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11/17/2003 Electrical Distribution System
CSM Current Electrical Demand
CSM campus is fed by Xcel Energy overhead electrical grid system through two CSM owned 400 amp, 15 kV distribution switches located near the 16th and Elm Street intersection. The underground 13.2 kV electrical distribution system is owned and maintained by CSM. The primary electrical is then distributed in a loop configuration throughout campus feeding individual buildings via primary distribution switches, transformers and metering devices. The current CSM maximum demand is recorded at 4800 kW. Although we have added several new buildings on campus, the rapid growth of electrical demands have been controlled and maintained as low as possible. The demand reduction planning has grossly decreased the electrical demand when comparing with the anticipated CSM electrical growth report projected previously.

CSM Future Electrical Demand
The primary electrical distribution loop was installed in 1982. The system has been maintained properly and is in a very good condition. Our primary electrical system has a capacity of 10,500 kW. Based on our recollections, there will be adequate electrical capacity to feed new buildings proposed within the master plan.

CSM Electrical Infrastructure Back-up
CSM laboratories are partially supported by stand–by generators. In the case of electrical power failure and power quality nuisance, there is no power generation infrastructure to maintain campus operation. Perhaps the most important aspects of power generation are to have continual power, a safe campus for students in dormitories, and uninterrupted academic and research programs. We are proposing to install a 6000 MW generators and UPS system to feed campus with uninterruptible power. The proposed power generation infrastructure would be on line when there is a power failure or/ and power quality problems with Xcel Energy power distribution system.


Heating System Infrastructure
CSM Current Heating System
CSM is receiving medium pressure superheated steam from Coors Brewing Company. The steam pressure is reduced to 80 PSI and de-superheated before distributing through existing steam tunnel to feed individual buildings on campus. There are two stand-by boilers in CSM heating plant. Each boiler produces 40,000 lbs./hour of steam. The boilers are over 33 years old with less than 70% efficiency.

CSM Future Heating System
Due to the cheaper cost of steam, we are planning to receive steam from Coors Brewing Company. The existing stand-by boilers need to be replaced with high efficiency boilers. In order to maintain proposed future growth, the campus steam distribution feeding CSM buildings need some upgrades. The main steam utility lines from Coors Brewing Company to CSM are near to its operating life and they need to be replaced.

Campus Chilled Water Distribution System
CSM Current Chilled Water System
Buildings are mostly supported with double-effect absorption chillers placed in different mini-chiller plants on campus. Each mini-chiller plant is located near buildings with chilled water requirement for cooling.

CSM Future Chilled Water Demand
In order to maintain proposed future growth, additional mini-chiller plant will be constructed to maintain future growth.

Campus Storm System
CSM Current and Future Storm System
With the exception of a few buildings, CSM has no storm drainage system infrastructure compatible with regional planning. A master plan for storm drainage should be developed for campus. Storm water runoff may need to be stored in detention and retention reservoirs distributed on different locations on campus. Prepared: Hooshang Salehizadeh


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