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Nebraska Wing Bulletin


Robert K. Todd, Colonel

Nebraska Wing Commander

26 January 2009
Volume 1, Issue 2

Roster Changes
Address Change for State Director:
105 Grant Circle Suite 133
although his office has NOT moved
Email Address Change:
1Lt Eric Nielsen, Communications Mtn Ofc

New CAP Forms dated Jan 09: CAPF 5,

CAPF 91 and CAPF 99. Previous editions
will not be used, so please discard the old

An ELT Mission on 7 Jan 09 at Hartington

Nebraska gave 975CP aircrew of Colonel
Ward Shires and Capt. Jason Linder some
time in the air. The Ground Team from
Northeast Nebraska consisted of Major
Sharon Sanford, Capt. Al Worley, 2Lt. Joseph Graae, SM Kyle Kumm, C/SSgt Bret
Lee and C/Amn Landon Brand. IC Colonel
John Rooney indicated possibly a hard landing by an aircraft as the ELT left the area
and was not located.


...March 15 is the deadline to enter the Moon

art and design contest from NASA. This contest
involves industrial design, architecture, computer design and the fine arts and is open to all
high school and college students. Learn more

Aircraft Locations as of 23 Jan 09

359CP Millard
833CP Chadron
915CP Siouxland
975CP Lincoln
988CP Seward

Awards Packets are in the mail to unit commanders and wing
staff received them as an attachment to an email dated 21 Jan.
Please note the suspense dates for nominations of these
awards and get them sent to wing on time. Early is even better and nominate your members for these awards to recognize
their accomplishments. Put your nominations in TODAY!
New Personnel Authorizations appointing Pilot ratings and Flight Release Officers are in the mail. Place the marked copies in your members personnel files.

Wing AdministratorMadeline Kennedy
Editor-in-ChiefAmanda Kumm

The work of volunteers impacts all of our

lives, even if we are not aware of it.
-Anthony Worrall-Thompson

FROM NCR/CC: As directed from our National Commander, Maj. Gen. Amy
Courter, Colonel Steve Kuddes is forwarding the following information stating:
Even though NCR was not involved in the search for Steve Fossett, we are not to
discuss the search with anyone. If any member is contacted and a request for information is made, the Nebraska Wing member needs to contact Colonel Bob Todd
immediately and he will in turn notify me.

Subject: Fossett memo re: no disclosure/conversation

CAP has been made aware of additional recent information requests regarding the
search for Steve Fossett. The CAP position regarding information dissemination
has not changed, and should be reinforced quickly to all wings involved. Wings
without member involvement in the Fossett search should be similarly reminded of
OPSEC, in general.
As you know from the OPSEC training, OPSEC deals primarily with protecting sensitive information. In this situation, any discussion of the Fossett search, even information about a members own role, is not to be disclosed. Should anyone be contacted, they should IMMEDIATELY CONTACT THEIR WING (or REGION) COMMANDER and this information should be transmitted up the chain of command.
Repeat, they are not to contact their immediate squadron or group commander,
but to contact a Wing or Region Commander directly. The NLO, and Wing and Region Legal Officers should be contacted by their respective commanders, who will
then contact the CAP/GC.
Im hopeful that this message has provided enough guidance regarding CAPs position on information disclosure regarding the Fossett search, in particular, and in Air
Force Assigned missions, in general. Have members requiring a refresher go
to for more information.
Please disseminate this to your wings immediately, for dissemination to all members.

Best Regards,
Amy S. Courter, Maj Gen, CAP
National Commander
Civil Air Patrol

Correction: Last week, I misprinted the date for Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. day.
Therefore, Madeline will be in the office on Monday January 26th, 2009.

26 Jan: Cadet Leadership School apps due-CAPF 31

29 Jan: National Cadet Scholarship Program deadline
30 Jan-1 Feb: Cadet Leadership School-Camp Ashland
30 Jan: Wing Conference Awards due:
Senior Member of the Year
Cadet of the Year
Communicator of the Year
Chaplain Service Awards.
31 Jan: Wing Staff Workday
01 Feb: Color Guard Attendance List due
03 Feb: Wing Staff Mtg- Conference Call-In
07-08 Feb: ICS 300 Course @ Camp Ashland-Attendance is full
16 Feb: Presidents Day-Wing Administrator out of the office
17 Feb: Region Level Awards due for presentation @ Wing Conference
Exceptional Service
Meritorious Service
Regions Commanders Commendation Awards
28 Feb: Wing Staff Workday
03 Mar: Wing Staff Mtg-Conference Call-In
14 Mar: SAREX-Fremont NE
17 Mar: Wing Level Awards due for presentation @ Wing Conference
See list in Wing Conference Award Packet
26 Mar: Deadline date for next publication of Red Cloud News to Rocky Richards
28 Mar: Wing Staff Workday
28 Mar: NEWG Color Guard Competition-Camp Ashland
17-19 Apr: Nebraska Wing Conference @ Omaha, NE
20-23 Apr: NCR Chaplain Staff College @ St. Columbans, NE
11 May: Applications due at Wing for SLS/CLC Courses
30 May: SLS/CLC Courses @ Camp Ashland

