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I was in a temple standing in front of a shiva lingam...

A lady came to me and sa

id "donate ur things to me "..I had a big plate in my hand in which few things(n
ot clear) were there.with God as witness,I gave the plate to her as a symbol of
donation...After giving I was worried .."How stupid I am ..Y should I donate all
my things to her..No I want it back.."..when I said this ,I was shocked to see
the shiva lingam laughing aloud..Yes..the lingam had eyes, nose and mouth and I
literally saw it laughing.."look swami is laughing",Out of shock,I screamed alou
d..when a priest asked me,..the eyes ,nose and mouth in the lingam had already d
isappeared..Amma woke me up..It was all a dream..just dream..
A week later,amma took me to a temple in thiruvalangadu..The temple is famous fo
r maanthi parihaara poojai..Now who is maanthi??here comes the details..Maanthi
is the son of Lord shaneeswara..If a person is affected with maanthi dosham,he w
ould see hell on earth..I was facing too many problems those days..So someone to
ld my amma to take me there..
I was standing in front of a shiva lingam...I had a big plate in my hand..It had
few cereals ..and few other things(a lizard made of silver,an axe made of silve
r etc)..The priest came to me and said.."tell ur problems and donate all this to
me...It is like donating all ur problems to God."..With God as witness, I told
"health problems,lost job" and donated all that was in the plate to him..The who
le dream was replayed while I was all awake...I was reminded of the dream.."Oh n stupid I am..I donated all my problems to God..and after giving I said I
want it back." ..I thought inside..Only then I understood Y God laughed aloud in
my dream..
That evening when I came home with my mom, appa who had no idea about what happe
ned in the temple told me few other things..."I went to kali temple today..A lad
y there , a fortune teller called me and told me that all my problems are solve
d from today and she told me another thing too..she asked me not to kill any liz
ard any more..How come she knows that I kill lizards?" when he said this,we were
surprised because, maanthi son of shaneeswara has lizard as his vaahanam,just l
ike Lord Muruga has peacock as his vaahanam..
Believe it or not ...I got my job the very next month..After almost 2.5 years,we
nt to Thiruvalangadu yesterday again ..Just to tell Maantheeswarar..."Thank You
and love you"
-------1.Is this called dream come true?well ..that is not the message...God would give
too many problems..but only as much as u can face..when It goes beyond the limi
t and if u r a true believer in HIM..He definitely comes for ur rescue..
2.stop expecting from God ..just tell him that YOU LOVE HIM..On the right moment
he would definitely be there for you..
3.when God and Man met each other..both screamed..."My creator"
g lines..If God is a matter of fiction..I LOve fiction.Life is beautiful..and fu
ll of Miracles...