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Massachusetts State Police - The Nation's Oldest…Established 1865

The Official Publication of the State Police Association of Massachusetts

February 2010 Serving New England's Largest Police Association Volume 23, Number 01

2009 SPAM
President: (Unopposed)
Richard R. Brown 1163
Vice President: (Unopposed)
Timothy G. Babbin 1160
Dana A. Pullman 1072
Paul E. Cesan 150
Christopher L. Coscia 76
Total Votes 1298
Secretary: (Unopposed)
Edward F. Hunter 1152

Troop A Representative:
Julie A. Demers 72
Troop B Representative:
Jeffrey S. Gordon 104
Troop C Representative:
Andrew J. Daly*
Troop D Representative:
Michael S. Downing 83
Troop E Representative:
Brian R. Kelley 74
Troop F Representative: On December 29, 2009
Robert P. Pitts 91 Tpr. Tim Walsh (SP Norwell)
Troop H Representative: was presented with the Army
Paul Crowley* 86 Commendation Medal for
Brian Dunn 37
_____ Valor at a ceremony held at
Florian Hall in Dorchester.
Total Votes 23
(Above) Fellow troopers and
Troop GHQ Representative: SPAM officials pose with Tpr.
Mark J. Caron 44 Walsh during the ceremony.
(Left, L-R) Gregory Kelly,
!""Election Results -
SFC; Tim Walsh, SSG; Major
Continued on pg. 3 Thomas Sarrouf; and Jason
Luppold, SFC. Major Thomas
Sarrouf (a trooper assigned to
CIS) presented Tpr. Walsh
with his Medal For Valor.
For more on this presti-
gious award presentation, see
pg. 8.

In This Issue….................
President’s Message ................ Page 2 In The Book ......................... Pages 6-7
Editor’s Message ..................... Page 2 Bulldog Of The Year ................. Page 8
Chaplain’s Corner .................... Page 4 As I Was Saying ....................... Page 14
SPAM helps Ole’ Sarge ................................... Page 4 MSP Sports ................................ Page 16
make the “Our Purpose is Progress,
holidays a Our Goal is Excellence”
little brighter
for many local
pg. 15 w w w. m a s s t ro o p e r s . o r g

Page 8 Our Purpose is Progress Trooper Our Goal is Excellence February 2009 February 2009 Our Purpose is Progress Our Goal is Excellence Page 9


TPR. JAIME CEPERO been involved in extremely com- still ongoing investigation has basis for the initiation of approxi-
plex undercover negotiations with resulted in the seizure of approxi- mately 74 wiretap investigations
Tpr. Jaime Cepero of the money launders and narcotics traf- mately $190,000,000. Along with throughout the world.
Narcotics Section/DEA Task Force fickers of the highest level in multi- the money, approximately 888 kilo- As a result of Tpr. Cepero’s
has been the case officer/under- ple countries, both remotely and grams of Cocaine, 45 kilograms of actions, he was awarded the
cover officer in an international nar- face to face. heroin, and 350 pounds of marijua- Bulldog of the Year Award for 2009
cotics/money laundering investiga- As a result of Tpr. Cepero’s inno- na has been seized. Additionally, at the Annual Meeting on January
tion since 2004. Tpr. Cepero has vative investigative methods, the the investigation has been the 7, 2010.

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ THANK YOU FROM JAIME CEPERO ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

