情,运行日月;大道无名,长 养万物。吾不知名,强名曰道。“夫道者,有清有浊,有动有静。天清 地浊,天动地静。男清女浊,男动女静。降本流末,而生万物。清者 浊之源,动者静之基。人能常清静,天地悉皆归。夫人神清而心扰 之,人心好静而欲牵之,常能遣其欲而自静,澄其心而神自清,自然 六欲不生,三毒消灭;所以不能者,为心未澄,欲未遣也。能遣之 者,内观于心,心无其心;外观于形,形无其形;远观于物,物无其 物。三者既悟,唯见于空。观空以空,空无所空;所空既无,无无亦 无;无无亦无;无无既无,湛然常寂。寂无所寂,欲岂能生?欲既不 生,即是真静。真静应无,真常得性。常应常静,常清静矣。如此清 静,渐入真道。既入真道,名为得道。虽名得道,实无所得。为化众 生,名为得道。能悟之者可传圣道。 Lao Jun said: “The Way has no formation, she gives birth to Heaven and Earth;The Way has no feelings, yet she forces Sun and Moon moving for ever. The Way has no name, she c ould make all creations growing up. I do not know her name, whose name is Tao---the Way reluctantly.’’ As for the Way, there is a twin of peace and trouble; there is a twin of move ment and motionlessness, too. Heaven is peaceful, Earth is f ull of trouble; the front is still moving, yet the latter is motio nless. Man is calm, Woman is anxious, Man is active, and W oman is inactive. Since then on, The production and destruct ion to the ten thousand creatures always come from inactivit y of the Way---- Tao, then they regress into it at last. (Tur ning things inside out, the ten thousand creatures have been produced like this.) Peace is just a source of trouble; move ment is just a root of motionlessness. Man may be always sti ll and calm, both Heaven and Earth might come back into his heart. Hmm, man would like to have calm spirit, yet there a re minds which always have troubles with it, he is willing to have peaceful soul, yet there are desires which always drag i t into trouble. Therefore, if man still dispelled his desires in h is head, he would have calm and peaceful heart. To calm his mind, he must have peaceful spirit, it is natural for Six desir es not to come out, at the same time Three drugs ( greed, h

Tai Shang Qing Jing Jing 太上清净经 3 Lao Zi Academy 老子学院(

atred, stupidity ) disappear; thus ,he ,who couldn’t do that, still has hundreds and thousands of minds and desires existi ng. He who could dispel his minds and desires in his head ha s to behold the inner minds of his, there are no minds in the inner minds; and then he goes on to behold the outer format ion of his, yet there is no formation in the outer formation, e ither; again and again he continues to behold things in the d istance, there are no things in the things there far away, yet. Aware of the three above, only Emptiness is displayed. Und erstanding emptiness is still empty; there is no emptiness in emptiness. No emptiness does not exist. Emptiness and emp tiness do not exist, either. There is peace and quietness in e mptiness and emptiness which do not exist. Since there is n o peace in quietness, does desire come out of peace or quiet ness? There is no desire coming out, it is truly pure quietude. Pure quietude is in response to outer things, the real rule m eans its nature. There is always pure quietude while silence s’ being in response to outer things often. Such pure quietud e approaches slowly to the Way, which is regarded as finding the Way. It seems that finding the Way means that nothing is found at all. It is because of saving living beings, which is regarded as finding the Way. He who understands it might b e taught the Way of Sages 老君曰:“ 上士无争,下士好争;上德不德,下士执德。执着之者,不 名道德。“众生所以不得真道者,为有妄心。即有妄心,即惊其神;既 惊其神,即着万物;既着万物,即生贪求;既生贪求,即是烦恼。烦 恼妄想,扰苦身心,便遭浊辱。流浪生死,常沉苦海,永失真道。真 常之道。悟者自得。得悟道者,常情静矣。 Lao Jun said again: “A noble scholar has no idea of fight in hi s head; a common learner is fond of fighting against others. The man of high-virtue has got rid of the word—virtue in his head, the virtue-less man always sticks to virtue heavily and momentary. He who grasps virtue does not have any virtue at all in fact. Therefore,living beings, those who could hardl y have found the Way of Sages; have lots of minds and desir es in their heads day and night. Since there are too many mi

Tai Shang Qing Jing Jing 太上清净经 4 Lao Zi Academy 老子学院(

nds and desires in the heads, they have to frighten their spir its in a moment. Soon, frightened spirits response to outer t hings. While their responding to outer things, there are so m any desires coming out in their heads. Where there are desir es, there are troubles following them? And yet desires and tr oubles force the heart and body heavily bitter and terribly di sgraceful. The transmigration of life and death means sinkin g into a sea of hardship and bitterness for ever and hardly s eeking for the Way of Sages. The Way of Sages, only he who understands it will have discovered by himself, not by other s. As for the man who has grasped the Way of Sages, he is a lways pure and peaceful day and night.

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