Civil Air Patrol

Nebraska Wing Bulletin

Robert K. Todd, Colonel
Nebraska Wing Commander

Dates: Check the Wing Website calendar for

frequent updates:
Jan: 15th National Cadet Activities deadline to applyapps will still be accepted but may not get activity
26th Wing Administrator out of officeDr. Martin Luther King Jr. day
26 Apps for Cadet Leadership School due at
Wing HQ (Contact Dave Waite at
29 National Cadet Scholarship program deadline
to apply for more info
30 Jan 1 Feb Cadet Leadership School
@ Camp Ashland
31 Wing Staff Workday
Feb: 1st Color Guard Attendance List due Wing at HQ
3rd Wing Staff Mtg/Commanders Conf. Call-in
7-8th ICS300 Course @ Camp Ashland (Contact
Col Rooney at
16 Wing Admin out of office- Presidents Day
28th Wing Staff Workday
Mar: 3rd Wing Staff Meeting/Commanders Conf. Call-in
14th SAREX- Fremont NE
28th Wing Staff Workday
28th NEWG Color Guard Competition @ Camp
Ashland (Contact Maj Michalski at
FUTURE: 17-19 Apr Nebraska Wing Conference
20-23 Apr NCR Chaplain Staff College @
St. Columbans, NE
Wing AdministratorMadeline Kennedy
Editor-in-ChiefAmanda Kumm

16 January 2009
Volume 1, Issue 1

Civil Air Patrol Policy of Nondiscrimination. It is Civil Air Patrol policy that no member shall be excluded
from participation in, denied the benefits of, or subjected to discrimination
in any CAP program or activity on the
basis of race, sex, age, color, religion,
national origin, or disability (formerly
handicap). It is Civil Air Patrol policy
that no applicant meeting CAPs minimum age requirement will be denied
membership in CAP on basis of race,
sex, age, color, religion, national origin,
or disability (formerly handicap).


courses are available at
To keep 101 qualifications current, members are required to
take the ICS 700, if you wish
to participate in any actual
SAR Missions. Colonel John
Rooney has sent out a list to
those unit commanders that
need to have their 101 card
members take the tests indicated in able to participate in
an actual SAR Mission.
"Grand in 2009"

Reminders: The Squadron AE

Annual Activity report due NOW
at Wing HQ. and Brewer Award
nominations are due NOW. Any
4th Quarter reports not submitted are now late and need to be
sent in, ASAP. These include
Public Affairs (NEWGF 305),
Aerospace Education (NEWGF
312) and Communications H-1 Report (NEWGF 322).

Recent Promotions/Awards:
SM Aaron Carr to 2Lt-Wing Staff
SM Edgar Galvis to 2Lt-Wing Staff
SM Chris Goodrich to 2Lt-OCS
SM Andrew Stellato to 2Lt-155th
SM David Smith to Lt. Colonel-Wing Staff
Capt Roxanne Sykora to Major-Siouxland
Capt James Croson to Major OCS
1Lt Chris Cooke Level III Award (Grover
Loening Award)
Capt Tom Schaeffer Level III Award
(Grover Loening Award)
Capt James Croson Level III Award
(Grover Loening Award)

New Members from 22 Nov 08 to 7 Jan 08

016 Seward:
019 OCS
062 Northeast NE
SM Kris Rebentisch
Cdt Mathew Geiger
Cdt Michael Berg
Cdt Michael Schoop
SM Michael Nielsen
Cdt Richard Schoop
Cdt Ashley Thompson
058 155th
Cdt Skylar Thompson
Cdt Joshua Smith
SM Roger Wilke
Major Don Stilley (TriCities/CC) email addresses: or

Membership Dues:
Remain as New and Renewals
for Cadets-$30.00; New Senior
Member-$70.00 and Senior Renewal-$60.00

Aircraft Location

Wing Conference Hotel Reservations can be made at the Holiday Inn Convention Center @ 3321 S. 72nd St, Omaha, NE. Phone # 402-393-3950
with room rate of $99.00 plus tax. Ask for group rate and cut-off date
is 18 March 2009. Internet saver rates are not applicable to this group
rate and credit card guarantee is required.