n January 7, 2009 I had the distinct honor to they deserve as much recognition and honor. Troopers Professionalism, Pride and Courage of the
be awarded the Bulldog of the Year and Richard Ridlon and Patricia Riley performed great Massachusetts State Police. All of these acts and indi-
although I had a bit of a heads up I found undercover work at the beginning of this case, Sgt viduals and many others that it would be too long to
myself standing there unable to formulate a response Bazzinotti who as a Trooper armed with a license plate list, over the years gave us the ability to mount this
other than thank you. If you know me at all you know a name and a possible route of travel sat for 8 hours complicated case which is still moving forward and
that I am not the shy type or lack comment on any sub- overnight and found a needle in the haystack with 15 made me extremely proud to be a Trooper. Each and
ject. Specially as in the words of Dana Pullman when pounds of cocaine. The numerous stops and seizures every one of them has and will always have my respect.
I have watered down a bit. As I sat in the back of the by Sgt Kane, Sgt McCarthy and the most important Lastly, I would not have been able to do anything
room and listen to the rest of the meeting, I looked fact that it all started with a State Police investigation on this job without the one man that gave birth to me
around and the meaning of the award increased in my initiated by Sgt Michael Grassia in the streets of at SP Foxboro and taught me the meaning of being a
heart not for the reason it was given to me but the fact Chelsea from a single hand to hand purchase (which Police Officer and Trooper. Trooper (now Lieutenant-
that it was recognition from my brother and sister he made me do as he often talks me into). never saw that coming) Dave Rae taught me all I need-
Troopers. Nothing that I did would have been possible Many times I or other Troopers assigned to DEA ed to know and I owe to him any success that I have
without the great police work and courage of many have called upon Troopers in various, Investigative ever had on the State Police. Dave taught me that in
police officers in my DEA Group, police officers local- Units throughout the state for assistance and it has law enforcement the one thing that means the most
ly, throughout the country and in foreign countries. always been provided with the same professionalism and I should value the most is the respect earned from
Federal agents including DEA agents Brian Dejoy, and determination of success. Even more impressive, those who stand by your side. I am honored, humbled
John Oldano and Dennis Hocker who have been an in a pinch when we have always been able to pick up and deeply touched by this award, but moreover great-
equal partner throughout the years. The Colombian the phone to any barracks patrol or K-9 unit on duty ly honored because it came from you my fellow
National Police who day in and day out their members and with minimal information ask a single Trooper to Troopers.
die performing tasks on our behalf, I have had a great perform a tactical stop in furtherance of the investiga- Thank You, Stay Safe.
honor of getting to know these men and women, their tion. I have never received anything but enthusiasm
families and been accepted as a colleague and a friend. and witnessed nothing less than courage and profes- TROOPER JAIME CEPERO JR.
But I was particularly proud of the role many Troopers sionalism as they perform the task. 65RTT
had in the past and current success of the investigation, That speaks of the heart of a Trooper and the

Trooper Timothy Walsh receives Army Commendation Medal for Valor

The following narrative was read at the heavy machine gun firing from the valley
award ceremony to honor Staff Sergeant to the southwest. His entire security ele-
Timothy J. Walsh for receiving the Army ment of Commandos was caught in a kill
Commendation Medal for Valor. zone of effective and overwhelming fire.
Most Commandos ran from the fire head-
Staff Sergeant Timothy J. Walsh, United ing north while the security position to the
States Army, heroically distinguished him- southeast was effectively pinned down.
self by exceptionally valorous conduct in Sergeant Walsh, knowing the position was
the face of the enemy while sewing as the manned by his security element, immedi-
Engineer Sergeant, Operational ately stood up, and without regard for his
Detachment Alpha (ODA) - 9211, Special own personal safety bounded down the
Operations Task Force (SOTF)-92, spur to the heavily engaged position. He
Firebase MeS, Mazaar-e Shariff, Balkh then provided covering fire with his rifle
Province, Afghanistan, in support of and grenade launcher while the
Operation ENDURING FREEDOM on 21 Commandos manning the position maneu-
May 2009. Sergeant Walsh was attached to vered to the north. The safe evacuation of
ODA-3 121 in support of Operation the Commando position complete,
Phoenix. He, along with his detachment Sergeant Walsh prepared to move back up
occupied a position overlooking the Chak the spur to the north when he noticed his
(Submitted Photo)
valley in the Wardak Province. Sergeant teammate dragging a commando with a life
Walsh was assigned to the security element threatening gunshot wound. Without hesi- (L-R) Jason Luppold, SFC; Tim Walsh, SSG; Gregory Kelly, SFC.
of an 84-man Commando task force. The tation, knowing his teammate was in need ______________________________________________________
ODA collapsing its perimeter began to
establish a patrol base. Sergeant Walsh
of covering fire, Sergeant Walsh immedi-
ately took up an exposed firing position
spur and rejoined the rest of his element.
His element was now taking very effective
southwest. Sergeant Walsh, again without
regard to his personal safety, stood and
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moved his element to the southern most
portion of a spur overlooking the Chak val-
and again provided a high volume of cov-
ering fire. The enemy maneuvered and
fire from two directions, from two machine
guns. His element was pinned down and
motivated his Commandos, to fire and
maneuver and get out of the kill zone. His
Rusty has financed over 250 loans for SPAM members with
ley to provide security for the entire task began firing from the southeast. Sergeant unable to maneuver offensively. The deci- actions are in keeping with the finest tradi- NO POINTS & NO CLOSING COSTS!
force to the south. The task force came Walsh continued to man the position until sion was made to break contact As tions of military heroism and reflect dis-
under small arms fire from a squad size ele- his teammate and the wounded Commando Sergeant Walsh began to get his security tinct credit upon himself, the Combined
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ment with a heavy machine gun and AK- were behind cover, and he had exhausted element ready to break contact, the enemy Joint Special Operations Task Force- • Free Homestead recorded with all owner occupied loans
47s to the north. Within minutes it was fol- his 40 millimeter grenade supply. Sergeant was still aggressively and effectively firing Afghanistan, Special Operations Command • Buying/Selling on the Cape? Call Tom Hester (69RTT) Realestate @ 508-385-6046
lowed by very effective, grazing fire from a Walsh then bounded back to the top of the machine guns from the southeast and Central, and the United States Army.

