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The House on Mango Street Final Project

Sandra Cisneros tells her readers that she decided to write her novel, The House on
Mango Street, because, “you will always be Mango Street. You can’t erase what you
know. You can’t forget who you are.” The purpose of this project is to create your
own book that will help you remember what you know, as well as show others (and
me) who you are.

Your book MUST HAVE the following items:

• An Original Cover (20 points)
• Title Page (10 points)
• Dedication (10 points)
• Table of Contents (10 points)
• 5 Chapters (20 points each, 100 total)

Your project must be TYPED and put together. You may illustrate your book if you

Your five chapters MUST BE chosen from the following subjects (if one of the
chapters you choose was a journal entry from class, make sure you ELABORATE on
the journal entry):
• Your name
 What is your full name?
 Why did your parents name you this—both your first and middle
name (if you know)?
 If you were named after someone, give a story or information
about him or her.
 Do you like your name? If you could change it, what would you
change it to?
 Do you like your last name? Does it show your nationality or
• Your current house and/or your dream house
 For your current house:
 You can write about the house you live in now (not LRA), or
where you used to live
 Describe the outside—color, type of exterior, yard
 Describe the inside—how many rooms, what would each room
be for
 What you like about your house, and what you don’t like about it
 For your dream house (money is not an issue here):
 Describe the outside—color, type of exterior, yard
 Describe the inside—how many rooms, what would each room
be for
 Where—what state, city, street—would your dream house be
• Your heritage—genealogy, cultural or ethnic heritage
 What part of the world is your family from?
 What is your favorite and least favorite part of your heritage?
 Are there any ancestors whom you are proud of or can relate to?
 What is your favorite cultural or family tradition?
• Your neighborhood
 Describe your neighborhood—what does it look like? Is it rural,
suburban, or urban?
 What would a typical day in your neighborhood be like?
 As you walk down the street in your neighborhood, what do you
see? Kids doing what? Cars? Old people? Animals?
 What sounds do you hear during the day? What sounds do you
hear at night?
• A talent or skill you have
 What is it? How did you learn it; who taught it to you?
 How does it make you feel to have a talent/skill? When do you
use it?
• A time you made a mistake (make it CLASS APPROPRIATE)
 What was going on? What happened? How did you feel?
 Were you able to correct the mistake? Why or why not?
 Did anyone get hurt because of your mistake?
• Your best friend (human or animal)
 Who or what is it? What is their name?
 Why is this person or animal your best friend?
 How did you meet? What made you like this person/animal?
 Relate a memory or a story about a fun time with your best
• A precious material item
 What is it? Who gave it to you or how did you get it?
 Why is this item precious to you? Does it hold any sentimental
value, and why?
 Relate a memory or story about your material item.
• Superstitious beliefs—if you have them, and what they are
 Do you believe in ghosts, poltergeists, witches, etc? Why or why
 What are your supernatural beliefs? What makes you believe in
the supernatural?
 Relate a memory or story about your supernatural beliefs.
• A special family member
 Who is it? How are you related? Why are they special to you?
 Relate a memory or story about your special family member.
• Your first job and/or your dream job
 For your first job:
 Who or what did you work for? What was your job? Why did you
get a job?
 What was a typical workday like? Did you like your co-workers?
 Did you like working? What did you do with the money you
 Relate a memory or story about your first job.
 For your dream job:
 Who or what will you work for? What will be your job title?
 What will a typical workday be like? Will you enjoy working?
 What will you do with the money you make?
• One additional chapter on anything you would like

Each chapter should be AT LEAST 100 words. You may write your chapters in a
poem form, as a story, or follow the free verse format that Esperanza uses in House
on Mango Street. You need to add DETAILS and SPECIFICS: about how something
made you feel, what color clothes you were wearing, who was there, etc.