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Yap, Erika Hanne E.

CL 122 (TTH)

Thesis Statement: Adarna Publishing Houses Ang Pambihirang Buhok ni Raquel, Ang Madyik Silya ni Titoy, and
Xilef empowers students with disabilities by employing magical realism to appeal to the target audience, being
mindful of the physical elements of the print to suit the needs of the students and depicting a successful struggle
against discrimination.
A lot of students with special needs are often misunderstood by others, which causes them to be bullied. Rather
than focusing on their abilities, people still cant look past the disabilities. This continuous struggle of persons with
disabilities is parallel to the struggle of the lower classes. It is by comparing these that people with disabilities will be
empowered to rise above their oppressors, with successes being a little way down the road. To make students realize
this, teachers should consider giving texts, which use persons with disabilities as main characters, so that the
students will be able to relate more to the lesson.

The content of the texts to be used in the classroom should cater to the target audience.
A. Main characters of the stories are relatable as it depicts the life of students with disabilities.
1. Raquel is a girl with leukemia who wears a wig to hide her balding head.
2. Titoy is a boy who uses a wheelchair, and is ostracized by his peers.
3. Felix is a boy with dyslexia who is laughed at by his classmates.
B. Using magical realism for explaining disabilities makes the text all the more student friendly, while
still exposing social realities.
1. Ang Pambihirang buhok ni Raquel shows a wide array the colorful and fun wigs of Raquel.
2. Ang Madyik Silya ni Titoy describes the narrator seeing his friend Titoys wheelchair as a
magical chair that takes them on many adventures.
3. In Xilef, Felix imagines himself to be an alien because he reads the words as if he is speaking


a whole different language.

The publishing of these texts cater to the target audience, who are students with and without


A. Font size, font type and illustrations are student friendly.
B. Books are available in all leading bookstores nationwide at low prices.
C. All books are written in both English and Tagalog, the language of the masses.
Endings of the stories exemplify the triumph of students with disabilities over the discrimination of their
A. Ang Pambihirang buhok ni Raquel depicts the life of a little girl with leukemia, and how she is
regarded by her friend.
B. Ang Madyik Silya ni Titoy describes Titoy and a magic chair that takes him and his friend into
hundreds of exciting adventures, but fails to take those who make fun of him.

C. Xilef portrays a life of a boy with dyslexia and how he copes with his difficulties and the teasing of
his classmate by pretending to be an alien.
Teachers should be considerate of these details when choosing books to be used in the lesson.


As a student teacher, these elements should be taken into consideration when choosing reading materials
for students with disabilities. Texts should not demean them, but instead empower them, so that they would be able
to protect themselves. This is the foremost goal of a teacher- to equip any student with the necessary skills to be