Page 16 Our Purpose is Progress Trooper Our Goal is Excellence February 2009

By Tpr. Bob Benoit
58th R.T.T. (Ret.)
_________________ Fourth Annual MSP Law
Enforcement XC Challenge
BOXING BITS Another Huge Success!
The next M.S.P. boxing show will be held in This years race was the best ever. Held at the Wrentham
Springfield on April 7th at 1900 hours at the usual
venue. That's the place where they held the last 3 Developmental Center on November 14th, the turn out was
shows and I can't remember its name. This show great. A record field of 145 runners traversed the 5K (3.1
will be a fund raiser for the Girls Club of Springfield mile) MSTCA Cross Country course in the town of
and with this in mind I hope to see several woman Wrentham. Overall winner in a smoking time of 17:22.7 was
Troopers fighting on this card to benefit this worthy
cause. I am also looking forward to seeing the
Tim Mahoney (brother to Tpr. Brian Mahoney, H-3). The first
Berkshire Buzzsaw along with tough Tpr. Greg female to cross the finish line was Abby Mahoney (wife of
Spahl and the talented Tpr. Galvin on the card. Tpr. Tim and sister inlaw of Brian) in a time of 19:12.3. Top Cops
“Big Tim” Whalen now in “D” Troop promised me one were Tpr. Brendan Dole of the RISP in a time of 18:00.5 and
fight this coming year so I fully expect him to honor Tpr. Joy Yonkin of the RISP in a time of 19:35.5. Well Done!
his word and be on the card. He's always come
through in the past so I know he will not let me down. Top Law Enforcement team was the MSP with team mem-
I'll fill in the blanks on this card as we get a little clos- bers Collin Knaub, Robert Smith, and Brian Gavioli helping
er, God willing, we do have another 4 months. to win the team title. After the race there was a cookout with
plenty of food and cold liquid beverages. A great time was
In a Convicts vs. Troopers match held in 1979 at
had by all who attended and thanks to all who did attend and
the Warwick Prison Camp (it's closed now), we made helped put on this fun MSP outing. Hope to see you next
the long hike up north and swapped leather with 3 year. Thanks, Paul Powell.
pretty tough guys. The prison camp had a boxing ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
gym that would make Muhammad Ali jealous. One
of the inmates was an artist and had painted a beau- • (Top) They are off and running.
tiful picture of Sugar Ray Leonard fighting upon the • (Above, left-inset) Team Captain Lt. Bill Coulter gives the
wall behind the boxing ring.
To the Fights.
MSP team some last minute coaching
Tpr. Mike Lee of SP Brookfield fought a tall, • (Above, left) Tpr. Kevin Collins (H-3) puts in another out-
rangy guy who was a stick and move artist in the standing effort. Well Done!
!""Boxing Update - • (Left) Tpr. Brendan Dole of the RISP crosses the finish line
Continued on pg. 15 as this years Top Cop.

n December 1, 2009 in

Chelmsford, Tpr. Wayne J.
Gerhardt was on a paid
detail on Route 3, Standing Tall.
Around 10:30 A.M. a motor vehicle
nearly struck Tpr. Gerhardt and then
knocked over several cones while

swerving into the breakdown lane.
The vehicle then struck two workers
standing at the rear of a truck,
killing one of the workers instantly.
The second worker suffered a trau-
matic amputation of one of his legs. TPR. WAYNE J. GERHARDT
Tpr. Gerhardt administered first
aid to the injured worker, includ- Hospital in Boston, where accord- the victim. the victim in the hospital. For his
ing applying a tourniquet to the ing to attending physicians, the The victim requested a meeting heroic actions, Tpr. Gerhardt is
severed limb. The victim was actions of Tpr. Gerhardt con- with Tpr. Gerhardt to thank him for the recipient of this month’s
then air-lifted to Beth Israel tributed to the overall survival of his actions. Tpr. Gerhardt visited Bulldog of the Month Award.

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!""Boxing Update - pg. 11

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